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STANKO 5342 for sale
Gear Hobbing Machines

MODEL 5342 YOM:1965 Max. Diameter of Wheel:300-2000mm(12"-79") Max. Module:20 Diam. of Working Table:1800mm(71") Max. loading on Table: 10 ton -with vertical cutting 560mm(22") -with radial ...
used machine
MODEL 5342


Max. Diameter of Wheel:300-2000mm(12"-79")

Max. Module:20

Diam. of Working Table:1800mm(71")

Max. loading on Table: 10 ton

-with vertical cutting 560mm(22")

-with radial cutting: 760mm(30")

Max. Tooth Rake:+/- 45 degree9.

Max. Mill Diam:250mm(10")

Max. Mill Length:300mm(12')

Milling Spindle RPM:8...100

Spindle:Morse 613. Main Motor:14Kw

Total Main powered :22.02kW

Machine DimensionsL x W x H:6910 x 2990 x3462mm

Weight of machine :29.3 ton

Equipment:Changing gears

price 25000 EUR
25,000 €  
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STANKO 5342 for sale

Max. Diameter of Wheel: 300-2000mm(12\\-79\\) Max. Module:20 Diam. of Working Table:1800mm(71\\) Max. loading on Table: 10 ton -with vertical cutting:560mm(22\\) -with radial cutting:760mm(30\\) Max. Tooth Rake:+/ ...

Max. Diameter of Wheel: 300-2000mm(12\\-79\\)
Max. Module:20
Diam. of Working Table:1800mm(71\\)
Max. loading on Table: 10 ton
-with vertical cutting:560mm(22\\)
-with radial cutting:760mm(30\\)
Max. Tooth Rake:+/- 45 degree
Max. Mill Diam:250mm(10\\)
Max. Mill Length:300mm(12\\)
Milling Spindle RPM:8...100
Spindle: Morse 6
Main Motor:14kW
Total Main powered :22.02kW
Machine Dimensions L x W x H:6910 x 2990 x 3462mm
Weight of Machine :29.3 ton
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Eccentric Press STANKO KO 134

Overrun time: 386ms, overrun time: 78mm, safety distance: 650mm.

Lathe STANKO 1K 62

Center height: 200mm, max. workpiece dimensions over bed: 400mm, max. swing over support: 220mm, max. bar diameter: 45mm, max. turning length: 1000mm, rotational speed: 12.5-2000/min, feed rate x/ y-travel: 0.035-2.08/ 0.070-4.16mm, spindle bore: 47mm, length: 2712mm, width: 1324mm, height: 116mm, weight: 2.4t.

Horizontal forging machine STANKO V1134, 250 ton

Max. diameter of initial blank: 30 mm Blank length: -Min.: 120 mm -Max.: 300 mm Max. diameter of upset flange: 60 mm Upset slide nominal force: 2500 kN Max. force on clamping slide with dies closed: 2500 kN Stroke: -Movable die: 100 mm -Upset slide (full): 220 mm -Die closing: 140 mm Slide strokes per minute: 45 Machine overall dimensions: -Length: 6050 mm -Width: 4600 mm -Height: 2260 mm Machine weight: 24680 kg

Boring Mills STANKOIMPORT 2L614

Boring machine STANKOIMPORT 2L614 produced in 1978. The machine is equipped with measuring, and has upgraded partly electronic. Technical data of boring STANKOIMPORT 2 l 614: -spindle diameter: 80 mm -table dimensions: 800 x 1000 mm -the maximum workpiece weight: 1000 kg -spindle speed: 20-1600 min -engine power: 4.5/6.7 kW -dimensions of the machine: ok. 4300 x 2200 x 2800 mm -weight: 7000 kg

Hob milling machines STANKOIMPORT 53A30P

Hobbes STANKOIMPORT 53A30P built in 1993. Technical parameters of the milling STANKOIMPORT 53A30P: -maximum cutting diameter: 320 mm -milling length: 220 mm -Max. module: 6 mm -the maximum tilt angle: +/-60 ° -the maximum cutter diameter: 160 mm -overall dimensions: 2300 x 1300 x 1950 mm -weight: 6000 kg

