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09.01.2017  KNAPEN KOCF100 100m3 8530kg
KNAPEN KOCF100 100m3 8530kg
Trailer Sliding floor KNAPEN KOCF100 -Year of manufacture 2001 -Volume 100 m3 -Internal dimensions: 13.4 x 2.46 x 3, 04m -Continental tire 30% -Twin wheels -Tyre size 26570 R19, 5 -Weight, kg: 8530 -Capacity 30470 kg -DMC 39000 kg -VIN XL9KOC10001051074 -Plane -Disc brakes -hydraulically powered pressure washer mounted + water tank 250 l Net price: 25900 z? - 5999 € Contact: + 48 600517834
5,999 €
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 PL 27420963
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