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22.06.2017 Spare parts BONDIOLI-PAVESI 2061
Spare parts BONDIOLI-PAVESI 2061
Angle gearbox Bondioli Pavesi type 2061 Used gear brands make "Bondioli Pavesi", i = 1 : 1.93 for up to 59 kw input power at 1,000 1min. With mounting plate with oblong holes, with or without 4-grooved pulley and Taperlock for sale.
  DE   104282243
08.06.2017 Drying plants STELA MUF 70
Drying plants STELA MUF 70
-movable circulating dryer for corn - performance (wet goods): approx. 70 t 24 h -Drying temperature: infinitely variable by Duo-Therm automatic -Dimensions: length: 13,95 m, 2.51 m wide, 3.98 m high -Maximum speed: 25 kmh -Weight: approx. 6,800 kg -Weight: 16,000 kg
  DE   101711724
13.05.2017 Flail mowers BOMFORD - TURNER B 508
Flail mowers BOMFORD - TURNER B 508
Long reach - flail mower for rear three point attachment, cutter head 125 cm with hammers (380 g) and bottom roller. Bowden cable control, own hydraulic system, drive via PTO 540 RPM. Range horizontal 507 cm from tractor centerline, vertically to 500 cm, tractor weight minimum 2100 kg; min. 37 kw50 hp required (factory specifications). Other smaller long-reach flail mowers and mower technology on stock!
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  DE   95477803
09.05.2017 plough KUHN Multimaster 182 7T
plough KUHN Multimaster 182 7T
Brand KUHN Model Multimaster 182 7T ID 4211 Status Active Price 15.000 € + VAT Year of manufacture 2012 Location Bucuresti, Romania KUHN Multimaster 182 7f (6+1) mounted in-furrow plough, year 2012 cw hydraulic headstock suspension, manual vari-width, hydraulic front furrow, rear discs, transport wheel, good condition Kuhn Multi-Master 182 T 7 - Technical Specifications Working width 3.5 m Weight 2.609 t No. of furrows 7 Body spacing 960 mm Power demand 168 KW Attachment ZD Frame height 800 mm Cutting width 350- ...
15,000 €
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  RO   94494981
25.04.2017 Drying plants SCHMIDT SEEGER STL 6-15/2UL
Drying plants SCHMIDT SEEGER STL 6-15/2UL
Rape conditioning grain corn rapeseed drying drying plant used Manufacturer: Schmidt Seeger Type: STL 6-152UL Drying capacity approximately 15,000 to 20,000 kg h Weight: 530 t h Initial humidity: 9% Final humidity: 5% Dehumidification: 4% External air temperature: 15 ° C Outdoor air humidity: 75% Heating power: 2000 kW -of which over CHP 1000 kW -about hot air 1000 kW Heating medium -Hot water (heat exchanger) of CHP -Heating oil EL (heater burner Weishaupt RGMS71-D BJ. 2006) Contents: active column 39 tons Cont ...
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  DE   90745457
27.03.2017 Chemical Seed Treater PETKUS CT 5-25
Chemical Seed Treater PETKUS CT 5-25
Capacity (based on wheat): 5-25th, electrical drives: distribution disc: 0.75kW, cleaning unit (optional): 0.18kW, secondary mixing unit: 1.5kW, pump: 0.370.55kW, rotary seed valve: 0.37kW, dosing of chemical liquid: 200-800ml100kg. Capacity: (wheat) 5-25th
  DE   84629902
14.03.2017  SOUCY TRACKS ST 700
Complete drives frontrear of Soucy Track.Passend for John Deere 6210R. including all brackets. Ribbon is new in October 2016.
29,500 €
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  DE   81562807
21.02.2017 Drying plants STELA Jumbo 100
Drying plants STELA Jumbo 100
used STELA Jumbo 100 circulating air drying corn and cereals, with dust extraction Mobile, to fill 25 to power 100 24 h White main burner fuel oil, dryer 1994, Brenner 2005. Dimensions: 15, 60m long, 3m wide, 4, 11 m high Price plus VAT
39,000 €
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  DE   77733356
Snow plough UNKNOWN S28
2600 mm
used machinery auction RESALE 380 €  
  PL   73367689
Tractor drive from 50KW, optionally with continuous or Variogetriebe, ca 500 PCs around the world,... Perfect compost quality in economic operation, over 20 years experience! For green waste, organic waste, contaminated soil, sewage sludge utilization, drying of biomass...
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  AT   73059118
power take-off shafts aggregates DIVERSE
To sell various power take-off shafts aggregates of 18 KVA to 80 KVA.