Spline Shaft Grinding Machines STANKO 3451B

Profile grinder 3451B produced in 1980. Technical data 3451B Sanders: -the maximum diameter: 300 mm -the maximum diameter of grinding: 125 mm -minimum diameter of grinding: 25 mm -length: 1500 mm -grinding length: 1350 mm -weight: 6200 kg

Pneumatic air forging hammer STANKOIMPORT MA 4129 A

Jackhammer STANKOIMPORT is 4129 and was produced in 1986. Sledgehammer compressor STANKOIMPORT is 4129 A-technical data: -the impact: 63 tons

Roll Bending Machines STANKOIMPORT IB 2222 V4

Rolling 3-roller for sheet metal STANKOIMPORT IB 2222 V4 16X2000 was built in the Soviet Union in 1984. Trójwalcowa sheet metal rolling mill has a mechanical drive, the yoke of the upper roller is also opened with gears. Technical data winders STANKOIMPORT IB 2222: -width: 2000 mm -rolled sheet thickness in bending: 16 mm -the thickness of rolled sheet at podginaniu: 12 mm -the smallest bending radius: 240 mm -bending speed: 7.7 m/min. -the diameter of the upper cylinder: 270 mm -overall dimensions (l x w x h): 4040 x 2020 x 1745 mm -weight: weight (without Cabinet): 9800 kg -DTR-technical-functional in Polish and Russian Fight for sheet metal bending are intended 2222 IB STANKOIMPORT cold rolled and tapered ring segments of the sheet with a yield T = 250 MPa (25 kG/mm2).

Carousel Turning Machines (Lathes) CONDOR KROMERIZ STANKO 1516

Maximum diameter of folding support: 1600mm Maximum turning diameter by side support: 1600mm Maximum workpiece height: 1000mm Max. workpiece weight at revolutions of the clamping plate 4-125ot / min 6000kg 150-200ot./min. 2400 kg Number of steps for horizontally adjusting the support: 18 Feed rate range for adjustment: 5-1840 m.min Number of slides for slide: 18 Slide displacement range: 0.03-12.5mm / revolution of the clamping plate Number of positions of the turret head: 5

Eccentric Presses STANKOIMPORT KD 2330

Eccentric press STANKOIMPORT KD 2330 was built in 1980. Characteristics of the press STANKOIMPORT KD 2330: -nominal pressure: 100 t -table dimensions: 850 x 560 mm -adjustable slider stroke: 10-130 mm -the number of jumps the slider: 95/min -adjust the distance between the table and the slider: 10 mm -the maximum distance between the table and the slider in the lower position the slider at the maximum stroke: 400 mm -the distance from the axis of the slider to the press corps: 320 mm -distance from the press table to guides: 550 mm -the distance between the uprights in clearance: 400 mm -the angle of the body: 10 degrees, 20 degrees, 30 degrees -dimensions of the machine: 1745 x 2360 x 3180 mm -weight: 8650 kg

Carousel Turning Machines (Lathes) Stanko 1525

in working condiiton

Horizontal Boring Machine STANKO 2A637GF1 , Ø160mm

spindle Ø 160mm., table 1600x1800mm , X 2000mm., Y 1600mm., Z 1000mm., longitudinal travel 1600mm., weight 36,35 ton.

Single Column Eccentric Press STANKOIMPORT KE 2130

Nominal force: 1000kN, stroke: 10-130mm, stroke speed: 45/min, max. table ram distance: 400mm, weight: 9.5t.

Eccentric Press STANKOIMPORT KA 2128 K

Pressing force: 630kN, weight: 5.5t.

