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metal working machines / saws / Band Saw Automatics KALTENBACH VMB 360

Kaltenbach VMB 360 Band Saw Automatics preview1 Kaltenbach VMB 360 Band Saw Automatics preview2 Kaltenbach VMB 360 Band Saw Automatics preview3 Kaltenbach VMB 360 Band Saw Automatics preview4 Kaltenbach VMB 360 Band Saw Automatics preview5
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Latest update: 25.07.2017
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Manufacturer: Kaltenbach
Model: VMB 360
Type of machine: Band Saw Automatics
Band Saw Automatics Kaltenbach VMB 360
used machine
Blade: 3830 x 27 x 0.9 mm
Belt speed: 20-90 m / min, infinitely variable by means of Variator
Bevel cuts: saw arm swivel from 90 ° to 30 ° (for automatic operation)
At 90 ° round material D. 305 mm / square flat 360x305mm
At 60 ° round material D. 305 mm / square flat 330x305mm
At 45 ° round material D. 265 mm / square flat 265x300mm 30 round material D. 175 mm / square flat 175x300mm

Section length: min 10 mm
Simple stroke: 510 mm
Multiple stroke: Max 4590 mm

Machine weight: 1380 kg
Dimensions Lxwxh: 2200x2300x1650mm
Working height: 700 mm

Main features:
-Machine frame and 5° of inclined column guided Sawframe in torsion-free all-steel construction
-Tungsten carbide-tipped Sägebanführungen
-Easily accessible chip tray
-Electric coolant pump
-Minimum speed monitoring
-Stepless cutting speed control
-Cutting pressure pre-selection and control system
-Electrically controlled blade tension
-Powered chip brush
-Floating bearing material supply car Office suitable for odd Rod material
-Automated material replenishment up to 4590 mm
-Two hydraulic frame chucks, as a double clamping stock unit acting
-Maschinenrollgang in the supply unit, stable table support in the cutting area
-Section length adjustment by Handwheel and display
-Multiple supply controls with selector switch for multiple hub
-Piece counter with automatic switch-off.
-Fully automatic procedure
New in: 1995
Location: Switzerland Oberrohrdorf 
Machine in stock: Yes
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