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23.05.2017 Labelling machines AEW 8060
Labelling machines AEW 8060
AEW Delford checkweiger and labeller, model: 8060, serial number: 85010, maximum capacity: 15000 gram, minimum capacity: 100 gram, 10 = e gram, maximum tare: 8000 gram, last calibration: 2014, belt speed: 0.2 - 0.4 ms, 230 V, 50 Hz, 0-35 ° C, maximum rate of operation: 30 ppm, belt width: 495 mm, dimensions checkweigher: 3900 mm x 1200 mm x 1600 mm , outfeed station with 2 rejecters, plastic belt, belt width: 505 mm, plastic rollers, roll width: 600 mm, dimensions: 2400 x 1800 x 1450 mm.
used machinery auction RESALE 5,000 €  
  NL   98140461
23.05.2017 Labelling machines HAMBA WEIGHING AND LABELL type: LA 46 (05)
Labelling machines HAMBA WEIGHING AND LABELL type: LA 46 (05
Hamba weighing and labelling machine, type: LA 46 (05), serial number: 19-03, year of construction: 2002, Digi with weigher, type: LA 46, factory number: LA02150052, year of construction: 2002, 200-240 V, 5060 Hz, maximum: 2000 gram, minimum: 50 gram, e = 1 gram, t = - 999 gram, belt width: 250 mm (4 x), total dimensions: 2150 mm x 800 mm x 1650 mm.
used machinery auction RESALE 3,500 €  
  NL   98140367
23.05.2017 Labeling Machine Fully Automatic KRONES MULTIMODULE II Pressure Sensitive 46.000 bph
Labeling Machine Fully Automatic KRONES MULTIMODULE II Press
Labeler KRONES Multimodule II PSL, 46.000 bph This labeling machine was manufactured in year 2010 by Krones and it has been operated very limited hours till year 2014. It has six plug-in type APS (Autarkic Pressure Sensitive) 4-Spender labeling stations for pressure sensitive self-adhesive film labels and tree plug-in type gold clue paper labeling stations. The capacity of this Multimodule labeler is 46 000 bph in 0.33 and 0.50 liter glass bottles. Paper labels to be placed on front-back-neck of a bottle. Each container plate on th ...
  FI   98140055
17.05.2017 Labelling machines fully automatic BECKER
Labelling machines fully automatic BECKER
Dual labels donation system application key data labelling: -Procedures: donations and cutting off -Number of labels per cycle: 2 labels Consisting of: -Base frame incl. 4 levelling feet, adjustable in height (without fasteners) -2 piece dispenser including section device, adjustable -Excavated station for WINKHAUS KLT's
BN 11,000 €
offer is possible  
  DE   96629188
05.05.2017 Labelling machines DIBAL 2300
Labelling machines DIBAL 2300
A labeling machine is sold by Dibal SA 2300 -with a scale -Computersteurung -Programming of 1000 different products -Label printing width 40-80 mm and 40-100 mm long -all kinds of data can be printed such as: name, weight, price per kilo, the amount for the patch, bar code (EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC 3 9, 25, ITF-14 and EAN 128 option), the date of production, sales, as well as the expiration date, advertising signs, composition or company logo -programmable value in EUR and or in regional currencies. pneumatic label p ...
2,600 €
offer is possible  
  DE   93367335
03.05.2017 Labelling machines MULTIVAC MR346
Labelling machines MULTIVAC MR346
Multivac MR346 labelling station with 2 top and 1 bottom label applicators attached with 2 printers attached. Each label applicator and printer has their own control panel. Label height: 100mm Year of production: 2004 Serial number: 2364804 Condition: good Dimensions: 2.600mm x 1.150mm & 2.000mm (LxW&H)
16,200 €
offer is possible  
  DK   92739438
03.05.2017 Labelling machines Pals  OPEN DATE FL 5055TBLL  Sprint Major R/H
Labelling machines Pals & OPEN DATE FL 5055TBLL & Sp
Pals FL 5055TBLL top and bottom labeller from 2002 with a OPEN DATE Sprint Major RH from 2001. Label height: 170mm Conveyor width: 190mm Year of production: 2002 & 2001 Serial numbers: 5055 TBL001 & 27801 Condition: good Dimensions: 1.300mm x 1.000m & 1.650mm (LxW&H)
11,500 €
offer is possible  
  DK   92739430
03.05.2017 Labelling machines Herma  MARKEM 752 COMPACT  SMARTDATE 3
