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Vibratory Bowl Feeder OZAF 470 800
Ozaf 900mm diameter Stainless Steel vibratory bowl feeder. Up to 150 products per minute depending on size and shape. Equipped with clear Acrylic plastic flip-top cover with 120mm x 200mm aperture inlet and level photosensor. Mounted on a robust SS frame with height adjustable legs. Single vibration setting but variable intensity via AC control can be offered as an additional option. Last ran 28mm dia and 38mm dia screw caps for pharmaceutical packaging. Overall machine size: 1100mm x 900mm x 1500mm high, approx. weight 200kg
2,450 GBP
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  UK   107096572
Stretch Hood MSK COVERTECH GMBH 2 Kopf Folien System
1 piece hood topcoat of MSK Covertech GmbH is for sale. The plant is located in a very good optical and technical condition. The plant has been serviced annually on behalf of customer. It can be Euro-(1200x800mm) and Düsseldorf pallets (600x800mm) processed with the plant. Two head system for two different foil widths. A three strand pallet conveyors as well as the entire security being housing CE are included in the purchase price. It is fitted a Siemens S7 control. The plant has a few hours of operation. Th ...
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  DE   106845751
Filling equipment FIMER STR 9-9-1
Tribloco FIMER, model STR 9-9-1, for non-carbonated wines, Cork closure
offer is possible  
  PT   106827695
Skin and Blister Machine ILLIG SB 100c4
Forming area: 960x400mm, voltage: 400V, frequency: 50Hz, motor power: 2.34kW, heat output: 17.2kW, nominal current: 32A, compressed air supply: 10bar, number of machines: 2, including various spare parts and accessories.
  DE   106209519
Film reel manipulator DALMEC PRS-100
1 of used film reel manipulator, make Dalmec, type PRS, new 1999. Pneumatic operation, mounted on slide on overhead frame (11.3 x 3.2 x 4.9 m). Lifting capacity 100 kgs. Last used for placing rolls of shrinkwrap film in two packaging machines.
  NL   105470107
Film reel manipulator DALMEC PMC-150
1 of used film reel manipulator, make Dalmec, type PMC, new 2004. Pneumatic operation, mounted on column. Lifting capacity 150 kgs. Last used for handling rolls of shrinkwrap film.
  NL   105470101
Stretch winders TOSA 125/2
1 of used high-speed (upto 110 palletshour) stretchwrapper, make Tosa, type 1252, new 2009. Last used in a 90.000 cph canning line. 800 x 1.200 800 x 600 1.000 x 1.200 mm pallets. upto 12 layers. Maximum wrapping height 2.000 mm. With automatic reel changer, guarding, Sick safety barriers and manuals.
  NL   105469239
gas oven for twist off caps OSLARKA GOT
Used gas oven for metal caps twist off. Capacity - around 13,000 cph. Perfect condition. Produced before one year.
offer is possible  
  BG   105243026
banding machine HAUSMANN
with shrink tunnel
1,500 €
offer is possible  
  DE   105055374
Stretch winders ROBOPAC Robot 2002 PFS
Self-propelled pallet wrapper Year of manufacture: 102004 Voltage: 230 V Freqzenz: 50 Hz Amperage: 3,2 A Power: 0,6 kW Machine weight: 370 kg The machine is in stock and can be visited at any time. You will also receive the appropriate packing material with us for this machine. Price is net and ex-works.
