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17.01.2017 Threading machine WAGNER GWB – Z 27
Threading machine WAGNER GWB – Z 27
+ Attention ! – – – Special Offer ! + Our Prices are reduced by 20% until 31.03.2017 ! + Have a look at our other offers on sale! Horiz. Threading machine Wagner GWB – Z 27 manufacturer: Wagner type: GWB – Z 27 head-nr.: Z 27 14412 mach.-nr.: 18884 year of construction: ? 2017 tüp. comm.-nr.: 3999500009 stock-nr.: 1825 + Special Price: old 3.990,- € | now 3.192,- € net + All prices are shown without taxes (net price) Technical Data cutting area: M8 – M 27 | R ...
3,192 € 
 DE 72342036
17.01.2017 Threading machine WAGNER GG 39
Threading machine WAGNER GG 39
+ Attention ! – – – Special Offer ! + Our Prices are reduced by 20% until 31.03.2017 ! + Have a look at our other offers on sale! Horiz. Threading machine Wagner GG 39 manufacturer: Wagner type: GG 39 head-nr.: Z39702644-21 mach.-nr.: 32560 year of construction: 1976 2017 tüp. comm.-nr.: 3999500009 stock-nr.: 1824 + Special Price: old 5.450,- € | now 4.360,- € net + All prices are shown without taxes (net price) Technical Data cutting area: M6 – M 39 | R 14? – R 1 1 ...
4,360 € 
 DE 72342034
17.01.2017 Forging Hammers PöLTL PX - S
Forging Hammers PöLTL PX - S
No. 15-04-3 Manufacturer pace Type PX - S Machine data Year built: approx 1980 L x W x h: approx. 1400 x 800 x 1400 mm Weight: 250 kg Good general condition Technical data Bear weight: approx. 30 kg Stroke approx. 140 mm (stepless adjustable) Stroke: approx. 150 strokemin Anvil size: approx. 600 x 180 mm Throat depth: 300 mm Height: approx. 160 mm incl. 1 piece stamp Other accessories on request Price and other specifications on request Subject to errors and input errors
offer is possible 
 DE 72341886
17.01.2017 EDM Machines Waldmann  Weigl Eromobil ER 230 S
EDM Machines Waldmann & Weigl Eromobil ER 230 S
Number 06-01-8 Manufacturer & Walker Type 230 S he Eromobil Machine data Construction year: CA 1994 L x W x h: approx. 1200 x 800 x 1600 mm Weight: approx. 100 kg Very good condition incl. pillar drill METABO Technical data Suitable for the: Removal of thread broken-off & drills Hole diameter: approx. Ã? 1-16 mm Thread diameter: approx. M 2 - M 20 Electrode diameter: approx. Ã? 1-10 mm incl. pillar drill METABO broken, not working, no Impact on the function of the EDM unit, only to keep th ...
offer is possible 
 DE 72341879
16.01.2017 Grasso RC611 GRASSO Grasso RC611
Grasso RC611 GRASSO Grasso RC611
Compressor: Fire: Grasso Type: RC 611 Capacity: 115 kW at-30 c+ 40 c NH3
offer is possible 
 NL 72287567
16.01.2017 Elektromotor ABB MOTOR M2 JA 315MLA
Elektromotor ABB MOTOR M2 JA 315MLA
2 ATX ABB Electric Motors
offer is possible 
 NL 72287564
16.01.2017 Wire Cutting Spark Erosion Machine Tools AGIE AGIECUT 250 HSS
Wire Cutting Spark Erosion Machine Tools AGIE AGIECUT 250 HS
Control Agiematic CF travel XYZ 400250251 mm max. workpiece weight 400 kg wire diameter 0,1 - 0,3 mm automatic wire threading
offer is possible 
 DE 72287558
16.01.2017 Measuring Machines ZEISS PMC 500
Measuring Machines ZEISS PMC 500
Zeiss PMC500 Up on the probe is still in order. The probe switches no longer correct and would have to be probably once thoroughly cleaned.
offer is possible 
 DE 72287537
16.01.2017  WALDRICH COBURG 6ED 3424 4m
For planing machine (Waldrich Coburg 6ED 3424 4 m) Planing length = table clamping length 4000 mm Planing width = 1700mm Planing height = 1200mm table width = 1500 mm Torque = 6300kg Allowable workpiece weight = 16500 kg = 6-60 m min working speed can be regulated Engine output of 38kW
BN 298 €
offer is possible 
 DE 72287300
14.01.2017 Cleaning Machines PERO Pero Robomat 3 / U
Cleaning Machines PERO Pero Robomat 3 / U
Single chamber washers Pero Robomat 3 U Year of construction: 2010
offer is possible 
 DE 72215084
14.01.2017  STOSSKOPF dovetail
STOSSKOPF dovetail
StosskopfSchwalbenschwanzführung 82auf 72 mm length: 450mmHöhe: 320mmBreite: 180mmGuter State fully functional can be visited on site and tried out. Shipping in the Ausland.Besichtigung: basically I would like to point out, that the article may be viewed and tested under power to exclude misunderstandings, like before you buy. Please ask questions before you purchase to avoid ambiguity. For general questions or an appointment for a visit I am at the below telephone number, available. Errors in the descripti ...
