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Category: 302
item-No.: 126885167
Chill roll extrusion line to the process of polyolefins, working width 2100 mm, film thickness 25-200 my with 3 extruders 2 x 60 mm, 1 x 120 mm, completely fitted out. Film winders are dismantled and not part of the offer. Available Spring 2019. Also films + technology e. kfm. D-73773 Hove Tel. 0049 711 364341, fax 0049 711 363703
Category: 903
item-No.: 126884705
24.950 EU?
Land-pl PL
Round balers are designed for bales of grass or hay. The picking of the spoil takes place from the swath with a pick-up and the machine is driven from the farm tractor via a power take-off. Complete machine in good condition.
Category: 402
item-No.: 126885131
4.500 GBP
Land-uk UK
Newman 2CRT all stainless steel construction semi automatic in line cap tightener. Two sets of tightening wheels. Variable speed drive. Maximum speed up to 80 bottles per minute depending on bottles and application. Fully adjustable torque control. Can cap both round and rectangular bottles. Cap size range: 16mm to 55mm diameter, including trigger spray caps. Fully adjustable, no change parts required. Fitted to a stainless stand complete with guards. Can be mounted over an existing conveyor. 240v single phase supp ...
Category: 102
item-No.: 126879089
turning diameter over bed:850 mm turning diameter over slide rest:510 mm turning length:3000 mm with powered upper support: travel of cross-slide cross:600 mm movement of the upper support:250 mm bed width:600 (Monoblock) mm spindle bore:100 mm spindle nose:DIN 55029 Größe11 spindle taper:Ø120mm/Konus 1:20 spindle speeds:5~630 1/min metric threading:56,1~120 mm feeds - longitudinal:0,08~9,6 mm/min feeds - cross:0.04~4,8 mm/min rapid traverse longitudinal and cross:3640/1800 mm/min tailstock quill diameter:120 mm ...
Category: 104
item-No.: 126885048
Grinding length: 630 mm Grinding diameter: 250 mm Workpiece height: 250 mm Maximum spindle speed: 6300 RPM Grinding wheel diameter: 200 mm Vertically adjustable sanding spindle head: 220 mm Table clamping surface: 140 x 900 mm Table adjustment: angled 7° ° re/li Table path length: 450 mm Cross table way: 260 mm Total power: 1.14 kW Machine weight approx.: approx. 1.0 t Space requirement approx.: 2 X 1.8 X 1.6 m Accessories: Extraction Device of part of motor driven round Sharpener Spiral  ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126876247
computer control, baking-chamber for 1 rack\r\nrotating rack, for plates 580 x 780 mm\r\ncomplete assembled loaded\r\n
Category: 307
item-No.: 126885043
Manufacturer: Wickert Press new in 2000 Closing force 2000kn Platen size 560mm x 630mm Daylight gap: 300mm Type of heating; electric Completely overhauled in 2005 The machine is in top quality with CE marking With vacuum chamber and sliding table
Category: 702
item-No.: 126876261
computer control, baking-chamber for 1 rack\r\nrotating rack, for plates 580 x 780 mm, \r\ncomplete assembled loaded\r\n
Category: 106
item-No.: 126885021
Pressure: 40 t Projection: 265 mm Plunger stroke adjustment: 8-95 mm Tappet adjustment: 80 mm Installation height: 295 mm Clearance between the stands: 300 mm Table of floor: 800 mm Table size: 660 x 530 mm Diarrhea opening in the table: 220 mm Plunger clamping surface: 400 x 250 mm Number of strokes 70/140. Doc. Stroke/min Total power requirements: 3.0 kW Machine weight approx.: 4.5 t Space requirement approx.: L: 1.6 x B: 1,3 x H: 2.4 m Press uberholt complete, 12-months warranty CE ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126876795
computer control, baking-chamber for 1 rack\r\nrotating rack, for plates 580 x 980 mm\r\ncomplete assembled loaded\r\n
Category: 101
item-No.: 126885014
