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WLS loose PRESSQUICK PQ3SU pasta machine Second-hand machine in very good condition from bakery closing Machine is supplied with three matrices of choice Biscuit attachment, self made by the previous owner, is also included Machine stands on rollers and is fitted with cutting device Speed of the cutting device can be continuously adjusted Fan provides for drying fresh pasta so that nothing together sticks Mixing speed and compression speed of the machine allow the filling ingredients and press in a single  ...
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used machinery auction RESALE 300 €
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Weight approx.: 250 kg Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 900 x 600 x 850 mm Description: Welding unit without wire feed, see pictures
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Welding robot in welding cell with robots Cloos Romat 320, built in 2003, welder, Cloos, GLC353MC3R, with alternating rotary table, welding cell is forklifts capable, with hand control panel
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Product description according to the manufacturer: Pallet Supply The unit is equipped with a pallet lift with a range segment. There is also a manual supply and disposal of the machine with pallets (for example, with electric pallet truck, ant, etc.) from three sides possible. In this case, a ceiling height of 3 m is sufficient. Construction year: NEW zero operating hours Container processing: Processed are container without film such as Folding cartons, boxes with loose lids or trays with and without cov ...
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20 of floor wagons with (at least) 1 floor, Dolly, Fetra - used -: Prices of complete acceptance: â?¬2.695.-(net) plus transport! Priority complete sale! Price for partial quantities on request! Manufacturer: Fetra Year of built: unknown 10 car Fetra Max load capacity 400 kg H 1800mm B approx. 630mm L 1750mm 10 car Fetra Max load capacity 250 kg Weight: approx. 80 kg H 1800mm B approx. 650mm L approx. 1670mm Each with at least a floor New price â?¬ 400.-(n ...
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Engine Starts, Alternator windings are loose; Gross weight [kg]: 600; Engine: Perkins 403D-15G; Accessories: Tanker, Control Panel, Stahldach, Engine Starts, Alternator windings are loose
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Shrink Wrapping Machine Dimac Star F30, 30.000 bph This shrink wrapping machine was made by Dimac in 2003. It currently packs both cans and PET bottles. Machine sorts loose bottles in designed format and wraps them in shrink foil. The equipment is in good condition and will be available in the beginning of December. Manufacturer: Dimac Spa, Italy Type: Star F 30 B.I. Year: 2003 Capacity: up to 30.000 bph Serial no: A40 1369 Pack configurations: 2x2, 3x2, 4x3 (0.33 ltr cans) 2x2, 3x2 (1. ...
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Length: 1000 mm,height: 1200 mm,welding current - continuous: 450 A,weight of the machine approx.: 216 kg,dimensions of machine: 1,0 x 0,5 x 1,2 m,Welding procedure : MIG/MAG welding power requirement 19 - 28 kVA direct current control switch to 2/4 tact welding steps 2x18 water cooled pressure reducer hose package 4 m as good as new intermediate hose package 4,0 meter burner head, earth cable, plier wire feed Cloos CK 68 K( wire diameter Ø 0,8/1,0mm) moveable, compact solid constructucted model Machine has been t ...
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Steam Boiler LOOS Universal ZFR-28000 28 tons/h 10 bar Two steam boilers made by LOOS in 2004. The boilers are identical, only working hours are different. Boilers are three-pass, double-flame smoke tube boilers with separate smoke gas passages and it is also suitable for operation with only single firing. The burners are Weishaupt RGL 70/2 - A type multifuel (natural gas and light fuel oil) burners which are covered with easily removable insulation box. For natural gas the boilers both has two gas control trai ...
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current capacity: - kVA,number of controlled axis: 1-6,workpiece weight: 2 - 3 t,control: Rotrol II-V05,Number of working hours: 30 861 (laut Anzeige) h,total power requirement: 32,0 kW,weight of the machine ca.: 8,0 t,space requirements of the machine approx.: L:16,0xB:6,0xH:4,0 m,Welding robot system consists of: 1. Robot arm Rotomat 350 (control Rotrol II) 2. Linear processing unit 3. Welding current source Carl Cloos 4. Rotary tilt positioner with counter bearing 5. Workpiece positioner with counter bearing 6.  ...
