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Wooden boxes
Wooden boxes, stackable without snapping. Industry wooden box, used, approx. 1500-2000 pieces, 2 different sizes: -Small: 275x445x75mm -Alley: 445x695x120mm Price depends on the amount of!
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  DE   84129392
21.03.2017 Office containers  Office partition
Office containers Office partition
Office partition breaks smoking room -to the disassembly Sizes 4.20 x 4, 15 m Level 2, 80m Currently, sheetrock are fitted at the top. You can stay after on the spot. With a front door and glass parts Location: Close to Bielefeld Price: 1190,00. EURO
1,190 €
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  DE   83328749
17.03.2017 old wooden house ZIMMERMANN 8,5x7,50
old wooden house ZIMMERMANN 8,5x7,50
Old wooden house -already abgebaut- Sizes: (a) length: 8, 50m (b) width: 7, 50m c) altitude until the first balcony: 3, 70 m The wooden house was built on a stone basement. ("see pictures") Attic can the Earth and with a newly built basement, a living space of approx.: 150 sqm will be achieved. The wooden inner walls covered z.Zeit and papered, behind this unique good comes To the Vorschein.Ferner, two beautiful Stubenvertäfleungen wall wood are available. Location: Austria Price: 38.500. EURO
38,500 €
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  DE   82391953
17.03.2017 Office furniture HüPPA 4,90x3,00
Office furniture HüPPA 4,90x3,00
Hüppa folding wall -to the disassembly Size: Length 4, 90m Width 3.00 with built-in door Very good condition Location: At Ingolstadt Price: 1200 EURO
1,200 €
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  DE   82391951
24.03.2017 Bargain tables WANZL Basket Wanzl 120x80, Bargain table, Kesseböhmer
Bargain tables WANZL Basket Wanzl 120x80, Bargain table, Kes
Wangle basket, bargain table 120x80 - chrome finish. Condition : like brand new ! Special price : 25€ ! Manufacturer: Wanzl Kesseböhmer Length: 1.20 m Width: 0,80 m Height: approx. 0.86 m chrome-plated on wheels On one truck max amount : 330 pcs We speak german, english, polish and russian
19 €
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  PL   81716423
24.03.2017 Wanzl wire racks, carrier, chrome FOOD REGAL WANZL
Wanzl wire racks, carrier, chrome FOOD REGAL WANZL
Wanzl FOOD REGAL Chrome finish with wheels ! Standard : 6 shelves, we give 2 more EXTRA ! New price : 589€ Our price : 29€ - extra price ! Finish : chrome, with roles Dimensions : 1310mm x 860mm x 1590mm 4 line floors On one truck max amount : 240 pcs We speak german, english, polish and russian
29 €
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  PL   81671795
canteen equipment DIVERSE diverse
1 dishwasher Manufacturer: Ecu Type: GE 235 1 wall cabinet 1. work surface with cupboard 1 PCs. sales counter 1. cooling Chamber If you are interested in more details or photos, please contact us.
1,500 €
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  DE   79029818
22.02.2017 Pneumatic cylinders MARTONAIR M/6016/15
Pneumatic cylinders MARTONAIR M/6016/15
Double acting 16 mm Bore x 15 mm stroke. This mini Cylinder has never been used.
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  SI   77875832
19.02.2017  CEMBRE HT61
The HT 61 is a hydraulic manual press with double piston hydraulic, which guarantees a very fast work. The 180 ° Swivel Head allows easy handling. The tool is equipped with a pressure relief valve, which reached the max. Pressure 600 bar speaks. The integrated pressure drain system can be operated easily at any time. In addition to an extensive available range of press operations, can also pin crimping dies Gr. 1 other manufacturers are used. Technical properties Pressing force: 60 kN Length: 489 mm Width: 141 mm Weigh ...
560 €
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  DE   77226506
14.02.2017 Office containers CONRO CONTAINER
Office containers CONRO CONTAINER
3 assembled Office container with toilet for sale
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  DE   76584911
30.01.2017 Wall angle scale SAUTER C109
Wall angle scale SAUTER C109
Manufacturer: Sauter Type: C109 Length: 1.40 m Width: 0.84 m Height: 0,70 m up to 100 kg
175 €
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  DE   74193251
19.01.2017 Meat hanger
Meat hanger
Length: 3.32 m Depth: 0.28 m with 5 wall brackets
35 €
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  DE   72521765
19.01.2017 Wall shelves
Wall shelves
consisting of: -approx. 50.00 m Wall shelves (approx. 1.00 m à 50 units) -approx. 50.00 m gondola shelves (approx. 1.00 m à 50 units) -approx. 13.75 m gondola head racks (about 1.25 m à 11 units) with 144 feet with 113 stands disassembled on 25 pallets
6,950 €
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  DE   72521746
Special price Original price: 196,-. Overproduction and therefore a bargain! Condition: partly original packed! complete with a hake, virtually from scratch! Stock: 201 of Special brackets for ever just € 10 Heratec is the contact for accessorizing your fashion markets like for you. Here you will find loading facilities from the textile stand like front suspension stand on Wühltische up to the textile hook. We'll keep you informed!
