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Description: Convincing results through sophisticated system To achieve professional results, we have adapted the connective system binding OMATIC solution - it recognizes the sessions of coding. All bind OMATIC kits are equipped with patented glue with book binding cloth reinforcement. Exact A4 size and perfect folds make the work easier: no cumbersome trimming and always clean contours. Standard folder Our standard solution with cardboard backing and PET film front are available in three versions: Classic -  ...
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Weight approx.: 100 kg Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 1000 x 500 x 500 mm Description: NSM SACCARDO 30KVA 100HZ Frequency Converter, motor power 13.5 kW, output 30 kVA - 100 HZ
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Tetra Pak® A3 Flex 1000ml Slim Filling Line Item #: usm-0069 category: Tetra Pak A3 Flex Status: Ready For Shipment A3 Flex 1000ml Slim Complete Filling Line For Sale. 1-A3 Flex 1000ml Slim Filler, Model: 2006 and 14000 Working Hours Approx 2-Helix Accumulator, 2006 3-Tetra Cap Applicator 47, 2006 4-Tetra Cardboard Packer 70, 2006 5-Paper Trolly 6-Tetra Easy Ride and Conveyors Condition: Excellent Condition with running warranty.
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max. workpiece diameter:470 mm workpiece diameter:470 mm max. distance spindle nose and rollerhead carrier:2150 mm min. dist.spindle nose / chuck:1950 mm max. length of teeth cutting:400 mm rollerhead dia. max.:115 mm no. of teeth (continued procedure):12 - 96 no. of tooth single indexing:12-96 feeds -stepless-:40 - 240 mm/min rapid traverse:1800 mm/min total power requirement:18,5 kW weight of machine approx.:10000 kg dimensions with soundproof cabinet:4000 x 2250 x 2000 mm Cold Rolling Machine GROB ZRM 95 M in go ...
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Tetra Pak® A3 Speed Filling Machine Item #: usm-0070 category: Tetra Pak A3 Speed Status: Will be Available on Demand Refurbished Tetra Pak® A3 Speed Filling Machine: Refurbished Tetra Pak® A3 Speed 200ml Slim Filling Machine Year of Manufacturing : 2014 Volume: 200ml Slim HI Dev. step: 040 V Operating hour: 2.170 Subject to prior sales and approval by Tetra Pak.The machine is out of production, dismantled by Tetra Pak.It is a filler that was leased by Tetra Pak.Machine is packed in wooden boxes ...
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Weight approx.: 11000 kg control: POWER-CONTROL PROFESSIONAL Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 26000 x 2900 x 2900 mm software: WoodWOP drilling unit vertical from bottom: 6 piece drilling unit horizontal: 2 piece material clamping: ja / yes working lenght min.: 160 mm working lenght max.: 2500 mm working width min.: 100 mm working width max.: 1000 mm motor centre spacing min.: 160 mm motor centre spacing max.: 576 mm support centre spacing min.: 128 mm chip transport: ja / yes distance: 32 mm Description: Technicall ...
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Tetra Pak® A3 Flex 1000ml Prisma Line Item #: usm-0076 category: Tetra Pak A3 Flex Status: Ready For Shipment Tetra Pak® A3 Flex 1000ml Prisma Line For Sale: A3 Flex 1000ml Prisma Filler, Year of Manufacturing 2006, Working Hours Less than 10,000 Tetra Pak Cap Applicatpr, Cap Flex 30, Year of Manufacturing 2008 Tetra Pak Cardboard Packer 70, Year of Manufacturing 2008, Version 110V 40 meter Conveyors Control Sysytem Paper Trolly Designed by:TetraPak Carton Ambient S.P.A. Via Delfini 1, Modena Italy  ...
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Weight approx.: 150 kg Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 2000 x 1200 x 2000 mm Description: Digital input cards, output cards, analogue input and output cards, power supplies, SIMODRIVE 611, inserted modular cards
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There are six machines available: 4x SCHUBERT & SALZER KU-12-4011/ 2x SCHUBERT & SALZER KU-12: working width: 1500mm, output: 65kg/h, with fluff feed, for processing of cotton and synthetic fibre, year of construction: 2x 1985, 2x 1986, 2x 1987.
