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Cable granulating systems GUIDETTI Sincro 950
Complete compact plant for recycling of cable Guidetti Sincro 950 and Pre-Shredder Guinetti PMG 900. \Cable granulator with mobile inclined conveyor; Separate copperplasicaluminium, capacity 900-1100kghour, 51 kW; full load power 120 A; 400 V; 50 hz; weight 3000 kg The equipment is in very good condition and has only been in production for a short time.
used machinery auction RESALE 35,000 €  
  FI   102860882
Granulators DIGICOLOR Moditec
Used cutting mill.
1,500 €
offer is possible  
  DE   97153712
Film washing machine
Complete equipment and machinery to the crush, wash and granulate for sale of polyethylene films with an annual capacity of around 4,000 to off. The plant is located in West Europe; Liquidation by bankrupty. Auch Folien + Technik e. kfm. D-73773 Aichwald Tel. 0049 (711) 364341, fax 0049 (711) 363703
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  DE   96370389
Granulators HERBOLD SMS 45/100 H5-2
Technical Specifications Rotor diameter: 450 mm Output capacity: 750 - 1000 kgh Input throat (width): 1000 mm Rotor length: 1000 mm Material separation & cyclone included Conveyor with inline ABM Tunnel Metal Detector included. Other Specifications Installed power 75 kW Number of rotor knives per cutting line 2 pieces 5 Cutting lines 10 rotor knives as a whole
Repelletising plants DIVERSE several
Complete plant for the recycling of thermoplastic polymers, starting with shredder, wash, granulate up to the package or produce a finished product. It is qualified consulting of one engineer with 14 years experiences for film Recycling and film extrusion for high security of the Investment available. Auch Folien + Technik e. Kfm. D-73773 Aichwald Tel. 0049 711 364341, fax 0049 711 363703
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  DE   94498827
Granulating plants PREALPINA 160 mm. 35 L/D
OMP PREALPINA 160 mm. this line is offeres either as is or completely reconditioned recycling extruder for PP PS PE ABS PC, etc. storage silo for scraps with extraction auger and agitators forced feeding unit with adjustable speed, extruder with 160 mm. screw , 35 LD vacuum pump degassing unit, d.c. engine 330 kW, hydraulic screen changer for 300 mm. diam. screens, hydraulic power station die face pelletizer, drying centrifuge. roto-classifier control cabinet
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  IT   91028524
Granulating plants ICMA SANGIORGIO 110 32D
The extruder ICMA SAN GIORGIO 110 32D year 1993 has sold together with following equipment N.1 Cutting Head GAMMA MECCANICA model TAGLIO Type TF1000CPV year 2002 and cooling centrifuge complete of pipes; N.1 Changing filter BDPLAST diameter mm 250; N. 1 Vibrating Screen with 3 ways expulsion TECNO INDUSTRIALE 2000 mod. VCM.80.A.16.18.C; N. 1 Blower LORANDI SILOS mod. L75; N.1 Fume collecting equipment; N.3 Dosers for raw material; BRABENDER DBW-G1350 year 1997 with electrical panel; N.2 Dosers for additives BRABENDER DDW-H31-F ...
  IT   86536009
underwater pelletizing system RIETER / MAAG
Package unit Consisting of: Strand cooling slide, granulator with ejection, Recirculation pumps Granulatorwasser Grobilter on the cool slide Elec. Control as well as various spare parts
offer is possible  
  DE   84837929
Repelletising plants NGR S:GRAN 85 V HD
Material that can be processed: LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, LDLLDHD-PE film, scraps, partly printed clean, wastes Screw diameter: 85 mm Outpu up to 300 kgh, depending on type of material and feeding rate Screen changer: Yes Pressure sensor: Yes Conveyor belt: Yes Degassing: Double degassing Power: Voltage: 3 x 400V + N + Pe Installed power: 200 kW Attachments and Accessories: Metal detector Roll feeder Hot granulation Die face cutter Water bath Centrifuge Extraction blower Cyclone Can be seen in production. We  ...
offer is possible  
  DK   81649974
Repelletising plants NGR S:GRAN 65 HD
Material that can be processed: PE, PP, PS, ABS, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE Screw diameter: 65 mm Output up to 150 kgh, depending on the type of material and feeding rate. Screen changer: Yes Pressure sensor: Yes Conveyor belt: Yes Degassing: No degassing Installed power: 125 KW Further information: Cooling water consumption approx. 413 lmin Fresh water consumption approx. 7 lhr Compressed air consumption max. 1000 lmin Attachments and Accessories: Conveyor belt incl. metal detector Reel feeder Cutter-feeder extruder com ...
