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18.01.2017 Scaffolding LAYHER
Scaffolding LAYHER
Prod.: Layher Type: Layher BLITZ framework, and div. Layher compatible, allround scaffolding Consisting of: wide approx. 61 floors, 54 floors narrow,. 104 frame 2m, 33 part 1m, 25 roof railing, 20 Stringeländer,. 8 place power fuses, 31 Konsilen various sizes + various accessories
used machinery auction RESALE 4,500 € 
 DE 72506030
29.12.2016 Driving structure LAYHER
Driving structure LAYHER
Used driving scaffolding uni light system Layher compatible. Working height max 6.50 m in good condition for sale. Scaffold height 6.50 m Width 0.75 m Diagonal 3.30 m 4 PCs Step-through Bridge 3.0 m 2 PCs Level head 75 8-2.00 m 6 PCs Steering wheel 4 PCs Base tube 3.00 m 4 PCs Driving beam 2 PCs
1,300 €
offer is possible 
 DE 67973653
16.11.2016 CUPLOK scaffolding CUPLOK CUPLOK
Big parcel CUPLOK scaffolding, used, galvanized, in good condition. Only request with company name, address and Telfax numbers get answer.
 NL 67536099
16.11.2016 Peri Up PERI Peri Up
Peri Up PERI Peri Up
Very large poste scaffolding peri up, used, galvanized, in very good condition. Only request with company name, address and Telfax numbers get answer.
 NL 67352734
03.01.2017 Bearing-Shoring Stair Towers DOKA d2
Bearing-Shoring Stair Towers DOKA d2
Art. No.: Desciption quantity list.-price total net: net weight: total kg 582702000 basic frame d2 1, 80m 207 219.00 45.333,00 32.8 6.789,60 582703000 basic frame d2 0, 90m 200 156,00 31.200,00 20.50 4.100,00 582703000 basic frame d2 0, 60m (Special?) 28 104.00 2.912,00 20.50 574,00 582505000 telescopic spindle 882 51,70 45.599,40 4.50 3.969,00 582527000 coupling coupler piece 1000 6,20 6.200,00 0.57 570,00 582528000 spring bolt 16 mm Conn. Pin 16mm 700 4.60 3.220,00 0.25 175.00 582545000 clevis OS U-head OS 146 23.40 3.416,40 4 ...
offer is possible 
 DE 62616907
20.10.2016 Props DOKA
Props DOKA
Props crew Built in 2000 Weight approx. 20 kg L: 4 x 200 cm L: 1 x 240 cm Props are in good condition, ready to use. Subject to changes, errors, prior sale! Servicespare parts by MATEC CH-4952 EriswilDE-79618 Rheinfelden MATEC systems + technology GmbH Mechanical engineering Mill mat 4 CH-4952 EriswilSwitzerland Tel. 0041 62 966 18 32 Fax 0041 62 966 21 12
BN 250 €
offer is possible 
 CH 27200834
05.07.2016 Gekko scaffolding HüNNEBECK Gekko
Gekko scaffolding HüNNEBECK Gekko
1 post Hünnebeck Gekko framework, can be used as scaffolding system for Hünnebeck Manto formwork. Good condition. Consisting of: 60 St. hollow box lining 2.40 x 0, 30 m 18 St. hollow box base 2.10 x 0, 30 m 6 PCs head gear Stafel 2.40 x 0, 60 m 45 St. protection baluster 2, 40 m 12 St. protection baluster 2, 10 m 19 St. electrical boards 2, 40 m 3 St. electrical boards 2, 10 m 8 St. electrical boards across 90 36 St. railing handles 11 St. double railing 90 cross 36 St. consoles 90 stage consoles 12 St. stage cro ...
3,450 € 
 DE 16418449
16.11.2016 Layher Allround LAYHER Allround
Layher Allround LAYHER Allround
LAYHER ALLROUND Big parcel LAYHER ALLROUND in very good condition. Only requests with company name, address and telfaxnumbers will be answered. VU-RO Bouwmaterieel NL-1113 EC Diemen Tel. + 31 (0) 20 698 1900 Fax + 31 (0) 20 698 1902 vuro@vuro.nl
 NL 10714632
Poste scaffolding KWIKSTAGE, used, galvanized, in good condition. Only request with company name, address and Telfax numbers get answer. VU-RO Bouwmaterieel NL-1113 EC Diemen Tel. + 31206981900 Fax. + 31206981902
 NL 8514050

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