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Category: 2477 small trucks and vans/breakdown trucks
New in: 1971
Location: Land-at AT 3100 St.Pölten, Porschestr. 23a
Seller: Karner & Dechow Industrie-Auktionen Ges.m.b.H.

Aircraft shunting tractors crested F206 Propulsion: Diesel, make: Deutz, 8-cylinder, pull approximately 10,600 kp, 1971, tires: 12.00R24 radial, performance about 200 HP comments to the State: is expressly advised that no complete inventory and review the Functionality of the auction object has been performed. There is still the possibility that there are significant defects. To learn about the condition and the efficiency of the auction object, the possibility of the visit and this is highly recommended. The auct ... more

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