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16.05.2017 Rubber testing devices MONSANTO RHEOMETER 100S
Rubber testing devices MONSANTO RHEOMETER 100S
Device in very good condition, last calibration date: 2016.
4,500 €  
  PL   71532697
21.12.2016  MONSANTO Rheometer 200E ODR
MONSANTO Rheometer 200E ODR
Rheometer Manufacturer: Monsanto Type: ODR 2000E Rheometer; 230 V, 1 kVA, Pneumatic actuated min. 4.8 bar, max. 8 bar Dell PC configuration and metal cabinet dim. 160 x 90 x 235 cm Currently in calibration
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  UK   71514410
16.02.2017 Interior blenders BUZULUK 90 liters
Interior blenders BUZULUK 90 liters
Absolutely unused Buzuluk internal mixer 90l with motor 315kW. Year of production: 1988
offer is possible  
  PL   71478353
09.05.2017 Rolling mills ZUT ZGODA 550 x 1500mm
Rolling mills ZUT ZGODA 550 x 1500mm
Roll mill for rubber WG 550 x 1500mm sleep ring motor, power: 100 kW with automatic soft start roll gap adjustment motorized hollow chamber type rolls with rotary joints central system of automatic and manual lubrication system emergency-stop safety-bars and electro-hydraulic break This roll mill is of solid and reliable construction, made in Poland - ZGODA factory. Large gearbox was made by reputable company ZAMECH Elblag (weight 6 tons) - a newer drive solution without the use of large gearwheelon the rear roll. Machi ...
16,900 €  
  PL   71290524
01.02.2017 Calenders BERSTORFF 1200 x 510mm
Calenders BERSTORFF 1200 x 510mm
3 rolls calender for rubber. Machine dismounted, without electromotor. Good technical condition.
4,400 €  
  PL   71290513
21.12.2016 Rolling mills THIERAU 2100mm x 650mm diam. Two Roll
Rolling mills THIERAU 2100mm x 650mm diam. Two Roll
84” (2100mm) x 26” (650mm) diam. Two Roll Mill Manufacturer: Thierau With Agila 84” Stock Blender Cored rolls Roll speeds: 21.03mmin 27.34mmin Front roll smooth, back roll half grooved Left hand inline drive Diam. roll 650 mm, W 2100 mm, Filton Rotary joints for steam heating cooling Powered by AC Brooks electric 160 kW electric Complete with Starter Control Panel Fully reconditioned by Agila 1991 Mounted on bed plate GA drawing available
offer is possible  
  UK   71013887
07.12.2016 Rubber testing devices METALCHEM RHEOMETER WG 02
Rubber testing devices METALCHEM RHEOMETER WG 02
Rheometer used, in very good condition.
4,900 €
offer is possible  
  PL   70983797
06.12.2016 Press  HBR 1300x3200mm
Press HBR 1300x3200mm
Press 1300 x 3200 mm, clamping force approx. 4200 kN, steam heated
  CZ   70939936
Mixer Banbury Werner & Pfleiderer GK160 Mixing Line
W&P GK160 Mixing Line Mixer type: GK160 Werner & PfleidererHF Floating weight Pneumatic driven, water cooled Approximate weight per batch Approx 220kgs Rotor Tangential ZZ2. Drop door Swing Type With Gearbox, Motor TWIN MILL Mill size 84” ( 2100 x 660 mm) Stockblender (rolls) Nr.1 Buzuluck type Nr.2 VMI design Roller conveyor (2x) Length: 11500 mm SLAB FEEDER: Cutter Overall length: 3000 mm CHARGER WEIGHING SYSTEM: Belt conveyor on 4 load cells Length: 6120 mm DUMP CONVEYOR: Belt conveyor Length: 6120 mm
offer is possible  
  UK   70507138
03.05.2017 Calenders FARREL BRIDGE Four Roll Inclined Z Calender
Calenders FARREL BRIDGE Four Roll Inclined Z Calender
FARREL BRIDGE 4-ROLL, INCLINED 'Z' CALENDER. 66 inch roll face width, 28 inch diameter. Rolls are current polished to produce matt PVC finish. Independent variable speed DC drive to each roll via solid state, AC to DC converter. Cross axis control on roll 4 (roll 3 fixed). Extensively modified and up-graded controls and drives.