Labelling machines Herma & MARKEM 752 COMPACT & SMAR
Herma top label applicator with MARKEM printer attached Label height: 165mm Conveyor width: 235mm Year of production: 2002 Serial number: 75221511A & 02750910 Condition: good Dimensions: 1.300mm x 1.000mm & 2.100mm (LxW&H)
7,800 €
offer is possible  
  DK   92739428
03.05.2017 Labelling machines MULTIVAC MR335
Labelling machines MULTIVAC MR335
Multivac MR335 Top and bottom labeller with a THERMO ALLEN CODING LTD. ENGLAND. TT53IM control unit attached but It is missing the printing head. As it is now it can just be used as a top and bottom labeller. Top applicator label height: 250mm. Bottom applicator label height: 150mm. Conveyor width: 185mm Year of production: 2006 Serial numbers: 2550906 Condition: good Dimensions: 1.500mm x 950mm & 1.850mm (LxW&H)
11,000 €
offer is possible  
  DK   92739426
03.05.2017 Labelling machines HERBERT Cyclone nik 2
Labelling machines HERBERT Cyclone nik 2
Herbert Cyclone nik 2 top labeller from 2012. The applicator head can turn 360 degrees around. Label height: 140mm Year of production: 2012 Serial number: HS 108869 Condition: good Dimensions: 950mm x 850mm & 2.100mm (LxW&H)
4,300 €
offer is possible  
  DK   92726606
03.05.2017 Labelling machines HERMA H400 V 8L
Labelling machines HERMA H400 V 8L
Herma H400 V 8L top labeller. Label height: 80mm Year of production: 2004 Serial number: 9906170 Condition: good Dimensions: 950mm x 760mm & 1.500mm (LxW&H)
3,500 €
offer is possible  
  DK   92726075
03.05.2017 Labelling machines PALS FL 05 SLR
Labelling machines PALS FL 05 SLR
Pals FL 05 SLR top labeller. Stand alone machine. Adjustable stand in height and width. Label height: 165mm Condition: good Year of production: 2006 Serial number: SR 032 Dimensions: 950mm x 600mm & 1.500mm (LxW&H)
3,200 €
offer is possible  
  DK   92724264
24.04.2017 Labelling machines fully automatic MULTIVAC/WS-ANLAGENBAU MR 233
Labelling machines fully automatic MULTIVAC/WS-ANLAGENBAU MR
Used, special offer, new costs EUR 20,000
5,000 €
offer is possible  
  DE   90625559
24.04.2017 Labelling machines KRONES CANMATIC 600-10 Typ 73
Labelling machines KRONES CANMATIC 600-10 Typ 73
Machine parameters are the following: - number of heads: 10 - capacity is approximately 7280 pcs h label sizes: - 302x44 mm for 99,1 mm high glass jars - 302x100 mm for 160 mm high glass jars The setups can be slightly altered to achieve other glass jar and label heights. Offer does not contain printer.
BN 8,000 €
offer is possible  
  HU   89902428
13.04.2017 Labelling machines BIZERBA GS
Labelling machines BIZERBA GS
8,000 €
offer is possible  
  DE   88277495
22.05.2017 Adhesive labelling machines SIG A-720
Adhesive labelling machines SIG A-720
Type: 9T S2E2 SENSITIVE Model: A-720 Machine capacity: 135 bottles per minute
offer is possible  
22.05.2017 Adhesive labelling machines PAGO TYP: 720.12T.S2.E2
Adhesive labelling machines PAGO TYP: 720.12T.S2.E2
The universal rotary machine for top flexibility in self-adhesive labelling. The Pago System 630 is based on a sturdy rotary machine and the powerful Pagomat 6 series labelling heads. The system is designed for self-adhesive labelling of all kinds of products and for applications in every industry. labeler PAGO SYSTEM 630M producer: PAGO TYPE: 720.12T.S2.E2 Year: 2003
offer is possible  
10.04.2017 Adhesive labelling machines SES SES-80
Adhesive labelling machines SES SES-80
Second-hand top labeler for labelling of the containers from the top
2,900 €
offer is possible  
  DE   87556190
offer is possible  
  RO   86544362
04.04.2017  KRONES 92-8-5-4
KRONES 92-8-5-4
KRONES LABELING MACHINE TYP: 92-8-5-4 MACHINE NO. 92-050. YEAR: 1980 The machine sell only with 10 m of stainless steel belt conveyor. It is for 1 label with cold glue. It has glue pump. This machine is a part of a line with: Vacuum Bottle Liquid Filler Machine,Rinsing Machine, Capping Machine. The price is negotiable for the complete line.
