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13.11.2016  FLIEGL SDS 410 T
Fully functional 2011 Fliegl SDS 410 T low loader for forklifts, lifts, or machinery transport. Hydraulic ramps ramp lift (per ramp two lifting cylinders) Ramps can be hydraulically moved , to load 3 wheel forklift or small lifts. Electric winch with remote control Hydraulic lifting table for goose neck. 3 axel steered Extendable (maximum length 3000 mm can be extended from 13800 to 16800mm) Spread on each side to 250mm (up to 3000mm) Saddle height 1120 mm (standard TRUCK) Lashing rings in four rows along the ent ...
BN 59,950 €
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 DE 68721813
20.01.2017 Low loader-semi-trailers SCHEUERLE LOSFP1202T5
Low loader-semi-trailers SCHEUERLE LOSFP1202T5
; Gross weight [kg]: 107000; Front tyre size: 28570 R 19.5; Rear tyre size: 28570 R 19.5; Rear tyres remaining: 30; Front tyres remaining: 30; Accessories: This is a euro trailer with dollie, 2 axles, bed 5 axles. , All axles are hydraulically controlled and suspended. , , Trailer Manufacture: Scheuerle , Trailer Typ: LOSFP1202T5 , Manuf. Year: 1994 , Chassis number: 791131 , , Trailer Weight: 30.000 kg. ,; Inspection Date: 03-2014; Registration year: 1994; Vehicle outer dimensions [m]: 19,8 x 2,75 x 2,70; Max payload [kg]: 77000; ...
32,500 € 
 NL 72284714
20.01.2017 Low loader-semi-trailers GOLDHOFER STZ-TL3-32/80 Nutzlast: 35 to., 5,85 m Tiefbett
Low loader-semi-trailers GOLDHOFER STZ-TL3-32/80 Nutzlast: 3
; Gross weight [kg]: 50000; Front tyre size: 8.25R15; Rear tyre size: 8.25R15; Colour: Rot; Wheelbase: 0; Suspension type: LuftLuft; Cargo space dimensions [LxBxH]: 13600x2750x650; Max payload [kg]: 35000
13,900 € 
 DE 71954986
20.01.2017 Low loader-semi-trailers  Hoenkhaus Schibex
Low loader-semi-trailers Hoenkhaus Schibex
; Gross weight [kg]: 34000; Accessories: ABS; Colour: Schwarz; Suspension type: LuftLuft; Cargo space dimensions [LxBxH]: 11600x2500x880; Max payload [kg]: 26770
8,900 € 
 DE 69152133
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