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Ackley high-output flat bed offset printer for single-side printing of tablets and capsules, capacity up to 290,000 per hour.
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Glued wood production plant\r\n\r\nconsisting of the following components:\r\n\r\nGrecon - Optimization plant incl. transport belt Venjakob \r\nYear: 1995\r\n\r\nGrecon - finger jointing plant (year: 1994) with Timme unloading (Baujahr: 1996) \r\n\r\nSCM - multiple rip saw incl. transport belt Venjakob\r\nYear: 1992\r\n\r\nLedinek/Rotoles planer plant incl. loading + planer plant\r\nYear: 2005\r\n\r\nTorwegge press 1 incl. transport belt + unloading\r\nYear: 1989\r\n\r\nTorwegge press 2 incl. transport belt + unloa ...
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FOR SALE: PSBM RUSOFFER-037. 22.8 MWe CATERPILLAR [x34] Unused Diesel generators stocklot 2014y 400V 50Hz. RUSOFFERS Co., RUSSIA is searching for companies packagers or rental companies or stockiests of CATERPILLAR diesel gensets which would have interest in purchase of the below surplus new CAT diesel generators 34 pcs whole stocklot along with auxiliaries during bidding process in Russia in alliance with RUSOFFERS Co. PSBM RUSOFFER-037. 22.8 MWe CATERPILLAR 3516B CAT 3412 CAT 3406 CAT C-15 [x34 PCS] Unused ...
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spindle diameter:80 mm x-travel:1000 mm y-travel:900 mm z-axis table approx.:1120 quill stroke:710 mm spindle taper MT:5 Table area:1060 x 980 mm spindle turning speed range:6 - 710 U/min total power requirement:15 kW weight of the machine ca.:9 t dimensions of the machine ca.:4,5 x 2,4 x 2,5 m The machine was in a training school and generally overhauled in 2008! 5-axes digital readout make HEIDENHAIN diverse clamping tools and toolholders
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Heidelberg PM 52 2fb. Baujahr: 05.2006 Prints: 10,436,400 easy plate straight in production Location: germany Price: on request DPX system with RIP cutting machine Polar 66 + Knife Year: 2006 in production Location: germany Price: on request Collection Tower Duplo 8 stations in production Location: germany Price: on request Heidelberg Tiegel bigger A4 Year: approx. 54 punching, nummering, perforating, printing in production Location: germany Price: on request folding machine  ...
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Lacquer application line\r\nConsising of:\r\n\r\nLoading portal\r\nBrand:Bargstedt\r\nType:TBP 01/D\r\nStack height approx. 1700 mm, flush right stacks\r\n\r\nEdge spraying automat\r\nBrand: Venjakob\r\nType: VenSprayEdge\r\nYear: 2011\r\nWerkstückmaße 3,0 x 1,3 x 0,1 m\r\n\r\nDrying channel\r\nBrand: Rippert\r\nType: 040-5\r\nYear: 1979\r\nHeating power 35 kW\r\n\r\nDrying channel\r\nBrand: Rippert\r\nType:DTK 4000\r\nYear:1979\r\nHeating medium PWW 100/80 \r\n\r\nUV-dryer\r\nBrand: Venjakob\r\nType: 3D 4SK\r\nY ...
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100 €
Fiber for cold light sources, 5 pieces in stock, price per piece Sales commercial/dealer to our terms and conditions. Errors and spelling mistakes possible, subject to prior sale!
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Our agency sells used listening equipment: 1 control unit listening systems research VM 10/6, 15 PCs. 2. additions to the POS. 1 per hearing system: an earbud-style headphones DT 800/1, collecting charger for 10 receiver LG 800 / 10T, transport/stowed, transmitter S800/19, switching device; incl. all accessories such as cables, power supplies etc., 15 PCs. 3. student microphones "beyerdynamic" per 12 PCs. incl. cable and insulation, 15 PCs. 4. teacher microphone and transmitter Vario 800, 15 PCs. 5 ...
