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Packaging machines Hartmann GBK 420, SL 30

Slicing and Packaging line Slicer - Selectra 30 Automat packaging - Hartmann GBK 420 renovated, in very good working condition

Surface Grinding Machine JUNG JF 520 CNC-B

X-travel: 600mm, y-travel: 200mm, working height: 375mm, grinding wheel diameter: 250x25x51mm, rotational speed: 800-4200/min, feed rate: 0.001-0.045mm/min, rapid traverse: 500mm/min, max. table speed: 24m/min, max. table load: 100kg, control: SIEMENS SINUMERIK weight: 2.8t.

Frozen and Fresh Cutter MAGURIT GALAN 930

Cutting thickness: 6-117mm, cutting dimensions: 370x160mm, compressed air supply: 6bar, compressed air consumption: 20l/min, length: 2540mm, width: 1160mm, height: 2023mm, weight: 1t.

Evaporating condenser EVAPCO PMCQ 604

EVAPCO PMCQ 604 Product number: M18-3186 Cooling power: 2410 kW Number of fans: 3 Refrigerant: NH3/R717/Ammonia Refrigerant content: 165 kg Rated voltage: 400 Volt Size: 4150 x 1549 x 565 mm Weight: 9490 kg Construction year: 2015 Units in stock: 1 piece (s) Price: request a quote Beautiful con artist verdam pings condenser with 3 x 11 kW 5.5 kW fans and water pump. Listed capacity in a condensation temperature of + 35 ° c and a wet bulb of + 21 ° c. Visit our website: used-refrigeration

SCAFFALATURE Muletti per Magazzino

Racks & Forklifts for Warehouse For sale exclusively at 10:30 next 17/07/2018 at our offices in Bergamo The merchandise is kept Cusago (Mi) To view the lot please contact us on 0307751645 and make an appointment Detailed catalogue available Racks & equipment -metal baskets stacking storage, about 160 -various types -power tools (drills, screwdrivers, jigsaw, manual strapping tool) -storage boxes (various sizes), nr. 16 -various material for packaging etc. Forklifts and pallet trucks -forklifts Pimespo mod. 5253, 1,000 kg Capacity 10 TX idea, year: 1999 -forklifts OM mod. E-25 N, payload: 2,500 kg -walk-behind Sweeper Maspel -hand pallet truck, nr. 7 -Manual lifters, nr. 3 Various Furniture and office equipment (# 7 workstations desk complete with seat), as well as accessory equipment of various kinds (# 2 sat navs, digital cameras # 2)

Brush sanding machine WOODLAND MACHINERY DTL-20D

Type DTL-20D Brush roll height 200 mm Brush roll diameter 300 mm Roller speed: frequency control Electric up and down Power 0.75 kW Transport dimensions 860x750x1100 mm Weight 140 kg

Hydraulic Grinding Machines JONES & SHIPMAN 540

Hydraulic surface grinding JONES & SHIPMAN 540 Denomination Hydraulic surface grinding machine Travel X 450 mm Travel Y 150 mm Travel Z Maxi height 120 mm Auto or manual head up/down Auto advances X / Y Magnetic chuck dimensions 450 x 150 mm Grindstone diameter Ø 180 mm Manual magnetic chuck with Lubricant pump Voltage 380 V Length 1300 mm Depth 1200 mm Total height 1700 mm Weight approx. 1 T MACHINE IN OUR STOCK IN FRANCE.

milling SORALUCE TA20

CNC Heideinhain 530 3000 rpm evacuator chips 2000x1000x1000 Corse 2005 manual head

Brush sanding machine WOODLAND MACHINERY DTL-20DX



Generator CATERPILLAR Type Moteur 3512 STD POWER 1400 KVA Years 1988 Nombrer Hours 7900H revised 7500Hours SER N°24Z02XXXX Generator air cooling,silenser,Panel control Material complet

Brush sanding machine WOODLAND MACHINERY DTW-60A

Type DTW-60A Horizontal three axis Brush roll height 300/300 mm Brush roll diameter 300 mm Roller speed: frequency control Power 1.5 kW Transport dimensions 1220x720x900 mm Weight 150 kg

TURNING Multi-slide CAMI B 60

Year 2005 IEMCA Charger Step Bar 60 Number Giri 3000 Z-axis stroke 280 Turning length 280 Number tool turret 6 Model CNC owner cami Tools Number 4 on slides Controlled Axes Number 6 Poligonatore / fresafiletti Iemca charger

Brush sanding machine WOODLAND MACHINERY DTW-120A

Type DTW-120A Horizontal three axis Brush roll height 300/600/300 mm Brush roll diameter 300 mm Roller speed: frequency control Power 1.5 kW Transport dimensions 1780x760x880 mm Weight 165 kg

X-Ray Diffractometer BRUKER D5000 matic

For phase analysis of electrolyte melt of solid and powdery samples, including X-ray tube FL Cu 4 KE, computer SNI Scenic Pro C5 and software DIFFRAC AT V3.