1,000 €
offer is possible  
  RO   86544340
04.04.2017  ETICAP ARE/F BT AS
ETICAP LABELING MACHINE MODEL: AREIF BT13 YEAR: 2007 LIKE NEW IT WORK MAX. 6 MONTH With autoadezive label, with 3 label: face, back and neck It work for: glass bottle, PET bottle, other bottle
offer is possible  
  RO   86544338
04.04.2017 Adhesive labelling machines ETIPACK S1M Top2 T1
Adhesive labelling machines ETIPACK S1M Top2 T1
Etipack S1M Top2 T1 wraparound labeller, maximum container diameter 105mm, maximum labelling height 75mm (can be reconfigured to 110mm), fitted with Avery ALX720 hot foil coder. Left to right working direction. 3.5 meter through slat conveyor with take-off table 500 x 900mm. Output up to 80 containers per minute.
offer is possible  
  DE   86544308
17.05.2017 Labelling machines KRONES Vinetta
Labelling machines KRONES Vinetta
-Length: 2'200 mm -Width: 1'700 mm -Connection: 380 V -Air: Yes -For dressing bottles
offer is possible  
  CH   86544199
22.05.2017 Labelling machines KRONES CANMATIC 073-Q99
Labelling machines KRONES CANMATIC 073-Q99
Krones Canmatic labeler Year: 2003 Bottle capacities: PET: 330 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 1500 ml, 2000 ml Glas: 250 ml, 330 ml, 750 ml, 1000 ml Hot glue aggregate, up to 60,000 packages per hour. Can be labeled on plastic bottles, glass bottles, jars and cans. Machine serviced by Krones, complete and technically efficient. Parts for various formats and documentation included.
offer is possible  
  PL   85602024
22.03.2017 Roll Feed Sleever KRONES Contiroll HS HS 966-24, YEAR 2012 45.000 bph
Roll Feed Sleever KRONES Contiroll HS HS 966-24, YEAR 2012 4
Labeling Machine KRONES Contiroll HS 966-24, year 2012 This Krones Contiroll roll feed sleever has been used for three years before it was professionally dismantled, packaged for transportation and placed in a warehouse. It makes wrap-around plastic labels glued with two narrow strips of hotmelt glue on both ends of the label. Labels are fed on two rolls and change from one to another roll is automatic. The machine is in very good condition, safely stored and ready for shipment. It has been used for wrap around label up to 45 000 b ...
  FI   83504695
25.05.2017 Labelling machines LEIBINGER Jet 3
Labelling machines LEIBINGER Jet 3
Leibinger Jet 3 inkjetprinter. New filters, new ink, low running hours Y.o.m. 2010 Like new Comes with productsensor and machine stand.
offer is possible  
  NL   80689808
08.03.2017 labelers HERMA
labelers HERMA
Herma labelers
offer is possible  
  DE   80345774
07.03.2017 Labeling Machine KHS Innoket KHS GMBH INNOKET KL 2090/120 - 60
Labeling Machine KHS Innoket KHS GMBH INNOKET KL 2090/120 -
Labelling Machine KHS Innoket KL 2090120 – 60 Labelling Machine by KHS Innoket KL 2090120 – 60, manufactured in year 2005 and was stopped in year 2015. This labelling machine can be equipped with four of the same or different type labelling stations. Currently it has two labelling system for paper labels with cold glue and additionally there are three stations for self-adhesive labels. Machine it has been used for glass bottles frontbackneck labels. Capacity for paper labels is 66 000 bph and for self-adhesive labels is 40  ...
  FI   80113314
06.03.2017 Labeler SIDEL Alfa Rollquatro F25 SIDEL ALFA INC Hot Melt Glue 42.000 bph
Labeler SIDEL Alfa Rollquatro F25 SIDEL ALFA INC Hot Melt Gl
Labeler SIDEL Alfa Rollquatro F 25 Hot Melt Glue with auxiliaries This Alfa Rollquatro labeler was installed in 2006 and it was operated time to time till 2014 total operating hours not exceeding 10 000 hours! Rollquattro is a rotary wraparound labeler equipped with an ergonomically designed, robust and precise linear labeling station with place for two rolls of film labels. Label is attached to bottle with two hot melt glue stripes. Label platforms are teethed belt driven via single servo motor. This labeler has HH2 configuration  ...
  FI   79948828
01.03.2017 Wrap-Around Labeling Machine Krones Canmatic KRONES CANMATIC 960-28 52.000 bph polypropylene label
Wrap-Around Labeling Machine Krones Canmatic KRONES CANMATIC
Wrap-around Labeling Machine Krones Canmatic 960-28 52800 bph This machine was installed in 2005 and it is still running and available in September 2016. Total running hours today being around 40 000. The labeler is currently working with 0.5, 0.6 and 1.5 liter PET bottles with pre-cut wrap-around polypropylene labels. Label material is polypropylene which was attached with two stripes of hot glue on both end of the label. Labeler has one precut label feeding station and two hot glue stations and 28 container stations. Container ro ...
  FI   79029922

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