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Strapping machine STRAPEX
Strapping machine
500 €
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  DE   105055449
Fully automatic strapping machine - to machine maturation with pressing and feeding. Narrow band. Cyklop SMB VH1 1. performance: Single strapping: 30 strappingmin Parallel strapping: 15 strappingmin 2. package size: The machine frame width 780 mm - fully automatic operation max. Package size: 600 mm min. package size: 150 mm Clearance under the frame of the machine 710 mm - for fully automatic operation Package height: 600 mm min. package amount; 60mm Package weight: 25 kg, min. 100 g Machine is equipped with p ...
3,490 €
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  DE   103970819
Strapping machines automatic SIGNODE SLM-AK150-HL
BN 1,500 €
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  DE   101389600
Strapping Machine BRüNINGHAUS 7110
Working height: 800mm, frame size: 600x600mm, strappable package size: 80x30-600x600mm, nominal voltage: 230V, frequency: 50Hz, current: 5A, connected load: 1.2kW.
  DE   100229287
Reel tape for fast belt change Energy-saving design Integrated tape storage Machine CE compliant Microprocessor controlled Robust construction Adjustable tension
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  DE   96881362
Apparatus STRAPEX
Strapex apparatus Plastic band seals L x W x H: 80 x 40 x 100 cm Weight approx. 70 kg Built in 1982 The machine is in good condition, ready to use. Subject to changes, errors, prior sale! Servicespare parts by MATEC CH-4952 EriswilDE-79618 Rheinfelden MATEC systems + technology GmbH Mechanical engineering Mill mat 4 CH-4952 EriswilSwitzerland Tel. 0041 62 966 18 32 Fax 0041 62 966 21 12
BN 290 €
offer is possible  
  CH   91310541
Banderoling and strapping machines SIGNODE LB2000 Walkup
Used machine but all run
2,500 €
offer is possible  
  DE   87807966
Packaging machinery for pallets GEHO Superstretch
Used pallet wrapper College, type: Superstretch - film column with electric drive - including 30 piece rolls stretch film worth approx. EUR 3.000 - turntable diameter: 1.500 mm -Capacity: up to 1,500 kg -Weight: 325 kg Inspection and test run are possible by arrangement like. Transport: EUR 250-
5,900 €
offer is possible  
  DE   86342772
Strapping Machine CYKLOP CX 89 II
Operational speed: 26Rmin max., frame size: 850x600mm, package weight: 30kg max., strap tension: 10-800N, reel: core diameter: 280282mm, outer diameter: 450460mm, width: 190mm, voltage: 230V, frequency: 50Hz, power: 1kW, weigth: 200kg.
  DE   83577079
Banderoling and strapping machines MOSCA SONIXS-TR
Equipment Machine No.: 93385 Belt delivery Feeder: Mosca STF (93384) Technical Details Mechanical speed max: 45 cyclesmin Infeed width max: 600 mm Infeed height max: 590 mm
offer is possible  
  DE   81389576
Foil wrapping machine FEV GMBH Typ TE 300 S/50/220/38
Machine data Winding head size 300 Product cross sections up to 300 mm Winding ring speed maximum 1min 270 1sek 4.5 foil width 125 mm maximum foil roll outer diameter 220 mm maximum foil roll core diameter mm 30 38 76 wrap feed maximum mmin 29.7 (at 110 mm feed Revolution) msek 0.50 auto. Film holder and cutter Yes To the packaging or bundling of tubular products. The core element of this machinery is the winding head. The applications of this technology are very far-reaching. Examples of use: surface protection of Poles,  ...
BN 9,500 €
offer is possible  
  DE   80113387
Strapping Machine SIGNODE ISB 1300 Twin
In-line corrugated bundle squaring and strapping machine, strapping 5mm x 0.42mm polypropylene, pack width mono: 170-1300mm, twin: 450–1300mm, pack length: 170–1300mm, pack height: 50–350mm, Strap distance: 350–1200mm.
  DE   78712837
Packaging machinery for pallets MOSCA KPM-131
Mosca KPM-131 automatic twin pallet Pack press upstream electrically driven roller conveyor with integrated pallet centering device LR OL O vaay K98v3 Pallet strapping machine with press for cardboard - Druckerzeugnise range Manufacturer: Mosca. Pressure: max. 5.000 kg Type of machine: KPM-131 Machine number: B 154892002 For PET band 12-13 mm year: 1992 For special pallets, europallets, pallets number of strapping: crosswise 2 x and 2 x LW or optionally only 2 x LW Capacity: 60 hour PAL. Pallet-centering device mounted in the pr ...
