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Category: 1101
item-No.: 126917182
35.000 €
KW is a used (fully functional) fast 250 Bio gas generator / CHP. Be sold as an accessory: Fuel processing module for RME with filter and conveyor system, gas control line, exhaust - oxidation catalyst, gas processing module (for biogas DN65 version 3), suitable container for unit (L x B: 9,50 x 2.95 m), emergency cooler (tabletop version, 320 kW), Engine room fan (FE-DN630), Jan. - silencer (DN150), documentation for the CHP. The systems are used. The sale takes place under exclusion of any warranty. If you are  ...
Category: 102
item-No.: 126929178
turning diameter:520 mm turning length:500 mm control:Fanuc 0i-TF turning diameter over bed slide:320 mm max. swing diameter:520 mm spindle speeds:4500 1/min. spindle passage:51 mm spindle drive:15/11 kW C-axis:0,001 ° tool turret:12-fach mit BMT-65 RADIAL, VDI40 _ feed stepless:0,001-5000 mm/U travel -x axis:200 mm travel - z:600 mm rapid power traverse in X-and Z direction:30 m/min taper in tailstock:4 MK tailstock quill stroke:100 mm tailstock adjustment:500 mm weight of the machine ca.:4000 kg Overall size:3,6 ...
Category: 409
item-No.: 126917178
We sell a Manschettierungsanlage originally used for dwarf fruit yogurt (single - and Doppellagigkeit) with 80 packs per minute. The appliance is equipped with an additional part of the format. The plant is in a good condition and was as visually to recognize is regularly serviced. Maschnnr. 05004.. the system can be optionally rebuilt. The system is with a Nordson gluing unit with a 1 hose system. Is additionally have the option to acquire an inkjet. (Spare parts for all spare parts are available and can be purcha ...
Category: 102
item-No.: 126929026
turning diameter:520 mm turning length:600 mm control:Fanuc 0i TF swing diameter over bed slide:320 mm max. turning diameter:280 mm Bar capacity:64 mm spindle speeds:3500 1/min. x-travel:200 mm z-travel:600 mm rapid power traverse in X-and Z direction:30 m/min tailstock quill stroke:100 mm tailstock adjustment:500 mm spindle drive:11/15 kW Machine size (LxWxH):3,440x1,820x2,380 mm machine weight:4100 kg chip conveyor: live center:4 MK heat exchanger: coolant system: turret:12-fach, VDI 40 soft jaw: Boring bar holde ...
Category: 107
item-No.: 126917174
Sand blasting and injector cabin RA 40/40 Technical data: The sand blasting Cabinet lacking in control, because the battery by longer stand has unloaded Simens S5 software. The cabin was not used almost, the cabin shows no signs of wear. The cabin was bought by a company that wanted to make series parts, but it used then but custom-designed cabins, and so the cabin stood still long time. New price: â?¬30000 Workspace Lxwxh: 1010x1010x760mm KabinenmaÃ?e Lxwxh: 1950x1090x1820mm Door dimens ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126926616
ok for assembling with a silo system\r\ninput from the silo d 300 mm\r\ninput clap pneumatic controlled\r\n
Category: 103
item-No.: 126917172
Infratirea milling machine FUS-32 with digital display specifications: Distance spindle nose/tabletop 100/500 mm Fixed angle table clamping surface 950x450mm Maximum table load of 300 kg Travel auto / manually X 560/580 mm Y 320/340 mm Z 400/420 mm Recording of Milling spindle SK40 Manual pin Mole stroke 100 mm 18 spindle speeds 25-1600 rpm 18 feeds 5-400mm / min Rapid traverse X - Y - Z 1400 mm / min Spindle motor of 2,8 kW External dimensions: 1900mm deep Weight: approx. 1650 kg Width: 1550mm Heig ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126926626