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Weight approx.: 350 kg Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 1200 x 800 x 2000 mm Description: Heating cartridges, NUM FC 200 input/output cards, limit switches, rotary encoder etc.
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Technical data: -Rated at 50% ED 16 kVA -Max welding power 28 kVA -KA sec short-circuit current 13.5 -Values of welded sheet steel 4 + 4 mm -Electrode force adjustable 60-240 daN -Throat depth 415 mm -Arm distance 130 mm -Short-stroke / long stroke 25 / 70 mm -Cooling water amount approx. 1.5 l / min -Approximate weight 400 V - drive 11 kg -with: TRANS thyristor controller RB 11 - 1 with power control in 6 levels including Under voltage level and 0 - position -Cardan - hang ...
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Weight approx.: 400 kg Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 2400 x 1600 x 2000 mm Description: Motors, servomotor, heating cartridges, pressure switch, rotary encoder, KEB F 5, 2 card rail 2-axle unit HC 010 CPU, card 16 E, BAB 40
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Control system: FANUC 0i-MC Table dimensions: 600 × 300 mm Maximum load: 200 kg Spindle speed: 12000 rpm Spindle power: 5.5 kW Tool tension: BT30 Storage capacity: 20 + 1 Rapid traverse: 48 m / min Machine dimensions: 3000 x 2400 x 2600 mm Machine weight: 4500 kg Accessories: Serial port + PCMCIA card Light signaling Chip conveyor Manual Tool probe Renishaw TS27R BT30 terminals (various types) 4-axis (controlled by M-Codes- 0.001 ° indexing + separate control unit - allows any ot ...
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Weight approx.: 100 kg Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 1200 x 800 x 2000 mm Description: For parcel machines, robots and shrink canal, FANUC cards, cables, digital readouts
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Jaeger Oxycon Delta Ergospirometer, software version: JLAB with Cardinal Health Lab Manager: V5. 3.0 Sales commercial/dealer to our terms and conditions. Errors and spelling mistakes possible, subject to prior sale!
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Weight approx.: 200 kg Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 1200 x 900 x 1600 mm Description: With lateral feed belts, passage width max. 450 mm, on wheels, height adjustable
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Multipack FRB500 box former. Fully guarded, automatic former for cardboard boxes and trays. Up to 20-50 boxes per minute and up to 40 trays per minute both depending on size and material thickness. Max size of formed boxes 300mm length x 250mm width. Power: 11kW/400v, 3PH, 50-60Hz with 6 bar air pressure. Noise level 75-78 Dba (max). Allen Bradley panel view operator control panel. Complete with Nordson 3400 Series melt adhesive applicator. Overall machine size: 6400mm x 1600mm x 2300mm high (including beacon), app ...
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Weight approx.: 40 kg Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 1200 x 800 x 1400 mm Description: Rotary encoder, linear measuring unit, output card A 163
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There are many pictures and videos. Just Convo me if you are interested. The machine is no longer in power, and dismantled. Worked but, as you can see in the video, until the last minute. Technical data: Brand: Trump card Type: Trumatic L 3003 Year: 1992 Control: Bosch CC 300 Trumagraph Work area: 1500 x 3000 mm V: 380 HZ: 50 Machine colour: White RAL 9002 / blue RAL 5010 Basic equipment: Laser TLF 2000 / 2000 Watt Cooling laser Programmable height adjustment of the laser c ...
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Weight approx.: 10000 kg Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 13500 x 3500 x 2900 mm Description: With MUCKI container, feeding and tipping device load capacity 500 kg, SIEMENS SIMATIC OP 17 control, 11466 operating hours, pressing pressure 60 t, machine number 6652 P 00647, with 4 wire spool devices, feeding hopper, pressing length approx. 3800 mm
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