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27.10.2016 Gravity Separator Line CIMBRIA HEID / VIBRA GA 70
Gravity Separator Line CIMBRIA HEID / VIBRA GA 70
consisting of: 1. funnel Manufacturer: Huber Förderbandanlagen OHG Type: RHST 653.5 Year of construction: 1990 Other: frame, staircase, suction apertures, internal mixing screw; approx. 0,5 kW 2. belt 1 Manufacturer: Binder Year of construction: 1997 Other. Gallery of the belt worn, V2A frames; 0,55Kw 3. Vibrarinne Manufacturer: Vibra Year of construction: 1987 Other: infinitely adjustable via FU; 1.4 kW 4. suction above including piping Manufacturer: Hepfinger Year of construction: 1986 Other: fabric bag f ...
BN 32,150 €
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 DE 67967081
WESTFALIA SC 35 - 36 - 177
YEAR 1991
bid possible 
 FI 67414711
12.10.2016 Color Sorter ESM Summa 38mP
Color Sorter ESM Summa 38mP
Capacity: ca. 1.5th. The machine was operated to separate ergot.
 DE 67414701
Horizontal Hammermill of used Jensen Masch. Fabr. 110 kW power supply for mill on sale include power
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 DE 67305309
07.10.2016 Dosing augers
Dosing augers
Komponentendosieranlage with control 20 x VA tank à 200 kg 20 x discharge screw Cabinet is new
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 DE 67305300
07.10.2016 Scales WEBER WAAGENBAU ENW
Weber bagging scale with weighing electronics The bagging scales as well as the acceptance and shipping charge scales of the ENW series through a number of technical features out, a low-maintenance and easy operation with maximum reliability and performance allow pneumatic actuation. The well thought-out structure of this type of scale allows smallest sizes largest product throughput. According to the local conditions, even special designs are possible. The dosing organs be adapted to verwiegenden products according to
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 DE 67305291
07.10.2016  BüHLER DFTA 12
Throw screen Buhler 3 factions replaceable screen ceiling (a total of 2 printing blankets) Vibromotors newly stored new vibration damper fully blasted and repainted
bid possible 
 DE 67305284
07.10.2016  RUBERG MASCHINENFABRIK conditioner
Langzeitkonditionierer Ruberg with molasses addition station 2000 mm long x 600 mm diameter power 18.5 kW Siemens motor 2 x side maintenance folding machine is completely revised
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 DE 67305278
04.10.2016 Batch mixers LABOR- PROBE- KONUS MISC 3 L
3 liter laboratory mixer -Container V2A -Container to remove -Drive 1 motor frequency controlled
bid possible 
 DE 67104915
30.09.2016 Colour sorting machine ASM Futura HP F1
Colour sorting machine ASM Futura HP F1
Futura series with LED lighting; Grain up to approx. 5 t h, sunflower up to 1 t h, mustard up to 700 kg h 1 slide with 72 channels of â 5 mm, digital cameras.
 DE 66939127
28.09.2016 Elevator - double elevator
Elevator - double elevator
Double elevator capacity 2 x 40 HR to.
bid possible 
 DE 66884757
23.09.2016 Blenders NN MIX-450
Blenders N&N MIX-450
Blender QTY: 1 kit Type: MIX-450 Manufacturer: N&N Year of production: 2013 Blending area internal dimensions (mm) appr.: 750x1000-550680 Accessory: - 1 chest lifting tilter -type: PZ-2250 -year of production: 2013 -manufacturer: N&N
used machinery auction RESALE 17,000 € 
 HU 66566739
23.09.2016 Baking equipment BERIEF DUBRA 3/600
Baking equipment BERIEF DUBRA 3/600
Continuous, contact baking equipment QTY: 1 kit Type: DUBRA 3600 Manufacturer: Berief Year of production: 2007 Dimensions (mm) appr.: -band width: 650 -external: 17002500x6100 -lower conveyor belt length: 5.6m Accessory: -oil boiler -composition: boiler, controlling, pumps, daily container -type: HTO-200 -year of production: 2007 -manifacturer: Uniferro -daily container size (mm) appr.: -external diameter with insulation 1400 -length: 2200 Note: boiler contains gas burner -Spare parts from stainless shelf Demol ...
used machinery auction RESALE 79,000 € 
 HU 66556245
22.09.2016 table
Stainless steel table with beech top Width: 200cm, depth: 75cm, height: 86cm
165 €
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 DE 66405399
Hammer mills SALMATEC Maxima 500 - 580
Salmatec double press
bid possible 
 DE 65670304
19.09.2016  BüHLER DFZK-2 EX
Buhler vertical hammer mill power 2 x 110 of kW of rotation 1480 Umin Overall height 2500 mm x 3600 mm Control DFZQ Feeder DFAV the machine is in very good condition! Hammer mill Vertica DFZK is mainly used in the animal feed industry to the first and subsequent grinding. It is also suitable for grinding processes in flour mills, oil mills, and other areas of food processing, as well as in the biomass industries. Since it requires no aspiration for the grinding process, the Hammermill guaranteed low investment and operating costs.  ...