BN 3,000 €
offer is possible  
  AT   104962360
Wrapping machines OTEM H100
Stainless infeed 1500mm, 200mm jaw width, adjustable temperature jaw fin seals, overall length 2500mm
offer is possible  
  UK   104714726
Tray sealing machines REEPACK Reeseal 30
stainless manual tray sealer, tray dimensions 300mm x 240mm, adjustable temp control and timer
offer is possible  
  UK   104714721
Wrapping machines PFM Swift
flow wrapper, adjustable temperature on both fin seal and crimpers, adjustable folding box, total length 4000mm, infeed 2200mm, max product 190mm L x 110mm W x 450mm H,
offer is possible  
  UK   104714656
Closing machines RECORD Panda 1
Record Panda 1 horizontal flowpack machine Suitable for: Sealing different product Chisel width: 250 mm Version: Bottom sealer Dimensions: 4430 x 1100 x 1670 mm (L x W x H), input conveyor included Foil: Stretch foil, width maximum 500 mm Input conveyor: 2460 mm (L) Control: Digital control Power supply: 230 V, 1 phase, zero + earth, 50 Hz Custom build possibilities: Conveying path optionally adjustable Hortimat code: 18181 Hortimat Vlotlaan 192 2681 TV Monster
offer is possible  
  NL   104366351
Tray sealing machines MULTIVAC T400
Multivac T400 Suitable for: Sealing of containers Capacity maximum: 50 packings per minute Dimensions: 6970 x 1380 x 2100 mm (L x W x H), input conveyor included Input conveyor: 4300 mm (L) Control: PLC Material: Stainless steel Power supply: 400 V, 3 phases, zero + earth, 50 Hz Year of manufacturing: 2007 Custom build possibilities: Feeding belts and discharge belts are fully customizable Hortimat code: 16742 Hortimat Vlotlaan 192 2681 TV Monster
offer is possible  
  NL   104366296
Check weighers YAMATO Sigma ADW 714SWH
Yamato multihead weigher Sigma ADW 714SWH Large 14 headed Yamato multihead weigher from the sigma series. This machine like this is still being build today. Constructed completely out of stainless steel this machine has an IP65 rating and therefore suitable for moist products in moist production rooms. This particular model is a good working machine ideal for all kinds of products. Because it has vibrating gutters and a vibrating central plate this machine can also process many kinds of moist sticky products. The buckets are very l ...
offer is possible  
  NL   104366084
Line for twist off metal caps SACMI complete line
Complete line for production of twist off metal caps with machines SACMI, Italy. Different sizes and options.
offer is possible  
  BG   104282591
Palletizing Robot FANUC 410iB / 300 FANUC ROBOTS 410iB/300,
Palletizing Robot FANUC 410iB 300 - Never Installed This Fanuc 410iB300 compact industrial 4-axis robot was manufactured in year 2003 but never installed. It is designed for variety of palletizing and depalletizing works with precision and high-speed handling of payloads up to 300 kg. It is equipped with carton box gripping tool. Control unit is Fanuc System R-J31R with cable connected remote control panel. Equipment is new like condition. Technical data: Manufacturer Fanuc Robotics Manufacturing year 9 2003 Operating hou ...
  FI   103815089
Automatic Vertical Baling Line AUTEFA AUTEFA SOLUTIONS Uni B
Automatic Vertical Baling Line AUTEFA, year 1999 This baling line was made by AUTEFA in year 1999. The line has been used to press bales from a fibrous by-product from a pulp process, and is suitable for different kinds of man-made and natural materials, including cotton, wool, straw, paper, plastic etc. The baling system consists of four parallel infeed and pre-pressing lines, two main presses with wrapping and strapping functions, a two-lane rail system to and from the presses and an automated warehouse system in two floors inclu ...
  FI   103815081
Welding Laser HAAS
Wavelength: 1.06µm, energy: 36W max., pulse duration: 5ms, power: 15W, voltage: 380V, frequency: 50Hz, connected load: 1.5kVA, nominal current: 16A, including Supply Unit VG 05 and Cooling Unit weco 06 KL: Year of construction: 2003.
  DE   103252432
Skin and Blister Machine ILLIG SB 53 C-OST-G
Voltage: 380V, power: 0.89kW, heat output: 4.5kW, nominal current: 10.4A, compressed air supply: 10bar.
  DE   103252430
Bottle Washing Machine Klinger NDS 24/1/70 KLINGER NDS 24/1/
Bottle Washing Machine Klinger NDS 24170 - 11 000 bph This KLINGER Bottle washer (from Austria) has been re-installed in 2013 after a complete reconditioning by Karl + Schlihterie. It has been out of service from 2016, last major maintenance was in November 2015. It was used to wash returnable glass bottles. The machine has a label extractor, and all conveyors are included with their electrical motors. The equipment is in fair condition, dismantled and ready for immediate shipment. Make: Klin ...
