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17.01.2017 Bridge crane system KBK II with 16 m crane runway DEMAG 1000KG Hängekrananlage
Bridge crane system KBK II with 16 m crane runway DEMAG 1000
Suspension crane system Demag 1000 kg 16 m crane runway the whole plant is BJ. 1991, 1998 from 500 kg to 1000 kg was charged up but. Two vehicle suspension crane system Span 6000 mm Lifting height 3, 40m Runway 2x16m Hand control wired The plant has also at the crane drive fast and fine hub. Power rail in the crane runway.
BN 4,290 € 
 DE 72341948
17.01.2017 Bridge crane DEMAG 2,5T Spurmittenmaß 17600mm
Bridge crane DEMAG 2,5T Spurmittenmaß 17600mm
Crane Demag 2,5T Span 17600 mm Height of lifthook WEG 9, 5 m Lifting speed 7.01.1 m min Katzfahrgeschw. 7.0 28.0 m min Kranfahrgeschw. 10.0 40, 0 mmin Colour: Ral 5009 Weight incl. cat 2630kg Crane book and documentation available.
BN 10,999 €
offer is possible 
 DE 72341938
17.01.2017 Bridge crane DEMAG 2,5T Spurmittenmaß 6500mm
Bridge crane DEMAG 2,5T Spurmittenmaß 6500mm
Entry bridge crane Demag 2,5T Span 6500 mm Height of lifthook path 3, 72 m Lifting speed 7.01.1 m min Katzfahrgeschw. 28.0 7.0 m min Kranfahrgeschw. 36.0 9, 0 mmin Colour: Ral 5009 Documentation and crane book! Steel construction of the bridge by DR. A Rolf Free loading
BN 3,499 € 
 DE 72341932
17.01.2017 Bridge crane DEMAG Spurmittenmaß 17600mm
Bridge crane DEMAG Spurmittenmaß 17600mm
Demag single girder bridge crane 2, 5T Span 17600 mm Hoist DH166 H18 KV3 Height of lifthook road 7, 59 m Lifting speed 7.01.1 m min Katzfahrgeschw. 28.0 7.0 m min Kranfahrgeschw. 36.0 9, 0 mmin Colour: Ral 5009 Documentation and crane book! Radio-remote controlled CE conform Steel construction of the crane bridge Dr. A Rolf Free loading
BN 9,990 €
offer is possible 
 DE 72341930
16.01.2017 Swivel crane DEMAG
Swivel crane DEMAG
Lifting height 4000mm Boom 4800mm Lifting capacity of 630 kg
1,500 €
offer is possible 
 AT 72287217
11.01.2017 overhead crane 10 to STAHL EL-A100-11,4E
overhead crane 10 to STAHL EL-A100-11,4E
-Condition: very good, only 76 hours of operation -incl. infrastructure and power purchase -Span crane: 11.4 m -Capacity 10,000 kg -Usable hook path: 6 m -Floor control -Overload cut-off -Crane travel limit switch from fast to slow -incl. installation plan etc -400 V supply voltage -Crane weight 3026 kg Crane is in our warehouse. Visits on request at any time.
offer is possible 
 DE 72115174
11.01.2017 electric crane 2000 kg HADEF GMBH 11,5m x 16m
electric crane 2000 kg HADEF GMBH 11,5m x 16m
EEE electric crane complete incl. crane runway, supports, pantograph - 2000 kg - Span 11575 mm x crane runway 16 m - remote control - HADEF electric chain hoist - Hoisting class H2 - Stress class B3 - Operating voltage: 400 V - incl. complete documentation crane book Condition: very good Available immediately from stock.
offer is possible 
 DE 72115170
03.01.2017  ABUS Typ VS
Pillar jib crane, SN: 152-010529B1-16395497-0020, column height 2500 mm, track 3,500 mm, capacity 1000 kg, lifting capacity 1000 kg
offer is possible 
 DE 71840633
28.12.2016 Indoor crane ABUS 5000kg
Indoor crane ABUS 5000kg
Manufactory: Abus YOC: 1997 Carring capacity 5000 kg Span width 18.16 m Length appr. 40,00 m inspection log book available UVV until 2016 avaiable: immediate Price: 19.000,00 EUR nettoEXW All offers and all price are net and ex stock without guarantee andor guarantee, mistakes andor false representations reserve, purchasing like see how is it – standing or recumbent, subject prior sale
19,000 €
offer is possible 
 DE 71672969
27.12.2016 Vetter Column swing cran Primus PR2,5-3,5 mit Prüf VETTER Primus PR2,5-3,5
Vetter Column swing cran Primus PR2,5-3,5 mit Prüf VETTER P
Sell a cousin and hoists each Primus PR2, 5-3.5 Cranes was built for testing purposes. Have no 10 hours of operation. Cranes are dismantled and pick-up or shipment. Scope of services: Year of build 2016 (used in test mode) capacity 250 kg Reach 3500 mm Height 3250 mm Swivel range rotation: 360° Scope of delivery: Crane, electric cat, check book (fork not included) Can be visited like cranes. Shipping delivery after agreement
BN 4,000 €
offer is possible 
 DE 71648744
15.12.2016 TRAVERSE CARL STAHL 20 tons
Hereby a traverse from Carl Stahl is tons sold capacity 2o.
