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Herr Sören Reese
Hauptstr. 19
31699 Beckedorf
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item-No.: 123857626 Quantity: 1 Date: 21.02.2018
Price: 85,000 EUR
Manufacturer: unknown
Model: unknown
Type of machine: Straw flour-pellet plant

Sell straw flour or straw chaff Verpackungsline-semi automatically
120L side folding bag 24 kg

A complete plant for the production of bedding or lining straw is sold.
The system can be both packing in page folding bags that are stacked on Euro pallets and eingestrecht then in foil and separate coarse and fine materials.

The system allows a
1) 7.5 m bales table 2) Multizerreisser 1 rotor with main motor 30kw
(3) Himel mill 15Kw screen 20mm, 30mm and 80mm
(4) 2xSchaltschränke 1.Zerreisser with mill 2 printing plant and Verpackungline
(5) cyclone,
(6) screening plant
((7) air filter ca 7000 m 3 air 8) packaging press
(9) dust silo 25 m 3
(10)-bale conveyor belt and roller conveyor
(11) bale welding machine
(12) scissor lift table
(13) Strecher Cobra 3
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