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ELB-SCHLIFF Classic 020 NPC-K for sale

grinding length: 2000 mmgrinding width: 750 mmworkpiece height: 950 mmtable surface area: 2500 x 750 mmtable load: 1950 kgx-Travel: 2100 mmtable feed: 50 - 24000 mm/minvertical feeds:: max. 600 mm/mincross travel: max. 7 ...
used machine
grinding length: 2000 mm
grinding width: 750 mm
workpiece height: 950 mm
table surface area: 2500 x 750 mm
table load: 1950 kg
x-Travel: 2100 mm
table feed: 50 - 24000 mm/min
vertical feeds:: max. 600 mm/min
cross travel: max. 700 mm
rapid traverse cross: 1500 mm/min
dimensions of grinding wheel: 600 x 100 x 304,8 mm
grinding spindle speed: 1000 U/min
grinding spindle drive: 22 kW
Machine height: 4440 mm
total power requirement: 50 kW
weight of the machine ca.: 21,5 t
dimensions of the machine ca.: 7120 x 4825 mm
Precision surface and profile grinding machine

Condition: Good condition

X-axis table drive: ballscrew
Y-axis (400 mm increase) vertical movement: ballscrew
Z-axis transverse movement: ballscrew
Coolant equipment with paper band filter
Electric straight-dressing device, dressing width 1-100 mm
Electric permanent - magnetic plate 1500 x 750 mm
Magnetic plate - strength control via potentiometer
Hand-angle dressing device
Auto. grinding cycles through grinding program II - NPC-K
According to the workpiece to be machined it can be selected between a
automatic face and plunge grinding cycle. The resulting through the grinding
wheel wear is automatically compensated when dressing and in the digital display
of the Y-axis offset. The size of the work feeds, the speed of the table and
the table adjustment are on the control panel infinitely adjustable.

Roughing: 0.003 to 0.03 mm
Finishing: 0.001 to 0.003 mm
Sparking-out time: 3 sec. - 3 min.
Retraction: max. 3 mm
Microhandwheel: switchable 0.001 mm

Video of the machine:

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Machining Center HELLER BEA 07

X-travel: 630mm, y-travel: 500mm, z-travel: 550mm, feed rate: 1-10000mm/min, rapid traverse: 12000mm/min, tool magazine slots: 40, NC round table: 400x400mm, pallet clamping surface: 400x500mm, control: uni-Pro NC 80-c.

Rapid GK 1000 RS

Year 1986 75 kW motor. Available in August.

Boring Mills TOS Varnsdorf W9

Horizontal boring machine W9 TOS Varnsdorf K.102259 Diameter of working spindle mm 90 Depth of working spindle mm 710 Vertical spindle adjustment mm 900 (1120) Spindle speed: number of degrees 21 range min-1 14-400 Spindle speed with removable faceplate number of degrees 18 range min-1 28-1400 Speed of the face plate number of degrees 12 range min-1 14-180 Working feeds: 18 degrees in the mm / rev range 0.016-0.8 18 degrees in the range of mm min-1 12.5-600 Micro-axis mm min-1 5 Rapid traverse mm min-1 2400 Threads: 18 metric with pitch mm 0.25-12 24 Whitworth threads / 1 "120-2 Electric motor kW 7.5 Machine dimensions: length mm 3900 (4750, 5120) width mm 2500 (2600) Height mm 2650 (2875)

