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20.01.2017 Wrapping line suitable for pressed bales CROSS WRAP OY, FINLAND CDW 2200 DW 500
Wrapping line suitable for pressed bales CROSS WRAP OY, FINL
Manufacturer Cross Wrap Oy Ltd., Siilinjärvi, Finland Type CDW 2200 DW 500 Year of construction 2013 Hours of operation approx. 5.000 h Connected load 20 kW Voltage 3PNPE, 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz Control voltage 1224 VDC Nominal current 63 A Hydraulic pressure 190 bar Througput rate up to 80 th Effective width 1.200 mm Width of foil rolls 500 mm Total installing dimensions 18.739 x 7.616 x 3.769 mm (l x w x h) Total weight approx. 8.500 kg Single components Bale track no. 18 2.200 x 1.700 x 1.500 mm (l x w x h) Belt ...
 DE 72628828
19.01.2017 Cardboard Shredders CUSHION PACK CP 428 S / RC 2x40
Cardboard Shredders CUSHION PACK CP 428 S / RC 2x40
The following machines are for sale: (1) Cardboard shredder Cushion Pack CP 428 S, built 1998, cutting width: 420mm. (2) Roll cutter Cushion Pack RC 2x40, built 1998.
 DE 72522140
18.01.2017 Wrap Around Case Packer SMIflexi SMIFLEXI DIVISION WP350
Wrap Around Case Packer SMIflexi SMIFLEXI DIVISION WP350
Wrap Around Case Packer SMIflexi WP 350 Fridge This continuous motion wrap around case packer was made by SMI in year 2010. The equipment is in excellent condition and it has very limited operating hours. This case packer is currently set up for fridge packs (designed to fit into the limited space offered by fridge compartments) but it can be modified to pack cans and bottles in to various sizes of wrap around carton cases or on carton trays (no shrink film application). The machine is equipped with an electronic grouping syste ...
 FI 72506966
18.01.2017 Palletizing Line with two wrappers KRONES PALMASTER K-451 Octopus Junior V2.0 and V2.2
Palletizing Line with two wrappers KRONES PALMASTER K-451 Oc
Palletizing line with Krones Palmaster and two Octopus Junior wrappers This packaging line has Palmaster K 451 palletizer by Krones and two Octopus Junior wrappers. The Palmaster is a double-column palletizer which can be used for palletizing of various types of cases and pallets. The line includes conveyors and two tables in which incoming cases are rotated into proper orientation prior to palletizing. The equipment is dismantled professionally and in good condition. Technical data: Palletizer make: Krones  ...
 FI 72506963
12.01.2017 Check weighers SCANVAEGT 710/714.25.10
Check weighers SCANVAEGT 710/714.25.10
Scanvaegt checkweigher, type number weighing machine: 710714.25.10, serial number: BFK 00934, weight: 170 kg, 230400 V, 3 Ph, 50 Hz, belt width: 275 mm, total dimensions: 1100 mm x 800 mm x 1200 mm.
used machinery auction RESALE 1,000 € 
 NL 72134437
10.01.2017 Check weighers PRISMA 01 C3
Check weighers PRISMA 01 C3
Control scale for automatic, continuous weight control for folding boxes up to 125 x 125 mm. weighting range: up to max. 400 g. Output: up to 100 units per minute incl. ejection device, container for ejected folding boxes, Lexan protective cover and 24 columns printer.
offer is possible 
 CH 72085186
3 piece metal detectors with width for 420 and 520 mm wide thermoforming machines are sold.
1,300 €
offer is possible 
 DE 71905305
05.01.2017 booster pump BUSCH 250
booster pump BUSCH 250
Outdated booster pump by Bush
1,600 €
offer is possible 
 DE 71905289
05.01.2017  BUSCH RA 0100 F 5R3
BUSCH RA 0100 F 5R3
Busch vacuum pump performance, 100 sqm, deposited as new as a reserve pump Up to 0.01 mbar suction power
1,250 €
offer is possible 
 DE 71905281
03.01.2017 Packaging Line for Potting Soil, Mulch and Substrata
Packaging Line for Potting Soil, Mulch and Substrata
The line i. a. consists of the following parts: raw material supply with conveyors, bark shredder Pallmann PMR, bark screen, 3x bag forming and sealing machine Hassia Redatron Flexibag 2, 2x palletizer, 2x stretchwrapper.