semi automatic, working width 400 mm, thickness 10 mm,\r\nlubrication system for the knives
Category: 1200
item-No.: 126917160
System: Used decanter / centrifuge Manufacturer: Alfa LAval Model: full coat screw centrifuge Type: AVNX 937 (or NX 4550) . No.: 501.8151.1994 B.: 1994 Drum inner diameter: 450 mm L/D = 5/1: Material: Stainless steel
Category: 702
item-No.: 126926644
volume scaling, cap. max. 50 cycl/min.,(estimation)\r\nvolume scaling between 450 - 1350 ccm, (depends on the product)\r\ndepositing nozzles changeable,\r\ndiameter of the nozzle approx. 24 mm, hopper approx. 60 l\r\nmade from stainless steel, machine moveable\r\n
Category: 1403
item-No.: 126917123
69.000 €
2-storey warehouse stage, at least 1,200 m 2 per level, first level complete with gratings, also ideal for hanging textiles - second-hand -: Price from site: â?¬69.000.-(net) dismantled and loaded! è that stage was used for Hängetextil, therefore the second level was only used to attach the hanging textiles on the construction of pipes, i.e. no flooring is on the second level! Under the first tier, pipes for hanging textiles hang also. If they are not used this facility for hanging te ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126926646
48 Berliner/Donuts\r\nstainless steel , moveable, turning system\r\ndimension: inside 890 x 725 x 130 mm\r\n outside 950/ 2150 with dropping plate x 780 x 680/940 mm with table\r\ncontains approx. 50 kg fat, cap. approx. 480 - 576 donuts/h\r\naccessories: 1 turning system for Berliner/Donuts\r\n 1 dropping screen\r\n 1 dropping plate, 1 lid\r\n
Category: 1401
item-No.: 126917121
9.950 €
Single - and double-sided collar shelving, with detachable arms by bolt, frame height used 6 m, arm's length 1, 20 m, 800 kg / arm, 30 frame and 160 branches â -: Price from site: â?¬9.950.-(net), dismantled and loaded! System similar to the shelf by Elvedi! Manufacturer: Nagy Year of construction: approx. 2015 Type: collar shelving Color: Red Arms: can be plugged with bolts Frame height: 6 m Depth of arm: 1, 20 m Total: 30 stand 6000 mm 160 x low-1200 mm + Crosses + Pins form ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126926392
stainless steel , moveable, turning system\r\ndimension: inside 884 x 724 x 130 mm\r\n outside 1050/1930 x 890 x 1220 mm\r\ncontains approx. 50 kg fat, cap. approx. 480 - 576 donuts/h\r\naccessories: turning system for Berliner/Donuts\r\n
Category: 702
item-No.: 126926432
2 fans ensure a uniform climate\r\ncapacity sufficient for a proofing-chamber max. 12 m³\r\nsteamer 400 V, 3 KW\r\nheating 400 V, 1,5 KW\r\ntotal electrical power: 4,5 KW / 400 V /\r\nheating temp. + air moisture adjustable
Category: 702
item-No.: 126926194
include \r\nfeeding conveyor\r\nprecrusher\r\ntransportpneumatik\r\nswing-screen-dryer \r\nexhaustair-filterstation\r\nheating system/heat exchanger\r\nheat recovery \r\npipelines\r\nbreadcrumbmil\r\nbuffer silos\r\nswitch box/electrical panel\r\n
Category: 105
item-No.: 126917008
Hydraulic cold saw machine. Saw blade diameter 400 mm Section diameter 130/140 mm Cutting capacity 90 ° square 120 x 120 mm flat 260 x 80 mm at 90 ° flat 180 x 80 mm at 45 ° at 45 ° round 130 mm at 45 ° square 110 x 110 mm Table rotation range 150° min. residual length 20 mm Working height 1050 mm Drive 5 kW total Machine weight approx. 1,6 t Accessories: length scale, long rollers, approx. 14 blades, Hengstler counters, hydraulic horizontal vise, coolant system, variable cutting speed.
Category: 702
item-No.: 126926456
automatic, working width 420 mm, thickness 10 mm,\r\nlubrication system for the knives\r\n
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