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15. forklift trucks, lifts:

1501 electric forklift trucks
1502 diesel forklift trucks
1503 gas forklift trucks
1504 sideloader trucks
1505 heavy trucks
1506 container handlers
1507 reach trucks
1508 other forklift trucks
1509 pallet trucks
1510 pallet stackers
1511 order pickers
1512 hand pallet trucks
1513 scissor lifts
1514 sigma arm lifts
1515 boom lifts
1516 vertical mast lifts
1517 trailer mounted boom lifts
1518 other lifts or indoor vehicles
1519 attachments and spare parts
all dynamic subcategories of the category forklift trucks, lifts (2 or more items)
AC drive motor / drive(2)  
Charger for forklift(2)  
Charger for forklift trucks(7)  
Container handlers(3)  
Diesel forklift truck(2)  
Diesel forklift trucks(40)  
Diesel trucks(38)  
Drawbar controller and switches(2)  
Driver's seat-lift trucks, stackers(2)  
electric Forklift(2)  
Electric forklift trucks(80)  
Electric Reach truck(3)  
Electric transport vehicle(2)  
fork lift(2)  
Fork Lift Truck - Diesel(5)  
Fork Lift Truck - Electric(4)  
Forklift battery charger(9)  
Forklift battery charger, battery charger(2)  
Forklift BSK 70 Tipping Buckets(3)  
Forklift trucks - others(18)  
Forklift tyres(2)  
Forklift wheels(2)  
Forklift-Support for LINDE Forklift-Truck(2)  
Gas forklift trucks(21)  
Hand pallet trucks(4)  
High lift order picker(17)  
hydraulic gripper rotates 3500 kg(2)  
Hydraulic. Scissor(2)  
Low lift order picker(13)  
LPG trucks(23)  
Order pickers(3)  
Pallet stackers(18)  
Pallet trucks(12)  
Panel / shelf(2)  
Parts ant / picker(3)  
Reach truck(8)  
Reach trucks(3)  
Scissor lifts(78)  
Shelving Magazine rack storage shelves(2)  
Side forklift(2)  
Sideloader trucks(11)  
Vertical mast lifts(2)  
Warehouse sweeping machines(2)  
working platform(2)