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13.01.2017 Tyres GRECKSTER 12.00x20
Tyres GRECKSTER 12.00x20
8 full tyres 12.00x20 GRECKSTER on wheel, for crane on wheels, IMPORTANT Dit is een online veiling. Bieden is enkel mogelijk op onze website: abc.moyersoen.be. Wij accepteren geen biedingen via email of telefoon ! Alle informatie die bij ons bekend is staat in de kavelomschrijving. This is an online auction. Bids are only possible on our website: abc.moyersoen.be. We do not accept bids on email or telephone ! All info about the product that is known by us is mentioned at the lot. Il s’agit ici d’une vente aux ench ...
used machinery auction RESALE 3,500 € 
 BE 72154468
11.01.2017 apare parts  Indramat INDRAMAT Indramat
apare parts Indramat INDRAMAT Indramat
Spare parts of cnc machines parts: motor - servo - module supply - main propulsion module 3 cnc machine with 4 axes (see delivery note) 16 piece Indramat motor - 10 piece Indramat servo module - 3 piece Indramat spindle drive module - 3 piece Indramat main drive Programiermodul - 3 piece Indramat supply some parts from the warehouse + incidentals (plug-in boards and connectors) without description Fe.gi.Maschinen.SBG.at SPARE PARTS from cnc machines parts: motor - servo module â supply modules - main drive modules of  ...
offer is possible 
 AT 72115162
01.12.2016 Phoebus AD-Tec AMVG 15000 AD - TEC AMVG 15000
Phoebus AD-Tec AMVG 15000 AD - TEC AMVG 15000
ADTEC matching box generator HF plasma generator Type: AMVG - 15000-GM Dimensions: 60 x 65 x 35 cm Weight approx. 30kg (20kg stands on it, but heavy) water cooled with RF cable and RF connector B-UCV-66 by Aurion ca 1, 3 m like new condition from pilot plant test system 4 pieces available Built in 2008 Hours of operation. CA 200 in any production run from the Phoebus plant of Leybold Optics PECVD solar production facility for microcrystalline layers The coating system Phoebus works with the plasma-supported chemical vapor de ...
4,000 € 
 DE 70820437
28.11.2016 hydraulic cylinder  diverse
hydraulic cylinder diverse
2 identical hydraulic cylinder with 750 mm stroke, as well as 24 V lock valve and hoses with couplings. For more information see photo. (1 another identical cylinder is available, which has Anrostungen at the end of the piston rod on 20 cm) More used hydraulic cylinder stock. Shipping possible.
 DE 70752654
22.11.2016 Mounting brackets SKF SKF SNH 528
Mounting brackets SKF SKF SNH 528
4 used brackets SKF SNH 528
offer is possible 
 DE 70106473
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