59 €
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  DE   72287513
€ 1.499,- ! Special! each shopping cart home All prices are in net zzgl 19% sales tax. Freight charge within Germany (excluding Islands) only EUR 200 Technical details: System: EKW box, shopping cart home Execution: With shopping cart box - initial Necklace (plate holder on some of the pictures shown are not included or available) Condition: Good Dimensions: B2540 mm, H2740 mm, L5000 mm Stock: 8 pieces Important info: without aluminium price label holder (small pictures) - feet and plinths (not shown on large photo ...
1,499 €
offer is possible  
  DE   72287509
14.03.2017 Wanzl shopping cart WANZL EL22
Wanzl shopping cart WANZL EL22
€ 39,90,- each shopping cart All prices are 19% VAT and shipping in net zzgl Basket capacity: 22 liters Stock: 7 pieces Your advantages: Greater customer loyalty Employment for children Appealing colors Robust The children shopping cart from Wanzl, just right for the zest of the little helpers. Since the shopping fun twice. A smart service for your customers of tomorrow. The model corresponds to their great role models in looks and quality and offer much joy when shopping. Technical details  ...
40 €
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  DE   72287507
20.03.2017 SB bread shelf bread shelf wall of Ligneus LIGNEUS
SB bread shelf bread shelf wall of Ligneus LIGNEUS
only € 999- All prices are 19% VAT and shipping in net zzgl Manufacturer: Ligneus Easy to clean Technical data: Manufacturer: Ligneus Dimensions complete = width: 336 cm x depth: 85 cm x height: 185 cm Width of the outer shelf units: 128 cm Width of the Middle shelf: 67.5 cm Special feature: lowering of the Plexiglas sampling valves, bread shelves extendable to the filling. Crumb catch tray removable to the clean, plexiglass separators. Stable high-quality construction Pull-out shelf units is a simple and  ...
999 €
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  DE   72287483
NEW stack baskets for a special price! Two sizes available: Korb1 dimensions: (Lxwxh) Load capacity: Mass Korb2: (Lxwxh) Load capacity: 910mm x 535mm x 350mm Approx. 47 kg 1210mm x 535mm x 350mm Approx. 57 kg Version: Glanzverzinkt Foldable Stackable High load capacity Assembly without tools High-quality optics Prices: Basket 1: only € 45,-per piece Basket 2: only € 52.50 per piece All prices are 19% VAT and shipping in net zzgl Optional: Chassis (powder-coated) for basket 1: Only & ...
45 €
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  DE   72287481
14.03.2017 Fruit and vegetables draft
Fruit and vegetables draft
Fruit and vegetables draft needed ONLY € 169- All prices are 19% VAT and shipping in net zzgl Completely made of metal with metal trays Large capacity Large footprint Folding with 4 wheels with 2 brake Height adjustable Stock: 5 PCs Technical data: Footprint of the goods: 150 cm x 100 cm Complete metal grille with 4 castors, 2 with brake Folding Condition: good - used Stock: 5 PCs Used, but still in good condition! Your advantages: Very high load capacity Mobile Good condition Available immediately, sho ...
169 €
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  DE   72287287
14.03.2017 Flower gray
Flower gray
Six compartments Technical data: 6 flower compartments 3-tier Side panels made of Plexiglas Dimensions: LWH 1400mm x 800mm x 650mm Stock: 1 piece Is an attractive decoration for the sale of goods important? Already the answer was included in the question. Use our presentation tables, used Wühltische, Schlager used used tables, chutes and wire baskets or paper baskets and make your supermarket and discount stores even more successful. Excl. 19% VAT Excl. shipping
149 €
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  DE   72287267
HERATEC offers action tables, presentation tables, pouring in a range of sizes Wühltische. Here our current hits table. THE! Presentation table for your store -... and not only your customers will make eyes Dimensions: Length: 120 cm Width: 80 cm Dimensions 8 set: H210 B120 T80cm Features:-grey frame with mesh basket and metal floors -solid state -easy handling - FOLDABLE! Stock: 660 > > Bargain - single table for only € 45- Set 8 complete for each only & ...
40 €
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  DE   72287263
14.03.2017 Rolling basket Einkaufstrolley Green
Rolling basket Einkaufstrolley Green
Special price! Instead € 39.90 only € 30.00 per new merchandise rolling basket (price up to 100 pieces) Basket volume: 43 l Stock: 300 All prices are 19% VAT and shipping in net zzgl Technical details: Color: Green. We offer other colors as well as pressure on big advertising space like at an additional cost (quantity dependent prices). Weight capacity: 25 kg Special feature: The shopping baskets are equipped with a pull-out handle (telescope), as well as a carrying handle and practically complement  ...