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  DK   81645623
Repelletising plants EREMA TVE 1109
Material that can be processed: PE, PP, PA, PETP, PS, ABS, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE Screw diameter 90 mm Output up to 400 kgh, depending on the type of material and feeding rate. Screen changer SW4 134 RTF Backflush double piston Pressure sensor Conveyor belt Double degassing Power: Voltage: 3 x 400V + N + Pe Attachments and Accessories: Conveyor belt Reel feeder Metal detector Hot granulation Die face cutter Cutter-compactorAgglomerator Water bath Centrifuge Extraction blower Cyclone Chiller In good working conditi ...
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  DK   81553776
Hopper opening (mm):380 x 800 Rotor Ø (mm): 320 Rotor length ,Working width of rotor (mm):800 Rotor speed (rpm):627 Power (kW):22, 30 Rotor knives(pcs):6 (PC3280R) , 24 (PC3280S) Stator knives(pcs):4 Weight (approx. kg): 1800 (PC3280R) , 1950 (PC3280S) Screen size (mm):3-70 PC3280R 22KW- 10000EURO PC3280R 30KW- 10500EURO PC3280S 22KW-11000EURO PC3280R 30KW-11500EURO
offer is possible  
  PL   78867559
Single shaft shredder WT2660 Hopper opening (mm)-857×602 Rotor Ø (mm)-224,7 Rotor speed (rpm)-83 Rotor lenght (mm)-600 Power (kW)-18 Rotor knives (pcs)-28+4 Weight (approx. kg)-1400 Screen size (mm)-25 Price is 15500euro 0su2jfw Machines are on warehouse Immediate sale Single shaft shredder WT3080 Hopper opening (mm)-1200×800 Rotor Ø (mm)-300 Rotor speed (rpm)- 83 Rotor lenght (mm)-800 Power (kW)-30 Rotor knives (pcs)-42+4 Weight (approx. kg)-1950 Screen size (mm)-40 Price is 22600euro Machines are ...
offer is possible  
  PL   78867556
Hopper opening (mm):540 x 1000 Rotor Ø (mm): 420 Rotor length ,Working width of rotor (mm):1000 Rotor speed (rpm):466 Power (kW):45 Rotor knives(pcs): 6 Stator knives(pcs):4 Weight (approx. kg): 3230 Screen size (mm):5-100 PC42100 45KW -20000EURO
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  PL   78867555
Rotor diameter from 260mm to 800mm Rotor length from 600mm to 25000mm Motor power from 15kw to 250kw Price from 5500euro
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  PL   78867552
Hopper opening (mm):350 x 600 Rotor Ø (mm): 260 Rotor length ,Working width of rotor (mm):600 Rotor speed (rpm):607 Power (kW):15 (PC2660R) , 18,5 (PC2660S) Rotor knives(pcs):6 (PC2660R) , 18 (PC2660S) Stator knives(pcs):4 Weight (approx. kg): 960 (PC2660R) , 1030 (PC2660S) Screen size (mm):3-50 PC2660R-5500 euro PC2660S-6500 euro
offer is possible  
  PL   78867551
Ballshaping- and Delaminationmill RW RECYCLING WORLD GMBH RW
Ballshaping- and Delaminationmill Molinator for fine delamination! Diverse Types: RW VKR163 22-37kW and RW VKR 223 75-110kW Input Composite Material Examples: Regrind from hair-wire, printed circuit boards, electronic circuits, other composited material. Al Plastic, Cu Plastic, Cu Glass fibre, ABS Plastic fibres, etc. Type choice: depending on the material depending on layer thickness depending on test‘s according to the desired throughput. Description Molinator: In the inner acts very high forces ( ...
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  CH   78066182
Granulating plants SMS SONDERMASCHINENBAU GM Fräsmaster 300
only machine: L x W x H: 3,0 x 1,7 x 1, 6m Connected load: 400V 50 Hz 80A main switch approx. 30KW Weight: ca. 1.7t Machine for the production of rubber buffings from solid rubber tyres. Tire sizes from 8 inch to 20 inch Throughput per hour (depending on the choiceed product) of 100-300 kg h Operation semiautomatic, assembly manually with integrated crane. Machine must be observed only during operation. Machine is sold visible fence and exhaust fan, pipes and activated carbon filter with the images. System is immediately r ...
BN 50,000 €
offer is possible  
  DE   76602599
Repelletising plants EREMA 1500 TVE-DD
Material that can be processed: PE, PP, PS, ABS, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE Screw diameter: 120 mm Output: Up to 800 kgh, depending on the type of material and feeding rate. Screen changer: 4 pistons screen changer Pressure sensor: Yes Conveyor belt: Yes Degassing: Double degassing Power: Voltage: 3 x 400V + N + Pe Further information: Extruder motor: 200 kW Cutter-compactor motor: 160 kW Attachments & Accessories: Conveyor belt Metal detector Hot granulation Die face cutter Cutter-compactorAgglomerator Water bath Centrifu ...
