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Online auction closes 28 of june 2018 (28/06/2018). troostwijkauctions.com/uk/recycling-machines/01-25192/ Search Troostwijk auction nro: 25192 (or use below the link go to auction / BID) Internationl auction of used recycling machines. Such as screw shredder, scrap hammer mill shredder, mobile scrap shear, sorting house, granulators, shredders, separation magnets, scrap cable processing system and lots of other useful machine located in Hauho, Finland. Total 20 different recycling machines. Machines (Lots ...
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BN 20.000 €
Logistics system for the disposal of the workshop: Pumping of waste oil, brake fluid, radiator antifreeze, a mixture of gasoline and diesel, and machining emulsions. Oil resources, such as oil-contaminated waste and oil filter, can 800 litre barrels or large refuse containers from collecting systems - like for example 60-200 litres up to 240 liters, IBC, ASP until to the 1.1 m ³ to idle system - by means of charging system simply and quickly emptied (up to 1,500 kg capacity) be. Matriculation year: 01 / 2 ...
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Manufacturer: Geesink Type: GPM II e 225 New price is â?¬ 3.000 net 73450 Neresheim price plus 19% VAT from site
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