offer is possible  
  DE   78217374
Strapping machines SEMI AUTOMATIC K25399
Properties < b >: < b > Manufacturer: Semi automatic Length: 760 mm Width: 560 mm Height: 740 mm Model: EXS-203 Serial: K25399 Volts HZ: 30V50 Hz 2 braked castors Tailor-made solutions < b > for your intralogistics < b > We are your competent partner for roller conveyors, belt lifts, inclined conveyors or telescopes to the loading and unloading of goods! Gladly we will create you an individual offer or advise on the design or ...
offer is possible  
  DE   77892510
Strapping machines fully automatic MOSCA RO-TR 4   Tridem
complete Tridem plant with Eckpusher (also individually give): 3 x Mosca RO-TR 4 and Mosca Eckpusher 500 (going clockwise) fully automatic threading system Gang end query with rest eject Conveying speed and to strapping spacing can be adjusted Wedge 24 volt technology DC direct drive PLC Siemens S7 control unit Head 800-900 mm Paint RAL 5010 gentian blue Automatic common PP tapes 5-12 mm operating pressure 6 bar, 14 "quick-coupling
BN 3,500 €
offer is possible  
  DE   75250560
Semi-automatic strapping machine for plastic NORMPACK NTP-20
Manufacturer: standard Pack Type: NTP-202CE Length: approx. 0.90 m Depth: 0.59 m Height: approx. 0.76 m Year of construction: 2003 Securing packages and loose Pack items such as tubes, strips of wood, etc. Automatic tensioning, sealing and off Anuja of plastic band
350 €
offer is possible  
  DE   73598488
Arch aperture: approx. 850x800mm. There are two machines of the years 1991 and 1992 available.
  DE   71949245
Packetpress with conveyor FROMM/SPRINGER 19 mm Plastic band
Package press and strapping system make FROMM with 19 mm Plastic tape, with timber insertion, package roller before the press, bar patrons and cross conveyors, package delivery sponsor behind the press. (Driving with and without timber is possible!) Complete control with Control Panel, hydraulic power pack. Very good condition, used little! Year of manufacture 2004
offer is possible  
  AT   71905366
Strapping Machine STRAPACK SS-80
Arch aperture: approx. 860x810mm.
  DE   71840617
Strapping Machine H D HAGENAUER DENK SAP 8
Capacity: approx. 30strappingsmin.
  DE   71840615
Strapping machines automatic ROBOPAC rotoplant 508
Vertical Stretchfolien-wrapping machine for packaging of coils
offer is possible  
  SI   71495786
Strapping machines automatic ROBOPAC compacta S9
offer is possible  
  SI   71495780
Strapping machines MOSCA MO-M1
We sell here a strapping machine Mosca MO M1 semi-automatic 12 mm PP band. The device, the heater does not work. If you have questions we are happy under the phone 015227450046 available.
offer is possible  
  DE   71396260
Strapping machines automatic SANDER PM S-7
We offer a packaging machines to strapping machine Sander PM S-7. Machine comes from a reversal of the operation and was until the very end in use. Device can be demonstrated. If you have questions we are at Tel 015227450046 available.
offer is possible  
  DE   71396254
Carton Sealer SOCO SYSTEM T55
Capacity: max. 30 cartonsmin., tape diameter: max. 385mm. There are 4 machines available.
  DE   71250681
Strapping machines CYKLOP Rotant 500 N
Equipment Serial number: 814.873 Documentation Technical details Pressure: 500 N Capacity: 44 Strapsmin Frame size: 495 x 425 mm Band width: 5 - 5,5 mm
offer is possible  
  DE   68678428
BOEHL Meister S 1000 VA
Foil wrapping machine for single rods, manufacturer BOEHL type master S-1000 VA. Year of construction 1998 dimensions: 50mm width - 930 mm, height: 20mm - 720 mm. minimum length: 750 mm. Control cabinet with control panel with S 7 controls and safety fence. Operating side is "right". Good condition!
offer is possible  
  DE   68676850
Strapping machines MOSCA RO-M-P2
Equipment Machine No.: 51755 Technical Details Size max: 400 x 500 mm
offer is possible  
  DE   68662871
The surrounding strapping machine is suitable for strapping of packages of all kinds with polypropylene. The rating plate (A) with all information is located on the tool body. The machine is compact and mobile. The working height is infinitely adjustable. By pressing the foot switch or the Start button is the polypropylene automatically led to the packaged goods, tension, welded and cut off. The machine is ready for the next strapping.
BN 1,300 €
offer is possible  
  DE   68210816
Strapping machines STRAPEX TYP SMS 359
The surrounding strapping machine is suitable for strapping of packages of all kinds with polypropylene. The rating plate (A) with all information is located on the tool body. The machine is compact and mobile. The working height is infinitely adjustable. By pressing the foot switch or the Start button is the polypropylene automatically led to the packaged goods, tension, welded and cut off. The machine is ready for the next strapping.
BN 1,400 €
offer is possible  
  DE   68210791

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