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Herr Stefan Freitag
23769 Fehmarn, Germany 
member since 11.01.2011

used printing machines / used pre press: imagesetter and CTP / used CTP Systems (2-up) SCREEN Micra PF-R 3051 V for sale

ctp-systems-(2-up)-screen-micra-pf-r-3051-v preview1 ctp-systems-(2-up)-screen-micra-pf-r-3051-v preview2 ctp-systems-(2-up)-screen-micra-pf-r-3051-v preview3 ctp-systems-(2-up)-screen-micra-pf-r-3051-v preview4 ctp-systems-(2-up)-screen-micra-pf-r-3051-v preview5
No.: 67466928
Updating date: 14.10.2016
Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: Screen
Model: Micra PF-R 3051 V
Type of machine: CTP Systems (2-up)

CTP Systems (2-up) Screen Micra PF-R 3051 V

used machine

2 of up violet CTP
Screen Micra PF R 3051 V
year 2004
23 plates per hour
27922 plates produced
with Trueflow software and dongle, no server
Location: Germany
New in: 2004
Location: Germany
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