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01.07.2016  KEMPF SP 34/3 BPW
For sale a used Kale - SP is 343-BPW axles steered trailing axle drink building Offers a well-kept Kempf is drinks trailers with the following equipment:-1 axis lift 3rd axle steering axle, BPW axles, fixed roof, sliding tarpaulin on the long sides, tyre size 38565 R 2.5 160J -. 111995 first registration 3 axes Vehicle type: semi-trailer Construction type. Drink building Gross vehicle weight: 34,000 kg Payload: 27.620 kg Extra facilities: ABS Price: 5.990,00 EUR net plus 19% VAT Visit anytime after arrangement.  ...
BN 5,990 €
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 DE 38939972
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