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metal working machines / saws / saw blade hard KALTENBACH KKS 401/KKS 451 NA 2000

Kaltenbach KKS 401/KKS 451 NA 2000 saw blade hard preview1 Kaltenbach KKS 401/KKS 451 NA 2000 saw blade hard preview2
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No.: 71949337
Latest update: 06.01.2017
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Manufacturer: Kaltenbach
Model: KKS 401/KKS 451 NA 2000
Type of machine: saw blade hard
saw blade hard Kaltenbach KKS 401/KKS 451 NA 2000
used machine
Saw blades Carbide / HSS: 450 mm
Power: 4,0 / 5,5 KW
Speed infinitely variable 10 - 60 min-1
Cutting speed (450 mm) blade: 7-43, or 15-75/min
Saw height control adjustable full electronic
Square 90° maximum working range: 140 x 140 mm
45° max.:
Flat workspace: 90° Max: 240 x 80 mm
45° max: work area round: 90° Max: 150 mm
45° max: supplies length easy stroke: 5-2000 mm
Multiple stroke: 5-9999 mm
Supply AC servo max speed: 500 mm / s
Approximate weight: 3600 kg
Dimensions Lxwxh: 3500 mm x 1300 mm x 2100 mm Lxw surface: 3500 x 1300 mm?
Technical description of 401 k PPS / PPS 451 NA 2000 retrofit

401 k PPS / PPS 451 retrofit high-speed sawing machine for steel.

The machine is efficiently usable by their equipment and construction methods for a wide range of applications. The HMI interface to control the machine ensures a simple and trouble-free operation of the system. Due to the construction of the sawing machine, it is possible to realize a very accurate length tolerances.

The machine will be overhauled on request in our House. Among other things, following points are renewed:
-Conversion to Siemens S7 PLC control
-Conversion on Siemens HMI Control Panel
-Replace replace the ballscrew - servo motor and servo inverters
-Replace the inverter for the main drive of the saw
-New electronic components
-Maintenance or replacement of all hydraulic cylinders and valve terminals
-Optimization and overhaul of the cooling system
-Replacing common wear parts
-Overhaul of the machine body

The machine is equipped with:
-Fully automatic feeding
-Fully automatic miter adjustment +/-60 °

We take a 6 month warranty on all outdated by us or exchanged parts for our equipment, unless otherwise agreed. Working hours, as well as wearing parts are excluded from the warranty.

-Chip scratch
-Chain-type magazine for 6 m materials
-Removal hook system for the sorting of the section pieces
-Removal gripper system for sorting of the section pieces and implementing a multiple back cut at the end of the workpiece
-Delivery and installation in your home
-Training your staff
New in: 2017
Location: Germany Emmendingen 
Machine in stock: Yes
KKS 401/KKS 451 NA 2000
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