offer is possible 
 DE 72215050
13.01.2017  AICHELIN DHLGs 950-100/700
AICHELIN DHLGs 950-100/700
type: DHLGs 950-100700 year of manufacture: 1992 working temperature: 920?C heating power: 411 kW atmosphere: nitrogen - methanol, natural gas belt width: 1.000 mm heated length: 9.000 mm
 DE 72154554
13.01.2017 Chamber furnaces plant DEGUSSA GKUQrg 70/65/110
Chamber furnaces plant DEGUSSA GKUQrg 70/65/110
The plant consists of: Multipurpose chamber furnace type: GKUQrg 7065110 nominal temperature: 1000?C useful dimensions (w x h x d): 700 x 650 x 1100 mm protective gas: nitrogen, methanol natural gas heated washing machine make: Rosoma type: KWA 11100-700-650D natural gas heated tempering furnace type: LKU 7065110 nominal temperature: 500?C charger
offer is possible 
 DE 72154532
13.01.2017 High temperature furnace GERO HTK 8 W/22
High temperature furnace GERO HTK 8 W/22
useful dimensions(h x w x d): 180 x 180 x 200 mm temperature: 2200?C power: 45 kW insulator: wolfram argon (or N2 ): 200-2000 lh
offer is possible 
 DE 72154526
Wire Cutting Spark Erosion Machine Tools AGIE AGIECUT 250 HS
Travel axes: [ X x Y x Z ] 400 x 250 x 251 mm max. workpiece size X: 860 mm max. workpiece size Y: 530 mm max. workpiece size Z: 250 mm max. workpiece weight: 850 kg table size X: 680 mm table size Y: 500 mm with AWF ( Automatic Wire Feeding ) submerged
offer is possible 
 DE 72134553
12.01.2017 Wire straightening machines SUMAB W-10
Wire straightening machines SUMAB W-10
Straightening and cutting machine SUMAB W-10 Swedish company Scandinavian & UK Machines wants to introduce You straightening and cutting machine SUMAB W-10. Wire straightening machine is use for straightening and cutting wire on a given measure. Technical specification Diameter of wire: 4-10 mm Strength of arable wires, not more 750 Nmm2 Speed 80-100 mmin Type of straightening Rotor mmin Total power 20 kW Type of drive for traction Electromotor Type of drive for Electromotor rotor Type of drive for cutting Electromotor (Serv ...
offer is possible 
 SE 72134305
11.01.2017 Compressors ATLAS COPCO GA 5
Compressors ATLAS COPCO GA 5
Description: You provide here a a functional screw compressor of the noble brand Atlas Copco, which stands for quality. Smaller not striking signs of wear are present. Technical data screw compressor: Brand: Atlas Copco Type: GA5 Year: 1994 Rest: See type plate
BN 1,638 €
offer is possible 
 DE 72115205
11.01.2017 Wire EDM Machine  cut 250 HSS AGIE Agiecut 250 HSS
Wire EDM Machine cut 250 HSS AGIE Agiecut 250 HSS
X-travel: 400mm, Y-travel: 250mm, Z-tavel: 251mm, workpiece size: 860x530x250mm, operating hours: approx. 27,800h.
 DE 72115188
11.01.2017 Tempering furnace, electric, 650 ° C VöTSCH VAW 60/100
Tempering furnace, electric, 650 ° C VöTSCH VAW 60/100
functionally tested, very good condition -Operating temperature up to 650 ° C -Control Jumo dTRON 04.1 -Weekly program analog clock -Board size 600 mm width x height 600 mm x 1000 mm deep -incl. documentation -Total power 21.5 kVA -Heating power 20 kW 1 month warranty. Ready to ship from our warehouse in 98617 in Germany. Visit power upon request at any time.
offer is possible 
 DE 72115168
11.01.2017 Climatic chamber WEISS WK 4,7/40-120
Climatic chamber WEISS WK 4,7/40-120
-Working temperature range:-40 to + 120 ° C -Working climate: + 10 ° C to + 85 ° C -Humidity range: + 15% to + 95% R.f. -Refrigerant: R404 A -Refrigeration unit as a split unit for outdoor installation -Machine is mounted on a steel frame, as a crane hook machine -Control system S!MPATI -4620 litres -inside: H 1400 mm xB 1200 mm x T 2780 mm ((heat exchangers inside) -Operating hours: ca 15.600 h -Measuring hole 3 Pcs -Power 46 KW -incl. complete documentation -1 month warranty Visits on request in our machine s ...
offer is possible 
 DE 72115160
11.01.2017 furnace RHODE railborne 7,4 m³
furnace RHODE railborne 7,4 m³
Condition as good as new, unused (original photos) -Temperature 1200° C -inside b x t x h 1600 x 3700 1250 mm -5-sided heated, 5 heating zones -Thyristor controlled -Cooling system, cooling curve in the program -Automatic lift door -extra control cabinet with control panel -1 furnace car, load 4000 kg -220 KW, 320 A Visits on request in our warehouse in 98617 in Thuringia, Germany.
