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09.12.2016 Collapsible-tube filling and sealing machines AXOMATIC Optima 800
Collapsible-tube filling and sealing machines AXOMATIC Optim
Tube filler AXOMATIC with hot air closing system. Built in 2001 with very few hours of operation. Serviced regularly by AXOMATIC service partner. Semi automatic machine, tube-feeding by hand. Speed up to 60 pcsmin. Upgrade into automatic-machine with tube magazine & tube-orientation at AXOMATIC-factory possible. Omron PLC control. Omron HMI Panel Filling System 5-270 ml for liquid, semi dense, also high density products. 50Liter Hopper Includes 1 set of size-parts Plastic Tube (PE, Lamiate, Polyfoil) diameter: Min ...
28,500 €
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 CH 71036642
09.12.2016 Glass Bottle Filling Line 55.000 bph with BWM KRONES AND SIG SIMONAZZI 55.000 bph in 0.5 ltr bottles
Glass Bottle Filling Line 55.000 bph with BWM KRONES AND SIG
Glass Bottle Filling Line 55 000 bph Simonazzi Krones for beer with BWM Complete returnable glass bottle filling line, nominal capacity of 55 000 bph in 0.5-liter glass bottle. Main machinery from Krones and Simonazzi. The line was installed in 2002 and modernized during the entire time of used, like closed conveyor system in year 2013. Empty bottle inspector and level & sealing inspector in year 2007. The line was stopped in year 2014 and it is still installed and powered. Line is controlled with Siemens Simatic S7 PLC. Equipmen ...
 FI 71036630
09.12.2016 PET Filler Triblock KRONES Sensometic 32.000 bph KRONES AG Sensometic VPL 120/20
PET Filler Triblock KRONES Sensometic 32.000 bph KRONES AG S
Filler Triblock KRONES PET Sensometic VPL 12020 This PET bottle filler was manufactured by Krones in year 2002 it is still in operation and in good condition. It has been used for filling ice tea and various juices both cold and hot filling in 0.5, 1.5 and 2.0 liter PET bottles with PCO 1881 neck finish. Sensometic VPL has electro-pneumatically controlled filling process with filling level probe built-in to the filling tube. This system reaches the desired fill level very precisely and can be used for carbonated and non carbonate ...
 FI 71036629
08.12.2016 Filling equipment WüRSCHUM H 80
Filling equipment WüRSCHUM H 80
Würschum piston filler H80 pneumatically operated 100 ml capacity max
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 DE 71013747
Filling equipment and sealing machines SERAC 3000
Complete bottling line for fresh milk in PET bottles including pasteuriser plant Built in 1990; fully refurbished in 2009. Consisting of: -Bottle magazine -Vertical transport system -Filling machine -Sealing machine -Labeling machine -Tray Packer -Pasteur -Separator -Homogeniser Capacity Pasteuriser Plant: 2.500 l h Capacity bottling plant: 900 bph
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 DE 71013730
03.12.2016 Filling equipment and sealing machines TETRA PAK TBA19
Filling equipment and sealing machines TETRA PAK TBA19
For Sell, Tetra pak Used Lines 1-TBA22250 Base Year :2002 Capacity : 20.000- 22.000 Working hours: 26.423 2-Tetra Pak Sterilizer–TA Flex 10 Year :2003 Capacity:6.300 3-TBA19125ml Year : 2006
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 TR 70860496
01.12.2016  UNIPAC ROMACO Silver 160
Tube filler tube filling and sealing machine, Romaco UNIPAC silver 160 Hot air system suitable for Laminate tubes & plastic tubes Folding system for aluminium tubes Maximum mechanical speed (tubesmin) 100 Filling volume (ml) 3-270 Diameter aluminum tubes (mm) 10-40 Aluminum tubes over 40 mm optional Diameter (mm) 10-50 PElaminate tubes Tube length (mm) 60-250 NO changing of the closing head necessary, because both systems are permanently installed -- quick changeover time from aluminium to plastic tub ...