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Manufacturer: Tecnical/Roversi YOM: 2017 Performance: up to 750 kg / h Stretcher, model FOA2C200 Homogenizer, model CDC350 Forwarding / distribution unit Moulding machine, model FR 4/250 Automatic extrusion, model FRE12 Cooling conveyor/cooler for "pasta filata" mobile refrigerator stainless steel Multivac R 126 with forms for the sausage format (optional) Condition: New, still in their original packaging
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x-travel: 4060 mm,y-travel: 3000 mm,z-travel: 1001 mm,laser capacity: 1800 - 4000 W,table length: 2 x 2700 mm,Table width: 2 x 2150 mm,control: Siemens Sinumerik 840D,total power requirement: 90 kVA,weight of the machine ca.: 12 t,dimension machine approx.LxWxH: 15x2,48x2,97 m,dimensions electric cabinet LxWxH: 1,85x1,00x2,10 m,dimension laser device LxWxH: 1,35x1,12x1,80 m,dimension filtering system LxWxH: 1,6x1,25x2,80 m,dimension HF- Generator LxWxH: 1,50x0,96x2,05 m,dimension cooling device LxWxH: 1,75x0,80x2,5 ...
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Following the closure of one of our Museum restaurants, our authority sold their kitchen appliances and equipment and catering furniture. Here are a list of inventory and photos. On request, we will send still more information.
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pressure: 200 t,number of strokes: min. 4 / max. 15 Hub / Min,compressed air: 4-8 bar,throat: 400 mm,max. ram stroke: 188 mm,adjustment of stroke: 75 mm,distance between column and guideway: 320 mm,daylight dimension : table/slide up: 204 mm,table surface area - down: Ø 195 mm,total power requirement: 67 kW,weight of the machine ca.: 11,0 t,space requirements of the machine approx.: 4,2x3,1x3,5 m,The hydraulic press is equipped with a ejector ( four column - deep drawing device) production process: cold forming o ...
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CAN LINE FOR BEER/CARBONATED DRINKS WITH CAPACITY TO 35,000 CPH Make: SIG Simonazzi Capacity: 35,000 cph on 330ml Can type: Standard 202/211 Can format: Running 330ml, could run 500ml and 250ml. PLC: Complete line upgraded to Siemens S7-300
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x-travel: 500 mm,y-travel: 380 mm,z-travel: 250 mm,control: Fanuc O-MB,range of revolutions per minute - continous: 60 - 6000 U/min,spindle taper: BT 30,tool turret - number of stations: 12 / 6 frei!,table surface area: 900 x 320 mm,table load capacity - central/maximum: 200 kg,Total power requirement: 5,5 kW,Weight approx.: 2,2 t,dimension machine approx.LxWxH: 1,9 x 1,6 x 2,3 m,Further features: Operation via control panel Fanuc OM -Tool turret has 6 places for tool holder - incl. coolant water tank - diverse too ...
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Bakery dissolution - sale of various bakery machines and equipment Sale from location If you are interested we will send you a price list of the machines that are still available.
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cutting range: 1200 x 500 mm,round material: bei 90°= 530 mm,flat material: bei 90°=1200x500 mm,round material: bei 45° re/li = 530 mm,flat material: bei 45° re/li =700x500 mm,cutting speed: 17-110 m/min,mitter cutting - both sides: 45 °,dimensions of saw-band: 8800 x 54 x 1,6 mm,bore diameter: 35 mm,spindle taper: SA 40,spindle stroke: vertical 0-350 mm,spindle revolutions per minute : 200-800 U/min,number of spindles: 3 Stück,control: 7-achsig numerisch,feed min/max: max. 300 mm/min,dimension machine approx ...
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workpiece diameter: 2000 - 6.000 mm,load capacity: t,total power requirement: unterschiedlich kW,Vessel turning units various types available (welding positioner ) for example tanks with diameter 2000 - 6000 mm 4 diverse sets available ( No. 1,3,4,7) various brands Paserini Type 350M and 350N, Heinrich Glück, Bode and others No.1: Make. Passerini (1 Set) load capacity 35 t with manual spindel adjustment Vessel diameter= 4000mmm No.3: Make Heinrich Glück (1 Set) load capacity 100t with manual spindle adjustment Ve ...
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