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  UK   70507026
16.03.2017 Rubber extruders TROESTER 120 x 16D
Rubber extruders TROESTER 120 x 16D
Cold feed pin Type extruder 120 mm YOM: 1986 LD ratio: 16 d Pins: 60, 6 x 10 Feed roller: available, driven by screw Head: for die Motor: DC, Kaiser GV225. 4 M, 0,9-90kW, 15-1500 rpm TCU: Tool-temp Switzerland, 4 zones Electricity: available Control Panel: available Accessories: Feeders with metal detector Chiller 37kW
offer is possible  
  DE   70329808
21.12.2016 Calenders  2000mm Two Roll Calender
Calenders 2000mm Two Roll Calender
Two Roll Calender 2000mmm wideThe calendar is equipped with:Its own steam generatorA frequency controlled motor allowing to alter the speed from very slow to max speed.Teflon coated guide rolls and a transport belt and winding station which are synchronized to the calendarElectrically driven nip adjustment
offer is possible  
  UK   69883653
03.05.2017 Mixer AMK Z Blade Mixer
Mixer AMK Z Blade Mixer
300 litre Z Blade Mixer Manufacturer: AMK Internal dims: 30” x 30” x 30” Fitted with a Brook Crompton Motor, 15 kw motor to drive the blades and an 11 kw motor for screw drive with stardelta starters for both motor The screw drive operates through a PIV gearbox. The mixer contact parts are manufactured from Stainless Steel Fitted with an 11 hole strand die. The pipe matrix is for connection to an oil heater, the jacket was designed for steam heating. PIV gearbox WKRS82
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  UK   69883650
03.05.2017 Mill FARREL BRIDGE Rubber Mill
Mill FARREL BRIDGE Rubber Mill
84” (2100mm) wide x 26” (650mm) diam. Two Roll Mill Manuf: Farrel Bridge Hagglunds hydraulic motor and drive With Temperature Control Unit (TCU); Front roll smooth, back roll smooth Peripherally drilled rolls Electric heating Variable speed and friction ratio. Speed 0 to 35 rpm Cold water supply With control panel Mill was supplied and installed with the Hydraulic system new in 1998 With Manual (inc drawings) for both the Mill and hydraulics (hard copy not electronic)
offer is possible  
  UK   68768206
03.05.2017 Rolling mills  24inch x 12inch Two Roll Mill
Rolling mills 24inch x 12inch Two Roll Mill
Two Roll Mill Roll dimensions 24” wide x 12” diameter 30 HP Motor Right angle drive Tray fitted beneath Mill rolls Rotary joints for steam heating water cooling The friction ratio is 1.1:1 Complete with Control Panel
offer is possible  
  UK   68678765
10.11.2016  VERTICAL Autoclaves
VERTICAL Autoclaves
12 x Vertical Autoclaves (4 x 3 sets Autoclaves). Each set has a hydraulic power pack that services 3 autoclaves and a extractor (which dies out the matrix from autoclaves).The volume is 1600 liters;Maximum operating pressure - 22 bar;Method of working - water vapor - fluid;They were part of a line of vulcanized POLI-V belts for the automotive industry. For each autoclave there are certifications
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  UK   68676893
21.11.2016 Hydraulic Moulding Press THOMPSON Upstroking Press
Hydraulic Moulding Press THOMPSON Upstroking Press
Upstroking Presses (x4) Manufacturer: Thompson Tonnage: 100tons Electrically heated platens Platen size 20” sq 14” daylight 12” diam Ram With load tables With pump units The Presses are fully operational
offer is possible  
  UK   68663026
03.05.2017 Hydraulic Moulding Press DANIELS Upstroking Press
Hydraulic Moulding Press DANIELS Upstroking Press
1. Upstroking Press Manufacturer: Daniels Tonnage 175 tons Upstroking Electrically heated platens 25” daylight 24” sq platens 16” diam. Ram Push back rams Light curtains Electrical cabinet Full guarding Omron light guard Load table Individual pump unit Fully operational
offer is possible  
  UK   68663025
03.05.2017 Rolling mills FARREL BRIDGE Two Roll Mill 12inch x 6inch
Rolling mills FARREL BRIDGE Two Roll Mill 12inch x 6inch
Farrel Bridge 12” x 6” Two Roll Mill Hand operated nips Even & friction Tray fitted beneath Mill rolls Complete with motor and starter
offer is possible  
  UK   68663024
24.10.2016 Rolling mills VEB 200 x 410mm
Rolling mills VEB 200 x 410mm
Lab 2 roll mill for rubber. Working condition.
