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Tube Filler NORDEN 700
Nordenmatic hot air automatic tube filling and sealing machine suitable for plastic and laminate tubes. Tube filling speed rated up to 70 units per minute, depending on product and tube size. Manual tube infeed system. Photo electric tube registration system. Tube lifting mechanism for bottom up fill. Full interlocked guarding. Large capacity stainless steel product hopper. Tubes are sealed with Norden's patented hot air sealing system which includes a Leister heater. No tube no fill sensor. All stainless steel panelling and fully gua ...
39,000 GBP
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  UK   107096610
Monoblock filler/capper MAR M19-4R/9PV
MAR M19-4R monoblock fillercapper. Max speed up to 80 bottles per minute, depending on bottle size and product. Fill range from 5ml and currently set up with four 30ml filling pistons. Single capping head last used for 28mm screw caps. Includes change parts for 43mm dia bottles. Siemans OPIC PCA1 Controller. All contact parts in 316 Stainless Steel. Last used in pharmaceutical opthalmics. 41550Hz 3-Phase supply. Machine size: 3200mm x 1400mm x 2000mm high, approx weight 2800kg
65,000 GBP
offer is possible  
  UK   107096570
filling and packaging of liquids DIVERSE
Second-hand machines, from corporate resolution for the filling and packaging of liquids, creams, powder powder etc. Do you have problems? contact: Tel: 06061-3039 fax: 06061-4681
offer is possible  
  DE   107096554
filling and packaging of liquids DIVERSE
Second-hand machines, from corporate resolution for the filling and packaging of liquids, creams, powder powder etc. Do you have problems? contact: Tel: 06061-3039 fax: 06061-4681
offer is possible  
  DE   107096552
Hot Air Plastic Tube Filler NORDEN NM 1400
Norden NM 1400 high speed hot air plastic tube filler. All stainless steel construction. Twin station auto cassette infeed. Max speed 140 tubes per minute. Designed to fill three coloured products into a toothpaste tube. Machine size: 4300mm x 1500mm 2440mm high, approx. weight 4500kg
120,000 GBP
offer is possible  
  UK   107070459
Combined Plastic & Metal Tube Filler UNIPAC Silver 90
Unipac Silver 90 combined plastic and metal tube filler. Auto cassette infeed and integrated tube orientation. Heated hopper (hot water) with stirrer. Two sealing heads: one plastic (hot jaw) and one metal (3 folds). All stainless steel construction. 1 set of change parts included. PLC control with single nozzle filling on a 12 station turret with adjustable filling stroke. 220V60Hz 3phase. Manual included. Excellent condition. Machine size: 1800mm x 1400mm x 2400mm, approx. weight 1500kg. CHECKEDTESTEDRUNNING.
30,000 GBP
offer is possible  
  UK   107070451
Sagging plants for bulk materials HASSIA REDATRON GMBH SRV 1
For sale, 1 piece is vertical pillow-pack machine of the producer Hassia Redatron GmbH. The plant has been serviced annually on behalf of customer. The plant is located in technically and visually good condition. With the system, you can pack free-flowing bulk materials such as flowers and substrate Earth, compost, bark mulch, pine bark, play sand, chippings, gravel. Maximum 80 litres. Not exceed the maximum foil width: 1100 mm. 3 piece formats belong to the system. The system is to operate on an industrial PC. In the PC, ...
BN 20,000 €
offer is possible  
  DE   106845746
Cup filling machines and sealing machines HAMPA BK100
Used Hampa Filling and Packing Line Manufacture of Year : 2012 These facilities are used very little.
offer is possible  
  TR   106827541
Cup filling machines and sealing machines GEA -FINNAH / ASEP
Complete Filling,sealer and packing line Manufacture of Year :2013 Manufacture of Year :2012 Capacity : 32,400cuph This facility worked very little time. for more information contach from us. we will be put on pictures to soon. We will soon upload pictures. Rgds
offer is possible  
  TR   106827468
Filling equipment and sealing machines TETRA PAK A 3 Flex 2
Tetra Pak fuller Volume: 2000ml S Development stage: 010 V Year of construction: 2005 Price after inquiry
offer is possible  
  NL   105318099
Hamba round table cup filling machine HAMBA Typ: BF5010/2
D 121 1 Hamba round table cup filling machine 2 rows for 95 mm cup diamter 2-reihig für 95 mm Becherformat, transposable to 75 mm cup diameter in 2000 from Fa. Hamba complete overhauled after then the machine has work20 hours with product Type: BF50102 Manufacturer year is 1996 Mach. No.: 38193 Main dosing system until to 500 g with cup destacking system with lid magazine and with lid sealing system with digging system for filled cups with a short cups outlet conveyor with a control console, inside is installed the ...