X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer THERMO ARL 9800 XP

For the analysis of solid and powdery samples, including X-ray tube 53-1429-107, computer DELL WinXRF 3.1 and conveyor belt.

Multi-Slide Lathe CAMI B42

CHUCK B42 Max. Diam. Workable from 42 mm bar Max. rotazionemandrino of 4000 rpm Engine performance vettorialeKw12 in positioning resolution Gradi0,5 max.Nm230 Couple TOWER AXIS CONTROLLED Max stroke. the turret in Z mm120 Max. between turret - 200 mm caliper Min. between turret - gripper 8 mm Tool No. 6/8 Holes Diam. Of the turret holes to holes 31.75 mm / 25.4 rapid speed m / min12 Max. thrust from N1200 SLIDES RADIAL Sleds X1, X2, X3, X4 No. 4 Max stroke. 48 mm rapid speed m / min10 Force max.da N720 SLIDES ASSIALE Z1 racing sled max. 90 mm Z4 racing sled max. 40 mm rapid speed m / min 10 Force max.da N720 OPENING AND CLOSING CLAMP CNC management Hydraulics max bar 35 pliers system in use Din 6343 CNC max. expansion (axes) 12 Installed power Kw 14.7 Working pressure Bar 70 REFRIGERANT refrigeration capacity lt / m 50 Tank capacity lt 140 SIZE - WEIGHT Net weight 2200 kg Dimensions (WxD) evacuator not included 2450 × 1100 mm Dimensions (H) mm 2450 Poligonatore / thread cutter Iemca charger

Injection molding machines Krauss Maffei KM 16000/12000/390 MZ

Angebot / Offer: ?> ?KRAUSS MAFFEI ? KM ?1600/12000/390 MZ > Robot Krauss Maffei included ??> ?year 2006? ? ?? Technical Specifications: Clamping Force: 1600 ton Shot Weight (Max): 4727 g Distance Between Tie-Bars (H): 1850 mm Distance Between Tie-Bars (V): 1400 mm Platen Size (H): 2500 mm Platen Size (V): 2100 mm Screw Diameter: 105 mm Control Type:Electronic MC4 Mould Height (Max): 2800 mm Mould Height (Min): 1800 mm Daylight Between Platens (Max): 4300 mm Opening Stroke (Max): 2500 mm Ejector Force: 14,20 ton Core Pulls:Yes Number Of Core Pulls: 6 Screw L/D Ratio: 23 Screw Speed: 158 rpm Injection Volume: 5193 cm³ Injection Pressure: 2296 bar Injection Rate: 1299 cm³/s Nozzle Force (Max): 16,60 ton Nozzle Stroke (Max): 600 mm Oil Tank Capacity: 2740 l Orientation:Horizontal Other Specifications: Closing unit: Magnetic clamping system: Tecnomagnete Mould height min 2 * 662 mm IMould height max 2 * 1162 mm Opening Strocke max 4192 mm Mold min size min. H "x" v: 1240 * 940 mm Mold max weight: fixed + weight Pl. 15000/18000 kg // Turning plate: 2 * 7500 kg Fixing Plate h * v Turning plate 1820 * 1380 mm Centering flange DS Fest + Bew Pl. 120 mm // Turning plate: 250 mm Centering flange sS Fest + Bew Pl. 250 mm // Turning plate: 250 mm Thread in fixing plates: M24 Core pull automatic programmable 1st injection unit: Screw type: HPS-M RSP type: single ball Hot-runner control points: 12 zones Air ejector (DS / AS) 1 + 1 Pneu. Nozzle Control: Yes, cascade 4 2nd injention unit: Screw: 35 mm L / D ratio: 20 mm Screw type: Standard RSP type: multi-ball Injection volume: 155 cm3 Injection weight: 141 g Nozzle Strocke max: 161 mm Injection pressure: 2429 bar Nozzle pressure force 84 kN Injection speed max 135 cm3 / s Hot-runner control points: 4 zones Air ejector (DS / AS) 1 + 1 Pneu. Shutter Nozzle Control: Yes, cascade 4 tray Robot Krauss Maffei included Control system: version 3.2.00 Year of construction 2006 PS: Machine in Stock !!!!!

