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other machines and plants / other machines and plants / PCB Filmentwicklungsmaschine AGFA AgfaLine 86 HT


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No.: 121163291
Latest update: 17.05.2018
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Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: AGFA
Model: AgfaLine 86 HT
Type of machine: PCB Filmentwicklungsmaschine
PCB Filmentwicklungsmaschine AGFA AgfaLine 86 HT
used machine
Material dimensions: 120x100-860mm, development time: 10-40s, transport speed: 495-1980mm/min, drying time: 42-169s, developer/ fixer capacity: 21.5l, water consumption: 3.3l/min, water pressure: 1.5-4bar, length: 2060mm, width: 1320mm, height: 1090mm, weight: 257kg.
New in: unknown
Location: Germany
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