Vertikal Turning Machines (Lathes) Stanko Ø8000 x 3240 x 125 T

Technical characteristics. The largest diameter of the workpiece - 8000 mm The greatest height. workpiece - 3240 mm The diameter of the disc table - 7100 mm The biggest shift sliders rests vertical (right and left) - 2000 mm The highest levels of vertical travel of the slides (right and left) - 4400 mm Mileage axis slider slides off the center of the shield handle - 150 mm Vertical rotation angle bracket right - -15 ° - 30 ° Vertical rotation angle bracket left (combined) - -15 ° - 30 ° Sliding horizontal slider bracket side - 1250 mm Vertical travel of the slider carriage side - 2,800 mm Maximum weight of the workpiece at a speed table to 15.5 rev / min - 125 tons Maximum weight of the workpiece at any speed - 63 tons The speed range of the table - 0.23 - 19,3obr / min * The largest total cutting force - 160 kN The biggest moment of cutting - 400 Nm Range of feed carriages vertical and horizontal - 0.0352 - 275mm / min The feed rate accelerated sliders and carriages - 2400 mm / min The speed of the beam - 300 mm / min Main engine power - 25 kW Lifting capacity of the crane - 75 ton Suport combined (slide left) Boring spindle diameter - 125 mm Spindle stroke - 1000 mm Maximum torque of the spindle - 3500 Nm Spindle speed n - 20 - 650 r / min Number of degrees of speed spindle - 16 Max-min vertical feed spindle - 0.0352 - 215mm / min The rate accelerated feed spindle - of 2400 mm / min Shift the slider to slide in the y-axis - 2000 mm Feed range slider and bracket Min - 0.0352 mm / min Max - 285 mm / min The feed rate accelerated slider and slide - 2400 mm / min The greatest strength of the cutting blade when running from the front bracket L <= 1000 mm - 80 kN L <= 1700 mm - 50 kN L <= 2300 mm - 30 kN The extreme angles of rotation slide - -15 ° - + 30 ° The electric motor drive main spindle - 10 kW Max spindle feed force - 30 kN Cone Size spindle DIN 2080 - Metric 80

Fly Presses With Electro Mechanical Drive Stanko USSR F1730

Used forging screw press 100 tonns. Daylight: 510mm Slider travel: 260mm Table size: 510 x 560 mm Slider size: 440 x 460mm Power consumption: 9kW Weight: 6,2 tonns Mechanical parts in good condition, electrical cabinet incomplete.

STANKO 165 x 5000

Used Stanko lathe 165 x 5000 Swing over bed: 1000 mm Turning length: 5000 mm Main engine: 22 kW 3 x 380 volts Quill: MK 6 Weight: 14500 kg Accessories: 4 jaws chuck Quill Rapid traverse to all movements

Gear Fine Processing Machines Stanko 5B150

Max diameter of gears cut 800 mm Max module 12 mm Max cutter stroke 200 mm Saddle indexing gear diameter: 360 mm Axes distance (tool and table) 0-700 mm Largest tool diameter 200 mm Cutter arbor diameter 44.443 mm Taper M5 Table diameter 800 mm D ...

Horizontal boring machine STANKO 2A636F1 (Ø 125)

Specifications: Spindle Diameter of spindle mm Ø 125 Cone of spindle ?50 Main drive power kW 30 Rotational speed min-1 6,3 ... 1250 The greatest moment on the sliding spindle Nm 3500 The greatest moment on the milling spindle Nm 5200 (6000) *  ...

Knuckle Joint Forging Press PINSK- STANKO KB 8336

Knuckle Joint Forging Press PINSK KB 8336 400T YOM 1991, Mach No. 1001 Maximum force: 400 to Table dimensions : 500x500 mm Ram stroke, minimum: 130 mm Number of strokes per minute : 50 Distance between Plate Stamp & Slider: 475 mm Adjustment Bolste ...

Mechanical Press STANKO K3535

Mechanical Press K3535A STANKO Manufactured by Kalinin plant (Russia) YOMear of manufacture 1989 Capacity 315 t Ram stroke 400 mm Number of strokes per minute 25 Shut height 750 mm Ram adjustment 250 mm Table dimensions mm 2500 x 1250

Thread Grinding machine STANKO 5822M

Max dia workpiece 200 mm Max length worpiece 500 mm Grinding wheel 300..400 mm

Thread Grinder STANKO 5K822B

grinding diameter 200 mm grinding length 500 mm max. grinding wheel diameter 400 mm max. workpiece weight 30 kg

Horizontal Broaching machine STANKO 7A545

Horizontal Broaching machine STANKO 7A545 Nominal pulling force 63 tons Stroke of the working cylinder rod 2000 mm Speed of working stroke 1-7 m/min Feeding speed 11,2 m/min Withdrawal speed 18,8 m/min Speed regulation of the main motion is stepless ...