Plastic injection machines Engel e-motion ? EM 2440/380?

Angebot/Offer: ?2?x? ?Engel? e-motion ? EM 2440/380? Vollelektrische Spritzgussmaschine mit Kniehebel Bezeichnung: Engel CC 200 e-motion EM2440/380T B.J.: 2010 Zylinderdurchmesser: 70mm Barriereschnecke verbaut Interner Heisskanal Maximale Zuhaltekraft 380 Tonnen (3800KN) Öffnungsweg: 700 mm Auswerferweg: 210 mm Zentrierring: 160 mm p?s: machine free from 10/2018 !!

Glue gun refiller Buhnen HB4004-1PU-ZRP

PUR glue gun refiller Buhnen Model HB4004-1PU-ZRP Year 2005 ? details PUR glue melter, heated glue hose, glue gun Capacity 4 liter Available direct

Ryobi 522GE

Printing machine - Two Colour Ryobi Model 522GE Year 2012 Impressions 1 million Maximum sheetsize 375 x 520 mm Dampening Ryobimatic film dampening Details Suction tape in feeder, Semi auto plate change, plate cocking, blanket + roller wash, sliced ink ducts Condition as really as new Available Direct

Three knife trimmers Horizon HT-70

Three knife trimmer Horizon Year 1997 Model HT-70 Untrimmed size 330 x 330 Trimmed size 300 x 300 Max thickness 508 mm Speed up to 800 cycles per hour Details can be used in-line with a perfect binder, hydraulic pump is re-newed 1 year ago Available direct

Binding machines Horizon BQ270

Perfect binder Horizon Model BQ270 Year 2004 Book block size 135 x 115 mm - 320 x 320 mm Book block thickness 50 mm Cover size 135 x 240 - 320 x 660 mm Details With vacuum cover feeder with scoring wheels, side glue, spine glue, milling station with waste suction, power converter, touch screen Optional details With Horizon SI-270 Automatic size setting Delivery Belt delivery Available Direct

Heidelberg GTO52+

Printing machine - One Colour Heidelberg Model GTO52+ Year 1990 Impressions 37,5 million Minimum sheetsize 105 x 180 mm Maximum sheetsize 360 x 520 mm Dampening Varn Kompac III Details Weko electronic double sheet control Plus version, gears for numbering installed Sheet slow down device Weko powder sprayer Condition great condition

Riveting machine (1 head) SPS riveting

Riveting machine (1 head) SPS Model riveting Year +/- 1990 Available direct

Embossing foiling press PB+E HD-025

Embossing / foiling press PB+E Model HD-025 Year 1985's Max size 250 x 100 mm Pressure up to 2.5 tons Foiling 1 foil pulls Operation semi automatic Details Interfal controlled, embossing time controlled, temperature controlled Available direct

Nipping press Tranklein FNP500 XL

Tränklein Model FNP500 XL Year 1980´s Size 700 x 250 mm Available Direct

Nipping press Tranklein FNP500 XL

Nipping press Tränklein Model FNP500 XL Year 1980´s Size 700 x 250 mm Available Direct

eye letting machine Hang 101 F

Eyeletting machine Hang Model 101 F Year 1975 Available Direct

Gluing machine for paper Hunkeler LAM600

Gluing machine for paper Hunkeler Model LAM600 Year 1990 Width 600 mm Available Direct

Sewing machine Brehmer 381/4

Sewing machine Brehmer Model 381/4 Year 1960's Max size 355 x 240 mm Stitches 1-5 Condition good Available direct

