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FASTI 213-30/8 for sale

sheet width: 3040 mmplate thickness: 8 mmstroke of upper beam: 350 mmstroke speed: ca. 13 mm/sec.adjustment of lower and bend clamping: 80 mmdrive: upper clamping: 15 kWdrive: bending angle: 23 kWweight of the machine ca ...
used machine
sheet width: 3040 mm
plate thickness: 8 mm
stroke of upper beam: 350 mm
stroke speed: ca. 13 mm/sec.
adjustment of lower and bend clamping: 80 mm
drive: upper clamping: 15 kW
drive: bending angle: 23 kW
weight of the machine ca.: 12 t
dimensions of the machine ca.: 4,8 x 1,45 x 1,9 m
Electric in sep. switchgear cabinet 380 Volt:
Foot pedal:
Control panel with all operation elements:
Machine dealer with own stock of 2500 m² and certification of the database

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Eccentric Press PAUL MÜLLERExP 25

Pressing force: 25t, stroke speed: 80/min, ram stroke: 8-80mm, ram adjustment: 50mm, reach: 190mm.

Eccentric Press WEINGARTENAV 25

Pressing force: 25t, stroke speed: 140/min, ram stroke: 8-80mm, ram adjustment: 50mm, max. table ram distance: 355mm.

Further processing machines

Drying TUNNEL/wygrzewaj?cy IR, sturdy, in good condition and fully functional. The exact adjustment of tape speed as well as the ability to set a precise water temperature over the entire surface of the heating system makes it ideal for drying all kinds of products. Specification: Power supply 400V Adjustable belt speed Temperature control Overall dimensions: length 3015 mm width 1115mm height 965mm Working dimensions: belt width 700 mm belt length 3000 mm tunnel length 1800 mm


8 colour: ref. F81 Propheteer 1800 8 colour flexo, year 1997, web width max 18 inches (457 mm), true printing width 412 mm due raster rollers width, die cut station, 5xslitting unit, 8xUV drying, 8xhot air drying, Tru Color Vision camera for register adjust, form rollers: 8x93Z, 8x99Z, 6x110Z, 6x124Z, 28 raster rollers, in production, price: 73 000 EUR FCA

Crawler excavators Caterpillar323D 2008r

Excavator CAT 323D -year of manufacture: 2008 -mileage 10044 Mth -engine power 103kW-138 km -weight 24000kg -New stars, new chains, some new rolls, strips we will assume on Monday -air conditioning -fuel transfer pump -central lubrication -Vin: CAT323DVJLG00428 -Hammer line -Hydraulic skarpówki -includes a tablespoon of skarpowa adjustable on the sides of the hydraulic The machine is in the course of the refresh rate, the thoroughness of the The excavator can be replaced filters and oil on request. Very good condition-ready to go

Punching Machine RASTERHR 60-700 NL-4S

Pressing force: 300kN, table dimensions: 700x530mm, ram surface: 700x430mm, installation height: 270mm, ram adjustment: 80mm, stroke adjustment: 20-80mm, column opening: 180mm, stroke speed: 60-300/min.

Punching Machine RASTERHR 30-700 SL

Pressing force: 300kN, table dimensions: 700x450mm, ram surface: 700x360mm, installation height: 220mm, ram adjustment: 50mm, stroke adjustment: 10-40mm, column opening: 130mm, stroke speed: 160-800/min, was overhauled in 2009.

Punching Machine RASTERHR 120 NL-4S

Pressing force: 120kN, table dimensions: 1370x1400mm, ram surface: 1280x1000mm, installation height: 450mm, ram adjustment: 80mm, stroke adjustment: 10-120mm, column opening: 920/ 1040mm, stroke speed: 50-250/min.

Punching Machine RASTERHR 50 NL-4S

Pressing force: 500kN, table dimensions: 830x830mm, ram surface: 710x360mm, installation height: 350mm, ram adjustment: 80mm, stroke adjustment: 10-80mm, column opening: 550/ 460mm, stroke speed: 60-300/min.

Punching Machine RASTERHR 75 SL

Pressing force: 750kN, table dimensions: 1000x1200mm, ram surface: 960x820mm, installation height: 400mm, ram adjustment: 80mm, stroke adjustment: 10-50mm, column opening: 730/ 840mm, stroke speed: 120-600/min, control was rebuild in 1998.