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Glass Bottle Filling Line KRONES one way 54.000 bph Complete line for bottling beer, carbonated and non carbonated soft drinks in one way glass bottles at nominal capacity of 54 000 bph. It was delivered by Krones in year 2000 and it was in operation till 2015 and is currently installed and powered. Equipment is very well maintaned and it has a complete techncial documentation in English. Main Characteristics - Capacity 54 000 bph at 0.33 liter bottles - Made by Krones in year 2000, in operation till 2015 ...
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welding current: 400 A,height: 0,8 mm,power consumption: 12,6 kVA,weight of the machine approx.: 230 kg,dimension machine approx.LxWxH: 1,3x0,6x0,8 m,space requirements of the machine approx.: 1,0x0,5x0,7 m,Welding Transformer TIG-Welding water cooled , cooling type F, protection type IP21 - drirect current DC equipment: with hose package with earth cable TIC welding burner without pliers, without pressure regulator, without wire feed!
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Steam boiler Firetube LOOS Universal UL-S-IE, 16 tons per hour, 16 bar This boiler is three-pass single-flame tube/smoke tube type and it was delivered in 2003 by LOOS International. It can produce 16 tons / h saturated steam at 16 bar. It complete boiler with Weishaupt low-nox, multifuel burner, economizer, gas control valves, combustion air fan and Siemens Simatic S7 controls. The boiler is still installed and in good operational condition. The main characteristics: Made by: Loos International in year 2003 ...
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welding current - continuous: 40...400 A,Length: 900 mm,height: 1200 mm,total power requirement: 13,8 kVA,weight of the machine approx.: ca. 180 kg,space requirements of the machine approx.: B:0,6xL:0,9xH:1,2 m,MIG MAG Welding device -welding transformator as spare part donor - capacity 40A/15V up to 400A/34V - open circuit voltage -58V - characteristic constant - protection type IP23 - isolation type F - water cooled Circuit board A5 missing!
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Steam Boiler LOOS UL-S 22 t/h - 13 bar, Natural Gas + Liquid Fuel Complete boiler plant with LOOS Universal UL-S 22000 high capacity steam boiler with exhaust gas economizer and all necessary auxiliaries, delivered in 2002 total operating hours approx 18000 h with gas only. The package includes boiler, feed water pumps, feed water tank and control panel. operated only less than 8000 hours. The equipment is in good condition. The plant is still installed and in operation. Boiler is a three-pass, smoke tube boi ...
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current intensivity: 270 A performance DC max: 230 A performance AC max: 270 A weight of the machine ca.: 250 kg watercooled TIG hose package: 4000 mm Included: pressure regulator with flowmeter good condition, leakage at the cooling device! Has to be solded! This ad was created with MODUL MWS - the software solution of LogoTech.
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1 quick steam generators ---------------------------------------- -Standing execution- Manufacturer: LOOS, Gunzenhausen Type: DF 600 Capacity: 600 kg / h Water content: 43 l Operating pressure: 16 bar Year of construction: 1997 equipped with Control Panel, mounted on the boiler body,. Weishaupt gas control line, feed water pump, water tanks, gas burner type G3, eco and the existing coarse and fine fittings.
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max. grinding diameter:250 mm grinding length: mm workpiece length:600 mm total power requirement:0,9 kW weight of the machine ca.:0,65 t dimensions of the machine ca.:1500x1200x1650 mm
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1 hot water boilers ---------------------------------- -mounted on frame- Type: UT 1900 Manufacturer: LOOS : KW 1,900 Max. Operating pressure: 6 bar Max. Temperature: 120 ° C Water content approx. : 1,720 l Year of construction: 2002 CE mark: 0085 equipped with Weishaupt burners, year 2012,. Type WM-G20 / 3-A, Vers. ZM, 350-2,600 kW, control cabinet, forward and return flow connection pipes and the existing coarse and fine fittings.
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Single sided edge banding machine\r\nBrand: IMA\r\nType: COMPACT PC-6220 F\r\nYear: 2000\r\n\r\nLeft hand machine\r\nWorkpiece transport via a driven transport chain and adjustable top pressure\r\nBeckhoff control\r\n\r\nNeed of space LxWxH mm: 7400x1500x2000mm\r\nWeight: approx. 3600kg\r\n\r\nTechnical data:\r\n\r\nEdge material:\r\na) Veneer/coil and strip ware,\r\nb) PVC/coil and strip ware\r\nc) Solid wood strips\r\n\r\nmin. edge height = approx. 14 mm\r\nmax. edge height = approx. 55 mm\r\nmin. edge tickness = ...
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