30 €
offer is possible  
  DE   72287251
14.03.2017 Commercial pylon
Commercial pylon
Commercial pylon used Price according € 1500,-all prices are purely NET zzgl 19% VAT and shipping Stock: 2 Ideal for advertising companies there own build your neon sign Electrical unaudited, has diminished More information Dimensions: -H300cm column + H150cm advertising area (B155cm) Strong pillar 14x14cm -Starke foot plate 2 cm, size of 50x50cm We have the appropriate loading furniture for their loading equipment and shop fittings. With us you get turnstiles, used customer leadership with zinc grid or Plexiglas, ...
1,500 €
offer is possible  
  DE   72287239
€ 50.00 per cart, condition like new! ! Ask for special price in total loss All prices are 19% VAT and shipping in net zzgl Basket volume: 180 l Stock: 84 Technical details: Manufacturer: Wanzl Model: EL 180 Load capacity: 180 kg Basket volume: 180 l Special feature: with deposit system and seat Condition: very good Wanzl is market leader and world famous German manufacturer of shopping cart and DIY store car. A shopping cart from Wanzl provides you with quality, which is used in many well-known supermarket chain ...
50 €
offer is possible  
  DE   72287231
€ 40.00 Export special offer price at truck inspection 440 units ask for! Stock: 683 piece All prices are 19% VAT and shipping in net zzgl Technical details Manufacturer: Wanzl Model: Wanzl D155RC-F Condition: Very good Special feature: With promo box (for advertising purposes) with seat, lower storage and deposit system Wheels suitable for escalatorsroller platforms Wanzl is a world famous German manufacturer of shop fittings such as shopping carts and DIY car. With the D155RC-F model, you have a shopping cart ...
40 €
offer is possible  
  DE   72287229
14.03.2017 Chrome exhibition table with plexiglass cover set out
Chrome exhibition table with plexiglass cover set out
Lockable Price: Per piece Excl. 19% VAT Excl. shipping exhibition tables chrome tables with 2 doors and plastic cover on wheels, used Dimensions: 80120 height 136 cm Also: Doors and hood can be secured with a lock Condition: Very good! Stock: 3 units We needed always used presentation tables, Wühltische, used hit tables, pouring in a wide variety of sizes in stock.
250 €
offer is possible  
  DE   72287227
14.03.2017 Electronic entrance system Wanzl Ecoport 4 WANZL Ecoport
Electronic entrance system Wanzl Ecoport 4 WANZL Ecoport
Special items Wanzl is worldwide famous German manufacturer of shop fittings such as electronic input systems. An Ecoport of Wanzl provides you with quality, which is used in many well-known market chains. Your advantages: Used quality of the brand Available immediately from stock Technical details: Manufacturer: Wanzl Model Ecoport System electronic entrance system Execution: with four entrance wings How it works: Radar Note: The photos include amongst others customer guides, electronic input systems (doors) ...
offer is possible  
  DE   72287225
22.03.2017 Action table bargain counter, foldable + fold-out foot
Action table bargain counter, foldable + fold-out foot
SuperSaver Excl. 19% VAT Excl. shipping HERATEC offers action tables, presentation tables, pouring in a range of sizes Wühltische. Here our current hits table. THE! Presentation table for your store -... and not only your customers will make eyes Dimensions: Length: 120 cm Width: 80 cm Dimensions 8 set: H21, B120, T80cm Features: grey frame with mesh basket and metal floors solid stand ease of use FOLDABLE! Stock: 75 We needed always large amounts of used presentation tables, used hit tabl ...
40 €
offer is possible  
  DE   72287219
12.01.2017 Office furniture HALI
Office furniture HALI
mainly make Hali, consisting of: 2 desks dimensions approx. 2,000 x 1,100 mm, book veneer, 2 faux leather Office chairs, meeting table dimensions approx. 500 x 500 mm, color Brown, 3 faux leather armchairs, chest of drawers with 2 doors L approx. 1.600 x H approx. 1.600 x 400 mm, 2 dressers Bene, L approximately 3.000 mm with 2 sliding doors total lockable , Coat racks, metal, as well as to the accessories
used machinery auction RESALE 95 €  
  AT   72134468
10.01.2017 Safes  GT 665/2 SONDER
Safes GT 665/2 SONDER
Business safe GT 6652 SPECIAL incl. drawer Length: 0.64 m Depth: 0.55 m Height: 0.96 m Weight per Vault: approx. 250 kg 3 key Door stop DIN left or right Door opening angle 180 degrees due to external hinges Door construction with 4 locking a height adjustable shelf two holes for anchoring in back wall and floor of which 3 St. 1 keyless f. inner Vault
250 €
offer is possible  
  DE   72085221
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