offer is possible 
 DE 72115156
Wire Cutting Spark Erosion Machine Tools MAKINO EU 64
Travel axes:[ X x Y x Z ] 600 x 400 x 260 mm max. workpiece size X: 940 mm max. workpiece size Y: 650 mm max. workpiece size Z: 260 mm table size X: 920 mm table size Y: 600 mm with AWF ( Automatic Wire Feeding ) submerged U-V- axes +- 75 mm max. taper cut: +- 15° bei 100 mm control MGW-R
offer is possible 
 DE 72115138
10.01.2017 Cleaning Machines LISEC HWM 13 B 6
Cleaning Machines LISEC HWM 13 B 6
LISEC automatic horizontal washing machine for flat glass model HWM 13B 6. 2012 glass width 1300 min size 400 x 200 glass thickness 2-25 mm transport height 950 12 m-min. Brush 6 cnc PLC fully automatic wash and dry results only 250 hours as new Fe.gi.Maschinen.SBG.at LISEC autom. horizontal washing machine for flat glass mod. HWM 13B 6 year 2012 Max glass size 1,300 min size 400 x 200 transport of glass thickness 2-25 mm height 950 12 m-min. brushes 6 cnc fully automatic washing and dry resul ...
offer is possible 
 AT 72085322
13.01.2017 Camber furnace NABERTHERM N 761/S
Camber furnace NABERTHERM N 761/S
year of construction: 2002 useful dimensions (w x h x d): 800 x 500 x 1900 mm max. temperature: 1200?C power: 70 kW
offer is possible 
 DE 72085169
09.01.2017 Measuring Machines WENZEL Smart 1000 cnc + LH 86 cnc
Measuring Machines WENZEL Smart 1000 cnc + LH 86 cnc
WENZEL 3D measuring machine mod smart 1000 cnc BJ. 2007 xyz: 1000-450 - 400 key equipment: probe PH 10 M key system mod. TP 200 button Ã? 6.0 m.m button length 25 mm good condition WENZEL 3D measuring machine mod LH 86 cnc BJ. 1992 xyz: 800 â 1000-600 key equipment: probe PH 10 M key system mod. TP 2 button Ã? 6.0 m.m button length 25 mm 2016: new head good condition Fe.gi.Maschinen.SBG.at WENZEL 3D measuring machine mod smart 1000 cnc year 2007 xyz: 1000-450 - 400 touch devic ...
 AT 72056754
08.01.2017 Measuring Machines SEIFERT
Measuring Machines SEIFERT
offer is possible 
 DE 72026056
Die-Sinking Spark Erosion Machine Tools MITSUBISHI EA 8S
Procedures: [X x Y x Z] 300 x 250 x 250 mm maximum workpiece size x 770 mm maximum workpiece size Y: 490 mm maximum workpiece size Z: 200 mm maximum workpiece weight: 550 kg maximum electrode weight: 25 kg Tool changer: 10 times C-axis Erowa recording Control GF 2 integrated transformer
offer is possible 
 DE 71949288
Wire Cutting Spark Erosion Machine Tools MITSUBISHI MV 2400
Procedures: [X x Y x Z] 600 x 400 x 310 mm maximum workpiece size X: 1050 mm maximum workpiece size Y: 820 mm maximum workpiece size Z: 305 mm maximum workpiece weight: 1500 kg Table size x 840 mm Table size Y: 640 mm Builder: 50 amps with automatic wire Threading Cutting in the water bath
offer is possible 
 DE 71949286
05.01.2017 Tool Grinding Machines WEDEVäGS BRUKS AB WL-B1
Tool Grinding Machines WEDEVäGS BRUKS AB WL-B1
Cylindrical Ã?5-25mm, length from 50mm to infinity with cone Ã?9-75mm, length 120mm to 450mm
offer is possible 
 DE 71905161
05.01.2017 Other Physico-Chemical Process Machine Tools SKF DORMER Modell 48
Other Physico-Chemical Process Machine Tools SKF DORMER Mode
Twist drills extrusion machine with accessories Working range 8 - 80 mm, length 610 mm
offer is possible 
 DE 71905159

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End Milling Machine(9)  
Engine Lathe(3)  
Engine Lathes(3)  
Engine Lathes (Sliding, Surfacing And Screw Cutting Lathes)(123)  
Engine lathes (sliding, surfacing and screw cutting)(9)  
Engraving Machine(10)  
Engraving Machines(3)  
Eroding machine(4)  
Exhausting system(4)  
Expansion chucks(3)  
External Cylindrical Grinding Machine(3)  
External Cylindrical Grinding Machines(13)  
External Cylindrical Grinding Machines, Also With Internal G(5)  
Face miller turret plate drill(3)  
Facing and Centering Machine(5)  
Facing Disks(4)  
Facing Lathe(10)  
Facing Lathes(17)  
Fast-Stroking Blanking Presses(5)  
Feed Unit(7)  
Feed-slide unit(6)  
Feeding Line(4)  
Filtration Unit(3)  
Fine Blanking Press(12)  
Fine wire drawing machine(5)  
Finish Grinding Machine(3)  
finishing lathe(6)  
Finishing Machines (Grinders)(3)  
Finishing Machines For Plane And Spherical Surfaces(7)  
fitter s bench(3)  
Fixed tailstock(4)  
Flame Cutting Machine(6)  
Flame Cutting Units(10)  
Flanging and Seam Rolling Machine(3)  
flanging presses(8)  