Boring Mills TOS VARNSDORF WHN 13.4C cnc Heidenhain

TOS VARNSDORF WHN 13.4 C cnc Heidenhain Year 1987 CNC Heidenhain TNC 426 X 2000 mm Y-2000 mm In 1250 mm With 800 mm 130 mm spindle 8 mechanical transmissions Spindle speed 125, 250, 500, 1000 rpm Rotary table 1800 x 1600 mm Max. table load 12.000 kN Telescopic covers Weight 35000 kg Polish center, under tension 51.700 Euro EXW

other machines Sulfuric Acid Plant 1500 MT New Surplus

Sulfuric Acid Plant (Sulphuric Acid ) 1500 MT, 50 HZ, New Surplus The equipment for this plant is still packed in the manufactures shipping crates and has never been unpacked. The plant is stored in a secure climate controlled warehouse and is being kept as per manufactures guidelines. Brief outline of some of the equipment included, 23 MW GE Thermodyn Condensing Steam Turbine Generator, Converter, Hot Inter Pass Heat Exchanger, Cold Inter Pass Heat Exchanger, Steam injection vessel, Duct transition pieces, Main Blower, Air Inlet Filter, Drying Tower (DT), DT Mist Eliminators, DT Acid Distributor System, DT Support for Packing, HRS Steam Separator, Steam Injection Exhaust Head, Heat recovery Tower(HRT), HRT Mist Eliminators Demister, HRT Acid Distributor System (stage 2)HRT, Support for Packing (stage 2), HRT Acid Distributor System (stage 1), HRT Support for Packing (stage 1), Ceramic Insulation Block, Final Absorbing Tower (FAT), FAT Mist Eliminators Demister, FAT Acid Distributor System, FAT Support for Packing, Common Acid Pump Tank, HRS Boiler Package, HRS Blowdown Sample Cooler, HRS Steam Sample Cooler, HRS Blowdown Tank, HRS Boiler ailable due to a cancelled project., HRS Blowdown Tank Exhaust Head, HRS Acid Sample Coolers, HRS Acid Sample Enclosure, HRT Pump boot, HRS Diluter, HRS Heater, HRS Preheater, Liquid Effluent Pump, Steam Injection Sparger, Main Boiler The Sulfuric Acid Plant is designed to be fed by solid sulfur. The equipment related to handling the solid sulfur was never purchased. However the engineering studies & design were completed and is ready to be requisitioned directly from the supplier if the new owner wishes to make the purchase. The product handled by conveyor is solid Sulphur, with the following characteristics: Type Dry bulk solid powder Sulphur > 99.5 % w/w Inorganic ash < 0.4 % w/w Carbon < 0.1 % w/w All the equipment is new and was never installed and therefore, the Process Technology Licence associated with the plant has never been used and can be transferred to the new owner at a very affordable cost. The guarantee can be provided to the new owner of the plant once the basic engineering of adapting the plant to the new site conditions have been completed. The new owner of the plant will not have any restrictions on the engineering company they choose to complete the design, construction and commissioning of this plant.

Pellet presses diverse diverse

Complete plant for the manufacture of cattle feed pellets

Milling machine centers Kitamura Mytrunnion-1

OVERVIEW: Brand: Kitamura Model: Mytrunnion-1 Application type: Milling Machine type: Vertical Machining Center Availability: Immediately Construction year: 2007 Production hours: 14000 Location: Netherlands Origin country: Japan GENERAL DATA: Measurements width: 2185 mm Measurements depth: 2540 mm Measurements height: 3009 mm Machine weight: 6850 kg MAIN DRIVE: Spindle speed range: 15000 1/min CONTROL UNIT: Brand: FANUC Model: Series 300i WORKPIECE: Workpiece x: 325 mm Workpiece y: 510 mm Workpiece z: 460 mm Workpiece weight: 20 kg TOOLS: Max weight: 2 kg Max tool diameter: 60 mm Max tool length: 250 mm MEDIA: Main electronic connection: 200 / 220 V Power consumption: 35 kVA Chip conveyer: yes Internal cooling: yes

CNC Milling Machines Mikron WF 21-D

OVERVIEW: Brand: Mikron Model: WF 21-D Application Type: Milling Machine Type: Milling Machine Availability: Immediately Construction year: 1993 Production hours: 38000 Location: Netherlands Origin country: Switzerland GENERAL DATA: Measurements width: 2750 mm Measurements depth: 2500 mm Measurements height: 1950 mm Machine weight: 2400 kg MAIN DRIVE: Number of spindle: 1 Spindle speed range: 4000 1/min CONTROL UNIT: Brand: Heidenhain Model: TNC 407 MOVEMENT: X-AXIS movement: 450 mm Y-AXIS movement: 400 mm Z-AXIS movement: 450 mm WORKPIECE: Workpiece drm: 90 mm Workpiece x: 390 mm Workpiece y: 350 mm Workpiece z: 390 mm Workpiece weight: 700 kg TABLE: Outer length: 800 mm Outer width: 450 mm TOOLS: Max weight: 15 kg Max tool diameter: 400 mm Max tool length: 450 mm MEDIA: Main electronic connection: 380 V Power consumption: 8.7 kVA Internal cooling: yes