Glazer - Conveyor Gea CfsTG 5500/1000

all stainless steel mobile adjustable speed dimensions (L x W x H): ± 5.700 x 1.250 x 1.400 mm belt width ± 1000 mm nett belt length: 5.500 mm top and bottom spraying

ZAGIB L19SA-100-1 10 T/h ZAGIBL19SA 100-1

ZAGIB AUTOMATIC BALER type L19SA 100-1 Average output 8-12 Tons/h Base size 800×1100 adjustable length Hopper size 1600×1100 mm. Shot power 100 Ton Installed power56 kw. Automatic binding


Force 630 tons Ram stroke - 320 mm Strokes per min - 25 Adjusting between bolster and ram 180 mm Max distance between bolster and ram 620 mm Table 1250 x 1250 mm dimensions of the machine Length Width Height (mm) 3650_3680_6370 Weight - 55 500 kg

Impregnating Spraying machine ISVE200/170

Code: 0397 Brand: ISVE Model: 200/170 Impregnating Spraying machine fit for applying solvents upon wood profiles Technical data Height adjustable steel frame Stainless steel sidewalls and bottoms The impregnating product is put into a proper bath by means of a proper pump through spraying nozzles Process of pieces with a variable speed from 10 to 48 mt/min N° 4 roughing brushes N° 4 finishing brushes Sections of pieces vary from mm 20x10 to mm 200x150 Minimum piece length mm 450 Power Kw 2 Infeed and outfeed roller tables Overall dimensions : mm 2300 x 1350 x 1400 h Weight kg 400

Tablet presses FetteE1

Stock# U2268-1 Second hand single punch tablet press by Wilhelm Fette (Germany) model E1. Machine can work with pressing force up to 1.5 ton. Adjustable working speed in range from 25-75 cycles per minute. (up to 4500 tablets per hour). Machine is belt driven by electric motor 0.55 kW, 1400 rpm, 220/380V, 50 hz. Maximal diameter of tablets up to 16 mm. Maximal depth of filling of die up to 16 mm. Machine is equipped with stainless steel powder feeder. Set of toolings included with machine: - 6 mm - 1 die / 2 upper pins / 2 bottom pins. - 7 mm - 1 die + 1 upper pin + 1 bottom pin (installed on machine) + 5 upper pins. - 8 mm - 4 upper pins + 1 bottom pin. - 9 mm - 2 dies / 5 upper pins / 2 bottom pins. - 10 mm - 2 dies / 3 upper pins / 3 bottom pins. - 12 mm - 1 die / 2 upper pins / 3 bottom pins. Machine is mounted on mobile platform. Included technical documentation. Working condition.

Plate Shear EHSTSS

Steel sheet thickness: 4mm, gauge: 1000mm, including new knife, support table and cutting gap adjustment, machine was maintained annually, available after January 2019.

Double crank sheet metal stamping press ERFURTPKZZ IV 500.1 FS

moving bolster Capacity, ton 500 Centers of pressure 2 Idle stroke rate 20 Distance between the uprights, mm 2800 Shut height, mm 1100 Table dimensions, mm 2800 x 1800 Table gap, mm 2400 x 1250 Ram dimensions, mm 2800 x 1700 Ram stroke, mm 500 Ram adjustment, mm 500 Die cushion adjustment, mm 200 Die cushion stroke, mm 200 Die cushion capacity, ton 100 Main motor power, kW 75 Press weight, kg 120000

Double-action deep-drawing press ERFURTPKnZT VI 800 TS

Max. force of internal slide:500t distance to bottom dead center 12 mm Max. force of internal slide:200t distance to bottom dead center 300 mm stroke of internal slide:640 mm Max. force of outer slide:315t distance to bottom dead center 6.3 mm stroke of outer slide:440 mm Adjustability of each of the sliders 300mm Max. drawing depth:300mm Moving Table (WxD):2500x1700mm Weight:221.7t

Double-crank sheet-metal-stamping press ERFURTPKZZ IV 500.1 TS

Effort 500t Slide stroke 500mm Number of strokes per minute 20 Slider dimensions 3840 x 2290 x 2360mm Slider weight 17 300kg Adjustment of the distance between the slider and the table 500mm Max. open press height 1300mm Max. open die height 1280mm Min. Closed height of press 800mm Min. closed die height 820mm Height of sliding table 500mm The maximum force of 3 pillows of pressing 100t Cushion plate stroke 200mm Main motor power 75 kW Number of sliding tables (sideways movement) 1 Number of additional drawers 1 Press weight 136,700kg

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