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Category: 1101
item-No.: 126934762
2.300.000 USD
Land-ru RU
PSBM-038. 9.12MWe GE JENBACHER JMS620GS-N.LC [x3] Unused Packaged Natural gas power plant 2008Y 10500V 50HZ EXW RUSSIA. PSBM-038 9.12MWe GE JENBACHER JMS620GS-N.LC [x3] Unused Container packaged Natural gas fueled Power plant Installed-Not Commissioned 2008Y 10500V 50HZ EXW RUSSIA We have been looking for the strategic Company Partner (Co-Partner), which would have interest in acquisition and relocation of the above-mentioned unused complete asset for decentralized power generation being sold as the asset / i ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126938177
Category: 105
item-No.: 126926768
Machines pendulum type, allow to saw blanks with a diameter of up to 330 mm. feeding the workpiece, clamping, lowering and lifting the saw frame is carried out manually. Machines provide cutting of blanks at different angles. Model "UE-330A" is equipped with a rotary vise that allows you to saw the workpiece at an angle of 45°. Speed adjustment belt with fixed speeds of the web.
Category: 702
item-No.: 126938433
rotary biscuit moulding machine-\r\ncap. approx. 100 kg/h (depends on the cylinder)\r\nworking width 250 mm
Category: 103
item-No.: 126926764
Machines model 6g606 are designed for processing planes of parts of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, various alloys and plastics, mainly end mills. Dimensions of table working surface, mm 630?2000 Maximum table stroke, mm 2000 The greatest distance from the working surface of the table to the axis of the horizontal spindle, mm 560 Limits of spindle rotation frequencies, rpm 20-2000 Limits of working feeds of the table, mm/min 5-4000 The speed of rapid movement of the table, mm / min. 8000 Limits of feeds of s ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126938435
for making rustic-square rolls, capacity approx. 7.000 pcs./h \r\ndoughweightrange 40 - 150 g - depends on the dough,\r\nstainless steel coverplates, righthand - operation\r\n2 flour duster at the infeed\r\nwithout electrical control pane
Category: 102
item-No.: 126926760
The machines 1?65 designed for a variety of turning operations including turning cones and cutting threads: metric, inch, modular, Pitkevich The largest diameter of the workpiece to be installed and processed, mm: over cross slide, mm 650 above the recess in the frame, mm 1400 The maximum length of the workpiece, mm 5000 The length of the recess in the frame of the cartridge mirror, mm 390 The size of the end of the spindle headstock according to DIN 2-15M The number of steps of spindle rotation frequenc ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126938207
stainless steel/alu construction, moveable\r\ncap. approx. 200 kg/h (depends on the cylinder)\r\nworking width 250 mm\r\n
Category: 107
item-No.: 126917142
OVERVIEW: Brand: Durma Model: AD-S 30135 Application type: Bending Machine type: Bending Machine Availability: Immediately Construction year: 2014 Production hours: 9063 Location: Turkey Origin country: Turkey GENERAL DATA: Measurements width: 1900 mm Measurements depth: 4500 mm Measurements height: 2900 mm Machine weight: 10500 kg MAIN DRIVE: Pressing force: 135 kN Bending length: 3015 mm CONTROL UNIT: Brand: Cybelec Model: ModEva RA CNC main language: English CNC language customizable: ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126938217
computer-controlled, 24 diff. programs, 2 speeds, laminating, dividing and moulding combined in one machine,\r\ndougweight range 65 - 800 gr., cap. 750 - 6300 p./h\r\nproducing of soft- and hard dough, f.e. ciabatta, baguette\r\naccessories: 2 four cylinder-moulders\r\nincl. extender to mould extra-long
Category: 1403
item-No.: 126917123
69.000 €
2-storey warehouse stage, at least 1,200 m 2 per level, first level complete with gratings, also ideal for hanging textiles - second-hand -: Price from site: â?¬69.000.-(net) dismantled and loaded! è that stage was used for Hängetextil, therefore the second level was only used to attach the hanging textiles on the construction of pipes, i.e. no flooring is on the second level! Under the first tier, pipes for hanging textiles hang also. If they are not used this facility for hanging te ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126938481
volume scaling, cap. max. 50 cycl/min.,(estimation)\r\nvolume scaling between 450 - 1350 ccm, (depends on the product)\r\ndepositing nozzles changeable,\r\ndiameter of the nozzle approx. 24 mm, hopper approx. 60 l\r\nmade from stainless steel, machine moveable\r\n
Category: 107
item-No.: 126917028
Bandwidth of 50-500 mm Band thickness 0.8 3.6 mm Belt speed 5-40 m / min Feed rollers 2 PCs Richwalzen (80 mm) - 11 PCs Working direction optional
Category: 702
item-No.: 126938275
max. 240 kg dough, safety device\r\n foil panel/key pad (Folientastatur), 2 speeds, \r\nhydraulik fixing the bowl\r\ntools/wendlarms stainless steel\r\naccessories: scraper with temperature sensor\r\n 2 stanless steel bowls\r\n
Category: 107
item-No.: 126917017
850 €
Band width 250 mm, stuffenlos adjustable speed Btto 600 kg
Category: 702
item-No.: 126938535
working width 604 mm, cap. max. 2.400 pcs./h\r\ncap. depends on the dimensions of the croissant\r\naccessories: input belt 600 mm\r\n cutting device\r\n a) croissantcutter\r\n 4 rows h 130, w 160 mm\r\n cutting cylinders, longitudianal\r\n cutting, 4 stripes 130 mm \r\n b) croissantcutter\r\n 5 rows h 105, w 90 mm\r\n cutting cylinders, longitudianal\r\n cutting, 5 stripes 105 mm \r\n croissant-turning st ...
Category: 806
item-No.: 126901913
KOMORI GS640+LX(72 x 102cm), Age c.2011, serial no.2004, circa 131 million, Age: c. Dec 2011, 16,500 IPH, PQC-S with Full size Colour Monitor, PDC-SX Scanning/ measuring / automatic register adjustment, Komorimatics (with skewing), Oscillation damping on bridge rollers, Non stop feeder, Non stop delivery, Extended delivery, Electronic sidelays, Air Skeleton transfer, Ultrasonic 2 sheet detector, Ionised blast in feeder, Ionised blast on feeder, Suction tape feeder with single belt, Advanced cylinder cocking, Carto ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126938579
stainless steel, cap. 400 - 500 kg/h depends on the product\r\naccessoires: 1 sieve Ø4 mm\r\n 1 sieve Ø8 mm
Category: 107
item-No.: 126901898
Technical data: -maximum working width 1020 mm -maximum material thickness 2.0 mm -Angle 2.5 ° -Speed up to approx. 35 1/min - extendable front material pad - Electr. Foot switch -Drive 400 V / 2,2 kW -Space requirement approx. B 2050 x H 1150 X 1400 mm -Weight approx. 600 kg
Category: 702
item-No.: 126938325
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