CNC Laser Cutting Machines LVD Axel 3015 L

OVERVIEW: Brand: LVD Model: Axel 3015 L Application type: Laser Cutting Machine type: Laser Cutting Machine Availability: Immediately Construction year: 2004 Production hours: 35000 Location: Norway Origin country: Germany GENERAL DATA: Measurements width: 7400 mm Measurements depth: 11000 mm Measurements height: 4000 mm Machine weight: 33250 kg MAIN DRIVE: Laser brand: FANUC LASER C4000 Laser power: 4 kW Laser type: CO2 CONTROL UNIT: Brand: GE FANUC Model: Series 160i-L MOVEMENT: X-AXIS: Movement: 3000 mm Y-AXIS: Movement: 1500 mm MACHINE SPECIFIC DATA: Number of cutting heads: 1 Size of cutting head 1: 7.5" MAX MATERIAL THICKNESS: Steel: 18 mm Stainless steel: 8 mm Aluminium: 6 mm MEDIA: Main electronic connection: 400 V Power consumption: 87 kVA

Automatic power-feeder for hobby MAGGI STEFF 2032 MAGGI STEFF 2032

Automatic power-feeder for hobby MAGGI STEFF 2032 nr. 3 rollers d. 80 mm. nr. 4 speeds CE

CNC Punching Machines Finn-Power TRS 6 SBU

OVERVIEW: Brand: Finn-Power Model: TRS 6 SBU Application type: Punching Machine type: Turret Punching Machine Availability: Immediately Construction year: 2001 Production hours: 35000 Location: Norway Origin country: Finland GENERAL DATA: Measurements width: 8000 mm Measurements depth: 21000 mm Machine weight: 22000 kg MAIN DRIVE: Punching force: 245 kN Maximum sheet thickness: 5 mm CONTROL UNIT: Brand: SIEMENS MOVEMENT: X-AXIS: Movement: 3000 mm Y-AXIS: Movement: 1500 mm MAX MATERIAL THICKNESS: Steel: 4 mm Stainless steel: 2 mm Aluminum: 4 mm TOOLS: No. of stations: 20 + Multi Tool Max. tool diameter: 88.9 mm No. of index: 2 MEDIA: Main electronic connection: 400 V Power consumption: 20 kVA

CNC Laser Cutting Machines TRUMPF TRULASER 5040 - 7 kW

In production Beam on working hours: 13.700 Stand by working hours: 22.187 Cutting power: 7 kW Work area: -X: 3000 mm. -Y: 1500 mm. -Z: 150 mm.

CNC Portal Milling Centre Mazak AJV 60/80

Used CNC Portal Milling Centre Mazak AJV 60/80 from 1995 The machine was built in 1995 but installed in 1996. CNC Control: Mazatrol M32a Table size: 1250 x 2240 mm Maximum table load: 4000 kg X-Axis movement: 2000 mm Y-Axis movement: 1400 mm Z-Axis movement: 508 mm Maximum workpiece dimensions: 2240 x 1480 x 600 mm Number of tools in magazine: 30x Tool taper: DIN 69871A (ISO 50) Spindle speed: 35 - 10000 1/min


FURNITURE AT THE FURNITURE For sale exclusively at 16:30 next 17/07/2018 in Ardesio, Bergamo To view the lot please contact us on 0307751645 and make an appointment TALL UNITS with no 4 doors + # 4 BOTTOM DRAWERS and # 4 CABINETS with UPPER SHELVES, DIM. 280x45xH196 CM, DARK BROWN WOOD COLOR 4 wardrobe doors, DIM. 210x46xH197 CM, WOOD and cream COLOR DESK composed of 2 DIM LOCATIONS. 180x80cm CM EACH, with semicircular TERMINAL DIAM. 165 CM CHESTS of DRAWERS with 3 drawers, 2 and no HONEY CLOSET with full-height DOORS # 4, # 4 drawers and 1 DOOR # above, DIM. 225x45xH197 CM, WOOD and cream COLOR DESK DIM. 200x100 with PENINSULA DIM. 90x60 CM, DARK BROWN WOOD COLOR CABINET with 3 DOORS and 1 # TOP # DISPLAY CASE, DIM. 140x45xH82/H158 CM, color DARK BROWN WOOD DESK DIM. 200x100, DARK BROWN WOOD COLOR MODELLOESTUDIO, MARCATOSHIBA, 166 printer/copier Scanner, CANON LIDE 210 MODEL, BRAND. ETC ETC ETC ... ... ...

