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New in: 2011
Price 26.000 €
Location: Land-de DE
Seller: Tischlerei Bracht GbR

Edgebander Brandt Optimat KDF 220 C with joining, corners copy and two scraping. Edge thickness role approx. 0,4-3 mm, 6 mm-solid edge Workpiece height approx. 8-60 mm Feed about 10m / min Noise guard pull-out workpiece support Suction connection 1 x 120 mm, 1 x 100 mm, 3 x 60 mm EasyControl control EC10 + simple intuitive operation of the machine Four control programs can be stored Machine in Highflex execution, high automated, points to the edge of the thin edge on thick edge completely via program, without manual settings under the soundproofing hood Aggregates: Chains of rail lubrication Top pressure manual adjustment Infeed fence (manual adjustment with SIKU count ... more

New in: used
Price used machinery auction RESALE 2.900 €
Location: Land-at AT
Seller: ÖVG Versteigerungs GmbH

with 6-Ma­GA­Zin, dar­an an­Schlie­ßend 1 printing station, and dar­an an­Schlie­ßend 1 trimming unit vor­ne/hin­ten, + flush cutter top/un­ten , + dar­an an­Schlie­ßend 1 profile milling unit top and un­ten, + 1 universal milling unit, + edge grinding machine 2 (rough rough grinding , fine Nach­Schlei­fen), + 1 profile sanding unit above / un­ten, SE­RI­en No. 0-200-11-1871, oh­ne workpiece recirculation more

New in: 2003
Price used machinery auction RESALE 17.000 €
Location: Land-at AT
Seller: ÖVG Versteigerungs GmbH

Ma­schi­NEN No. 0-200-50-2034, ei­ne material recirculation lig­Ma­tech dar­an an­Schlie­ßend, op­TI­mat ZHR05 Boo­me­rang, be­ste­hend air table (approx. 2. 4 m) return belt (CA. 12 m) and table () 2 m) 2 PCs. Fü­GE­fräÂ&s hy;SER, + dar­an an­Schlie­ßend 1 glue job station with PU-Kle­ber, + 1 24 x edge magazine, + pressure station, + 1 unit vor­ne/hin­ten , + Flush milling station up and unÂ&s ... more

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