Heavy Lathes POREBA TCA 160

Heavy lathe POREBA TCA 160 was produced in 1959 by the famous Polish FUM POREBA. Technical data of lathe POREBA TCA 160: Scope of work:-height of tusks: 800 mm -maximum turning diameter over bed: 1600 mm -maximum turning diameter over support: 1300 mm -eyepiece: fi 800 mm -maximum turning diameter in the pó?okularze: 250 mm -maximum turning length: 6000 mm -maximum weight of workpiece between centers in: 16000 kG -permissible cross section of the chip (turning steel Rr = 60 kG/mm2) on a single support: 30 mm2 -permissible cross section of the chip (turning steel Rr = 60 kG/mm2) on a single support: 50 mm2 -permissible force on the knife: 6000 kG -the maximum torque at the spindle: 630000 -the maximum cross section 70 x 70 mm knife: Cap Headstock: -number of spindle speeds: 24 n -the exponent of the speed: 1.25 -spindle speed range: 1,12-224 RPM., 1,12-224 r/min, 0.85-170 RPM. -front spindle neck diameter: 260 mm -slot in the spindle of the cone metric: # 120 -reducing Bush metric cone Tip: # 120/80 -spindle bore diameter: 105 mm -diameter of the blade Cap: 1600 mm Suport, feeds the normal: -20 longitudinal feed range: 0,19-5,0 mm/Rev. -20 transverse feed range: 0,095-2.5 mm/Rev. -20 feed on the upper tray of the range: 0,095-2.5 mm/Rev. Suport, feeds 8-20 longitudinal feed range: 1.5-40 mm/Rev. -20 transverse feed range: 0.75-20.0 mm/Rev. -20 feed on the upper tray of the range: 0.75-20.0 mm/Rev. Suport, feeds minute:-20 longitudinal feed range: 12-320 mm/Rev. -20 transverse feed range: 6-160 mm/Rev. -20 feed on the upper tray with a range: 6-160 mm/Rev. Suport, feeds to thread (the main screws. train.):-35 thread jumping metrycz. about t. : 1-50 mm -jumping 35 inch threads range: 24-1/2 scroll/inch Suport, feeds for threading on the top tray:-25 thread jumping metrycz. about t. 0.25-7 mm -jumping 35 inch threads/inch scroll: the scroll 28-3/inch Feed rates associated to the rolling cones of gradients creating: 1:1.5 (d) 1:1000 -rapid traverse: 4000 mm/min. Konik: -barrel diameter: 200 mm -stroke sleeve: 600 mm -slot in the spindle sto?. meter.: # 80 -radial offset: +-30 mm Glasses: -diameter adjustment range normal: 200-600, 200-500 equipment, okular, 300-800 mm -adjustment range of diameters okular special equipment: 30-300, 50-400, 200-500 mm Pó?okular: -adjustment range pó?okulara diameter: 50-250 mm Drive:-main motor power: 40 kW -the engine speed: 750 RPM. -rapid feed motor power: 2.2 kW -the engine speed rapid feed rate: 3000 rpm. -oil pump motor power: 0.37 kW -engine oil pump: 1500 rpm. -performance oil pump: 25 l/min. Sizes and weights: -distance between centres: 3000-15000 mm -weight for length 6000 mm and 1 support: ok. 30000 kg -extra weight Prov difference length 1000 mm: 1200 kg -the weight of the additional bracket: 1500 kg


MILLING MACHINE FIL FSM 300 Category: Milling Machine Type: mobile upright Brand: FIL Model: FSM 300 Capacity: 3500x1000x1250 mm Year built: 2008 FIELD WORK: Longitudinal (x): 3000 mm, vertical (y): 1250 mm Transverse ram (z): 1000 mm CNC CNC: Heidenhain TNC430 SPINDLE Spindle power: 30 kW Rotation speed: 10-3000 Rpm Taper: ISO50 FEEDS: Rapid x: 25 m / min, Rapid y: 25 m / min, Rapid z: 25 m / min ATC Locations: 24 Position: on mast PLAN OF ANCHORAGE Size (lxwxh): 3500x1000 mm Capacity: 15,000 Kg / m HEAD 1 Type: OVER Spindle taper: ISO50 Axle: 180 ° Max speed: 3000 rpm Machine weight: 24700 kg Fridge: yes

Fresalesatrice FPT LEM M60

Technical data Running Long. 6000 mm. 1200 race. Corsa 2000 Working feeds 6000 mm/min. Rapid feeds 15000 mm/min. Motor power mand. 22 kW. Spindle speed 3000 rpm. Total installed power KW. 57 Data not binding to obtain/verify Date must be Standard equipment CNC HEIDENHAIN TNC 426 C. Auto Tools 40 pos. Auto dual-rotating head 2.5° x 2 .5° Anchor plans mm. diameter 1500x6000