Attrezzature per edilizia

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT For sale exclusively at 16:30 next 17/07/2018 in Ardesio, Bergamo To view the lot please contact us on 0307751645 and make an appointment Drill press, MODEL RAGTO35PU, SERIAL NUMBER 932470, HOFMANN BRAND Band saw, WHITE BRAND, model, year, SERIAL NUMBER 13/000396 270 MAN 1996 Band saw machine, MAKE MODEL SERIAL NUMBER 1068N 400 EURO TSC EHR, year 2007 GROUP # 5 CONCRETE BUCKETS, brand BUTTI, various sizes and capacity (capacity up to 400LT) METAL SILOS, DIAM. ABOUT 220 CM, length. ABOUT 400 CM METALLIC CONTAINER, DIM. 240x600xH250 CM, YEAR 1993 MOBILE SCAFFOLDING, BRAND FARAONE, TOP MODEL SYSTEM, DIM. 135X245 CM FUEL TANK WITH NOZZLE, DIAM. 150 CM, length. 400 CM PVC BOX CONSTRUCTION FOR TOILET GROUP INVENTORIES AND CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS. ETC ETC ETC. ..


TRAILER For sale exclusively at 16:30 next 17/07/2018 in Ardesio, Bergamo To view the lot please contact us on 0307751645 and make an appointment LOW FLATBED TRUCK TRAILERS, DUMP PLATE BG25669 Length: 9.2 m Width: 2.5 meters

Hydraulic Presses GALDABINI RPRS 100

Press type to straighten Ton. 100 MACHINE FLOOR 10,000 x 260 mm POKER 200 mm STROKE CONSTRUCTION YEAR: 1991

Boring Mills TOS VARNSDORF H 63 A

Boring machine TOS VARNSDORF H 63 and produced in 1986. Technical data: -table dimensions (length x width): 800 x 890 mm -spindle diameter: fi 63 mm -spindle motor power: 5.5 kW -overall dimensions (length x width): 2100 x 3900 mm -weight: 4500 kg -planszajba complete -overall dimensions of the machine (h x w x d): 220 x 183 x 370 cm

CNC Turning Centers Quick – Tech Machinery Co TT-42

Spindle max. turning length. 150 mm Spindle speed Range 4000 rpm/rpm Max. Turning Length: 100 mm Number of motorized tools: 6 tools (3 Axial, 3 Radial) Max. pressure: 50kg/cm Lenght: 2000 mm Width: 1700 mm Height: 1900 mm Weight: 4200 kg There are two machines of the same type for sale.

Injection molding machines ENGEL VICTORY 650/130 TECH

ENGEL VICTORY 650/130 TECH was built in 2004. The machine is designed for processing of thermoplastics and silicone-for each type of plastic is a separate unit. In addition, the Board fixed and movable is cooled with water. Technical data: -the number of hours worked: 70822 -the maximum clamping tables: 1300 kN mass injection: max. 290 g/PS -injection pressure: max. 2048 bar -height: min. 300 mm -opening: max. 600 mm -distance tool plates: max. 900 mm -ejector stroke: max. 150 mm -centering ring: 160 mm -screw diameter: 45 mm -weight: 9500 kg Equipment of injection moulding machines ENGEL VICTORY 650/130 TECH:-language: Polish -hot runner controller -number of zones: 11 -sorting unit -air valves -the quantity of air valves: 4

Machining Center HOMAG GENIUS 30/50/12/V/K

Max. workpiece length: 5300mm, max. workpiece width: 1200mm.

Sheet Double Deburring Machine Boschert K2

Sheet thickness: 8mm, brush diameters: 300mm, brush widths: 18-35mm, drive power: 2x1.5kW.

Beam saw SCM Z.32c

Type Z.32c Ser. Nr. 040306 Cutting length 3200 mm Cutting width 3200 mm Max. saw blade protection 80 mm Compressed air pressure 6 bar Main motor 7,5 kW Max. saw blade feed speed 13.5-27 m/min Air cushion tables 4 Scoring unit 1,5 kW Made in Italy Weight 2880 kg
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