  DK   75719532
Granulators RETO REDOMA GA 55 - 18
offer is possible  
  DE   68710543
Separation plants SEA PIXEL 5
Optical separating device for plastic material and food
  ES   61206581
Cable granulating systems GERTRUD DIEBELS RMH 2 D
Cable granulating system RMH 2 D Granulator drive: 11 KW Connected load: 19,6 KW Weight: 2,450 kg Capacity: 100-250 kg available with Vorshredder up to 300 kg H optionally with shredderband system with permanent magnet
offer is possible  
  DE   38071555
Granulators WANNER 30.40 AW-AS
For sale: 1 piece granulator Pelletizer blades width 410 mm for use as cutting mill, total convertible on granulator with an 8' he die, quick change system Suitable for small cable scrap, soft plastics and tube. The system is fully functional and can be demonstrated. Material can be extracted from the reservoir when needed. The plant is in a technically and visually good condition. 1 set mint condition spare blade and counter cutting are available.
BN 5,800 €
offer is possible  
  DE   32008735
Granulators REDOMA GA 75-10
The extremely reliable machine is ruggedly built and stands on a table with a steel base plate. The machine can be installed on a concrete floor. The grinding housing can two be hydraulically opened. As a result, the knife and the strainer are easily and quickly accessible. The granulator can depending on cable type with seven of the d = 3 mm to 25 mm are operated. Technical data: Stand area: 2380 x 1300 mm Height: 2470 mm Rotor length: 650 mm Cutting diameter: 500 mm Rotor speed: 530 rm Rotor knife: 10 Stator: 4 Engine: 75 KW Drive: ...
offer is possible  
  DE   28210455
Tyre shredder and granulator line REGUTEC REGUPLANT BLUE LIN
Shredder and granulator line for used tyres Composed of several units and stages: 1. Primary crushing SBH 1600950 Double-Shaft Crusher 2. Secondary crushing Regumatic M2000 R2 Single-Shaft Crusher 3. Granulation 4. Classification equipment 5. Air suction 6. Utilities Description of SBH 1600950 Double-Shaft Crusher - Dimensions of the cutting area: 1600 × 950 mm - Knife width: 70 mm - Revolutions of the cylinders: 0-20 revmin; continuously adjustable - Drive: 2× hydraulic motor Compact Hagglunds - Input of the  ...
470,000 €
offer is possible  
  HU   26797619
Repelletising plants ARTEC 85D
Single screw repelletizing line Screw Diameter: 85 mm, Output Capacity: 360 kgh, Screw LD Ratio: 401, Forced Feeding:No, Degassing System:Yes. Artec 85V pelletizing machine It can be used to process LD, HD, and PP Production capacity: 360 kghour with LDPE, 320 kghour with PP Screw diameter 85 mm, LD 401 The screw was changed in 2013 Condition : Running In June 2015, the feeding conveyor, metal detector electronic board and vacuum system have been refurbished. Some bearings of gearbox, some cooling fans, some heatin ...
offer is possible  
Granulators ZERMA GS-350/500 & ZSS-850-D
Set of shredder and grinder MANUFACTURER: Zerma Year 2005 1) Shredder Model ZSS-850-D Rotor Diameter 387 mm Rotor width 850 mm Rotor speed 74 mm Power 37 kW Sieve size 40 Real working area 690x730 mm 2) Grinder Model GSH-350500 Rotor diameter 350 mm Rotor width 500 mm Power 22 Kw Sieve size 6 Real working area 460x516 mm
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cable plant mounted on base plate PowerCat
Old cable plant mounted on base plate with granulator, separator, conveyors, exhaust and lower air blower, filter and control cabinet.
offer is possible  
  DE   25585431
Repelletising plants PREALPINA T 180-35D
According to the description below
offer is possible  
  DE   23447597
DC100 PREALPINA 130 mm GRANULATORPELLETIZER for reground PP PE PS PC ABS, etc. Completely refurbished in 2015, next-to-new. 237 kw d.c.motor complete with speedometer dynamo, rpm indicator, motor revolution ratio 110 constant couple, armature tension 440V,max.tension variation 10% feeding hopper, variable speed dosing unit 1,5 kw motor with 100 mm diam. steel screw vented extruder with new stellited screw 130 mm. 35 LD new bimetallic barrel + new nitrited feeding section degassing vacuum pump 5,5 kw new pressure gauge ...
  IT   21330828

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