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02.08.2016  RENAULT Master Maxi Shuttle
RENAULT Master Maxi Shuttle
Matriculation year: now elapsed. Mileage: approx. 136.665 Power: 84 kW Displacement: 2.799 cc Test badge: no inspection sticker has § 57a "Stickers". This must be claimed by the buyer. Drive type: Diesel, top speed 140 kmh Motornr.: S9WA7 FIN: Series.: WF1EDCCH524662532 last off Indicator: none Equity total weight: 3.220 kg 5.450 kg Color: white Construction: closed, seats 16, length approx. c.6980 mm, B approx. 2050 mm, H approx. 2,550 mm,. Equipment: material facilities, air conditioning, auxiliary heating ...
used machinery auction RESALE 2,000 € 
 AT 52342088
09.12.2016 Other MB TRAC E 220 TDI *Zur Teilverwertung*
Other MB TRAC E 220 TDI *Zur Teilverwertung*
; Accessories: Automatik
950 € 
 DE 69801082
09.12.2016 Other FIATAGRI Stilo 1.6
Other FIATAGRI Stilo 1.6
2,750 € 
 DE 69801078
09.12.2016 Other SKODA Octavia Kombi
Other SKODA Octavia Kombi
 AT 69590772
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