Flaring Cup Wheel Grinding Machine(15)  
flat die thread rolling machine(37)  
Flat grinding machine(6)  
Flat Grinding Machines(49)  
Flat polishing machine(3)  
Flexible Manufacturing System(3)  
Flexible Turning Cells And Systems For Complete Machining(7)  
Floor and base plates(5)  
Floor Plates(4)  
Floor Stand Polishers(3)  
Floor Type Boring and Milling M/C - Hor.(27)  
Fly Presses(4)  
Folding Machine(97)  
Folding Machines(35)  
Folding tag pointer(10)  
Forging Hammer(10)  
forging plants(19)  
Forging Press(4)  
Forging Presses(3)  
Four Column Press - Hydraulic(17)  
Friction Spindle Presses(3)  
fully automatic band saw(3)  
Fully Automatic Circular Saws(4)  
Gang Drilling Machine(15)  
Gang Drilling Machines(8)  
garage presses(10)  
gas cutting machines(27)  
Gas Forklift(3)  
Gear Chamfering Machine(3)  
Gear cutting machines(5)  
Gear Deburring Machine(17)  
Gear Finish Machining(3)  
Gear Grinding Machine(71)  
Gear Grinding Machines(30)  
Gear hobber(14)  
Gear Hobbing Machine(9)  
Gear Hobbing Machine - Horizontal(29)  
Gear Hobbing Machine - Vertical(106)  
Gear Hobbing Machines(91)  
Gear hober(3)  
Gear Honing Machine(6)  
Gear Lapping And Polishing Machines(3)  
Gear Milling Machines(7)  
Gear Scraping Machines(5)  
Gear Shaper(10)  
Gear Shaping Machine(57)  
Gear Shaving Machine - Internal Gears(3)  
Gear Slotting Machines(7)  
Gear Testing Machine(20)  
Gear Testing Machines(13)  
Grinding Bocks(10)  
Grinding Machine(22)  
Grinding Machine - Centerless(7)  
Grinding machine tools(3)  
Grinding Machines(14)  
Grinding Machines For Blades(6)  
Grinding Spindle(4)  
Grinding Unit(5)  
Grinding Vibrators(3)  
Grinding Wheel Profiling Device(6)  
Grip feed(3)  
grofile grinders(3)  
Groove Milling Machines(4)  
Guillotine Shear(6)  
Guillotine Shears(59)  
guillotine shears (hydraulic)(82)  
guillotine shears (mechanical)(9)  
h-frame drawing presses(21)  
h-frame eccentric presses(25)  
h-frame presses(22)  
Hack Saws(3)  
Hacksaw - Automatic(7)  
Hacksaw Automatics(5)  
hacksaw | metal saw | saw(3)  
Hacksawing Machines(6)  
Hand Lever Shears(7)  
hand operated bending rolls(35)  
Hand-bending machine(4)  
Hand-Lever Shear(15)  
Hand-Operated Fly Press(19)  
Hand-Operated Press(3)  
Handle Scissors(3)  
handoperated folding machines(3)  
Hardening Furnace(19)  
Hardening Furnaces(8)  
Hardening Unit - Induction(3)  
Hardness Tester(13)  
Heavy Duty Lathe(107)  
heavy duty lathes(47)  
Heavy Lathes(28)  
Hi-speed head vertical milling machine(3)  
High Precision Turning Machines (Lathes)(10)  
high speed machining centers (hsc)(4)  
High Speed Press(16)  
High Speed Presses(19)  
High Speed Radial Borers(4)  
High-column drill(4)  
High-performance column drill(3)  
High-speed milling machine(4)  
Hitch lathe tools(3)  
hob cutter(28)  
Hob milling machines(3)  
Hob Sharpening Machine(8)  
hobbing press(3)  
hole punch(4)  
Hole Punches(3)  
Hollow Spindle Lathe(4)  
Hollow Spindle Turning Machines (Lathes)(4)  
Honing machine(17)  
Honing Machine - Internal - Horizontal(8)  
Honing Machine - Internal - Vertical(39)  
Honing Machines(11)  
Honing Machines (horizontal)(4)  
Horizontal 4-Axis Machining Centre(8)  
Horizontal Band Saw(17)  
Horizontal Bandsaws(10)  
Horizontal Boring And Milling Centres For Cubical Workpieces(6)  
Horizontal Boring Machine(9)  
Horizontal Boring Mill(8)  
Horizontal boring mill floor type(4)  
horizontal CNC lathe(3)  
Horizontal Flat Grinding Machines(7)  
Horizontal Floor Type Milling And Boring Machines(3)  
Horizontal Forging Machines(3)  
Horizontal Lathe(8)  
Horizontal machining center(29)  
Horizontal Machining Centre(21)  
Horizontal Milling Machine(8)  
horizontal milling machines(39)  
Horizontal Numerically Controlled Machining Centres(17)  
Horizontal Presses(16)  
Horizontal Processing Centers(14)  
Horizontal transfer(5)  
Hot Forging Press(10)  
HSC Milling Machine(4)  
Hydr. plate shear(11)  
Hydr. Press brake(5)  
Hydr. pressbrake(115)  
Hydr. Tafelschere(3)  
Hydraulic 4-column press(4)  
Hydraulic barfeeder(6)  
Hydraulic C-press 40 tons(4)  
Hydraulic Column Presses(5)  
Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press(5)  
Hydraulic Double Column Press(3)  
Hydraulic Double Column Presses(17)  
hydraulic folding machines(23)  