 DE 71557899
03.01.2017 Fabric Bale Packaging Plant HAGEMANN VP/A 3.6
Fabric Bale Packaging Plant HAGEMANN VP/A 3.6
Product width: approx. 3000mm max., i. a. suitable for fabric rolls, textile bales etc.
 DE 71557889
27.12.2016  WRAP AROUND DIDEM DM 25 AP2
Wrap-around machine for brik, elopak, etc 25 boxes minute Double product entry
offer is possible 
 ES 71532720
02.01.2017 Blister packaging machines ILLIG HSA 500 d
Blister packaging machines ILLIG HSA 500 d
Packaging blister Illig, in excellent condition, this machine machine is very recent. Production of another form of packaging possible.
offer is possible 
 FR 71514351
21.12.2016 Tray sealing machines VC 999 TS 300
Tray sealing machines VC 999 TS 300
Tray sealer VC 999 - TS 300 Mach.-No. 023136 In good shape Incl. 3 tools • approx 32 x 25, 5 cm • Dto. 14 x 22 cm, double • Dto. 22 x 17 cm, double
8,500 €
offer is possible 
 DE 71514311
Baling presses C&M Model # HM7780
Model # HM7780 60 HP 8” Cylinder Opening 42 x 60 Bale Size – 30 x 40 variable Rebuilt Wire Tier in 2011
BN 38,000 USD
offer is possible 
 US 71478750
Ink Jet Coder MARKEM Touch Dry Jet 9064
Printing height: 12,7mm max., printing length: 12,7mm, 4 printing lines, printing speed: 208mmin max., with stand. There is one unused and one used printer for sale.
 DE 71272893
03.01.2017 Stretch Winder ROBOPAC Rotoplat 505 / PFS
Stretch Winder ROBOPAC Rotoplat 505 / PFS
Turning table diameter: 1650mm.
 DE 71194126
09.12.2016 Depalletizer KHS Innopal with pallet magazine KHS INNOPAL AS-1-H 60.000 bph or 420 layer/h
Depalletizer KHS Innopal with pallet magazine KHS INNOPAL AS
Depalletizer KHS Innopal AS-1-H with pallet magazine, year 2004 Accurate and flexible high performance depalletizer Innopal AS-1-H with pallet magazine by KHS (Germany), manufactured in year 2004, capacity 60 000 bph or 420 layershour. The Innopal AS-1-H is a bulk depalletizer is suitable for processing containers made of glass, plastic, or metal. Fast product changeover is achieved thanks to a motor-driven adjustable push-off carriage. The three-sided pallet in-feed area and the closed well in the push-off area makes the Innopal  ...
 FI 71036634
06.12.2016 Tray sealing machines VC999 TS1200
Tray sealing machines VC999 TS1200
Fully automatic tray sealing machine by VC 999 in Innauen. Format for 2 trays. Structure completely in stainless steel. gas system.no vacuum pump. Good condition.
offer is possible 
 DE 70940013
03.01.2017 Pallet Stretchwrapper STRAPEX 606
Pallet Stretchwrapper STRAPEX 606
Max. pallet size: 1000x1200mm, max. pallet weight: 1500kg.
 DE 70940011
03.01.2017 Hot Stamping Machine BAIER GEBA 77/35
Hot Stamping Machine BAIER GEBA 77/35
Stamping format: 600x400mm, stamping force: 400kN.
 DE 70939922
03.01.2017 Pretreatment and Coating Plant KALWAR Calvasol
Pretreatment and Coating Plant KALWAR Calvasol
Working width: 2700mm, for aerosol coating of films.