  FI   103252414
Automatic Crate Magazine Vertical Storage System SASIB BEVER
Automatic Crate Magazine Vertical Storage System SIMONAZZI An automatic crate magazine storage system made by SASIB in 1998. The system consists of two magazine storages. The larger magazine stacks crates in three parallel rows, it has two infeed and two outfeed lanes of conveyors and the storage capacity is over 600 crates. The other magazine has the capacity of over 200 crates, is built upon a single conveyor lane and both the infeed and outfeed are from the same side. The storage magazines have been used as buffers between crate ...
  FI   103252403
Crate Unloading and Loading System ABB ROBOTS IRB6400 M97A S
Crate Unloading and Loading System with ABB Industrial Robots Automatic robot packaging system made by SASIB in 1998. The system is used for loading bottles in crates with the maximum capacity of 80.000 bph. It includes six floor-mounted robots and a control unit. The robots are made by ABB in 1998 and they are refurbished in 20102011. Production was stopped about one year after this refurbishment and therefore ABB robots are in good working order. ABB IRB 6400 robots have a 6-axis movement, a reach of 2.4 meters and maximum handl ...
  FI   103252399
Depalletizer KHS Innopal with pallet magazine KHS INNOPAL AS
Depalletizer KHS Innopal AS-1-H with pallet magazine, year 2004 Accurate and flexible high performance depalletizer Innopal AS-1-H with pallet magazine by KHS (Germany), manufactured in year 2004, capacity 60 000 bph or 420 layershour. The Innopal AS-1-H is a bulk depalletizer is suitable for processing containers made of glass, plastic, or metal. Fast product changeover is achieved thanks to a motor-driven adjustable push-off carriage. The three-sided pallet in-feed area and the closed well in the push-off area makes the Innopal  ...
  FI   103062208
Unscrambler Lanfranchi for PET Bottles 12.000 bph LANFRANCHI
Unscrambler Lanfranchi for PET Bottles 12 000 bph Complete never installed PET bottle unscrambler system made by Italian Lanfranchi in year 2005 - still in original delivery boxes. It is designed for 8 oz (0.237 liters), 20 (0.591 liters) and 33.8 oz (1.0 liters) PET bottles with the production capacity of 12000 bph. The delivery includes complete unscrambling system as follows: Rotating Unscrambler - Model Lift Master L1 STD 20-22 - Superior opening cover - Vacuum Transfer star wheel at machine exit - Speed control photocel ...
  FI   103061748
Bottle Washing Machine MAG Schymanski MAG SCHYMANSKI, GERMAN
Bottle Washing Machine MAG Schymanski Sirio 710 The bottle washing machine is designed by German “MAG Schymanski” and it was manufactured in year 1998. The is single ended, two washing zone machine and it is designed for 0.33 and 0.5 liter glass bottles. The BMW has Sirio 7 control unit. Equipment is dismantled, in fair condition and ready for immediate delivery. Equipment has complete factory documentation in German language Technical specifications: Manufacturer MAG Schymanski (Germany) Manufacturing year 1998 Manufa ...
  FI   103060819
empty pallet magazine SCHäFER
Saeed empty pallet magazine with roller conveyor
3,650 €
offer is possible  
  DE   102648034
Ballenpressen WARNKING SP 4.4 u. SFM 4
Russia Please see the enclosed pdf document. Bale press for white peat 250l300l bales max 280 bales per hour. The machine contents 1 electro- hydraulic bale press type Warnkink SP4.4 with method of construction like roundabout, with 4 shafts for 250l bales including hydraulic, steering (Siemens S5!). Elektronic propulsion, safety device etc.1 set changing shafts for 300l bales and additional equiqment. 1 pefill canister incl.scroll d=400mm. Length ca.2000mm. 1 transporter type GB1 for automatic transport of the bales. 1 electro- ...
15,000 €
offer is possible  
  DE   102648026
Palletizing and Stretch Wrapping Machine ROBOPACK Genesis Pa
Pallet Wrapping machine Robopack Genesis This Automatic stretch wrapping machine Robopack Genesis is equipment with a rotating ring system . The machine was installed in year 2005 and we are dismantling it in January 2016. A distinctive feature of the Genesis wrapping machines is the exclusive patented system that generates the electricity that powers the motorized pre-stretch units during ring rotation. This technical solution allows you to operate without sliding electrical contacts minimizing maintenance costs, eliminating th ...
  FI   102647937

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