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13.01.2017  LAMBRECHT 85LK40
silo trailer LAMBRECHT 85LK40, chassis nr.: 87382968, 1st registration: 31121987, GVW: 38000kg, with certificat of conformity, certificat of TC visit valid through 09062014, IMPORTANT Dit is een online veiling. Bieden is enkel mogelijk op onze website: abc.moyersoen.be. Wij accepteren geen biedingen via email of telefoon ! Alle informatie die bij ons bekend is staat in de kavelomschrijving. This is an online auction. Bids are only possible on our website: abc.moyersoen.be. We do not accept bids on email or tele ...
used machinery auction RESALE 1,250 € 
 BE 72154466
10.01.2017  HEINEMANN Z 7012/2
Box trailer with cover Type Z 70122 Number: 1 Manufacturer: Heinemann Initial registration 14.10.1991 HU 02.2016 UVV - trailer 02.2016 Max. Total weight 1200 kg Weight 205 kg Box dimension inside 1780 x 1120 x 700 Number of axes 1 brakes other enhanced side panels of removable hinged cover inner plastic shell Tires have exceeded the age limit
offer is possible 
 DE 26632349
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