Bed milling machine floor type FPT LEM M60

Technical data Running Long. 6000 mm. 1200 race. Corsa 2000 Working feeds 6000 mm/min. Rapid feeds 15000 mm/min. Motor power mand. 22 kW. Spindle speed 3000 rpm. Total installed power KW. 57 Data not binding to obtain/verify Date must be Standard equipment CNC HEIDENHAIN TNC 426 C. Auto Tools 40 pos. Auto dual-rotating head 2.5° x 2 .5° Anchor plans mm. diameter 1500x6000

Table Drilling Machine PBR

X-travel: 1500-2000mm, y-travel: 1200-1500mm, z-travel: 500mm, w-travel: 1500mm, drilling spindle diameter: 110mm, taper: ISO 50, milling spindle diameter: 160mm, milling cutter housing diameter: 44-221mm, table surface: 1000x1250mm, rapid traverse: 8000mm/min, tabel load: 4t, tool slots: 50-60, max. workpiece weigth: 45kg, max. tool length: 500mm, tool changer defective.


Max. spindle torque: 10000Nm, rotational speed: 5.6-1120/min, feed rate: 0.001-8000mm/min, rapid traverse: 8000mm/min, boring force: 20kN, quill diameter: 125mm, quill stroke: 280mm, chuck diameter: 630mm, control: B32T, including accessories.

Work Clock 600 MCM 14 pallets FMS Centers MCM Clock 600 14 pallet in FMS

Year 2001 2 Horizontal machining centers in the FMS FMS consists of 2 MCM CLOCK 600 MP14 pallet changer 14 positions Features of each machine: 500x500 pallet 600x600x700 races rapid 75 m / min Axis continuous B (4th axis) 360,000 pos. HSK63A chuck 15000 rpm Spindle motor 22 Kw torque 214 Nm electro OMLAT CNC Fanuc 16IM 200 tools each machine High adjustable pressure Renishaw tool setting Optical lines pressurized Supervisor jFMX (Windows) manual loading station for robot load point (robot not supplied)


CNC Fanuc Oi / TC Year 2005 Racing in X / Y / Z: 210 / +/- 40/610 mm from bar diameter: 65 mm Swing diameter max .: 500 mm Vaulting on the bench: 610 mm Distance between centers: 682 mm Rapid traverse in X / Y / Z 30/15/30 m / min CHUCK HOME Top speed .: 5000 rev / min Spindle nose: A2-6 Maximum drive power: 22

Machining Center MIKRON WF-31 D

X-travel: 560mm, y-travel: 500mm, z-travel: 400mm, rapid traverse x- and y-travel: 6m/min, rapid traverse z-travel: 5m/min, max. workpiece weight: 350kg, rotational speed: 40-4000/min, control: HEIDENHAIN TNC355, length: 1800mm, width: 2600mm, height: 2200mm, weight: 2.6t.

Vertical Milling Machines Deckel Maho Gildemeister DC 70 V

OVERVIEW: Brand: Deckel Maho Gildemeister Model: DC 70 V Application type: Milling Machine type: Vertical Machining Center Availability: Immediately Construction year: 1996 Production hours: N/A Spindle hours: N/A Location: Spain Origin country: Germany CONTROL UNIT: Brand: Dialog Model: 112 MOVEMENT: X-AXIS: Movement: 700 mm Working feed: 10000 1/min Rapid traverse: 30000 1/min Accuracy: 0,001 Y-AXIS: Movement: 550 mm Working feed: 10000 1/min Rapid traverse: 30000 1/min Accuracy: 0,001 Z-AXIS: Movement: 500 mm Working feed: 10000 1/min Rapid traverse: 20000 1/min Accuracy: 0,001

