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30.08.2016 Drive motor geared motor FLENDER HIMMEL D 121-VU31
Drive motor geared motor FLENDER HIMMEL D 121-VU31
T2 min: 2589 nm 35 RPM T2 min: 2148 nm 5.8 RPM
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 DE 61294305
02.10.2016 Gear motor FLENDER-HIMMEL 0396464/02
Gear motor FLENDER-HIMMEL 0396464/02
Flender sky gear motor 0.37 KW type 039646402,D31-M1C4-P55N 230 400 V, 3 phases, 50 Hz, 1380 rpm, translation i 34.5: 1, 40 revolutions per minute, power 2.01.15 A, IP = 54, ISO-kl. F, cos phi 0.71, with brake type BR5NM230V Used from inventory.
BN 200 €
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 DE 17920798
02.10.2016 Gear motor SEW EURODRIVE R27DT80KA
SEW eurodrive R27DT80KA gear motor Type R27 DT80K4BMG TH, 0.55 KW, 230 400 V,. 3-phase, 50 Hz, 1360 rpm, transmission ratio i = 5:1,. 272 revolutions per minute, power A 3.051.75, Weight 15,96 kg, Motornr. 01.3074867461.0001.03, IP 54, ISO-kl. F, torque 16 NM with brake 10 nm. Rectifier BG 1.5. Used from inventory.
BN 200 €
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 DE 17873700
24.05.2016 Planetary gear REXROTH
Planetary gear REXROTH
Planetary gear Manufacturer: REXROTH For further informationdata on request NEW NEW For more information, see pictures!
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 DE 15831743
24.05.2016 Bevel helical gear units BONFIGLIOLI A 413
Bevel helical gear units BONFIGLIOLI A 413
Bevel-helical gear units Manufacturer: Bonfiglioli Model: A 413 UH45 P80 LO E engine: Euromotori 0, 55kw MS8026 Built in 2008 NEW, unused from old stock for further details please refer to the pictures.
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 DE 14925683
24.05.2016 Bevel helical gear units BONFIGLIOLI A 50
Bevel helical gear units BONFIGLIOLI A 50
Bevel-helical gear units Manufacturer: Bonfiglioli Model: A-50 4 UH50 P90 LO E engine: Euromotori 1 .1kw MS9016 Built in 2008 NEW, unused from old stock for further details please refer to the pictures.
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 DE 14925681
02.10.2016 Presses drive / actuator 26 ton NOSEN RN-100T
Presses drive / actuator 26 ton NOSEN RN-100T
Worm gear screw jacks RN-100t as presses drive actuator screw jacks Nosen RN-100TBTMDR132-1300P Cubic screw jacks with 260 KN compressive force dynamic at 300 rpm. Static pressure force 1000 KN. Reduction ratio i = 100 mm, pitch 1:32, spindle diameter 16 mm, 1300 mm, with headstock, double-sided shaft input, d = spindle stroke 50 mm motor flange on one side, d = 300 mm. Protection tube. Weight 400 kg. The worm gear screw jack is used.
6,500 €
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 DE 13619986
02.10.2016 Presses drive / actuator 20 ton NOSEN RNF070
Presses drive / actuator 20 ton NOSEN RNF070
Press actuator pneumatic actuator RNF070 Worm gear screw jacks RNF070-DTSB Nosen 110-400 P Cubic screw jacks with 200 KN compressive force dynamically with 300 rpm. Reduction ratio i = 70 mm, pitch 1:10, spindle diameter 10 mm, spindle stroke 400 mm, with headstock and double-sided shaft input, d = 32 mm. Driven by induction motor 4 KW, 400 V, 50 Hz: Make minor Y3HE-112M 4 B14F1 IE2 Protection degree IP55-S1. 8.1 A, 1445 rpm, cos phi 0.81. Worm gear Varvel FRT-G70B3 VSF, i = 1:5 IEC112B14 AU30
BN 3,200 € 
 DE 13617748
04.07.2016 Belt conveyor drum motor 1 .1kw JOKI
Belt conveyor drum motor 1 .1kw JOKI
Technical data < b >: < b > Manufacturer: Joki Length: 650mm Diameter: 150mm Class: F kW: 1.1 ms: 0.63 The complete material lies with us in stock and would thus also at short notice. Like, we offer cost-effective transport.
offer is possible 
 DE 13490879
04.05.2016 Pneumatic actuator EL-O-MATIC ES0350H1A04A00N0
Pneumatic actuator EL-O-MATIC ES0350H1A04A00N0
Single acting pneumatic actuator, type it 350 Spring Kit Nr. 4 Function: Federkraftschließend Manufacturer: El-o-matic (today: Emerson) Type: ES0350H1A04A00N0 Serial No.: 4220206001055 Pressure: maximum 8 bar (116 PSI) Max.min. temperature: 80 ° C - 20 ° C Drives are as good as new, as they are still unused! New price: 563,84
 DE 11797842
04.05.2016 Pneumatic part-turn valve actuator END ARMATUREN ED621002/AX
Pneumatic part-turn valve actuator END ARMATUREN ED621002/AX
Rotary actuator DW100, DIN, F0710, 8kt. 17, ATEX pneumatic, double acting Manufacturer: End fittings Type: ED621002AX Serial No.: 534623 41977 According to Directive 949EC (ATEX) The Max Media and ambient temperatures may following individual temperature classes Values do not exceed: 65 ° C at temperature class 6 80 ° C at temperature class 5
 DE 11797819

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