Horizontal Broaching machine STANKO 7A520

Horizontal Broaching machine 7A520 Nominal pulling force 20 tons Working stroke length 1600 mm Working table width 130 mm

Horizontal forging machine (Upsetter) Stanko Ryazan B1139, 800T

Capacity, ton 800 Movable die stroke, mm 180 Max. upsetting ram stroke, mm 380 Upsetting ram workstore, mm 250 Upsetting ram return stroke with closed dies, mm 130 Distance bentween upsetting ram and dies stroke forward, mm 140 Number of ram strok ...

Carousel Turning Machines (Lathes) STANKO 1M65

Used Stanko lathe 1M65 Well maintained and in very good condition Capacity: Pinol height: 500 mm Turning diameter over pastures: 1000 mm Turning diameter over cross-sled: 600 mm Turning length: 3000/5000 mm Spindle: Taper: Metric 100 Bore: 120 mm ...

Gear shaping machine STANKO 5A122

Max work piece diameter, mm 250 Module 0,2...6 Table area, mm 320 Table travel, mm: - internal shaping 260 - external shaping 350 Distance between table and spindle, mm 160...250 Gap diameter in the table, mm 65 Spindle taper, morse 5 Spindle spe ...

Gear Hobbing Machines Stanko 5342

MODEL 5342 YOM:1965 Max. Diameter of Wheel:300-2000mm(12"-79") Max. Module:20 Diam. of Working Table:1800mm(71") Max. loading on Table: 10 ton -with vertical cutting 560mm(22") -with radial cutting: 760mm(30") Max. Tooth  ...

Centre-Drive Turning Machines STANKO 1M 65

Used STANKO 1 m 65 lathe Swing over vanger: 1000 mm Swing of support: 600 mm Spindle bore: 85 mm Turning length: 2700 mm Incl. cooling water plants IMMEDIATE DELIVERY

Horizontal forging machine(Upsetter) Stanko Ryazan V 1136 , 400ton

Capacity, ton 400 Movable die stroke, mm 125 Max. upsetting ram stroke, mm 290 Upsetting ram work stroke, mm 190 Upsetting ram return stroke with closed dies, mm 60 Distance between upsetting ram and dies stroke forward, mm 100 Number of ram s ...

Sheet stamping press STANKO K3535A,315t

capacity 315 ton., table 1250x2500mm., stroke 400mm., shut height 750mm., number of strokes per min. 25, weight 50,9 ton

Mechanical Presses Stanko K3535A

Capacity, ton 315 Ram stroke, mm 400 Number of strokes per minute 25 Shut height, mm 750 Bed-to-ram adjustment, mm 250 Bed dimensions, mm 2500 x 1250 Bolster plate thickness, mm 180 Main drive motor power, kW 40 Press weight, kg 50900 Pr ...

Pneumatic air forging hammer STANKO MA417 (750kg)

Nominal weight of the falling parts: 750 kg Max. number of blows per minute: 105 Kinetic energy: 1900 kg Distance from an axis of the slider up to bed: 750 mm Cylinder diameter: 600 mm Diameter of the plunger: 630 mm Max. headstock travel: 835 mm D ...

Center Lathe STANKO 1M65

Centre distance: 3000m, rotational speed: 5-500/min, longitudinal/ cross feed rate: 0.20-3.05/ 0.07-1.04mm/U, number of gears for headstock: 15-114, gradient: 3-5mm.

Radial Drilling Machine STANKO 2M55

Column diameter: 315mmm, drilling sledge travel: 1300mm, rotational speed: 20-2000/min, feed rate: 0.056-2.5mm/U, spindle: MK 5, connected load: 4kW, length: 2665mm, width: 1030mm, height: 3430mm, weight: 4.7t.

