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Category 904: garden and communal machines

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Ride-on mowers ISEKI SXG 19
ISEKI SXG 19 mower with grass box 15 kw 20 HP 2.500 rpm, water-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine Displacement 1006 cc Hydrostatic continuously variable drive Mowing width 122 cm, rear discharge, Grass catcher 550 ltr., hydraulic floor drain Differential lock Power steering Model year 2011, operating hours only about 470 More mowing technology stock!
  DE   107283288
Towed spreaders
SPREADER for rear-mounted with shaft drive approx. 150 l content
500 €
offer is possible  
  AT   105302700
Snow removal machines REKARD PAUSITS MULTI-PURP Snow Blower
Rekard Pausits multipurpose snowblower snow blower RP 2.4 YEAR 2012, Fabrikationsnr. 2012006, working width approx. 2,400 mm, weight approx. 1,304 kg
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  AT   105055053
Emergency power generator OKAY GSE3700RS
Fabr. GÃ?DE 220 V, mobile version, in steel frame
offer is possible  
  AT   104813465
Engine JOHN DEERE bunker rake 1200 A JOHN DEERE 1200 A
1200A, type with rear insertable smoothing beams, working-B approx. 1.200 mm overall, smoothing elements 4-piece each approx. 520 mm, front plate B approximately 1,000 mm, read operating hours: approximately 691 h, tire dimensions 25 x 12-9, with hydraulic actuation for front - and back - working equipment
offer is possible  
  AT   104813461
Spare parts EGHOLM 2100
Suction mouth - chassis - unit - according to photo - unused, mint condition. also available: 4 St street tires 18.5 x 8.50-8 ' 6 PR TL (used Egholm ex), profile at least 80% good, manufacturer: GUR
offer is possible  
  DE   102864857
Ride-on mowers KUBOTA G 21
Deflector - fits Kubota G 21 Shipping possible.
  DE   102864681
Radio controlled slope mower Robocut 2015 Manufacturer: McConnel Type: ROBOCUT Böschung mower with remote control Year of constr.: 2015 345 hours of operation Working width: 1300 mm incl. floating position Engine: ISUZU 29 kW40 HP Slope: up 55% 2 inputs2 4, 0-7 km h Hydraulic power cutting rotor 50 L min Working pressure (bar) 200 to 350 Weight cutting deck with hammer flail rotor 160 kg Tine shaft speed 3000 rpm Hydraulic drive Tine shaft with 3-belt drive of the hydraulic ...
33,800 €
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  DE   102862623
Large area mowers RANSOMES Rider J 74
Ransomes Rider J 74 R, front mower 1.55 m, Kubota diesel engine 3 cylinder mower already overtaken conditionally operable. Other mowers and mower technology, attachments etc.-stock!
offer is possible  
  DE   95477338
Large area mowers ISEKI SF 330
First registration: 06 2002 Hours of operation: 4.404 hours full StVZO lighting with street-legal 3-cylinder ISEKI diesel engine, water cooled Engine power: 25 kW 34 HP Displacement: 1.498 cm³ 2-levels hydrostatic transmission, stepless forward 0-20 km h (0-9.5 km h), reverse 0-9 km h (0-4.6 km h) Switchable differential lock All-wheel drive can be activated Overall dimensions L x W x H: vehicle 2.630 x 1,340 x 1.940 mm Edge stand: 1,235 mm Empty weight: 1,115 kg Max ...
8,900 €
offer is possible  
  DE   93048742
Verticutters AGRITEC ST 30-150
Agritec ST 30-150 cm, scarifier, three point attachment, for PTO shaft 540 rpm, 150 cm working width, width approx. 165 cm, 71 piece 2 x linked suspended knife, Central spindle height adjustment. Used, technically ok., paint defects. Further aerator from 100 to 180 cm working width available, also machines with dual function: mulch - scarify - collect, as well as cast iron discs fan 120 cm and and much more.
offer is possible  
  DE   87118634
Large area mowers KUBOTA GAH 3060
Grass collecting container GAH 30602 fits Kubota front mower F3060 F3560. Without turbine!
offer is possible  
  DE   78866724
Large area mowers KUBOTA F 3560
Large area mower, variable hydrostatic drive, 4-cyl.-diesel engine 24kw33 hp, equipped with sickle mower and 2000 ltr. suction container with high dump. Little used, good condition. Alternatively identical machine without cabin, without container on stock.
  DE   78866684
Reel mowers SABO 1203 spare parts
Used - parts, etc. Front axle - rear axle - steering cylindrical - Lenkorbitrol - diesel engine - seat - fittings - steering column cover - hood - gears - lights - hydraulic - cutting spindles - steering wheel - cooler - fuel pump - tank - snake - switch -. Bonnet etc.
  DE   73367467
Snow removal machines
Post by 10 units for unknown snow plow cutting edges or snow plough edges. Plastic black, length 2340mm, height 115mm, thickness 25mm. EUR 594 per piece was unused from German army inventory, new price. Here EUR 500 net for all together from stock 50181 Bedburg.
500 €  
  DE   72507015
Stappler tipping bucket MATEC Typ 2
MATEC Stappler tipping bucket type 2 The tipping bucket can be locked with a bolt with cotter pin so no tipping is possible. The tipping buckets can be supplied also with a hydraulic tilting device. The blades are 1950 mm wide and type 2 1300 mm deep. The standard blade height is 450 mm. Solid wall or lattice towers can be ordered as accessories. The nominal weight of the shovel is 2000 kg. Each blade has 4 lifting eyes for crane handling. 4 mm thickness, corners and a replaceable wear bar reinforced permit prospecting. Other  ...