49,500 €
offer is possible 
 DE 70802782
Filling equipment TETRA PAK A3 Flex 1000ml Sl
Tetra Pak fuller Type: A 3 Flex with PT Year of construction: 2010 development step: 030 V Volume: 1000 ml slim with: Cap applicator: Type: CAP 30 Flex Year of construction: 2010 Type Cap: Recap 3 Price according to request
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 NL 70802610
Filling equipment TETRA PAK A3 Flex
Tetra Pak A3 Flex Development step: 0200 V Volume: 1000 sq 500 sq (and QC) Year of manufacture: 2007 With Heli Cap 27 Price upon request
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 NL 70802102
30.11.2016 Foodstuff filling plants FRUIT JUICE PRODUCTION PLANT TETRA -BUCHER
quipment to include: • Tetra 'TBA9-250' Filling Machine - Format 250ml (1993) • PKL Combibloc 'CF606A-AL' Filling Machine - Format 250-350- 500ml (1993) • PKL Combibloc 'CF 405 AJ' Filling Machine - Format 1000-1500-2000ml (1991) • Shikoku Elopak 'U.S80A' Carton Filling Machine - Format 500-750-1000ml (2000) • Mariani Tray Packers, Shrink Wrappers, Palletizer, Conveyors • Pasteurizers from 3.300 to 11.000 ltrsh • Bucher 'HP10000' Rotary Fruit Press 10.000 ltrh • Unipektin 'ZG19D' Juice Concentration Unit  ...
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 CH 70801991
Filling installations PET WATER PRODUCTI PLANT BM5
Alkam stretch blow molding machine, model BM-5 5000 l per hour capacity, can use 0, 5l and 1, 5 l and 9 l canister
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 CH 70801931
29.11.2016 Piston Filler PURDY BANCROFT
Twin head filler all stainless steel construction on wheels. Top fill nozzles, fully pneumatic machine, can be set on auto or semi automatic. Both filling cylinders are 1 litre. Built in compressor. Machine size: 900mm x 800mm x 1600mm high, approx. weight 100kg. CHECKEDTESTEDRUNNING
5,000 GBP
offer is possible 
 UK 70776971
29.11.2016 Tube Filler NORDEN 400 HA
Tube Filler NORDEN 400 HA
Norden 400 HA semi automatic tube filling and sealing machine. Speed of fill up to 40 tubes per minute depending on tube size, product and quality of tube. Filling volume 10ml to 300ml. Tube size range: length 50mm - 250mm; diameter 10mm - 50mm. Complete with Leister hot air gun and vacuum pump. Comes complete with one set of change parts. Manual available. Machine size: 1600mm x 1850mm x 1650mm high, approx weight 850kg. CHECKEDTESTEDRUNNING
27,500 GBP
offer is possible 
 UK 70776967
29.11.2016 Packing machines BOSSAR B-2000 STU/S
Packing machines BOSSAR B-2000 STU/S
erwendet Bossar B-2000 STU S. Jahr der Herstellung 2000.\r\n\r\nmax. Geschwindigkeit von 80 Beutel Min\r\nproduction Kapazität von 50 Taschen Min\r\nmin. Größe 75 x 100 mm-Format (s) \r\nmax. Abmessung 160 x 230 mm format (simplex) \r\nRAL 9007\r\n6140x1050x1300 mm Dimensions\r\nweight 1950 Kg\r\nvolume weniger als 60db.a B\r\n\r\nThe Maschine ist ausgestattet mit Sensoren registrieren, Dispenser Steuerelement flüssig Durchflusssensors bedeutet wird verzichtet. Das Zubehör umfasst eine Flüssigkeit Dispenser mit einer Kap ...
BN 70,000 €
offer is possible 
 PL 70776954
29.11.2016 Tube Filler MARCHESINI MT1000
Tube Filler MARCHESINI MT1000
Automatic filling and sealing of rigid tubes. Suitable to introduce and count tablets into plastic or metalic rigid tubes. Final tube closure with pressure cap and discharge of the correctly filled tubes onto a bucket conveyor at machine outfeed. Extremely compact tube feeding with the cap facing the operator side. The tablet insertion is made with a system that moves them in a positive way by means of a pick and place system. Mechanical filling speed up to 1,000 tablets permin. Minimum and maximum tube and cap size: tube dia 16mm to ...
