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Pastry production line Seweer RondoRondolino

Guillotine, max / 70 strokes per minute- Filler, for soft and medium hard hoods, 12 liters, in 4 rows- Dough centering device, which can be used for double overlapping tool- Tool holder- Various tools longitudinal sealing, overlapping, decoration.

Filling installations (aseptic) Tetra PakTwo Lines Tetra Pak TBA-9 200S

Two Complete Lines Tetra Pak TBA-9 200 slim for sale. Line No: 1 - Tetra Pak TBA-9 200 slim filler & conveyor - Straw Applicator - Tray packer - Multi Shrink - Manufacturing Year : 1992 Line No: 2 - Tetra Pak TBA-9 200 slim filler & conveyor - Straw Applicator - Tray packer - Multi Shrink - Manufacturing Year : 1990 * Both Lines in very good and working condition * Both Lines price USD$ 225,000 Ex-works

Laminator Uteco solventlessUteco solventless laminator

1300 mm used Uteco solventless laminator year 2001 full offer on request Please let us know if you are looking for other machines or if you have your machines for sale.

Bongard EsmachFFBT

Bongard Esmach moulder In a very good working condition - With Teflon coated cylinders - With new belts - Computerized control panel - On wheels

Dough dividing machines RAMDSS10/20

RAM hydraulic divider DSS 10/20 In a very good working condition - With extra cutting system for baguettes - With extra system to select for cutting double pieces - 10 pieces 10 x 20 cm 300-1600 gr , or 20 pieces 10 x 10 cm 150 – 800 grs - Bowl capacity 16 kgs - Bowl dimensions 40 x 50 cm - On wheels

EdelmannForm All pack Print

-Year 1988, one colour variable size Printing machine -Printing sizes: 8"- 11"- 12” -Rolandmatic S dampening system -Pack Collect Collator included with numbering unit -Available immediately, complete with all accessories

Special Purpose Sheet Metal Forming Machines TuinLXS

A case maker / lockseamer . takes sheet steel forms it around a mandrel and lock seam the edges it produce and automotive exhaust body.Max round section 200 mm Max Oval Section 300 mm by 200 mm ?Max length 850 mm ?Capabily of lock seaming Stainless Steel ?Comes with 200 mm round tooling. Located in Liverpool UK sold "AS IS" loaded on truck.

Metal Spinning Lathe LeifeldPNC 109

TECHNICAL DATA Max Blank Diameter 1,060 mm 41.34 inch Distance Between Centers 1,500 mm 59.06 inch Longitudinal Slide Stroke 600 mm 23.62 inch Cross Slide Stroke 350 mm 13.73 inch Slide Thrust, each 50 kN 11,240 lb/force Tailstock Sleeve Stroke 500 mm 19.69 inch Tailstock Sleeve Thrust 33 kN 7.418 lb/force Ejector Stroke 400 mm 15.75 inch Ejector Thrust 27 kN 6,070 lb/force AC Spindle Drive Rating 28 kW 36 HP Hydraulic System 15 kW 20 HP Spindle Speed Range: 1. Step 72 – 575 rpm 2. Step 286-2,300 rpm Tool Mounting using Centering Flange DIN # 8 Approximate Net Weight 10,000 kg 22,000 lbs ACCESSORIES Hydraulic center device Hydraulic Ejector Material Support Cylinder Material Spraying Unit KA Unit


SIZING CUTTING MACHINE for TIMBER PACKS - 120x120 working dimension 1200x1200 mm chain motor power 7,5 hp vertical pressure device for pack locking first loading idle roller lenght 2000 mm second loading motorized roller 2500 mm unloading motorized roller 2000 mm transversal inclined motorized belt for scrap parts downloading machine tested (video available upon request)

Injection molding machines SANDRETTONOVE 120S

Class. Euromap injector: 430 cm2 Scre size: 43 Srew useful length: L / D: 20 Calculated injection volume: 274 cm3 Maximum injection capacity: 137.2 cm3 / s Pressure on the material: 1566 bar. Plasticizing capacity (HDPE): 26.1 g / s Plasticizing capacity (PS): 32 g / s Max speed Spindle: 347 min-1 Maximum hydraulic motor torque: 541 Nm. Thermoregulated areas (+ nozzle) n: 3 + 1 Total power heaters: 9.9 kW. Mold blocking force: 1200 kN Minimum thickness / maximum molds: 100-460 mm. Moving platform stroke: 410 mm. Dimensions plates: 610 x 610 mm. Step between columns: 415 x 415 mm. Diameter of columns: 70 mm. Extraction force: 34.5 kN Extractor stroke: 130 mm. Oil content: 200 l. Power electric motor: 15 kW Total installed power: 24.9 Working hours: 63.000 hours

Injection molding machines BATTENFELDBA-500 CDK

Working hours: 78.249 Distance between columns Height - Width (mm): 320 x 320 Mold thickness Min - Max (mm): 150 - 350 Opening stroke (mm): 355 Maximum weight mold (kg): Injection pressure (bar): 1485 Injection volume (cm3):: 134,7 PS plasticizing Flow rate (g/s (pot.std): 15 Number of flow meters: Screw diameter (mm): 35

PET Preforming machines KRAUSS MAFFEIKM 175/200 1400 CZ

Conected. Working hours: 8,052 h Maximum injection weight: 618 gr Distance between columns: 560/560 mm Closing force: 1750/2000 kn Dimensions of the plates: 915x 915 mm Diameter of the screw: 60 mm. Mold height, max weight: 2535 kg Minimum mold height: 350 mm Mold opening stroke: 700 mm Ejection stroke: 200 mm Extrusion force: 58/28 kn Number of noos: 2 Screw ratio: 21 Srew speed: 1 / min 259/368 Theoretical injection volume: Cm3 679 Injection pressure: 2000 BAR Injection flow rate: Cm3 / s 848 Maximum nozzle support force: KN 110 Nozzle stroke: 250 mm

Punching Machine NOVOPRESSHSTL 880

Max. punching force: 135kN, max. stroke: 80mm, max. compressed air supply: 150bar, including tools.

Column Radial Drilling Machine KOLBNKR 50/2500

Drilling capacity steel/ cast iron: 55/ 70mm, max. jib length: 2500mm, rotational speed: 34-1500/min, feed rate: 0.07-3mm/U, weight: 8t.

CNC Laser Cutting Machines BYSTRONICBYSPEED 3015 5kW

In full operation. With automatic loading and unloading system Working field: 3000x1500 mm Power: BYLASER 5200W ARC X axis travel: 3000 mm. Y axis travel: 1500 mm. Z axis travel: 100 mm. Maximum weight on table: 890 kg. Maximum thickness of materials: Steel: 25 mm. Aluminum: 12 mm. Stainless steel: 20 mm.

Heavy Lathes SkodaSRM 125/7000

Type SRM 125/7000 Swing over bed 1250 mm Swing over cross slide 900 mm Distance between centres 7000 mm Max. weight of workpiece 14000 kg Diameter of face plate 1250 mm Max torgue 3159 kpm Spindle speed in 36 steps 1. row 1,4 - 71 rpm 2. row 6,3 - 315 rpm feeds in 36 steps longitudinal feeds 0,125 - 48 mm/r cross feeds 0,05 - 19 mm/r main motor 37 kW weight of the machine 18000 kg

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