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  DE   72115061
05.05.2017 Drying plants WEISHAUPT RGL7,RMS7,RL7,G5,G7,RGL40,MS7
Drying plants WEISHAUPT RGL7,RMS7,RL7,G5,G7,RGL40,MS7
Our company asks for 20 years used oil - gas burner weishaupt. We sell our burner in all weld with warranty and service. Each of us sold burner is sought out and prepared. We're making a movie like the burner operates. We have currently approx. 50 PC burner in stock from 25KW - 10.000KW! Oil burner: L1, RL3, MS3, L5Z, RL7 LN, RL7, L7Z, L8T2, RMS7, MS7 Gas burner: WG10 WG20, WG40, G3, G5, G7, G9, G50 Combined burner: GL3, RGL7, GL7, GL8, RGL40, RGL10, RGL50, RGL11 Condition very good ABC.radhand.pl, 0048 510 130 451
2,005 €
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  PL   71803740
27.12.2016 Baler MCHALE V 660
Baler MCHALE V 660
Brand McHale Model V 660 ID 5111 Status Active Price 17.000 € + VAT Year of manufacture 2010 Location Ex Works Oradea Demand for power take-off, min. 70 kW Bale-Ø from-to 0,7-1,8 m Bale width from-to 0,7-1,8 m Stand ...
17,000 €
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  RO   71648807
21.02.2017 Drying plants STELA Jumbo 60
Drying plants STELA Jumbo 60
Mobile drying plant with dust extraction, Year 1995, only around 3000Bstd There is both oil burners and gas burners Very good condition
39,500 €
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  DE   71614415
29.12.2016 SILO SYSTEM LAIDIG 243
[DB-010163] LAIDIG, 243, SILO SYSTEM LAIDIG 20 Ft. diameter by 38 Ft. high Silo with a LAIDIG Model 243 track-driven Unloader (Reclaimer) and an Unloader Discharge Screw. 20' x 38' Silo is a Glass Lined Bolted design manufactured by HARVESTORE. LAIDIG Model 243 is a Reclaimer with a single-sweep tapered Auger for equal removal of material from the silo radius, mounted on a horizontal axis to prevent material bridging. Professional removal and reinstallation is available. Please note: Height may be increased simply by purchas ...
44,850 USD
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  US   68240913
21.02.2017  DAMMANN MB-trac, Unimog,
DAMMANN MB-trac, Unimog,
lower 2000ltr building syringe with 15mtr DAS Rod air-assisted The syringe ran only about 2000 hectares sprayed on a vegetable farm, very low mileage! Very good condition, with all imaginable accessories like pressure washer, nozzle spacing 25 cm, etc...
offer is possible  
  DE   68210819
18.10.2016  HOLMER Terra-Dos Ers.teile 70% Rab.
HOLMER Terra-Dos Ers.teile 70% Rab.
Holmer Terra DOS to provide spare parts at 70% discount Topper and lifter for Holmer Terra DOS plus large spare parts package for Holmer Terra DOS Blattschlegler new, 50 cm, execution BS, new Roderahmen 50 cm, 6 Rodeaggregate dismantled for Holmer Terra DOS Roderahmen (lifter) has 5 Rodewalzen, shredder housing for Holmer Terra DOS, 3 m is wide, plus new and used Rodeaggregate, wear parts, screen star tines, 1 tape used with frame, Rodeschare, Ã?lmotore, etc.
offer is possible  
  DE   67777913
14.03.2017 sweeper WAYNE 828 D
sweeper WAYNE 828 D
Sweeper self-propelled drive 2 cyl. air-cooled diesel engine, infinitely variable hydrostatic Fahrantrien. Sweeping width 1250 mm, hopper total 175 l, hydraulic high dump, emptying height 1450 mm. Other sweepers stock - see sample photos.
  DE   62616731
14.02.2017 Special purpose machines GUELLEVEREDLER Hamo
Special purpose machines GUELLEVEREDLER Hamo
Guelleveredler Hamo Built in approximately 1981 Length approx. v. 4 m to 6 m Condition as new stock items without operational use: Hamo Guelleveredler for it serves to prepare the manure so that these valuable natural fertilizer specifically can be to the vegetation. Improve d. Duengewertes d. Guelleals Can be used also if necessary for better preparation for BIO-gas plants. Equipment Guellerohr with air inlet valve, agitator, 3 KW drive motor,. Time switch control-various fasteners, small parts. By mixing through ( ...