Universal Tool-Milling Machines DECKEL FP1 AKTIV DIGITAL

DECKEL FP1 Active Nr 2102-2139, year of manufacture: 1982: -3 axis digital read out HEIDENHAIN TNC 113, résolution 0.005 mm, -Manual strokes X : 300 ; Y : 160 ; Z : 340 [mm], -Automatic strokes X : 290 ; Y : 160 ; Z : 330 [mm], -Sensitive drilling head type 2171 - stroke 100 [mm] - spindle ISO 40 - orientable -90° / 0° / +90°, -Horizontal spindle ISO 40, -Tilting swiveling table type 2114, -Horizontal table dimensions : 600 x 255 [mm], 5 T slots 12 [mm] -Vertical table dimensions : 605 x 195 [mm], 2 T slots 12 [mm], -16 different spindle speeds from 40 to 2000 [tr/min], -Variable power feeding from 5 to 500 [mm/min] in all 3 axis, -Rapid feeding in all 3 axis - 1200 [mm/min], -« Active » function controled by the HEIDENHAIN TNC 113 DRO in all 3 axis, Bcblv9kxbw -Coolant pump + LOC LINE coolant hose, -Centralised automatic lubrication, -Spindle electro-brake, -Electrical cabinet seperated from the machine, -Main motor power 2.0 kW, -Dimensions : Width 1200 ; depth 1100 ; height 1700 [mm], -Weight : 695 Kg approx. Original DECKEL operators manual, service manual and electric plans included. Machine in very good condition, visible under power. Loading included, shipping possible Worldwide. Price VAT Excl. on request. SARL Kraffter Lieu dit Le Sourd 73520 Saint Béron, FRANCE Tel: +33(0)6-73-30-03-87 VAT N°: FR 17 819 707 167

Milling machine centers Mikron UME 600 TNC 360/4xx CNC

x-travel 600 mm y-travel 600 mm z-travel 500 mm Control TNC 426 Heidenhain Main spindle: turning speed range - main spindle 5 - 6300 min/-1 power capacity - main spindel 11 / 7,5 kW max. Torque 800 Nm tool taper SK 40 swiveling-rotary-table: table diameter 630 mm Bapw07ib0n center hole 30 H7 mm rotatable 360 ° swivellable -20 / +45 ° Tool-Presetter: number of toolpositions 2x 22 pos. max. tool diameter 80 mm max. tool-dia with free toolbox 130 mm feeds: rapid traverse ( X / Y / Z ) 15 / 15 / 12 m/min feed speeds max. 15.000 mm/min feed power max. 13 kN total power requirement 24,5 kW weight of the machine ca. 6,4 t dimensions of the machine ca. 6,0 x 3,0 x 2,1 m

Universal Milling Machine MAHO MH 700

X-travel: 700mm, y-travel: 400mm, z-travel: 400mm, table dimensions: 700x400mm, rotational speed: 40-2000/min, feed: 10-500mm/min, rapid traverse: 1.25m/min, connected load: 6kW, length: 1800mm, width: 1200mm, height: 1500mm, weight: 1.5t, including accessories.