50,000 GBP
offer is possible 
 UK 70776942
29.11.2016 Tube Filler KALIX KX100B
Tube Filler KALIX KX100B
Kalix KX100B Tube filler for plastic and laminated tubes with a mechanical speed of up to 80 tubes per minute. Currently set up to seal ‘wave’ style tubes. Comes with separate cassette feeder and one set of tube holders. Fully refurbished in 2013 including: renovation for electrics on entire machine; tube orientation mechanism; new control panel fitted; all worn parts in main motormechanism replaced including bearings, bushes etc; new Solaris laser coding system fitted by SA Solarmark http:www.solarislaser.com.plenContact; ne ...
35,000 GBP
offer is possible 
 UK 70776932
Bottle filling plants SIDEL (BLOWER), MELEGAR 2008
Complete Pet water line Line working until December 2016 ?nteresting price Description PET bottle filling line including blower and labeller Manufacturer (filler), PE (labeller) IT Model SBO 24 Capacity up to 10'000 bottlshour Manufacturing year 1993 - 2008 Electrical frequency 50 Hz Format  ...
210 €
offer is possible 
 TR 70752607
28.11.2016 Cup filling machines and sealing machines BUHMANN Basic Machine Servofill
Cup filling machines and sealing machines BUHMANN Basic Mach
Cup saling und Füllen, Verpackungslinie Becheranlage Buhmann (zweibahnig): Ablaufbeschreibung: Befüllte und verschlos Bateson Becher werden 2-spurig are still abgeschoben und über Transportbänder der Verpackungsmaschine aus der Abfüllmaschine zugeführt. Dort Abstapeln erfolgt und Einschieben of bzw. auf den Kartonzuschnitt mit anschließender Verklebung der Laschen. Becherfüller:-Grundmaschine Servofill AFL 2-: • Baujahr 1999 • Bisher abgefüllte Anlage wurde bisher mit Becher 100 g und 250 g • ca. 30 Takte bei 100 g u ...
offer is possible 
 EU 70752590
Foodstuff filling plants RISCO S.P.A. / POLY CLIP diverse
Filling machine: Manufacturer: RISCO S.P.A. Yom: 2006 clip Sealing machine: Manufacturer: Poly-clip system Type: POC700F Yom: 2006
offer is possible 
 DE 70752508
25.11.2016 Pouch Machine BOSSAR B-2500/D
Pouch Machine BOSSAR B-2500/D
Horizontal pouch machine set up for duplex production. Prepared for doypack. Capacity up 50 strokes per minute. Pouch sizes simplex: min (70 x 70) mm and max 160 x 230 mm. Pouch sizes duplex: min. (55 x 70) mm and max 100 x 230 mm. For doypack set up. Machine is offered for sale excluded fillers. Machine doors have been adjusted to produce gassflushed pouches. WORKING WHEN REMOVED FROM PRODUCTION
40,000 GBP
offer is possible 
 UK 70675057
25.11.2016 Filling equipment ELF
Filling equipment ELF
ELF 6 head in-line liquid filler. All stainless steel construction. Large round header tank with level sensor included. Separate control panel. Mobile on wheels. 3 metre x 100mm wide variable speed through conveyor. Guide rails. Gating system. ELF manual. Size 3000mm x 1000mm x 2000mm high, approx. weight 400kg. CHECKEDTESTEDRUNNING
8,000 GBP
offer is possible 
 UK 70675049
22.11.2016 Line for packaging liquids in plastic bottles MLECZ-MASZ (POLAND) LPC-4
Line for packaging liquids in plastic bottles MLECZ-MASZ (PO
Used line made by Mlecz-Masz (Poland), type LPC-4's for automatic packaging of liquid products in plastic bottles capacity: 0.25, 0.40, 1.00 dm3 closed with a plastic snap-cap. New 2009. The size of dose 0.25l, 0.40l and 1 liter. Performance 1800lh. Equipped with printer ma made by Hitachi.
offer is possible 
 PL 70106504
21.11.2016 Vacuum and gas sealing machines OPEM ARIETE VAC3
Vacuum and gas sealing machines OPEM ARIETE VAC3
Format: Vacuum 500g (brick) (W100mm x L60mm x H160mm) Speed: 12bagsmin The machine is in great working condition. Full documentation included.