4,800 €
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  PL   68210732
24.10.2016 Rubber testing devices METALCHEM RHEOMETER WG 04
Rubber testing devices METALCHEM RHEOMETER WG 04
Used rheometer for rubber compounds control.
9,900 €
offer is possible  
  PL   68210686
23.11.2016  RUTIL RS SX 4000/350F
RUTIL RS SX 4000/350F
Rubber injection machine Rutil 3, model RS SX 4000350F, YOM: 1998 Good condition. Rubber injection (silentblocks, joints, etc) Heating plates 630 x 800 mm Clumping force 800 tn Mould adjustment 400 tn Max mould 470 mm min mould 70 mm Mobile plate stroke 500 mm Injection capacity 4000 cm3 Injection pressure 2000 kgcm2 Screw diam 55 mm Weight 17.600 kg
offer is possible  
  ES   61367239
22.12.2016 Press SCHUBERT Upstroking Press
Press SCHUBERT Upstroking Press
Schubert Press The platen size is 1390 mm (52”) x 2490 mm (98”) Electric heaters Make - Schubert Daylight – 305mm Floor standing Total number of rams: 16 Ram diameter: 2 ¾” Working pressure 3500 PSI The overall dimensions are length 3850mm x width 1500mm x height 2200mm Operational The condition of the hydraulics and pump unit along with ram seals is good Spare seals maybe possible (video link available on request)
offer is possible  
  UK   52891786
22.12.2016 Rubber injection presses MIR 270ton Vertical
Rubber injection presses MIR 270ton Vertical
MIR 270ton Vertical Rubber Injection Moulding Machine Model MVPI 270 Year of manufacture: 1995 Mechanically the machine is completely sound The Control panel needs attention
offer is possible  
  UK   52072382
22.12.2016 Rolling mills IDDON 40inch x 16inch Two Roll Mill
Rolling mills IDDON 40inch x 16inch Two Roll Mill
Iddon Two Roll Mill 40 inch wide x 16 inch diam Left hand drive 50 HP motor Grease pump Rotary joints Radicon gearbox Lunn safety bar Hand nips Dims; 3.6m wide x 8ft deep x 6ft 6inches high
offer is possible  
  UK   52072381
11.04.2017 Rolling mills COMERIO ERCOLE Monobloc DUPLOCOM
Rolling mills COMERIO ERCOLE Monobloc DUPLOCOM
Laboratory roll mill 150 x 300 mm - used Roll diameter: 150 mm Roll length: 300 mm Nip adjustment: manual Tipper guiding plates 2 brake motors: 3 kW 400 V 50 Hz Safety equipment: In accordance with standard rules Color: according to customer requirements new electrical system new on-board machine system Inverter system for variable speed per cylinder with 1 year warranty, CE mark CE operating and maintenance instructions in English
  IT   38768521
Rolling mills REED 42 x 16 Two Roll Mill
Reed 42" x 16" Two Roll Mill. 40HP Motor, with clutch brake. Friction ratio 1.1 Manual Nips. On one-piece steel bedplate.
offer is possible  
  UK   38279033
Calenders IDDON 1350 CALENDER LINE 4 Roll Inverted L
Complete Line Consisting of 1.Sheet material unwind station (let off stand) 2. Iddon 1320mm x 450mm dia wide 4 roll inverted L calender manual nip adjustment, even speed gears, auto lubrication system with 45kW AC right angle drive motor and gearbox, Steam heated bowls up to 150c Bowl temperature monitoring system, fabricated bedplate. Overhauled in 2007 (by Iddon) with new side frame and rolls precision ground 3. Edge Trim - make: Mario Cotta 4. Guillotine - Make: Pasquato SNC 5. Wind up
offer is possible  
  UK   38279028
Rolling mills REED Compact 24 x 12
Reed Compact 2 Roll Mill. 24" wide x 12" dia. roll Motor.18.5KW. 1455RPM.380-415V. Manual nip adjustment. Adjustable guide plates. Friction Ratio 1:1.11
offer is possible  
  UK   38279025
15.05.2017 Rolling mills ZGODA WG 550 x 1500mm
Rolling mills ZGODA WG 550 x 1500mm
Roller lenght 1500mm Roller diameter: 550mm Motor power: 100kW (slip-ring motor with auto soft start) Roll gap adjustment motorized Electrohydraulic brake Roll cooling: hollow chamber type rolls Year of production 1986 Weight approx. 23000kg. Machine in good technical condition - made in Poland.
offer is possible  
  PL   37627037

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