Vertikal Turning Machines (Lathes) Sedin TKV 525

Make: Sedin Model: TKV 525 Year: 2014 Condition: Used Machine type: Mill Location of machine: Poland Control: CNC Siemens Sinumeric Service details: Full History Documentation / manuals included? Yes Is tooling / spares included? Yes Is the equipment viewable under power? Yes Machine Details CNC Double Column Vertical Lathe GORBREX model TKV525 ( built on the corp of SEDIN Lathe ) Manufacturer: GORBREX – Poland Model: TKV525 New in: January 01/2014 Condition : very good, under power Control: SIEMENS Sienumeric 840D Delivery time: immediately This VTL was built by our company in 2014 for our customers. At that moment he lost his job for this machine. That is why he wants to sell this machine. The machine was increased by the execution of cast iron carried out. Technical details : Table diameter: 2250 mm Distance between table and ram 0 - 1780 mm Distance between table and lower surface of transversal beam 400 - 2140 mm Workpiece : Max workpiece diameter 2500 mm Max workpiece high 2200 mm !!!! Max workpiece weight 16 000 kg Carriage : Max ram travel 1200 mm Max horizontal travel of carriage 1390 mm Max swivel angle manual +/-30 degrees Max distance between axis of ram 560 mm Max knife intersection 40 x 60 mm Seat diameter ( metric cone ) 80 mm Mechanical unit : Carriages number and type 2 vertical – ram (one is cnc controlled, second is conventional) Table speeds range 0-110 rpm Rapid feeds of carriage 10 - 1780 mm/min Transversal beam feeding 360 mm/min Motors and overall dimensions: Main motor 55 kW , Dimensions 5065 x 5480 x 4910 mm Machine weight 36 000 kg Collect-Deliver-Install Remove the stress & worry of collecting, installing and maintaining your machine. Not just a collection service, features can include... Decommission (pre-owned) Load & deliver to buyer's site Unload and site to install position Fully commission machine 1, 2 or 3 year parts and labour warranty (new) Full PUWER assessment 24 or 48 hour on site response Annual maintenance services Banked hours for all your CNC equipment

CNC Circular Grinding Machine KELLENBERGER KEL-VARIA UR 175/1000

X-travel: 320mm, z-travel: 1150mm, center height: 175mm, grinding head: UR, grinding wheel left/ right: 400x63x127/ 400x50x127mm, internal grinding location bore: 80/ 120mm, z/ x-travel rapid traverse: 15/ 7.5m/min, top table swivelling range: 9°, workpie ...

Drilling Machine WOTAN B 105 S

Drilling spindle diameter: 105mm, drilling spindle interior cone: ISO 50, drilling spindle longitudinal adjustment: 700mm, milling spindle mount: ISO 55, head stock vertical travel: 1250mm, rotational speed: 9-1000/min, feed rate: 0.03-12mm/U, rapid trave ...


-Five colours straight machine max size 52x72 cms. -Year 1996, 48 mil. impressions -KBA Colortronic table control with ink and plate registers -Alcool dampening with chiller -Quick action plate clamps -High pile delivery -IR dryer, Manual prese ...

CNC Milling Centers VICTOR Vientre-85

X-Axis: 850 mm Y-Axis: 520 mm Z-Axis: 560 mm Table size: 1100x520 mm Max.table load: 750 kg Spindle speed: 8000rpm Spindle taper: BT 40 Spindle drive: 7.5kW Cutting feedrate X/Y/Z axis: 1-5000 mm/min Rapid federate X/Y/Z axis: 24/ ...

Surface Grinding Machine GERH 10

Grinding area: 450x200x275mm, table surface: 450x180mm, table speed: 1-28m/min, cross travel: 190mm, feed rate: 1-40mm/stroke, vertical rapid traverse: 150mm/min, grinding wheel dimensions: 250x25x51mm, connected load: 4.5kW, weight: 1.3t.

Cutting-out machines Fanuc A04B

Stroke/rapid traverse X: 550 mm/900 mm/min Y: 370 mm/900 mm/min U: 120 mm/450 mm/min V: 120 mm/450 mm/min Z: 310 mm/900 mm/min Permissible mass of workpiece: 1000 kg Mass of machine 3.0 ton

Milling Machine DECKEL FP4A

X-travel: 580mm, y-travel: 400mm, z-travel: 380mm, rotational speed: 50-2500/min, feed rate: 10-1000mm/min, rapid traverse: 200mm/min, table dimensions: 460x800mm, control: Dialog 11, length: 3000mm, width: 2300mm, height: 1900mm, weight: 2.3t.

CNC Universal Milling and Drilling Machine DECKEL FP3A

X-travel: 400mm, y-travel: 400mm, z-travel: 400mm, quill stroke: 80mm, tool mount: SK 40, rotational speed: 40-4000/min, feed rate: 2-3600mm/min, rapid traverse: 4000mm/min, control: Contour 3, number of available machines: 2, year of construction: 1983,  ...

