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used printing machines / used pre press: imagesetter and CTP / used CTP Systems (4-up) KODAK Kodak Magnus 400 S-Speed for sale

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 No.:  68525600
 Updating date:  01.11.2016
 Quantity:  1
 Manufacturer:  Kodak
 Model:  Kodak Magnus 400 S-Speed
 Type of machine:  CTP Systems (4-up)

CTP Systems (4-up) Kodak Kodak Magnus 400 S-Speed

used machine

Thermal CTP System
Kodak B2 CTP-System
Chemfree production
Magnus 400 S-Speed Thermo-Druckplattenbelichter
year 2007
full service contract
27.000 plates produced
MCU, 3 casettes
up to 16 plates per hour
42 Infrared Laserdiodes
Prinergy RIP workflow:
Priergy Powerpack
Press Plus 5.x FILM
Advanced Preflight
Screening Staccato 25 Series for Prinergy
PDF Batch rapping
PrintLink Ink Key Setting
 New in:  2007
 Location:  Germany
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