Hydraulic Forging Presses(6)  
Hydraulic H-Frame Presses(3)  
Hydraulic Machine Vise(10)  
Hydraulic material(5)  
Hydraulic Open Gap Bench Presses(6)  
Hydraulic Open Gap Presses(15)  
Hydraulic operated Bending Rolls(26)  
Hydraulic Plate Shear(6)  
hydraulic power unit(9)  
Hydraulic Power Units(5)  
Hydraulic Press(49)  
Hydraulic Press Brake(10)  
hydraulic press brakes(155)  
Hydraulic Presses(23)  
Hydraulic Pumps Unit(6)  
Hydraulic Shear(28)  
Hydraulic Straight Sided Press(4)  
hydraulic straightening press(3)  
Hydraulic unit(6)  
Hydraulic. Pressbrake(4)  
Hydraulic. Tafelschere(3)  
Impact Wrenches 200Hz (3)  
indexable inserts(6)  
Indexing Device(26)  
induction furnaces(12)  
Inductive Hardening Plant(3)  
Industrial Robot(16)  
Inert Gas Welding Equipment(9)  
Inert gas welding machine 350 A(3)  
Insert holder(10)  
Internal and Face Grinding autom. M/C(3)  
Internal and Face Grinding Machine(12)  
Internal Cylindrical Grinding Machines(10)  
Internal grinder cnc(4)  
Internal Grinding Machine(30)  
Internal grinding machines(10)  
Jig Borers(6)  
Jig Boring Machine(19)  
Jig Boring Machine - Vertical(11)  
Jig Boring Machines(6)  
jig grinders (vertical)(3)  
Jig Grinding Machine(16)  
Jig Grinding Machines(3)  
Kant tool bending prism(19)  
Key-Way Milling Machine - Horizontal(3)  
Key-Way Milling Machine - Vertical(3)  
Keyseating Machine(16)  
Keyseating Machines(5)  
keyway grinders(10)  
Knee Type Milling Machine(3)  
Knee-and-Column Milling Machine(5)  
Knee-and-Column Milling Machine - univ.(9)  
Knife Grinding Machine(5)  
Knuckle Joint Press(3)  
Knuckle Joint Presses ( 1 - 3 Columns)(4)  
Knuckle-Joint Coining Press(8)  
L + Z lathe(7)  
Lapping Machine(6)  
lapping machines(8)  
Large Lot with clamping devices(3)  
Laser and plasma cutting centres(3)  
Laser cutting machine(55)  
laser cutting machines(54)  
Laser Machines(6)  
Laser marking machine(3)  
Laser Punching Machine(4)  
Laser Systems For Lettering(4)  
Laser welding machine(3)  
Laser Welding Systems(3)  
Lathe - cycle-controlled(38)  
Lathe - cycle controled(24)  
Lathe chuck jaws(5)  
Lathe Chucks(6)  
lathe cnc(34)  
Lathe jaw chuck, jaw chuck, 3 Ba(3)  
Lathe Tools(9)  
Lathes, Centre(31)  
Lathes, CNC (2-axes)(8)  
Lathes, CNC (3-axes)(14)  
Lathes, CNC (4 or more axes)(9)  
Lathes, Heavy duty(7)  
Lead Screw Lathe(3)  
Longitudinal Cutting Lines(10)  
Longitudinal Turning Machines (Lathes)(9)  
Lot of Chip Tipping Containers(6)  
Lot of Driven Tools(3)  
Lot of HSK 100 Tool Holders(8)  
Lot of Lathe Accessories(3)  
Lot of Machine Accessories(9)  
Lot of Machine Parts and Accessories(9)  
Lot of Machine Water Levels(3)  
Lot of Milling Tools(4)  
Lot of SK 50 Tool Holders(6)  
Lot of Tool Holders(18)  
Lubricating tank(15)  
LZ lathe(3)  
Machine Clamping Plate(5)  
machine to demagnetizing(3)  
Machine Tool Accessories(4)  
Machine Vice(13)  
Machine Vices(5)  
Machine vise(6)  
Machining Center(27)  
Machining Center - Horizontal(137)  
Machining Center - Universal(104)  
Machining Center - Vertical(155)  
Machining centers (horizontal)(17)  
machining centers (vertical)(79)  
Machining centers - vertical(7)  
Machining Centre(17)  
Magnetic Belt Conveyor(3)  
Magnetic Clamping Plate(15)  
Magnetic disk(4)  
Magnetic plate(4)  
Mandrel bending machine(6)  
Mandrel Pipe Bending Machines(3)  
manual folding machines(7)  
Manual Lathe(4)  
Manual Spindle Presses(7)  
manual, spareparts list(4)  
marking plate(3)  
Measurement Technology(5)  
Measuring instrument(3)  
Measuring Machine(34)  
Measuring Machines(11)  
Measuring Plate(9)  
Measuring Plates(4)  
Measuring system(4)  
Measuring- and Marking Machine(10)  
Mechanical Billet Shear(3)  
Mechanical Cold Extrussion Press(3)  
Mechanical components(241)  
Mechanical Crank Press(8)  
Mechanical Forging Press(19)  
Mechanical Machine Vice(7)  
Mechanical press(19)  
Mechanical Presses(15)  
Mechanical Trimming Press(13)  
Mechanician s Lathe(24)  
Metal Bandsaws(5)  
Metal circular saw(3)  
Metal Processing Circular Saws(15)  
metal profile machine(7)  
Metal sawing machine(4)  
Micrometer Callipers For External(5)  
MIG / MAG Gas Shielded Welding Equipment(9)  
MIG-MAG welding machine(3)  
Milling Device(7)  
Milling Graver Grinding Machine(5)  
Milling Heads(7)  