SUHNER drilling unit MONO MASTER BEM 20-125 2005. ï?§ The BEM 20 with HSK comes with an integrated 4-point clamping set form C, for manual tool clamping TECHNICAL DATA Total stroke 125 mm Max drilling capacity Ã? 20 mm / 600 N / mm² Feed force at 6 bar 4130 N Max uebertragb. Torque 80 nm speed range at 50 Hz 360-10000 min-1 30 - speed 2400 min-1 Air consumption 0.45 l / cm stroke Runout accuracy 0.01 mm Steplessly adjustable stroke 125 mm Inductive limit switches 20-250 ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126876353
include \r\nfeeding conveyor\r\nprecrusher\r\ntransportpneumatik\r\nswing-screen-dryer \r\nexhaustair-filterstation\r\nheating system/heat exchanger\r\nheat recovery \r\npipelines\r\nbreadcrumbmil\r\nbuffer silos\r\nswitch box/electrical panel\r\n
Category: 107
item-No.: 126885006
Setting rollers - 7 PCs Feed rollers 2 PCs Fuhlhebelsteuerung compact dimensions 550 x 620 x 1150 mm, Btto 530 kg Band width 250 mm, motor is defect, without control, only mechan. Complete part - set work-
Category: 702
item-No.: 126876363
computer control, baking-chamber for 1 rack\r\nrotating rack, for plates 580 x 780 mm\r\ncomplete assembled loaded
Category: 107
item-No.: 126884996
hydraulic concrete steel Benders Krupp Futura B 703 steel bending machine with accessories and complete instructions Tech. Data performance table - steel 50-55 kp/mm2 Diameter 22 mm - 6 bars per bending, 28 mm-4, 32 mm 3,. Mtfgtw 50 mm 2 speed 4-12 / min Operation - with control or manual, operating dial - HAND - machine with possibility of 3 bending angle set - every page - 3 links + 3 right complete documentation, operating instructions much accessories more info upon request You can edit, flat, round ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126876669
computer control, baking-chamber for 1 rack\r\nrotating rack, for plates 580 x 780 mm,\r\ncomplete assembled loaded\r\n\r\n
Category: 107
item-No.: 126884992
Federal load - 1500 kg Federal width - 500 mm Outer diameter - Max 1250 mm Spreader range without attachment segments 310-460 mm, 410-560 mm High of lateral ditches. Strip lines approx. 470 mm Bc9eg37hb2 Speed of the reel shaft - 16 U / min, power 0,55 kW Manual spreading, adjustable -Torque limiter, soft start, - band drain brake -with push segments -hydraulically actuated process equipment â completely. Hydraulic unit mass - L 3300 B 1500 H 1500 mm
Category: 402
item-No.: 126869147
66.600 EU?
Land-pl PL
The machine worked from the news for about a year, it was later dismantled. Since then stored in a heated hall, protected from dust. Inability to install and test the machines in action. Based on visual inspection found the completeness of the device.
Category: 705
item-No.: 126884753
Groninger DFVG 2130 fully automatic filling & closing machine for eye drop bottles, in monobloc design with linear transport. Format range: diameter from 10 to 30 mm height from 30 to 100 mm With dosing unit for 2 or 3 rotary piston pumps, with dosing range of 0.2 to 266 ml (with corresponding dosing format parts), dosing accuracy up to 1 ml .: +/- 1%, above 1ml .: +/- 0.5% (for corresponding pump sizes, depending on filling product and filling quantity), with pre- and post-gassing, including capping stat ...
Category: 204
item-No.: 126864583
Number of sanding units: 8 st. sanding width: 150 mm Sanding height max.: 100 mm Machine can be inspected during production! Leistomat - Finisch and intermediate leveling machine Löwer LZ 8 -------------------------------------------------- ------------------- for finish sanding (smoothing, defibering and edge breaking) or intermediate sanding profiled window latch - Finish and intermediate sanding machine with eight sanding blade aggregates, 2 surface units at the top (synchronism / counter-rotation) 2 surface un ...
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