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  DE   36723457
22.11.2016 Rail Planner WIEDENMANN 180
Rail Planner WIEDENMANN 180
Rail Planner Wiedenmann, working width approx. 1,80 m, consisting of three point mounting frame with bolted wear rail (steel 10 x 80 mm) and height-adjustable levelling plate and adjustable grilles roller (diameter 400 mm) with sprung strippers.
offer is possible  
  DE   33873104
22.11.2016 Mulchers FISCHER RS 150
Mulchers FISCHER RS 150
Fisher RS 150, flail for rear three-point linkage cat. I, working width 150 cm, for PTO shaft 540 RPM clockwise. As available with depth control roller and rotor bearing damage. Final price incl. VAT, not refundable.
695 €  
  DE   32083746
22.11.2016 Mulchers AMAZONE Grasshopper GHLT 150
Mulchers AMAZONE Grasshopper GHLT 150
Amazone Grasshopper GHLT-150 Working width 1.50 m, 3-point linkage cat. III, for PTO 540 RPM. Capacity approx. 900 ltr. Equipment: depth control roller, height adjustment, adjustable rear suspension. (2 hydraulic connections and ECU dw required). To the cutting or scarification (Vertikutiermesser optionally required) of grass land, the Mähgut - also Pferdeäppel and foliage - can be recorded at the same time and then removed. Instant wide area mower space with standard mulch flap optional adjustable. Req ...
  DE   31087742
07.03.2017 Flail mowers WIEDENMANN Super 400
Flail mowers WIEDENMANN Super 400
Wiedenmann Super 400 - trailed machine with 1.70 m working width and collecting container approx 3000 ltr. capacity and high dump on 2020 mm max. Is using additional tools to flail mowers, aerators, sweeper. Braked chassis, type-approval exists. More Combi tools, mower mowing container, lawn Sweeper etc available, ask for advice!
offer is possible  
  DE   26577484
07.03.2017  AMAZONE Grasshopper GHS 180 Jumbo
AMAZONE Grasshopper GHS 180 Jumbo
Amazone Grasshopper GHS-T-180 jumbo Working width 1.80 m, hydraulically adjustable drawbar with towing eye, 3-point linkage cat. III.Maschine for PTO 540 RPM. Grass container capacity 3,000 ltr., unloading loading height 2.200 mm. Equipment: 2 support rollers, infinitely variable height adjustment, adjustable rear suspension. For mowing or scarifier (Vertikutiermesser optionally required) of grassy areas, the Mähgut will be recorded at the same time and can then be removed. More mowing container and mowing technology ...
offer is possible  
  DE   23917946
24.02.2017 Grain Silo Cooler Clima TORNUM TGC-100
Grain Silo Cooler Clima TORNUM TGC-100
Tornum grain cooler is bought new by us for our need. The machine is in very good running condition.
35,000 €
offer is possible  
  RS   23688989
Sell ready-made mowers with intense roller preparer: 1 KM 3000 HPC of drawn disc mower 3mtr 1 KM 3001 HPC of drawn disc mower 3mtr 1 UN 3000 HPC front mower discs 3mtr 1 on the 2800 HPC disc rear mower 3-point, 2, 8mtr 2 FM 300 HPC drum front mower 3mtr
offer is possible  
  DE   22649320
22.11.2016   axles
Front axle with hydraulic power steering (included steeringcontroller), disc brakes, adjustable coil springs and shock absorbers. Rear axle with Quaife differential gear, adjustable coil springs and dampers. Welded construction, outer width total approx. 2200 mm, tyres MultiTrac. Less working-hours, nothing knocked out. Bids requested.
offer is possible  
  DE   17873477
07.03.2017  MCCONNEL SR 15
Cutting disc, 2 knives, knitting circle 1550 mm, 4 PCs. available, angle-gear available. used parts! shipping possible
  DE   14699336
07.03.2017  MCCONNEL SR-15
Heavy angle gear ITG 001-16.5, power take-off shaft connection: 1 34 "Z 20, output side approx. 60 mm Z 14, weight 50 kg, used, 6 PCs. available, as well as other parts.
  DE   13490954
05.05.2017 Emergency power generators BOSCH IVECO AVS 63 KVA
Emergency power generators BOSCH IVECO AVS 63 KVA
We offer various emergency generators, Which one are suitable from experience Very good for farming. There are three versions available: AVS Valmet, MAN and Iveco. All types with emergency power supply automatic (automatic start-up at power failure) all units sound insulated. Model years 1991 to 1994, only regular runs performed operating hours between 150 and 250.
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  DE   10006717

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