Milling Machine(88)  
Milling Machine - Horizontal(16)  
Milling Machine - Universal(3)  
Milling Machine - Vertical(31)  
Milling machine centers(3)  
milling machine table(3)  
Milling Machines(57)  
milling machining centers - horizontal(20)  
milling machining centers - universal(15)  
milling machining centers - vertical(22)  
Milling Tool(12)  
Milling Vices(5)  
Milling/horizontal boring machine(5)  
millinghead vertical(11)  
Miter Bandsaws(16)  
Miter saw(4)  
Mitre circular saw(3)  
Mitre cutting bandsaws(4)  
MITSUI SEIKI Horizontal Machining Centre(4)  
Mobile column type(5)  
Module Router(4)  
Monitor - TFT - Display(4)  
mot plate shear(3)  
Mot. 3W-Plate Bending Machine(4)  
Mot. Beading Machine(4)  
Mot. Plate Shear(3)  
Motorized Beading Machines(8)  
Motorized Plate Bending Machines(4)  
Multi master(4)  
Multi Spindle Automatics For Bars(10)  
Multi Spindle Drilling Machines(3)  
multi spindle lathe(3)  
multi spindle machine(4)  
Multi-function stamping machine(5)  
Multi-spindle turn automatics(6)  
Multifunction cutting machine(3)  
Multifunction Punch Punch(4)  
Multispindle lathe(13)  
Nail machine(4)  
NC Universal Turning Machines (Lathes)(9)  
Nibbling Machines(3)  
non ferrous circular sawing machines(4)  
Notching Machine(26)  
Notching Machines(7)  
Notching Saw(3)  
Numerically Controlled Machining Centres(121)  
open fronted high speed press(3)  
open gap eccentric presses(148)  
open gap presses(30)  
Other Base Units And Machine Components(3)  
Other Drilling And Boring Machines(3)  
Other equipment(4)  
Other Grinding Machines(4)  
Other Hydraulic Presses(21)  
Other Machine Tools For Separating(4)  
Other Machines For Screw Manufacturing(8)  
Other Milling Machines(3)  
Other Sawing Machines(4)  
Other Turning Machines(7)  
Pan grinder(7)  
Parallel Planing Machines(3)  
Piercing Press(4)  
Pilger mill(4)  
pillar drill(4)  
Pillar Drilling Machine(86)  
Pillar-Type Drilling Machines(15)  
Pinion Cutter Grinding Machine(3)  
pipe benders(3)  
pipe drawing and tube reducing machines(19)  
Pipe Manufacturing Machines(3)  
Pipe Notcher(5)  
Pipe-Bending Machine(31)  
piston compressor(3)  
planer (single or double columns)(4)  
Planer-Type Milling M/C - Double Column(43)  
planetary die thread rolling machine(3)  
Planing Machine(3)  
Planing Machine - Double Column(3)  
Planing, Shaping, Slotting And Broaching Machines(3)  
Plano-milling machines(6)  
Plasma Cutter(4)  
Plasma Cutting Device(12)  
Plasma Cutting Equipment(3)  
Plasma cutting machine(18)  
Plasma Cutting Machines(15)  
Plasma cutting system(3)  
Plasma Cutting Systems(7)  
Plate Bending Machine - 3 Rolls(28)  
Plate Bending Machine - 4 Rolls(6)  
Plate Edge Welding Slanting Machine(5)  
plate shear(22)  
Plate Shear - Hydraulic(97)  
Plate Shear - Mechanical(52)  
Plate Shears(5)  
Platen - T-slot table(3)  
Platen with T slots(9)  
Pneumatic Press(11)  
Pneumatic Presses(9)  
pointing and pincing machine(4)  
Pointing hammer(4)  
Pointing machine(26)  
Polishing and Grinding Area(3)  
Polishing Automatic(3)  
Polishing machine(65)  
Polishing Machines(3)  
Portable radial drilling machines(3)  
Portal And Gantry Type Milling Machines(4)  
Portal Milling Machine(3)  
Portal Milling Machines(5)  
Pot grinding(4)  
Powder Coating Equipment(12)  
Power Chuck(6)  
Power Chucks(3)  
Power Supply(4)  
Pre-Drawing Machine(16)  
Precision Coordinate Measuring Machine(4)  
Press Brake(58)  
Press Brakes(12)  
Processing Centers(41)  
Profile Bending Machines(15)  
Profile Bending Maschine(3)  
Profile cold rolling mills(4)  
Profile Grinding Machine(4)  
Profile Grinding Machine - optical(3)  
Profile Grinding Machines(5)  
Profile projector(14)  
Profile Steel Cutters(24)  
Profile straightener(7)  
Profile-Bending Machine(12)  
profileprojectors and measuring microscope(6)  
profiling lines(48)  
Profiling Machine(3)  
Profiling Systems(5)  
Projection Welding Machine(5)  
Projetion Welding Machine(3)  
Protective Gas Welding Machine(24)  
Punches and Dies(3)  
Punching and Nibbling Machine(4)  
Punching Line(3)  
Punching Machine(14)  
Punching Machine - hydraulic(3)  
Punching Machines(47)  
Punching Press(24)  
Punching Presses(7)  
Punching tools(38)  
Quenching Press(4)  
Quick change feed(4)  
Quill processing unit(3)  
Radial drill(8)  