44,800 €
offer is possible  
  DE   105020327
Cup filling machines and sealing machines WALDNER DOSOMAT 10
1 €
offer is possible  
  FR   104962369
Filling equipment KHS 2000
34000 BH
offer is possible  
  BE   104962272
Bag filling facilities FLEXICON BFL.CFST.X
2005, mounted on load cells, height adjustable head, pneumatic inflated collars,
offer is possible  
  UK   104714260
Soft Drink Mixer Procomac Unimix-C 10 000 PROCOMAC, ITALY Un
Soft Drink Mixer Procomac Unimix-C 10 000 This good condition mixer is made by Procomac in 2003. It is suitable for soft drink production and is equipped with two pressure vessels, plate heat exchangers and adjoining pumps, valves and piping. Make: Procomac, Italy Model: Unimix C 10000 Year: 2003 Serial no: P 8762 Capacity: 10 000 ltrh Max syru ...
  FI   104655654
Filling equipment and sealing machines TETRA PAK TBA9/200Sli
Tetra pak filling Line TBA9200Slim Filling Line Year: 1995 Version: 140 V Hours of Operation:: 33914 Volume: 200 mL Format: SLIM Operating speed: 6000 U h 2. TETRAPAK PIPE MACHINE TETRA STRAW APPLICATOR 36 Year: 1995 Version: 70 V 3. TETRAPAK WELDING MACHINE TETRA CARDBOARD PACKER 70 Year: 1995 Version: 70 V Closing: Open parc, (Shrink close) Line is running condations.
offer is possible  
  TR   104384032
Filling equipment and sealing machines TETRA PAK TBA21/1000m
We offer 3 filling lines for UHT-Milk 1000ml SLIM with Helicap (without CAP 30 cap applicators) as follows. Retail sale of the lines or single components is possible! The cap applicators CAP30 can be procured by the dairy company. 1-PS: 1 is a TBA21 40V but already with A3 Flexbox + visualization calculator! Line 1 Filling machine (with PT21) TBA21-40V Operating hours 56715h Manufacture Year : 1997 Matching Traypacker CP70 120V (-1200) Various Tretrapak bone chain conveyors Second Line A1 Filling machine (with PT2 ...
75,000 €
offer is possible  
  TR   104374880
Filling equipment and sealing machines TETRA PAK TBA8/1000Sl
We offer 3 filling lines for UHT-Milk 1000ml SLIM (and two TBA21) with Helicap (without CAP 30 cap applicators) as follows. Retail sale of the lines or single components is possible! The cap applicators CAP30 can be procured by the dairy company. TBA81000Slim Filling Line line is production until around in JULY------------ Filling machine (without PT8) TBA8 1000slV development 90V with various 100V-Upgradkits!,Operating hours 85152h Manufacture Year : 1994 Matching Traypacker CP70 90V (-900) Various Tretrapak bone ch ...
85,000 €
offer is possible  
  TR   104373740
PET bottle filling line up to 2 L. SIMONAZZI, CLEVER, SIPA K
Full complete PET bottle filing and packaging line for CSD and mineral water up to 2 L. Capacity - 27 ton per hour. 1. rotary blow molding SIPA 2. blockrinser SIMONAZZI 63 valves 3. closure system AROL. 4. carbonated block SIMONAZZI 5. labeler ALFA ROLQUATTRO 6. packaging SMI SK600F 7. paletizer SIMONAZZI COMBI Perfect working condition.
offer is possible  
  BG   104118919
TETRA PAK A3 flex TBA 2000 slim
A3 flex TBA 2000 slim 30V To sell the whole complete line. Very good technical condition.
offer is possible  
  PL   103970609
Bevarage filling plants TETRA PAK TBA21 1000S
Filling machine: TBA21 1000 ml slim
offer is possible  
  PL   103970602
Bevarage filling plants TETRA PAK A3Flex 200ml Square
Tetra Pak Filler A3 Flex Volume:200 ml SQ Tetra Pak Cap applicator Type: TCAP 40 Y.O.C.: 2006 Tetra Pak Film Wrapper Tetra Pak Cardboard Packer Type: TCBP 70
offer is possible  
  PL   103970592
Bevarage filling plants TETRA PAK TBA21
Filling machine Tetra Pak TBA21-50V, slim 1500ml PullTab (SlimCap1000) Applicator CAP30Flex -100V Packer TCBP70 -110V Shrink TTS51-170V Conveyor TCCS-10V Complete line and technically efficient.