Broaching Machines Stanko 7B57

power 40 tons max. leng 2000mm machine weight 15800kg

Turning Machines (Lathes) Stanko Samat-400S

Auction name: Boxmeer Metal in Beugen (1/2) Online auction Start of auction: 08 December 2017 09:00 GMT +0200 (Western Europe (DST) Closing time: 19 December 2017 15:50 GMT +0200 (Western Europe (DST) The price listed is an opening bid To p ...

Thread Milling Machines Stanko USSR 5350A

Machine in working condition. Max. working length 1000mm max. working dia. 500mm.

Mechanical Presses Stanko KV2536

Nominal force 400 t Slider stroke, mm 250 Slider strokes, spm 25 Shut height, mm 460 Distance adjustment between table and slider, mm 160 Slider size, mm 800 x 800 Table size, mm 1000 x 1000 Table gap size, mm 630 x 630 Bolster plate thickness, mm ...

Roll Grinding Machines Stanko HSh 4-31

Roll-End Face(angle) Grinding Machine Stanko HSh 4-31, 1981,max.dia 1000mm., max. length 2800mm,machine weight 30ton., Price 9500 EUR

Air steam double-acting Forging Hammer Stanko M2140 RAM 1000T

Impact energy, kJ 31.8 Nominal mass of the falling parts, kg 1000 Distance between guides in light, mm 500 Distance between guides in light, mm 500 Dimensions of the machine Lx Wx H (mm) 3000_1380_4830 Weight kg 30000

Hammer forging steamair double action arch type Stanko M212 RAM 2000kg

model M212 Impact energy, 50 kJ Nominal weight of falling parts, kg 2000 Stroke woman, mm 1200 Stroke woman, mm 1200 Machine dimensions Length Width Height (mm) 3650X1660X5310 Weight kg 58.310,

Stanko Moscow Carrousel 1531M

Auction name Containers, metal and woodworking machines in Giessenburg Public online auction. Start of auction: 20 October 2017 17:00 GMT +0200 (Western Europe (DST) Closing time: 2 November 2017 15:50 GMT +0200 (Western Europe (DST) The  ...

Stanko 1540

Stanko 1540 157 "Vertikale Bohrmühle Alter: 1985 EIGENSCHAFTEN: 2-schwenkbare vertikale Rams Taper Turning Attachment Tracer Attachment KAPAZITÄT: Tabelle Durchmesser ................................. 157.48 " Maximale Schaukel ........... ...


Table diam: 1400 Slide stroke: max 1200 / min 300

Horizontal Forging Machines Stanko - Ryazan V

Horizontal forging machine(Upsetter) Stanko Ryazan V Manufactured by Tyazhpressmash (Russia) Year of manufacture 1985 Capacity, ton 400 Movable die stroke, mm 125 Max. upsetting ram stroke, mm 290 Upsetting ram work stroke, mm 190 Upsetting  ...

spiral-bevel and hypoid gear cutting machine STANKO 5A284

Gear hobbing machine for spiral bevel gears model 5A284 Manufacturer - STANKO Machine is intended for processing of bevel pairs - bevel gears with straight or helical teeth (ring gear and pinion gear). Tooth angle, deg 0-45 Range of application of the  ...

Plano milling machine STANKO 6625T

(Two wertical+two horizontal spindles) Table working area: 2 500 x 8 000 mm Max.height of workpiece: 2 500 mm Max.weight of workpiece: 65 000 kg Table travel: 8 500 mm Distance between columns: 3060 mm Spindle speeds: 20-1000 rpm Main ...

Horizontal Boring And Milling Centres For Cubical Stanko 2L614

Spindle dia 80 mm 11 kW Spindle 20-1600 rpm Face plate 6.3- 200 rpm Table 1000x800 mm Table 360 degrees Face plate 500 mm Spindle M5 X/Y/Z/W/U- 1000x800x1000x500x125 Feeding 1.26-2000 mm/min Weight 8500 kg Price 3500 EUR FCA Riga,Latvia
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