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die magnetprofis GmbH & Co. KG [ dealer profile ]

Herr Patrick Schoger
86424 Dinkelscherben, Germany 
verified user machinery dealer member since 2016

forklift trucks, lifts / attachments and spare parts / Forklift Magnetic broom Magnetic Filters DIE MAGNETPROFIS 90760

die magnetprofis 90760 Forklift Magnetic broom Magnetic Filters preview1 die magnetprofis 90760 Forklift Magnetic broom Magnetic Filters preview2
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No.: 46475640
Latest update: 20.07.2016
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Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: die magnetprofis
Model: 90760
Type of machine: Forklift Magnetic broom Magnetic Filters
Forklift Magnetic broom Magnetic Filters die magnetprofis 90760
used machine
Forklift magnet broom stainless steel execution, V2A, German made

Everywhere where chips, screws and nails lying around the forklift magnet broom is indispensable.

Disposal parks, junkyards and transportation to recycling sites often loaded with sharp-edged metal impurities, which destroy expensive tires.

Forklift magnet broom clean these areas quickly and reliably.

With just a few hand movements, he attaches the tines of the fork-lift, can be adjusted via the tines on the desired height to achieve the best effect.

Product advantages:

Ease of use
Simple mounting
Simple cleaning by wipe the bonding surface (with gloves).
Forklift magnet broom remove quickly and reliably metallic impurities such as chips, nails, screws, etc. from company premises, workshops, factories or parking of the forwarders.

Product properties
Length: 1000mm
Height: 40mm
Width: 100mm
Location: Germany Dinkelscherben 
Machine in stock: Yes
520 EUR  
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