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used machines and plants for waste disposal and recycling / used presses / used Bale press suitable for heavy material PRESONA LP 140 XH2 S for sale

bale-press-suitable-for-heavy-material-presona-lp-140-xh2-s preview1 bale-press-suitable-for-heavy-material-presona-lp-140-xh2-s preview2 bale-press-suitable-for-heavy-material-presona-lp-140-xh2-s preview3 bale-press-suitable-for-heavy-material-presona-lp-140-xh2-s preview4 bale-press-suitable-for-heavy-material-presona-lp-140-xh2-s preview5 bale-press-suitable-for-heavy-material-presona-lp-140-xh2-s preview6 bale-press-suitable-for-heavy-material-presona-lp-140-xh2-s preview7 bale-press-suitable-for-heavy-material-presona-lp-140-xh2-s preview8
 No.:  71323139
 Updating date:  18.01.2017
 Quantity:  1
 Manufacturer:  Presona
 Model:  LP 140 XH2 S
 Type of machine:  Bale press suitable for heavy material

Bale press suitable for heavy material Presona LP 140 XH2 S

used machine

Manufacturer Presona AB, Sweden
Type LP 140 XH2 S
Year of construction 2006
Total hours of operation 23.946 h (status of December 2016)
Effective operating hours 14.337 h (status of December 2016)
Press power 140 t
Feed channel 2.250 x 1.100 mm
Drive power 2 x 75 kW
Tying system 5 fold vertical (+4 fold horizontal not being used), automated
Volume capacity at idle speed 1.260 cbm/h
Volume capacity in operating condition 820 cbm/h
Press capacity at a bulk density
of 30 kg/cbm approx. 19 – 24 t/h
Press capacity at a bulk density
of 50 kg/cbm approx. 25 – 30 t/h
Press capacity at a bulk density
of 100 kg/cbm approx. 30 – 44 t/h
Press chamber volume 5,3 cbm
Bale size 1.100 x 1.100 mm, at variable length
Volume weight approx. 475 – 700 kg/cbm, depending on material
Press dimensions without acccessories approx. 14.765 x 2.700 x 3.275 mm (l x w x h)
Press weight approx. 46.000 kg

This press expected to be in use until March 2017 can be seen in operation on request.
It is equipped with an adjustable feed opening to ensure optimum compression and the correct bale length when baling heavy material.

Please note:
All technical data refer to specifications of producer/owner.
We will not assume liability for the given statements and possible errors.
This offer is non-binding, prior sale excepted and revocable at any time.
Inspections are possible after agreement.
The sale against prepayment is ex location, as it stands and lays, without any hydraulic oil or wire, and without liability and guarantee.

 New in:  2006
 Operating hours:  23946
 Location:  Germany
 Machine in stock:  Yes
   LP 140 XH2 S
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