BN 2,580 €
offer is possible  
  CH   72506930
reverse soil tiller ROTA DAIRON RD 130
reverse soil tiller - 130 cm working width, right offset machine, three-point hitch cat. I, movable grilles roller 150 cm with scraper, 8 rows of blades, possible working depth 14 cm. Another reverse soil tiller 155 cm and soil tiller in stock!
  DE   72056776
Snow removal machines SCHMIDT NIDO Nido SAB 35 AWK 8
Salt Sand Spreader-trailer Schmidt Nido SAB 35 AWK 8, belt spreader capacity 3.5 m³ dry salt or sandsalt, 80 kmh chassis with twin-wheels, 4 x 21575 R 17.5 axle load 8.000 kg, Max. Weight 9,000 kg. Width 2200 mm, 2-circuit air brake. Hydraulic oil (drive) by the towing vehicle. It is possible to restore the self-sufficiency with hydraulic pump via PTO from the axle drive. Included remote control, operating and registration-documents. More used spreaders and snow ploughs out of stock available.
  DE   71532772
Snow removal machines SCHMIDT Stratos B08-15
salt sand spreader-trailer Schmidt Stratos B08 15AWAT, belt spreader with wheel drive, capacity in 0.8 m³, plan folding roof, height-adjustable drawbar with towing eye (ball coupling available as an option), little used almost no rust, (Brown stains are corrosion protective container is made of stainless steel). Curb weight of 545 kg, zzul. GG 1,800 kg. Electric system 12 volt, digital control panel with various ads and settings. Incl. certificate of approval (ABE). More used spreaders and snow ploughs out of stock available!  ...
  DE   71532760
Snow removal machines KüPPER-WEISSER STA 80 W08 S
Annex trailed Küpper - Weisser STA 80 W08 S, net capacity 0.8 m³, conveying spiral with different pitch and diameter segments to the regular emptying, spreading fabric distributor for spreading widths of 1-6 m (split 1-4 m), Electr. Stray image adjustment, path-dependent control of 2-60 kmh, electric system 12 volt digital control panel with div. viewing and setting options, plan folding roof, height-adjustable drawbar with towing eye (ball coupling is available as an option). Incl. certificate of approval (ABE), winter service equ ...
  DE   71532673
Spare parts LUGSTEIN; MAUSER; VOSS diverse
Cabins of disassembly for the following machines: ISEKI SG incomplete ISEKI SF 300 330 333 ISEKI TX ISEKI 5000 5100 Gutbrod 2850 AS incomplete SABO 1502 Voss incomplete Ransomes 350 D incomplete Ransomes Commander 3510 Ransomes fairway 405 Shibaura CM reform Reform Muli - only door right side Kramer Tremo - only door right side
offer is possible  
  DE   68281536
Spare parts MAUSER KS 235 Kabine
CAB ex Shibaura CM 364, well preserved. With doors, keys, heating, roof hood and working headlights. More cabins, parts or subassemblies ex Shibaura CM 364 and other machines available.
  DE   68240902
Large area mowers SHIBAURA CM 364
Sale of parts and assemblies ex large area mower Shibaura CM 364: Diesel engine 25 kw hydrostatic transmission axles electric cabin wheels and more. no mower-deck.
  DE   68240889
hedge clipper FISCHER KM 150
hedge clipper Fischer KM 150, for branch thickness up to 35 mm, like new. Also with Outrigger Fischer DZ 1-3500 available, equally as good as new.
  DE   68078639
Snow removal machines EPOKE Epomini
Hand roller spreader with wheel drive, capacity approx. 60 ltr., spreading width approx. 70 cm. scattering way: salt about 5-6 km, Sand 1 km. Condition: Super See more winter maintenance technology from A to Z stock - photos!
  DE   68078617
Large area mowers SABO 1203
Spare parts or used parts from SABO 1203 reel mower. 5-blade spindle - engine Lombardini LDW 1404 - axes - hydraulic components - switches - Lenkorbitrol - driver's seat - wheels - hood and platform and more.
  DE   67403076
leaf turbine DIVERSE diverse
Leaves charging fan as a supporter or board wall attachment device with own engine, three point attachment for PTO, etc., as well as accessories. Information and prices on request.
  DE   66939097
Reel mowers RANSOMES 213 D
Used parts by Ransomes 213 D, MK IV, 350 D, rider, Commander 3510 fairway 405, MK 11: mower spindles, hydraulic components, engines, axles, wheel drives, hydrostatics, hydraulic pumps, wheels and tires, steering parts, Lenkorbitrole, etc. Other various parts of Jacobsen, Gutbrod, Iseki, Hako, John Deere, SABO, Toro and others available. Quotation is just proforma. Information and prices on request! used parts, new parts and components from stock available to: SABO Roberine senior, SABO continent 1502 D, SABO continent 1500. Ransom ...
  DE   57824085
Reel mowers RANSOMES Fairway 405
Used parts by Ransomes fairway 405, MK IV, 350 D, rider, Commander 3510, MK 11, 213 D: mower spindles, hydraulic components, engines, axles, wheel drives, Hydrostats, hydraulic pumps, wheels and tires, steering parts, Lenkorbitrole, etc. Other various parts of Jacobsen, Gutbrod, Iseki, Hako, John Deere, SABO, Toro and others available. Information and prices on request! Used parts, new parts and components from stock available to: SABO Roberine senior, SABO continent 1502 D, SABO continent 1500. Ransomes MK IV, 350 D, rider, Comma ...
  DE   57821488
arm mower FERRI TA 32
Rear-mounted arm-mower for small tractors from 18 kw25 HP. Boom reach 3.25 m (from tractor Centre) Equipment: mower-head 80 cm, oil cooler, clamping arm, control by means of a lever proportional control (electric remote control). Year 2012, machine with little operating hours and low wear. More arm-mowers and other mowing technology in stock!
  DE   52891604

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