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Electric forklift trucks JUNGHEINRICH ESC 214z
Electric seat Sideloader Manufacturer: Jungheinrich Type: ESC 214z Year of construction: 2011 Payload capacity: 1400 kg Lifting height: 2900 mm Retracted height mast: 1995 mm Ausgefahre height mast: 3422 mm Width: 820 mm Weight including battery: 1660 kg Battery weight: 380 kg Total length incl. fork length: 2140 mm Protective roof (cabin) height: 2095 mm Service brakes: electrical Traction motor: 2,8 kW
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  DE   106845722
Electric forklift trucks ARTISON 3-wheel FTB 18
Capacity: 1750 kg Lifting height Max: 5400 mm Drive: Electric Operation: Seat Wheels: 21
  DE   106797334
Electric forklift trucks LINDE N 20 V
The Linde N 20 V is a performance vehicle, designed to optimise your Commission operations in two levels. The fork is welded with the lifting platform, ensuring direct access to the range for the storage of picking good. The N 20 V can be driven with raised or lowered driver's platform. To facilitate work at the picking is a large intermediate storage area for the Commission pick good located before work and Control Panel. The work desk is equipped with document pockets and compartments for order lists. The fully cushioned lifting ...
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  DE   106797221
Electric forklift trucks JUNGHEINRICH
Well-preserved Elektrostaple Jungheinrich! is always a good shut nothing big has contact problems but however. Lift 1200 kg with battery charger!
1,100 €
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  DE   106585604
Electric forklift trucks LINDE
Electric stacker The truck is in good condition and is fully functional.
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  DE   106209719
Electric forklift trucks BAKA EGV 60 - 1210 BA
Ant Load capacity: 1200 kg Lifting height: 1710 mm Height: 2020 mm Tyres: Elastic fold 6- Equipment accessories Battery - charger All technical data are created according to our best knowledge and existing documents; Expressly reserved by mistake. Any prospective buyer has the possibility the Ant before making a purchase in our factory under load test.
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  DE   103481555
Electric forklift trucks BISON
Sideloader bison Lifting capacity of 2500 kg Lifting height 4040 mm Weight approx. 3700 kg Year of construction 1983 L x W x H: 240 x 180 x 220 cm Battery needs to be replaced. The machine is in good condition, ready to use. Subject to changes, errors, prior sale! Servicespare parts by MATEC CH-4952 EriswilDE-79618 Rheinfelden MATEC system + technology GmbH Mechanical engineering Mill mat 4 CH-4952 EriswilSwitzerland Tel. 0041 62 966 18 32 Fax 0041 62 966 21 12
BN 5,800 €
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  C   100229240
Electric forklift trucks KAISER KRAFT EGV 1025
Lifting capacity 1000 kg. With charger.
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  DE   87555543
Electric forklift trucks JUNGHEINRICH EFG-DH12 - 5G115-330ZT
FORK LIFT Jungheinrich Model EFG-DH12 - 5G115-330ZT Year 1997 Capacity 1.2 ton Built height 215 cm lifting height 330 cm fork length 115 cm Vehicle width 85 cm Engine 24 Volts Battery (50-60% condition Available direct
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  NL   80516562
Electric forklift trucks JUNGHEINRICH
VierwegestaplerTragkraft 2tobei lifting height 6, 2m capacity 1, 6toHyd.ZinkverstellugGewicht 3100kg
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  AT   78066153
Electric forklift trucks KALMAR EC8-600
Capacity 8to Height 2, 9 m Weight 11to Lateral adjustment Fork adjustment
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  AT   78066101
Electric forklift trucks TOYOTA 4FB15
Lifting capacity 1500kg Height 2, 2 m Sideshift Weight 2500kg
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  AT   78066088
Electric forklift trucks CESAB ECO/M 40.3
Electric forklift CESAB model ECOM 40.3 , complete of battery charger
  IT   77732496
Electric forklift trucks STEINBOCK BOSS WK10 RL-15140
Properties < b > < b > Type: WK10 RL-15140 Manufacturer: Steinbock boss Year of manufacture: 1999 Flugförderfahrzeuig DIN 15140 Suitable to operate in narrow corridors with lateral shelves arrangement of Geeignent to go with raised load Integrated information display Electric power steering two-hand operation, avoid wrist strain Load-side, clearly arranged control panels Different variants of control panel arrangement possible Arrangement of auxiliary f ...
