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max. size 52 x 74 cm perfecting: 5/0 - 2/3 age 2003 ink remote control RCI ink control system CCI ROLANDMATIC dampenings cooling unit TECHNOTRANS semi-automatic plate change CPL automatic washing devices dry sprayer GRAFIX Cantronic shown totalizer: approx. 188 mill. impressions Ref: MA170455A Please ask for price. We ship and install worldwide!
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type Record, 30 pcs., size 1, 20 - 70 g\r\ninclude 3 new plastic moulding plates\r\n
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4.500 GBP
Land-uk UK
Newman 2CRT all stainless steel construction semi automatic in line cap tightener. Two sets of tightening wheels. Variable speed drive. Maximum speed up to 80 bottles per minute depending on bottles and application. Fully adjustable torque control. Can cap both round and rectangular bottles. Cap size range: 16mm to 55mm diameter, including trigger spray caps. Fully adjustable, no change parts required. Fitted to a stainless stand complete with guards. Can be mounted over an existing conveyor. 240v single phase supp ...
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semi automatic, working width 400 mm, thickness 10 mm,\r\nlubrication system for the knives
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22.000 GBP
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Semi automatic production scale capsule filling machine. Low maintenance and cost effective filling with a reliable performance. Supplied with one set of size O change parts. Speed range: 14,000 to 22,000 capsules per hour. Table top pneumatic closing station. Easy auger adjustment to change fill weights. Capsule length adjustment. Large powder recovery station. Easy to remove rotary table and ring carrier assemblies. All contact services are made with FDA approved materials. Guards and proximity switch on closing  ...
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volume scaling, cap. max. 50 cycl/min.,(estimation)\r\nvolume scaling between 450 - 1350 ccm, (depends on the product)\r\ndepositing nozzles changeable,\r\ndiameter of the nozzle approx. 24 mm, hopper approx. 60 l\r\nmade from stainless steel, machine moveable\r\n
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Film dampening system Cooling unit: TECHNOTRANS Combicontrol with a separate transformer Semi-automatic plate change Mobile numbering and perforating unit without air compressor perfekting out of operation Div. spare rolls
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30 pcs., size 3/ 32 - 70 g\r\ninclude 3 rouding plates \r\n
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485 €
Joinpack ES-101 semi-automatic strapping machine. It can run through minor adjustments the belt slightly. The ES-101 introduces the Strip automatically as soon as the operator has put him in the slot. Very quick and easy. Originally purchased for a shipping department, it was little used. It is overall in excellent condition. Machine number: 100051039 Net weight: 100 kg Load capacity: 100 kg Height: 0, 80m Length: 0, 60m Width: 0, 90m Engine: 3.3 amp, 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 phase Contains two roles ...
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Modell 650.460.11.35.20, semi automatic\r\nworking width 460 mm, thickness 11 mm,\r\nlubrication system for the knives\r\n
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Technical data: -Semi automatic with hydropneumatischem feed -Workpiece clamping in the pneumatic - machine vise -Saw blade diameter 300 mm -Cutting speed N 40-80 U/min -Cutting capacity 90 ° round 95 mm Rectangle 125 x 90 mm -in miter re. + li. 45 ° approximately 95 mm Rectangle 95 x 85 mm - powered 400 V / 1,2 / 1,6 kW -pneumatic connection 6-8 bar -Coolant system -Mikrosprüh - coolant system -Space requirement approx. B H 650 x 1800 X 1000 mm -Weight approx. 400 kg
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used machinery auction RESALE 250 €
Land-ch CH
Weight approx.: 50 kg Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 600 x 500 x 800 mm Description: Window elements painted white, some with insulation strips
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Beer KEG Filling Line Esau & Hueber Semiautomatic Party-KEG 5 liter 200 KEG/hour The semi automatic party-KEG-filler with 4 filling heads and capacity beginning from 100 up to 200 keg/h, made by Esau & Hueber GmbH in the year 2000. The KEG is placed manually onto the filler and lifted by two-hand operation. A sensor recognizes the arriving of the keg and starts automatically the filling process. The pre-air valve and the return-air will open. The keg gets purged with CO2 for approximately 5 seconds and the air o ...
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; Mileage [km]: 1; Transmission: Sonstige; Colour: Grau
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Pub Brewery Caspary 10 HL, Copper Cladded, 2017 Never Installed This pub brewery equipment was made by German Caspary GmbH in year 2017 and it has never been installed and thus new like condition. Factory made brew house block consist of Mash & Wort Kettle, Mash & Lauter Tun and Whirlpool. Whirlpool is located just under Mash & Lautertun. This block has been tested at Caspay factory with all accessories and instruments before shipping. The wort kettle, lauter tun and related pipes and ducts are cladded with hig ...
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26.900 €
Land-de DE
; Gross weight [kg]: 36000; Transmission: Sonstige; Front tyre size: 385/65 R 22,5; Rear tyre size: 385/65 R 22,5; Cargo space dimensions [LxBxH]: 7650x2330x1470; Max payload [kg]: 30200
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Filling Line Krones PET 25 000 bpf, hot filling, semi aseptic The line was delivered by Krones in 2009 and some machinery was added in 2014, operating hours from 1000 to 11 000 hours / machine. Main equipment is upgraded with latest modernization of Krones and it is in excellent condition. Line is still installed and fully operational. It has been filling 0.33 and 0.5 liter PET bottles with various non-carbonated, fruit juice based drinks at filling temperatures of 85-90 C. The line has sleeve labeling and two  ...
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sheet width: 1550 mm plate thickness: 2 mm no of strokes: Hub/min --------------------------------------------------: OVERALL SPECIFICATIONS (COIL LINES): - sheet width max: 1550 mm - sheet thickness max: 2 mm - max. weight of coil: 20 to - feed velocity max.: 60 m/min COIL CHAIR: - max. weight of coil: 20 to DECOILER: - design: single reel: - sheet width max: 1550 mm - sheet width (min): 250 mm - max. weight of coil: 20 to - max. diameter of coil: 1800 mm - mandrel expansion range from ... ...
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Dewatering Station with Membrane Filter Press for Kieselguhr Sludge This complete dewatering station was designed by Limburg for Kieselguhr waste dewatering in to semidry cakes for easy waste disposal. The process is suitable also for dewatering other type of sludges. Actual dewatering is made with Latham side bar membrane filter press which reaches over 50 % dry (by weight) content of waste cake, inlet sludge being between 10 and 20 % dry content Filter press is equipped with an automatic cloth washing system  ...
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used machinery auction RESALE 200 €
Land-ch CH
Weight approx.: 500 kg Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 5000 x 1900 x 2000 mm Description: Unpainted window elements
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