Vertical Machining Center DECKEL MAHO DMC 65V

X-travel: 650mm, y-travel: 500mm, z-travel: 500mm, rapid traverse: 60m/min, spindle mount: SK40, max. rotational speed: 18000/min, clamping surface: 850x600mm, number of tool slots: 30, control: Heidenhain TNC 430 M, weight: 8,5t, vices and extraction not ...

Window Frame Saw RAPID GLX

Drive power: 2x 0.45kW, compressed air supply: 6bar, cutting angle: 45°, extraction power: 1100W, suction nozzle diameter: 80mm, length: 450mm, width: 1140mm, height: 1200mm, weight: 125kg.

STANKO 165 x 5000

Used Stanko lathe 165 x 5000 Swing over bed: 1000 mm Turning length: 5000 mm Main engine: 22 kW 3 x 380 volts Quill: MK 6 Weight: 14500 kg Accessories: 4 jaws chuck Quill Rapid traverse to all movements

collator MKW Rapid UT B3 / SFT 350

MKW Rapid UT / B3 Collator and MKW Rapid SFT 350 Stitcher Year: 2004 Still in production - Test Possible Available immediately Located in Istanbul (Turkey) Automatic Collator Type MKW RAPID UT / B3 / GS Max. format: 350mm x 500mm / 13.7" x 19.6"  ...

Machining Center Traub TVC 200P

1995 machine CE 400x280x400 races ISO 40 16 tool places 8000 rpm rapid 30 m / min Power 5 Kw CNC Fanuc 0-M evacuator chips equipment in top condition

CNC Milling Machine DECKEL MAHO FP3-50

X-travel: 500mm, y-travel: 400mm, z-travel: 400mm, rotational speed: 32-5000/min, feed rate: 2-6000mm/min, rapid traverse: 6000mm/min, max. table load: 530mm, length: 2800mm, width: 1800mm, height: 2000mm, weight: 2.7t.

Washing Machine ZONCO FLEXIRAPID 600


Vertical Machining Center DECKEL MAHO DMC 1035 V

X-travel: 1035mm, y-travel: 560mm, z-travel: 510mm, feed force: 5000N, feed rate: 20m/min, rapid traverse: 30m/min, max. rotational speed: 10000/min, drive power: 14kW, tool mount: SK40, number of tool slots: 20, max. tool diameter: 130mm, max. tool lengt ...

Wheel set turning lathe Kramatorsk 1836

Feeds: -Longitudinal: 6-80 mm/min -Transversal: 6-80 mm/min Number of supports: 2 Rapid travel of supports (±15% tolerance): 1500 mm/min Max. torque: 35 kN Diameter of processable wheelset: -Min.: 720 mm -Max.: 950 mm Length of the wheelset axis: ...

Machining Center DECKEL MAHO DMU 100 P duoBLOCK

X-travel: 1000mm, y-travel: 1250mm, z-travel: 1000mm, max. table load: 2.2t, table diameter: 1100mm, max. workpiece height: 1600mm, rotational speed: 15000/min, power: 25kW, torque: 86Nm, number of tool slots: 60, rapid traverse: 60m/min.

Gru automontante Ferro Superrapid FSR 24I

Iron fast-erecting crane Model: Superrapid FSR 24I Max working outreach approx: 24 mt Max load: 1600 kg Year: 1999 For sale exclusively on next 03.05.2018 hours 17:00 in Ardesio (BG) For more information contact us at 0307751645

Bed Milling Machine FIL FA 130

X-travel: 1350mm, y-travel: 750mm, z-travel: 630mm, rotational speed: 1500/min, rapid traverse: 6m/min, tool mount: SK50, control: HEIDENHAIN TNC 155 A, length: 3500mm, width: 3400mm, height: 2900mm, weight: 7t.