bid possible 
 DE 65669981
19.09.2016  BüHLER DPBS
Bühler pellet DPBS 160 kW drive conditioner dosing Auger hydraulic Koller position lubrication 3 Koller system Machine is offered completely revised Cooler can be offered optional (CPM, panels or Bühler)
bid possible 
 DE 65668463
24.09.2016  LASKA ME 1200
Mischemaschine laska type ME 1200 mixing shaft paddle discharge flaps 2 Loading loader for Eurobins
BN 25,600 €
bid possible 
 DE 64438150
24.09.2016  PVS PVS 125 Hi
PVS PVS 125 Hi
PVS 125 Hi micro-cut Feinstzerkleinerer drive 15 KW Produkleistung 300 to 2000 kg or litres an hour depending on the machine can by the fineness of the products directly at the outlet of cooking equipment or tilting boiling pans are connected
bid possible 
 DE 62867308
24.09.2016  PVS PVS 125 H
PVS 125 H micro cut Inotec drive power 15 KW product performance from 300 kg to 900 kg an hour for various products pesto sauces soups Majnäse and similar
bid possible 
 DE 62867302
24.09.2016  PVS PVS 125 HD
PVS 125 HD micro-cut Inotec Double blade performance drive 30 KW Produkleistung anbänging the refinement until by 1500-3000 kg hour
bid possible 
 DE 62867300
24.09.2016  KRONES Canmatic
KRONES Canmatic
Cans for 73 mm box Etiketierer Kronens with Fomatsätze 95 mm socket and 99 mm socket for round labels which boxes labels can be built to doses on other cans height output of engines 2000 to 10000 hour Machines with hot glue adhesive technology. Top condition, there are two machines an anti-clockwise a legal runner
bid possible 
 DE 62867296
06.09.2016 Complete lines TON FISH MEAL PLANT complete line
Complete lines TON FISH MEAL PLANT complete line
Indirect Cooker Complete fish meal plant. UNUSED Wet Hammer Mill Centrifuge Helical Augurs Dryer & Roto Tubes Power Dryer Solvent & Anti-Oxidant Dispenser Hammer Mill With Dry Filter Structures Lines Spray Lines Power Equipment & Controls
bid possible 
 NL 61757288
01.10.2016 Batch mixers ALFA MTI K1 Batch
Batch mixers ALFA MTI K1 Batch
horizontal conical Batchmischer in special version with Schrägschaufen and cutter head with tulips WZ, drive 15 KW cutterhead 5.5 kW, machine for a variety of applications can be modified
 DE 61757063
21.10.2016 Stephan Cutter STEPHAN UM 44E
Stephan Cutter STEPHAN UM 44E
Stephan Universal Machine for manufacture of confectionery, dairy, - delicatessen, - cosmetic and pharmaceutical products etc. Manufacturer: Stephan, Germany Machine complete made of stainless steel Type: UM 44 E for mixing, stirring, cutting, emulsifying etc. bowl contents: 45 liters batch size: 10... 33 litres capacity: 10... 200 l h, depending on the product Main motor: 380 V, 50 Hz 5.5, 7.5 KW 1.500, 3.000 rpm. Transport wing driven by gear motor Transport wing motor: 380 V, 50 Hz 0.5 KW, 31 RPM. Mixing and tra ...
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 DE 61468034
VK28x28 Geelen Counterflow Cooler. Operates by sucking air through two fluidised product beds. Comes withe underbin.
bid possible 
 DK 61422775
01.09.2016 Noodle machine SELA TEIGWARENGERäTE TR 150
Noodle machine SELA TEIGWARENGERäTE TR 150
TR 150 The TR 150 is characterised by maximum production performance, technology and ease. It was thought at all. Mixing cutter for 50 kg of semolina, conveyor for continuous feeding of the pasta press, pasta machine with Hopper, digital reading of the socket temperature with adjustment of water cooling (full coat), cutter rotating with infinitely variable setting for short goods and an alternate cutter (electronically controlled clock factory) for long goods. Technical data TR 150: mixing bucket capacity dough 50 kg Mixing hours  ...
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 DE 61417824
24.10.2016 Etruder wenger X175 fully refurbishment WENGER Wenger X175
Etruder wenger X175 fully refurbishment WENGER Wenger X175
WENGER X175 single screw fully refurbished motor 200hp 2 new dies plate (2.8mm and 3.2mm)
190,000 €
bid possible 
 EG 61417724
24.10.2016 Extruder Wenger C2  Fully refurbished WENGER C2
Extruder Wenger C2 Fully refurbished WENGER C2
Wenger c2 twin screw fully refurbished motor 280kw
200,000 €
bid possible 
 EG 61417721
26.09.2016 Complete lines HAARSLEV ROTODISC DRYER TST 60
FULLY OVERHAULED The work on the dryer was extensive I have forwarded you a copy of the report from the ultrasound inspection the paddles and scraper bars have been replaced with new, the stator was fitted with new feet after removal from the vessel. the end caps were removed and the pillow blocks and main bearings were reconditioned. the insulation was stripped and the stator was sand blasted and painted. it looks very good and the operating condition is exceptional. see attachments Further we have available New fish mea ...
bid possible 
 NL 61417625

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