offer is possible 
 PL 69883799
16.11.2016 Filler COBERT AMBRA 30
Brand: COBERT Model: AMBRA 30 Speed: 10000 bottleshour Format: 0.75-1 Litre Number: A 90 30 006 Year: 1998 Condition: very good Characteristics: -Gravity filler. -Automatic rising and withdrawing of the machine. -Pipe regulation. -Automatic pistons lubrication system. -Left to right entry. -Vacuum pomp. -It is possible to connect a pilfer cap capper.
offer is possible 
 ES 68757987
16.11.2016 Water Container Filler GYM INTERNATIONAL S.A. RTE 4-1
Water Container Filler GYM INTERNATIONAL S.A. RTE 4-1
Water Container Filler Brand: GYM Internacional, S.A Model: RTE 4-1 Speed: 400 bottles hour 8 L400 bottleshour 10L. Number: 25502-2091 Year: 2005 Condition: very good Technical characteristics: - Type dispenser: Endress + Hauser Dosimag A - Types of packaging: cylindrical glass bottle 225x 367 diam. -8L Bottle glass colíndrica 245x394 10L diam- - Voltages: 380 V 50 Hz 24 V 50 Hz - Powers: conveyor belt motor: 0.75 Kw Pump motor power: 1.5 Kw Feeder capsules: 0.5 Kw Control group: 0.2 kWTotal installed pow ...
offer is possible 
 ES 68757948
16.11.2016 Bottle Filler GYM INTERNATIONAL S.A RT/08-1 PK
Brand: GYM Internacional, S.A Model: RT08-1 PK Speed: 500 bottles hour 5L Number: 25502-2091 Year: 2005 Condition: very good Characteristics: Bottle filler. Technical characteristics: - Types of taps: diameter 20 type water - Types of packaging: PET bottle Tonda 320 - 170 DIA X 5L Tonda PET bottle 1.5l 89X310 - Types of caps: screw cap 51diámx 24 Screw cap: 33 diámx 18 - Tensions: Principal. 380 V 50 Hz Assistant: 24v 50hz - Powers: Main Engines: 1.5 Kw motorization tape drive: 0.75 Kw Vibrator: 0.5 Kw  ...
offer is possible 
 ES 68757946
09.11.2016 Filling equipment and sealing machines KING KT340K/4 + CS60
Filling equipment and sealing machines KING KT340K/4 + CS60
Complete liquid filling and capping line comprising rotary infeed table, King KT340K4 Technofil 4-head gear pump filling machine, all stainless steel construction, with self-supporting laminar air flow unit above, through conveyor with gating system, and King CS60 single head screw capping machine with vibrating bowl cap feeder, and reject detection and ejection. Output up to maximum 60 bottles per minute.
offer is possible 
 DE 68663139
07.11.2016 Cup filling machine BUHMANN / VEMAG AFL4 + ARL3
Cup filling machine BUHMANN / VEMAG AFL4 + ARL3
Model: AFL4 + Paternoster + ARL3 lidder Cup format: see data sheet Performanceh: see data sheet Availability: as of now Status: operational Connected load: see data sheet Control voltage: see data sheet Price: On request
offer is possible 
 DE 68626207
22.11.2016 Cup filling machines AMPACK KF 1/3
Cup filling machines AMPACK KF 1/3
Features: Capacity: 5,000 6,500 cupsh Formats: -Round cups Diameter 95mm, yoghurt, desserts, cream cheese etc. -cups with double chamber for Ceraliesyoghurt, fruit yoghurt Sealing: Aluminium lids snap-on cover, aluminium lids Hygiene: cup sterilizing by H2O2 and carbon light for aluminium lids Dosing units: - main dosing unit with 3 filling heads, 125-525ml,. - Fruit dosing unit 3 filling heads, 15-75ml. -Filler for ceralies with 3 heads, several drawers 25-45ml dosing. - aluminium l ...
offer is possible 
 AT 68506767
25.10.2016 Bag filling facilities FAWEMA FA10L - PL/K10
Bag filling facilities FAWEMA FA10L - PL/K10
Packaging machine for ready made bags. Format: coffee beans 250g500g1000g Speed? 16-18 bags-min (250500g), 12-14 bagmin (1000g) Full documentation in German included
offer is possible 
 PL 68228953

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