Radial Drilling(6)  
Radial Drilling Machine(114)  
Radial Drilling Machines(42)  
Ram-Type Floor Boring and Milling M/C(24)  
Rapid Radial Drilling Machine(27)  
Rapid radial drilling machines(7)  
rectangular rotary tables for borers(8)  
Reinforced concrete cutting machines(3)  
Retention knob(40)  
Reversible Clamping Device(6)  
Revolving tube center, centering(3)  
Ring Bending Machines(11)  
Ring Rolling Mills(4)  
Ringbending- and welding machine(3)  
Robot - Handling(8)  
Roll Bending Machines(8)  
Roll forming Lines(3)  
Roll Grinders(12)  
Roll grinding machine(5)  
Roll Grinding Machines(12)  
Roller leveller(34)  
Rolling Mills(14)  
rolls bending machine(8)  
Rolls bending machine - 3 Rolls(26)  
Rolls Plate Bending Machine(3)  
Rotary Machine(3)  
Rotary Table(78)  
Rotary Table - Boring(12)  
Rotary Table Grinding Machine - Vertical(8)  
Rotary Table Surface Grinding M/C-Horiz.(10)  
Rotary Table Surface Grinding Machines, Vertical Grinding Sp(3)  
rotary tables, circular(27)  
rotary transfer machine(11)  
Rotary Transfer Machines(7)  
Rotary Welding Table(33)  
Rotary Welding Table - Round Surface(6)  
Rotating Benches(5)  
round and square magnetic plates(30)  
Round bar loader(5)  
Round Bending Machine(3)  
Round Bending Machines(29)  
Round Clocking Machines(3)  
Round Grinding Machines(42)  
Round table(7)  
Round Table Flat Grinding Machines(8)  
Round Tables(19)  
Round Turntables(3)  
Roundness Measuring Instrument(5)  
Sandblasting Equipment(7)  
Sandblasting Machine(5)  
Sandblasting Unit(3)  
Sanding machine(8)  
saw blade grinding machine(13)  
Saw blade sharpening machine(3)  
Saw blade sharpening machines(7)  
Saw Machine(3)  
Saw-Blade Sharpening Machine(8)  
scrap balling presses(5)  
Screw compressor(7)  
Screw Compressors(4)  
screw press(6)  
Second-Operation Lathe(3)  
Section Bender(11)  
Section Benders (Horizontal)(5)  
Section Benders (Vertical)(4)  
Section Shear(15)  
Section Shear - Combined(23)  
Section Steel Shear(12)  
Semi-Automatic Bandsaws(5)  
Shaping Machine(7)  
Sharpening machine(18)  
Shaving Cutter Grinding Machine(3)  
Shears For Sheet Metal Working(8)  
Sheet centres for punching, bending and cutting(5)  
Sheet Metal Bending Machines(20)  
Sheet metal blowroom machines(5)  
Sheet metal clamp(9)  
Sheet metal cutting machines(5)  
Sheet Metal Machining Centres(4)  
Sheet Metal Shears(9)  
Sheet Metal Straightening Machine(5)  
Shot Blasting Machinery(4)  
Single bull block(22)  
Single Column Drawing Press - Hydraulic(3)  
Single Column eccentric(3)  
Single Column Press - Hydraulic(73)  
Single Column Presses(6)  
Single-spindle lathe(10)  
Slideway grinding machine(11)  
Slip Grinding Plant(3)  
Slitting Line(4)  
Slitting Lines(6)  
Slotting Machine - Vertical(9)  
Slotting machines(16)  
Small Press Brake Cone 900(3)  
Spare Parts(190)  
spare parts for lathes(3)  
spare parts for sheet metal working(4)  
Special Machine(4)  
Spinner block(4)  
Spiral Bevel Gear Cutting Machine(11)  
Spiral Bevel Gear Machine(4)  
Spiral drill grinder(6)  
Spline Grooves Pulling Machines(3)  
spline millers(5)  
Spline Shaft Grinding Machine(3)  
Spot Welding Machine(34)  
Spot Welding Machines(28)  
Spotting Plate(4)  
Spotting Press(3)  
spring coiling machine(4)  
Spring Testing Machine(4)  
Stamping and bending machine(3)  
Stamping and Punching Machine(22)  
Stamping machine(4)  
Stamping- and bending machine(5)  
Standing Drills(8)  
Steady Rest(3)  
Steel Grinding Machines(5)  
Steel tubes(4)  
Steel-sawing machine(3)  
Straight Sided Press Mechanic(3)  
Straight-Bending Presses(4)  
Straightening and cutting machine(17)  
Straightening Machines For Bars And Pipes(6)  
Straightening Plant(3)  
Straightening Plate(4)  
Straightening Press - Double Column(9)  
Straightening Press - Horizontal(5)  
Straightening Press - Single Column(8)  
Stud Welding Equipment(5)  
Stud Welding Machine(4)  
Suction systems(9)  
Surface and profile grinding machines, horizontal (4)  
Surface And Profile Grinding Machines, Horizontal Grinding S(6)  
Surface Grinder(24)  
surface grinders with horizontal spindle(33)  
surface grinders with vertical spindle(25)  
Surface Grinding(10)  
Surface Grinding Machine(90)  
Surface Grinding Machine - Horizontal(78)  
Surface Grinding Machine - Vertical(7)  