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  DE   74413758
Electric forklift trucks STöCKLIN EDS
electrical forklifts, differnt types and capacity, different Lifting heights
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  DE   71272881
Electric forklift trucks BATTIONI + PAGANI HT 5 ELL
Page forklift Battioni + Pagani HT 5 ELL electrically with street legal Switzerland Chassis No. 12525 GES. Weight 14500 kg Empty weight 9500 kg Capacity 5000 kg Built in 2000 The truck is in good condition, ready to use. Subject to changes, errors, prior sale! Servicespare parts by MATEC CH-4952 EriswilDE-79618 Rheinfelden MATEC system + technology GmbH Mechanical engineering Mill mat 4 CH-4952 EriswilSwitzerland Tel. 0041 62 966 18 32 Fax 0041 62 966 21 12
BN 39,900 €
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  CH   69101410
Electric forklift trucks LINDE L16, 2750 mm
Fully functional Linde L16 Ant built in 1992 with 1600! kg payload capacity which can hold almost up to 2700 mm. The Ant has just about 2300 hours. And is a real workhorse lifts where other ants to give up the heavy loads. The Ant has a full free lift of approx. 1700 mm and is equipped with a 24v hawker brands which is located in a very good condition battery. The device was loaded only with a high frequency charger and the battery has even a Restkapaztität of 80%. Unit is free of defects. Accident prevention Regulation ...
BN 2,700 €
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  DE   68721870
Electric forklift trucks CROWN EM 1.0
Hand forklifts, batteries defective
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  DE   68678614
Electric forklift trucks STILL RX 60-45
Electric stacker with special equipment. Only one owner, use in large enterprises with regular maintenance very little went only 2303 hours of operation Load capacity: 4500 kg side-shift divisible forks (2 in 4) hydraulically adjustable up to 2m (spreading extendable in width) Trip lex mast with free lift mast Lifting height: 4700 mm Full cabin glazed rear wiper and window heater Height: 2350 mm Free lift: 1650 mm 3. + 4. valve Working lights front and rear Full cab with blower and heating Sprint selector... With charger 80V A forwa ...
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  DE   68525597
Electric forklift trucks STILL
Unladen weight 4300 kg; Capacity 4500 kg; 15 kW
9,000 €
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  DE   68506929
Electric forklift trucks JUNGHEINRICH EPG 216 K
Technical details: Manufacturer: Jungheinrich Type: EPG 216 K Execution: with full fairing Capacity: 1600 kg Type: electric forklift Year of construction: 2008 Battery: 48v Hours of operation: 2673 Technical condition: very good Opt. Condition: Very good Mast type: triplex Lifting height: 4500 mm Height: 2100 mm Gabellänge1150: mm Equipment: page hub, free lifting mast, working lights front + rear, wipers front + rear, full cabin, heated rear window, rear-view mirrors, creep speed The Jungheinrich & co ...
11,999 €  
  DE   68210657
Electric forklift trucks JUNGHEINRICH EFG 316
Technical details: Manufacturer: Jungheinrich Type: EFG 316 Capacity: 1600 kg Type: electric forklift Year of construction: 2005 Hours of operation: 3728 Tyres front rear: SE(L) Technical condition: good Opt. Condition: good Mast type: triplex Lifting height: 4800: mm Height: 2125: mm Free lift: 1480 mm Fork length: 1150: mm Facilities: Including charger, Sideshift, free lifting mast, working lights front rear, rotating beacon The Jungheinrich & co. Maschinenfabrik is a well-known manufacturer for industrial trucks w ...
