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used machines and plants for waste disposal and recycling / used presses / used Bale press with pre-press flap BOLLEGRAAF HBC 100 for sale

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 No.:  71557630
 Updating date:  18.01.2017
 Quantity:  1
 Manufacturer:  Bollegraaf
 Model:  HBC 100
 Type of machine:  Bale press with pre-press flap

Bale press with pre-press flap Bollegraaf HBC 100

used machine

Manufacturer Bollegraaf, Netherlands
Type HBC 100
Year of construction 1992
Hours of operation 40.586 h
Controls Schneider PLC Modicon Micro / Magelis touchpanel
Press power of pre-press 50 t
Press power of main press 100 t
Drive power 2 x 30 kW
Filling volume per cycle 3,15 m³
Cycle time approx. 22 sec.
Tying system 5-fach vertical, automated
Drilling motor 1,5 kW
Bale size 1.100 x 750 mm, at variable length
Weight 30.000 kg

This press has been overhauled. Following steps of repair and overhauling have been taken:

Elder SPS controls including enter and exit component assemblies were replaced by new controls of Telemécanique TSX Micro
Manual service push buttons were replaced by Schneider TFT touch panel 7,5” of type Magelis
Upper and lower light barriers including repeater (Telco) have been renewed
The electric connection at hydraulic manifold is new, with partially renewed machine control cables and removal of needless connection
Hydraulic oil tank has been emptied, cleaned and all filters were renewed
Rubber gear for diminishing pressure between pumps and electric motors were renewed
Pipes between high pressure part of the pump and hydraulic manifold have been renewed
Cartridge cap on manifold has been sealed up newly
Rubber buffers of pre-press flap are new
Filling level indicator at tank has been renewed
Measurement connections at hydraulic tank were altered
All flanges of hydraulic pipes have been sealed up newly
Main cylinder, clam shell cylinder, needle cylinder and cylinder for wire core have all been sealed up newly
Plunger of main cylinder, of clam shell cylinder and of needle cylinder have been ground and chrome-plated newly
All rollers and guide pulleys of press ram have been cleaned and loosened, the front rollers were renewed
Wire guidance was cleaned and loosened, the back wire guidance rollers and wire core with pinhead rollers have been renewed
Pinheads including blades have been reworked
Hinges at press channel, on lateral parts and cap have been renewed
All hydraulic hoses of clam shell cylinders have been renewed

Please note:
All technical data refer to specifications of producer/owner.
We will not assume liability for the given statements and possible errors.
This offer is non-binding, prior sale excepted and revocable at any time.
Inspections are possible after agreement.
The sale against prepayment is ex location, as it stands and lays, without any hydraulic oil or wire, and without liability and guarantee.

 New in:  1992
 Operating hours:  40586
 Location:  Germany
 Machine in stock:  Yes
   HBC 100
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