Surface Grinding Machines(31)  
Surface Plate(19)  
Surface- and die spotting plates(8)  
Swarf Conveyor(12)  
Swiss-type cnc lathe(41)  
T-Slot Shaping Machine(4)  
Table Boring Machine(3)  
table drilling machine(4)  
Table Drills(8)  
Table Shears(4)  
Table Spot Welding Machine(4)  
Table Type Boring and Milling Machine(108)  
Table Type Boring Machine(3)  
Tape Straightening Machines(6)  
tapping and drilling machines(26)  
Tapping Machine(10)  
Tapping Machines(11)  
Tapping Milling Cutters(3)  
Tapping Units(3)  
Teach pendant(5)  
Tempering Furnace(3)  
tension and pressure testing gauge(6)  
Thicknessing machine(5)  
Thread Boring Machine - Vertical(4)  
Thread cutting device(3)  
Thread Cutting Machines(10)  
Thread Grinding Machine(9)  
Thread Milling Machines(5)  
Thread Milling- and Hobbing Machine(8)  
Thread Rolling Machine(8)  
Thread Rolling Machines(5)  
Thread-Cutting Machine(37)  
Threaded shanks(5)  
Threading machine(9)  
Threading Rolls(5)  
Threadrolling machine(6)  
Three - jaw chucks(3)  
Three-jaw Chuck(3)  
Three-roll plate bending machines(3)  
TIG welding machine(10)  
Toggle Lever Presses(10)  
Toggle Press - Double Column(7)  
Toggle Press - Single Column(5)  
Tool and Cutter Grinder(5)  
Tool Cabinets(9)  
Tool carriage(7)  
tool grinder(12)  
Tool Grinder - Universal(16)  
Tool grinding Machine(19)  
Tool grinding machines(5)  
Tool holder(10)  
Tool Holders(10)  
Tool Milling Machine(10)  
tool presetter(26)  
Tool presetting(3)  
Tool Presetting Device(5)  
Tool Presetting Devices(8)  
Tool Room Milling Machine(5)  
Tool Room Milling Machine - Universal(115)  
Tool sharpening machines(3)  
Tool Trolley(4)  
Tool trolleys(12)  
Tool-Grinding Machines(19)  
Tool-Milling Machines(39)  
Toolroom Mill(3)  
transfer presses(4)  
Transfer Presses ( 2 - 4 Columns)(8)  
Transmission drills(7)  
Travelling column milling machine(36)  
Travelling column milling machines(7)  
trimming machine(5)  
trimming machines(4)  
Trimming Press(9)  
try-out press(3)  
Tryout Press - hydraulic(66)  
Tube bending machine(3)  
tube bending machines(40)  
Tube Cutting and Milling Machine(3)  
Tube Drawing Machine(6)  
Tube straighteners(8)  
Tube Turn Press(3)  
turn-broaching machine(4)  
Turn-mill center(7)  
Turning Automatic Lathe - Longitudinal(9)  
Turning Automatic Lathe - swiss lathe(17)  
Turning Machines (Lathes)(85)  
Turning Machines, Other(9)  
Turning Tool Grinding Machine(8)  
Turning-machining centres(5)  
Turret Head Boring and Milling Machine(3)  
Turret Lathe(4)  
Turret Lathes(19)  
Turret milling machine(4)  
turret punch machines(37)  
Turret Punching Machine(3)  
Twist Drill Grinding Machines(4)  
Two axis CNC Lathe(3)  
Two jaw chuck(4)  
Two spindle copy milling machine(4)  
Universal clamping pad set in wooden box(4)  
Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine(4)  
Universal grinding machines(7)  
universal ironworker(17)  
Universal Knee-Type Milling Machines(3)  
universal lathe(11)  
Universal Lathes > 800 Mm Diameter(4)  
Universal Lathes Up To 800 Mm Diameter(5)  
Universal Milling and Boring Machine(26)  
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Universal Milling Machine(143)  
Universal Milling Machines(67)  
universal milling machines (knee type)(77)  
Universal processing centres(16)  
Universal Round Grinding Machines(4)  
Universal Tool Milling Machine(5)  
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Universal Turning Machines (Lathes)(9)  
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VDI tool holder(3)  
Vertical 3-Axis Machining Centre(4)  
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vertical borer, double column(7)  
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vertical digitizing and coordinating measuring machines(5)  
Vertical Eroding Machine(8)  
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Vertical machining center(66)  
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Vertical Turning Machines With Pick-Up Spindle(4)  
Vertical Turning Machines, Open Gap And Straight-Sided(7)  
Vertical Turret Lathe(9)  
Vertical Turret Lathe - Double Column(59)  
Vertical Turret Lathe - Single Column(62)  
Vertikal Turning Machines (Lathes)(35)  
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