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Alloy Wheel Production Plant
Complete aluminium wheel production for sale The system consists of all machineries, equipment, and processes Starting with ovens, casting machines, machining centers, paint shop etc. up to the finished wheel rim Please contact us exclusive for more details
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 DE 58970533
05.09.2016 Gravel-Sand-Mining (Quartz) near Dresden (Germany) QUARZ 11.000.000 tons
Gravel-Sand-Mining (Quartz) near Dresden (Germany) QUARZ 11.
Removal area: 160.000 m² mining country with 30 pine stock and 100,000 m² mined area for filling. Reduce thickness: approx. 5 m to 8 m in dry extraction approx. 10 m to 30 m in wet extraction Raw material volume: approx. 5.2 million m³ or 11.0 million tonnes Connection: 1,0 km to the main road via own driveway 3,0 km to the line Supply: Voltage-Network Power plant generator (fuel oildiesel) Phone over public network Water waste water by public network Building: Office, stor ...
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 DE 58536421
19.06.2016 Production hall warehouse commercial land
Production hall warehouse commercial land
Hall: Built around 199596; Hall size approx: 48 x 24 m, height: 9,50 m. Office social cultivation approx.: 7 x 42 m, height: 3.50 4 m; Type: steel side walls bricked up to 1 m, South West side 4 m high brick; Rest glazing of part of and ISO wall SandwichelementeDachfläche: self-supporting corrugated tin roof with Wärmedämmungund UV-resistant foil roll roofing. The Hall and the extension is completely heated. Heating medium: LPG. The Hall is equipped with 3 sectional 4,50 x 4,50 m; 2 North East side; 1 piece South Ea ...
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 DE 38002609
Power Plants POWER PLANTS like new - never run production
Dear ladies and gentlemen, We are pleased to offer you complete power plants and facilities in different sizes and production capacities. Like new (never commissioned and never run production) - second hand condition - and complete revised overhault - as well as complete turn key solutions. Diesel natural gas heavy and light fuel - gas turbine - dual fuel - CCPP & CHP etc. We appreciate your contact. LOI - BCL - equity - creditworthiness
 DE 18365932
Mineral Water German Company DIVERSE diverse
Mineral Water since more than 100 years We sell a complete German mineral water company On behalf of our customer we sell a complete mineral water company Company has Mineral Water Wells and can provide mineral water with or without CO2 Artesian springs, approx. 70.000 lh capacity Rich in minerals Company has a complete bottling, crating and palletizing line. Capacity: 20.000 returnable glas bottles per hour ENOUGH SPACE TO EXPAND TO PET ONE WAY BOTTLING BUSINESS PERFECT FOR THE MIDDLE or FAR EAST MARKET MINERAL ...
 DE 13168923
01.03.2016 company in Bosnia Herzegowina COMPANY BIH
company in Bosnia Herzegowina COMPANY BIH
Commercial property for sale currently used for agriculture and construction machinery, specialist, trade and repair, allowed for all other sectors in Bosnia and Herzegovina (outside EU) A property with a 3000 sqm solid and sturdy fence belongs to the GmbH. The building in 2005 were newly built according to German standards, solid insulation, thermal insulation, central heating, etc. 2 Office rooms, kitchenette, WC and workshop with toilet, spare parts are on ground floor. One is located on the first floor assy. furnished apartme ...
 BA 12999093
08.03.2016 Stainless Steel Spray Booth SAPP ANLAGENBAU
Stainless Steel Spray Booth SAPP ANLAGENBAU
Super modern stainless steel spray booth Spray wall with rear sprinkler water Execution such as photo and drawings Stainless steel paint spray booth with maximum values of the vagina: The work back by 3m x 1, 7m = 5,1 m2 is water-berieselt, i.e. a continuous Water flooding washes the paint overspray from the cabin wall, or takes Paint particles directly out of the over spray on. The exhaust air leads the remaining paint particle flow by a filtering device, the exhaust emissions are significantly lower than the allowed values. The main ...
BN 11,000 € 
 DE 12359557
oil filter for industry and trade KWE - ECOZET filter D1 - D
A complete production branch of included all tools and materials that are necessary for the immediate production and sales is available at this point. The Ölfeinstfilter are for all petrol - diesel - and gas engines for cars & trucks - area, as well as in the CHP. To get more information, contact. Are the main advantages for the end customer -less engine wear, long Ölwechselinterwalle -longer service intervals -lower maintenance costs -higher uptime -Performance after a long operation time We welcome your cont ...
50,000 €
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 DE 10482842
Cement Production Plants CEMENT PRODUCTION PLANTS Portland C
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we are pleased to offer you complete Cement Production Plants & Facilities in different sizes and production capacities. Second hand condition - and complete revised overhault - as well as complete Turn Key solutions. Also available commissioned production plants - but never run production. We appreciate your contact. LOI - BCL - Equity - Creditworthiness Best regards
 DE 9797379
09.08.2016 with all necessary permits for wood, metal, plasti RECYCLING COMPANY
with all necessary permits for wood, metal, plasti RECYCLING
Recycling plant with all necessary permits for the processing of wood, metal, plastic, compost, etc. is provided the supply of biomass to operate a remote heating system with 2-3 MW of power. There are corresponding contracts with energy buyers. Plot 7200 m2, fixed and is partially built over 2000 m2 Preparation year 2012-more information at Peter Ari Schär of MATEC
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 CH 5026287
Commercial enterprise in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Commercial enterprise LTD - professional company for Land. and construction machines and passenger car, with repair workshop in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BIH) the company is since 1990 there successfully in the market. The statute of the LTD admits substantially more extensive activities, any other commercial use, for all branches is also permitted, also production. with to this LTD belongs a real estate with 3,000 square metres of fastened property and steady fence. The buildings were anew established in 2005 after German standard, f ...
 DE 1606856