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metal working machines / other metal working machines / Clamping Plates Clamping Plates [ other metal working machines - metal working machines ] ( Aufspannplatten - Plaques de fixation - Piastre di tensione - Platos de sujeción - Płyty mocujące - Placas de fixação )

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No.: 125852467
Latest update: 20.06.2018
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Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: unknown
Model: unknown
Type of machine: Clamping Plates
Clamping Plates
used machine
Mounting plate with Groove and hole

Table top for press etc.

Dimensions (LxBxDicke): 455 x 590 x 62 mm
Bore: 455/590

New in: unknown
Location: Mönchengladbach 
basis for negotiations (BN) 330 EUR  
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