offer is possible 
 DE 71290602
12.12.2016 Workshop crane HYDROBULL HB 2000 / 1200
Workshop crane HYDROBULL HB 2000 / 1200
Number 27-01-176 Manufacturer: hydro Bull Type HB 2000 1200 Machine data Construction year: CA 1996 L x W x H: approx. 2800 x 1200 x 2000 mm Weight: 320 kg Very good condition Technical data Workshop crane Payload: Maximum: 2000 kg Screening capacity: 7 pieces See picture attached Transportable base Clear Interior width: 1200 mm Maximum height: 3000 mm incl. hook Other accessories on request Price and other specifications on request Subject to errors and input errors
offer is possible 
 DE 71194178
see photo
9,500 € 
 DE 71036584
06.11.2016 IMG auto - crane with magnet beam
IMG auto - crane with magnet beam
IMG auto - crane with magnet beam -Crane track measure 21000 mm -MAX Cat way 14584 mm -more information in the pictures Good used condition. For further details on request. Sale as shown (see pictures) Changes and error in the technical details and information and subject to prior sale.
offer is possible 
 DE 68615235
27.10.2016 Pillar jib crane KELLER M10-3,0
Pillar jib crane KELLER M10-3,0
Capacity: 1000 kg Lifting height (maximum lifting height of the hoist) 10000 mm Throat depth: 3000 mm Pan range: 360 ° Permissible weight of hoist (with counterweight) 160 kg Maximum wind speed, maximum: 4 BFT Dimensions crane: Height bottom bracket: 3300 mm Total height: 3610 mm Throat depth: 3000 mm Weights crane: Total weight crane column (steel only) 319,7 kg Total weight boom (only steel construction) 189.3 kg
offer is possible 
 DE 68258727
15.11.2016 Crane DEMAG DKUN 2-250 K V1 F4
Crane DEMAG DKUN 2-250 K V1 F4
Equipment Steel scaffold Crane unit: 2x DKUN 2-250 K V1 F4 Technical details Load capacity: 2x 250 kg Main hoisting capacity: 8 mmin Fine hoisting capacity: 2 mmin
offer is possible 
 DE 66405381
22.08.2016 truck crane ATLAS AK 3006
truck crane ATLAS AK 3006
TRUCK crane Atlas Weyhausen type AK3006. With winch, maximum range of 4, 60 m with 1, 2T lifting power. Used, good condition. From stock, complete with box. Price EUR 50181 Bedburg 1600 NET ex warehouse.
1,600 € 
 DE 60205750
19.11.2016 Hoist Crane DEMAG 16/6 K4
Hoist Crane DEMAG 16/6 K4
De Mag lifting pull 1.2 KW, 220380V 50 Hz
200 €
offer is possible 
 DE 50961571
19.11.2016 Crane, hoist ELBA HSM3
Crane, hoist ELBA HSM3
HOISTS, construction site crane train Max train 650 kg 220380V, 50 Hz, 1,84KW, 58 RpM Year of construction: 2003
BN 750 €
offer is possible 
 DE 50955146
28.07.2016 Slewing crane König GmbH  Co Premius
Slewing crane König GmbH & Co Premius
REF.-No. 00313 Name the system columns swing crane manufacturer King GmbH & co Model Premius built 2009 Load capacity of 200kg lifting speed 6 + 1, 5 m min Crane unloading 2500mm Crane height 3000 mm Incl. anchor screw and stencil, Katz driving attacks front and rear with goby electrics, electric chain hoist with hand gear, complete documentation with Foundation plan, Pan by hand, supply chain hoist 400V 50 Hz, command panel with mechanical contact interlock crane weight 225 kg
offer is possible 
 DE 50471562
21.07.2016  INGERSOLL 6MP 6000-2 CL-3M-2
INGERSOLL 6MP 6000-2 CL-3M-2
Load 6000 kg, pneumat. Drive
offer is possible 
 SK 47089700
05.09.2016 workshop crane lifting crane HYDROBULL L 2000
workshop crane lifting crane HYDROBULL L 2000
Manufacturer: hydro Bull (favour GmbH) Type: L 2000 Year of construction: 2008 maximum load capacity: 2,000 kg Weight: 245 kg Width: 1,340 mm Overall length: 1,910 mm Height: 2090 mm Max lifting height: 3.220 mm Internal width: 1,177 mm Price plus 19% VAT
1,175 €
offer is possible 
 DE 36530601
15.12.2016 Rail mounted gantry crane COLONGO
Rail mounted gantry crane COLONGO
Rail mounted gantry crane make COLONGO Gantry cspscity 60 ton + 2 ton Useful height 12.1 mt. Translation 31.8 mt. Rail length 86.00 meters.