offer is possible  
  PL   103970587
Krones ISOFILL VV-CIP Glass Filling Block KRONES AG 12.000 b
Krones ISOFILL VV-CIP Glass Filling Block 12 000 bph - Never installed This is complete filling block with rinser, filler and capper, designed for filling wine, spirits, juice and clear liqueurs in glass bottles and currently adjusted for filling soya sauce in 0.5 and 0.6 liter glass bottles. Suitable for bottling still beverages (without gas). The machine was built in year 2008 but it is newer installed and thus new like condition. Krones Isofill filler is a mechanical single-chamber filling system operated in a low vacuum.  ...
  FI   103815117
Glass Bottle Filling Line EKTAM 7.000 bph EKTAM, TURKEY One
Glass Bottle Filling Line EKTAM 7000 bph Complete one way glass line for sprit and non carbonated drinks all machines made in year 2005 and operation stopped in 2008. Capacity 3500 liters hour in 0.5 liter glass bottles made by Turkish EKTAM. This line has been filling grape vodka in 0.2 - 0.5 liter glass bottles and packed then either on tray shrink or carton boxes. All PLCs are type Siemens Simatic S7. Equipment is in very good condition List of equipment • Depalletizer Ektam Aspendos • Empty bottle conveyor • Ektam ...
  FI   103815115
Monoblock KRONES Superblock VKS PET 60/10 KRONES AG Superblo
Monoblock KRONES Superblock VKS PET 60 10 - 8000 bph Krones Superblock with 50 station rinser, 60 filling valves and 10 capping heads for PET bottles made in year 2008 and totally refurbished in 2017 with 6 months warranty. Mechanical and electrical refurbishment finished, controls will be finished before shipping. The control PLC will be new DELTA with new WINTEC 10" touch screen. This equipment is suitable for filling beer and carbonated drinks in PET bottles sizes from 0.5 to 3.5 liters. Technical data Manufacturer Krones  ...
  FI   103815085
PET Bottle Filling Line Krones 36.000 bph KRONES AG 36.000 b
PET Bottle Filling Line Krones 36 000 bph This is a complete PET bottle line made by Krones in year 2004 with Sander Hansen tunnel pasteurizer, capacity up to 36 000 bph in 0.5 liter PET. It is designed for beer but can fill carbonated and non carbonated beverages as well. Equipment is in very good condition and available for immediate relocation. Main Technical Characteristics: Manufacturer Krones AG Made in year 2004 Current bottle size: 0.5 liter Capacity 36 000 bph Total operating hours: Approx 30 000 Blow molder: Co ...
  FI   103815077
Complete 5 Gallon Water Container Filling Line PORTON, SIM-C
Complete 5 Gallon Water Container Filling Line, capacity up to 1000 conth This USA Built 5 Gallon water filling line is in very good condition. It is currently in use producing up to 1000 containers per hour. The depalletizing section is the only part of the line which involves manual labor, the rest is a completely automated process which can be handled with just 1 or 2 operators. The line is currently in use and will become available in Q3 of 2017. It comes very complete with the following USA manufactured components included:  ...
  FI   103815072
Glass Bottle Filling Line 36.000 bph with BWM ML GLASS BOTTL
Glass Bottle Filling Line 36 000 bph with Bottle Washer This is a complete returnable glass bottle filling line suitable for carbonated or not carbonated beverages and also for low pulp content juices with hot filling. The line capacity is 36 000 bph for 350 ml glass bottles and it is currently in use within the facilities of one of our customers. The line has been installed as from the year 2000 and has been modified over the years. The components of the line are from different makes, years. The line itself is very complete, and m ...
  FI   103252646
Can Filler-Seamer Krones and Angelus, 63.000 cph KRONES VC 1
Can Filler-Seamer Krones VC 125-90 and Angelus 121 L, 63.000 cph This Krones VS 125-90 can filler with 125 volumetric filling valves is coupled with Angelus seamer with 12 seaming stations. The equipment is currently filling 12oz and 16oz cans with beer and carbonated mixed drinks. The filler has a capacity of 63.000 cph and Angelus seamer has capacity up to 96 000 cph. Both units has automatic lubrication system, they are very well maintained and in very good condition. Control system is based on Allen Bradley PLC with a touch scr ...
  FI   103252630

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