 DE 70924472
05.12.2016 Foil winders HERMES BLITZ SFOM-2
Foil winders HERMES BLITZ SFOM-2
Pallet wrapping machine Hermes Flash Capacity: 15-25 palletsStnd Winding height max: 1,900 mm LxB max range: 1,200 x 1,200 mm Film width: 500 mm Rotation speed: 11 RPM. Supply: 380 volts Country of origin: Germany Machine Lxwxh: 2,400 x 1,500 x 2.090 mm
 NL 70924359
01.12.2016 Pallet stretch wrapping machines HIGH SPEED PALLET WRAPPER high speed pallet wrapping
Pallet stretch wrapping machines HIGH SPEED PALLET WRAPPER h
Nice high speed pallet wrapping see movie : abcs:abc.youtube.comwatch?v=Kl-8DDtRDvQ FULLY OVERHAULED WITH 6 MONTH GUARANTEE TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Age : 2005 Capacity : tot ca. 100 pallets per hour ( depending of wrapping program and infeed speed Pallet dimension : till 1300 x 1100 mm Max. height : max ca. 2300 mm Power  ...
offer is possible 
 NL 70820372
29.11.2016 Induction Sealer ENERCON Super Seal
Induction Sealer ENERCON Super Seal
Enercon induction sealer on adjustable stand. Superior mechanical and electrical design make these sealers the most popular choice of packagers looking for reliable performance and ease of operation. The compact all-in-one power supply and sealing system requires little floor space and virtually no maintenance. Air-cooled. Water friendly. The Super Seal is ideal for any packaging environment, even for wash-downs because the system's electrical compartment is protected by a sealed cabinet. Machine size: 480mm x 370mm x 1670mm high, app ...
5,000 GBP
offer is possible 
 UK 70776960
29.11.2016 Screw Capper KING CS 120
Screw Capper KING CS 120
King 4 head rotary screw capper. Fully rebuilt in 2009 by Logic TPS. All stainless steel construction. Scroll infeed. 3 metre through conveyor, vacuum chucks. Full interlocked guarding. Logic PLC. CE marked. Cap Range: diameter 16mm to 70mm, height 8mm to 50mm. Container range: diameter 16mm to 125mm, height 35mm to 270mm. Maximum speed 130 bottles per min. Machine size: 2000mm x 1000mm x 1950mm high, approx. weight 950kg. EXCELLENT CONDITION
40,000 GBP
offer is possible 
 UK 70776956
29.11.2016 Slat Counter KING SC15
Slat Counter KING SC15
King 16 channel slat counter for tablets or capsules. Complete with missing tablet scan and auto bottle rejection. Rebuilt in 2009 by Logic TPS. CE marked. All stainless steel construction. Machine size: 2100mm x 1500mm x 2000mm high, approx weight 1500kg. EXCELLENT CONDITION
17,500 GBP
offer is possible 
 UK 70776948
29.11.2016 Bottle Unscrambler LOGIC TPS Sort Station R2
Bottle Unscrambler LOGIC TPS Sort Station R2
Logic bottle unscrambler. All stainless steel construction. Logic PLC control system. Bottles are hand loaded into hopperelevator from either side. 7 lane unscrambler. CE marked. Full interlocked guarding. Mobile on wheels. Machine size: 1500mm x 1300mm x 2000mm high, approx weight 400kg. EXCELLENT CONDITION
20,000 GBP
offer is possible 
 UK 70776946
1,500 €
offer is possible 
 TR 70675109
03.01.2017 Metal Detector ANRITSU KD 803AD
Metal Detector ANRITSU KD 803AD
Infeed: 780 x 400mm max, width conveyor belt: 550mm, conveyor speed: appr. 27mmin max, product surface: normal packed and products packeck in aluminized foil, product weight: 50kg max., detector function: signal for ejection, beep, andor stop of the conveyor belt. LED display.
 DE 70675078

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