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used machines and plants for waste disposal and recycling / used presses / used Baling presses PAAL KONTI 275 H for sale

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No.: 69639221
Updating date: 02.05.2017
Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: PAAL
Model: KONTI 275 H
Type of machine: Baling presses

Baling presses PAAL KONTI 275 H

used machine

Automatic baler

Manufacturer: PAAL


Year of constr.: 2015 main parts of the press:
1 automatic channel press
1 automatic Verschnürung
1 hydraulic system
1 electric control

technical data:
Pressing force: 800 kN / 80t
Duct cross-section (h x w): 750 x 1,100 mm
Filler: 1,020 x 2,000 mm
Number of binding wires: 4 pieces vertically and 3 piece vhorizontal
Drive performance
-Main pump: 1 x 45 kW (1 x 370 LTR. - pump)
-Wire drawing: 4 kW + 3 kW
-Transposing: kW 3 + 3 kW

Pump flow rate: 1 x 370 l/min
Throughput: up to approx. 240 m³/h
Hydraulic oil tank volume: 2100 l
Bale weight: up to 750 lbs depending on the pressed product and Bale length
Operating voltage: 3 x 400 VAC, 50 Hz / N / PE

-Automatic Schneidkantenfreistosser
-hydraulic channel control with digital, automatic control of pressure adjustment for different material types
-Large digit display for bale length and fault display, mounted on the dashboard
-Facilities of the plate with a central lubrication point for the printing plate rollers
-PAAL remote maintenance system

Optional with:

1 piece used presses infeed conveyor

Manufacturer: WESTERIA

Type: chain conveyor

Year of constr.: 2015

technical data:
Conveyor width: approx. 1,500 mm
Length: 15.000 mm
Task length: approx. 4,000 mm
Platform length: approx. 9,000 mm
Power: 5.5 kW
New in: 2015
Location: Germany
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