7,900 €
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  DE   68210655
Electric forklift trucks JUNGHEINRICH EFG 216
Technical details: Manufacturer: Jungheinrich Type: EFG 216 Capacity: 1550 kg Type: electric forklift Year of construction: 2005 Built in battery: 05.08.2008 Battery: 48v Hours of operation: EFF. 6817 Technical condition: good Opt. Condition: good Mast type: triplex Lifting height: 4800: mm Height: 2010: mm Fork length: 1000: mm Facilities: Sideshift, free lifting mast, 3-4 valve, working lights front rear, brake light The Jungheinrich & co. Maschinenfabrik is a well-known manufacturer for industrial trucks with 60 yea ...
8,990 €  
  DE   68210649
Electric forklift trucks BT C3E 160 / 1288
For sale a front forklift Linde C3E 160 1288 is built in: 2009 Counter: 2250Bh Drive: Electric Capacity: 1600 KG Lifting height: 4500mm Mast type: TRIPLEX Free lift: 1480 mm Mast height in the folded down: 2060 mm Fork length: 1150 mm Charger: Yes Warranty: 1 month commissioning guarantee Price: 10.900,00 EUR net plus statutory VAT. The package offered: -new coating according to the original RAL color -einwanfrei technical and operational -new wheels On request, we can organise transpor ...
10,900 €  
  DE   68078796
Electric forklift trucks LINDE E20P
Technical data: -Manufacturer: Linde -Type: E20P -Fuel: Electric -with charger 170A and 48V -BJ: CA 1998 Sideshift and positioner -abgelesene hours approx. 11600 -Capacity: 2000 kg Fork length 1200 mm -Height: approx. 2200 mm -Hubhöhe 3000mm -Width: 1200mm
5,300 €  
  DE   67794938
Electric forklift trucks JUNGHEINRICH EFG15
Technical data: -Manufacturer: Jungheinrich -Type: EFG15 -Fuel: Electric -with charger 140A and 24V -BJ: approx. 1997 -abgelesene operating hours approximately 4900 -Capacity: 1500 kg Fork length 1130 mm -Height: approx. 2000 mm -Hubhöhe 3000mm -Width: 1000mm -Schlechte brake otherwise good
3,200 €  
  DE   67794720
Electric forklift trucks ARMANNI 4 VIE SL
BATTERY FORKLIFT ARMANNI MOD. 4 VIE SL capacity kg. 1200 max lift mm. 4500 4 directions EC
offer is possible  
  IT   66405775
Electric forklift trucks NH SPN 1030
Manual control stackers with electric – hydraulic gear. Lifting heights: 3000 mm. Acumulator: 12 V 150 HP. With acumulator power indicator. Electric lifting gear motor: 1,8 kW. Lifting capacity: 1000 kg. Fork length: 1150 mm. Fork width: 550 mm. Standard free lifting course: 20 mm. Polyurethan wheels. Weigth: 466 kg.
1,480 €
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  LT   61417631
Electric forklift trucks WAGNER
Stable Eletro-thrust mast forklift Wagner Capacity: 1250 kg Lifting height: max 7.1 m 24 volt system - 3 wheel - Tripplingmast smooth starting and driving Stable wide wheel base very guterStand Hydr functions: Lifting - thrust (forward) - tilt - side-shift Truck weight without Batt.: 2680 kg Battery weight: 611 kg Mass approx.: width: 1.71 m length: 1.78 m (eingefah. Thrust mast) Height: run-in mast: 3 m Tine length inside 90 cm Accessories: Charger & battery (used) The truck is in very good used c ...
BN 2,500 €
offer is possible  
  DE   53988993
Electric forklift trucks TMC 10 - 20
Electric hand forklifts TMC 10-20 Year of construction: 1993 No. 002283 Load capacity: 1000 kg Lifting height: 2 m Height of mast: 2.37 m Gabe Tine length: 1,15 m Weight: 320 kg Lifting operation by electro hydr pump 12 volt Battery 12 volt 1 St. bike foot brake Used good condition
BN 750 €
offer is possible  
  DE   53988986

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