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machines and plants for waste disposal and recycling / presses / Channel baling presses HSM VK12

HSM VK12 Channel baling presses preview1
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No.: 120974159
Latest update: 04.04.2018
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Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: HSM
Model: VK12
Type of machine: Channel baling presses
Channel baling presses HSM VK12
used machine
Max. pressure: 16 tons
Year of production: 1991
Unit pressure: 45,7 tons/m²
Number of strappings: 3 - fold horizontally
Cross-section of the channel: 700 x 500 x 600-1200 mm
Bale tying: automatic, wire
Bale weight: 100-200 kg
Supply: 400 V/ (7,5kW main motor)

The machine is fully operational after service and after PREMIUM paint renovation.

New in: 1991
Location: Poland
Machine in stock: Yes
14,610 EUR  
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