Machining Center MIKRON WF 74 CH

X-travel: 900mm, y-travel: 630mm, z-travel: 500mm, clamping surface: 600x1200mm, rotational speed: 20-6300/min, table load: 700kg, tool mount: SK 40, quill stroke: 100mm, swivelling range: ±45°, feed rate: 2-4000m/min, rapid traverse x and y-travel: 10m/m ...

CNC Turret Lathe TOS SKIQ 12

Clamping plate diameter: 1250mm, workpiece diameter: 1500mm, max. workpiece height: 1335mm, max. workpiece weight: 8t, max. feed rate: 4000mm/min, rapid traverse: 8000mm/min, length: 5300mm, width: 5300mm, height: 5500mm, weight: 27t, without extraction a ...

Machining Center KITAMURA Mycenter H500

X-travel: 800mm, y-travel: 600mm, z-travel: 600mm, rotational speed: 35-8000/min, rapid traverse: 15000mm/min, feed rate: 5m/min, length: 5810mm, width: 3020mm, height: 3380mm, weight: 15t.


CNC Lathe INDEX GFG 450: turning diameter: 660mm, turning length: 545mm, swing over sledge: 425mm, spindle bore: 100mm, rotational speed: 10-2800/min, rapid traverse: 10000mm/min, motor power: 53kW, connected load: 65kW, length: 4800mm, width: 3000mm, hei ...

Horizontal Machining Center STEINEL BZ 24

X-travel: 630mm, y-travel: 500mm, z-travel: 500mm, pallet dimensions: 400x400mm, feed rate: 1-15m/min, rapid traverse: 15m/min.

Horizontal Milling and Drilling Machine COLGAR PROG 213 TR 12 P

Changing pallet dimensions: 1800x1800mm, x-travel: 2500mm, y-travel: 2500mm, z-travel: 2000mm, W-travel: 700mm, head stock stroke: 2500mm, pallet load: 10t, spindle diameter: 140mm, rotational speed: 4-3000/min, torque: 2300Nm, rapid traverse: 20m/min, sp ...

Heavy Lathe SKODA SRM 100x 3000

Swing over bed 1000 mm Swing over cross slide 710 mm Distance between centers 3000 mm Working feed 36 Working feed range 0,05 - 48 mm/min Rapid feed 3600 mm/min Faceplate diameter 1000 mm Spindle speed 1,8 - 400 rpm Max. workpiece weight 10000 kg  ...

Jig boring machine HECKERT MIKROMAT 9B

spindle diameter 125 mm x/y/z/w travel 1120x710x315x630 mm table surface area 900 x 1400 mm table load 2000 kp feed range - boring 0,025-2,24 mm/U turning speed range 36-2240 rpm rapid travel z-direction 2500 mm/min rapid travel w-direction 1400 mm ...

Cycle Lathe DMT KERN CD 480

Swing over bed/ sledge: 475/ 260mm, flat sledge travel: 260mm, motor power: 25kW, spindle diameter: 115mm, spindle bore: 82mm, rotational speed: 1-3000/min, feed rate: 0.001-1000mm/U, flat/ longitudinal rapid traverse: 5/10m/min, quill diameter: 70mm, qui ...

KBA Rapida 104-4

For sale KBA RAPIDA 104-4 Year 1990 4 Colors Size 72X104 Straight Varidamp Dampening Colortronic Car wash blankets rollers

Kba Rapida 104-5

KBA Rapida 104 5 colors Year 1989 Size 72x104 IR dryer No sapc Free damages Straight Colortronic Varidamp good conditions

KBA Rapida 72-4

KBA RAPIDA 72-4 YEAR 1999 Size 52 × 72 4 Colors Extended Delivery Colortronic Commands Table About 48 my impressions Automatic blanket washes device Quick Bars IR oven

KBA Rapida 75-4 SW2

ref. 421 KBA Rapida 75-4 SW2 format 52x74 cm, year 2009, 55 mio. imp., Ergotronic, ultrasonic and mechanical double sheet sensors, pneumatic side lay, suction belt on feeder table, semiautomatic plate change, doble size of impression cylinders, prepared ...
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