offer is possible 
 IT 29327874
29.11.2016 Crane hook  80 Tons
Crane hook 80 Tons
Crane hook Capacity: 80 tons Crane hook fully functional, but not suitable for our use.
offer is possible 
 DE 29121852
29.11.2016 Crane hook  0,7 Tons
Crane hook 0,7 Tons
Crane hook Capacity: 0,7 tons Crane hook is fully functional, but not suitable for our requirements.
offer is possible 
 DE 29121850
05.01.2017 double girder cranes HORW
double girder cranes HORW
1, used, very well preserved double girder overhead travelling crane with 4 wheels per page of optimal wheel load reduction Load approx. 110.050,0 t Span 23.20 m Hook way approx. 15.0 m Make Horw Workshop examination 2016 Use as very low mounting crane Equipped with high-quality, robust two-rail - wind movement trolley, ideal wheel load distribution by 4 wheels per side, catwalk along the Crane bridge, cabin, as well as floor panel (easily to expandable radio control) Working speeds: Hoist gear 110T approx. 0.31.5 m ...
offer is possible 
 DE 28411504
05.01.2017 double girder cranes SKET
double girder cranes SKET
1 factory-tested, very well preserved double girder crane with 4 wheels per side to minimise wheel loads Load approx. 100,00032,000 kg Wingspan approx. 26,700 mm Hook way approx. 14,000 mm Make SKET-year of manufactureoverhaulworkshop test 198120002016 Very low equipped with high-quality two-rail wind work trolley with main hub usage as a mounted crane 100 t and auxiliary hoist 32 t, cabins - and radio control, ideal wheel load distribution by 4 wheels per side working speeds: Hoist main hoist 100 t up to 0.252.5 m m ...
offer is possible 
 DE 28411502
05.01.2017 double girder cranes SIEMENS
double girder cranes SIEMENS
1 high quality, factory-tested, well preserved double girder crane especially suitable for the Coilumschlag Load approx. 80,00032,000 kg Wingspan approx. 25,600 mm Hook way approx. 8,50013,500 mm Make SIEMAGSIEMENS Overhaul and rebuildworkshop test 20092016 Trolley in robust wind plant design, between the crane bridge catwalk one-sided lowered to optimize the installation height, cabin control (expandable easily on radio), operating speeds: Main hoist 80 t to approx. 4.25 m min auxiliary hoist 32 t up to approx. 10 ...
offer is possible 
 DE 28411500
05.01.2017 double girder cranes DEMAG
double girder cranes DEMAG
1 factory-tested, absolutely Mint double girder crane Load capacity of the lift works 2 x 40,000 kg Total weight of 40,000 kg Wingspan approx. 13.452 mm Hook path about 9.000 mm Fabrikat DEMAG Year of production workshop test 20012016 Crane equipped with two together and separated movable double girder trolleys per 40 t, split head straps of wheel load reduction, corridor control freely movable, catwalk Working speeds: Hoist ...
offer is possible 
 DE 28411498
05.01.2017 double girder cranes ABUS
double girder cranes ABUS
1 factory-tested, new double girder crane Load approx. 32,000 kg Wingspan approx. 12,150 mm Hook way about 10,000 mm Fabrikat ABUS Year of productionworkshop review 19982016 Crane equipped with ABUS double girder trolley, freely movable floor control Working speeds: Hoist approx. 0.664.0 m min Katz LG 5.020,0 m min Crane chassis approx. 5.020,0 m min
offer is possible 
 DE 28411496

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