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07.06.2016 magnetic tape EVERTZ MAGNETANLAGEN
Used magnetic tape, functional, in the given conditions. The rectifier is included in the service, however is stored in the workshop. Photo if necessary. Manufacturer: Evertz magnetic construction Belt width: 1200 mm  wheelbase: 2,650 mm Propulsion: three-phase Gearmotor ZG5 KMRB100 M4 400V50 HzAC3; 4Kw 31.51,400 Rpm Magnet: 200VDC; 6, 2kW Accessories: DC power generation facility (external enclosure) Location: 03130 Spremberg OT Terpe - Germany
4,000 € 
 DE 5586110
29.09.2016 Vibrationssystems UNBALANCE EXCITERS Various
Vibrationssystems UNBALANCE EXCITERS Various
Various vibration exciters (brands: e.g. Siebtechnik, JOEST, Schenck)
 DE 5351721
21.10.2016 Small compact sand and gravel plant
Small compact sand and gravel plant
stationary screening plant 1.200x2.500 mm with water jetting (spray), complete steel construction, platform, gangway, ladder and ferris wheel feeder diameter 2.000 mm
 DE 4758316
29.09.2016 Reciprocating feeder KRUPP
Reciprocating feeder KRUPP
Working area 1,100 mm x 3.400 mm, with feeding bunker 40 cbm, E-drive 15 KW with gearbox
 DE 4758302
29.09.2016 Reciprocation feeder KRUPP
Reciprocation feeder KRUPP
Working area 1,400 x 3,500 mm, with feeding hopper 12 cbm (can be extended), E drive 15 KW with gearbox
 DE 4758298
29.09.2016 Double deck screen FLAEMRICH
Double deck screen FLAEMRICH
Screening size (4.400 x 1.600) mm, E-drive 15 KW, on semimobile steel-construction, sand-blasted and new painted
 DE 4758191
29.09.2016 Resonance swinger BINDER Doubledeck screen
Resonance swinger BINDER Doubledeck screen
Screen size 1300 x 5500 mm, on basic steel-frame
 DE 4758181
29.09.2016 Vibrating feeder HERWEG BRS 8/3/8
Vibrating feeder HERWEG BRS 8/3/8
Vibrating feeder with integrated screen segment (grizzly segment), working area 800x4,000 mm, E-drive by Vibration Motors 2x4 KW
 DE 4739278
29.09.2016 Elevator for vertical transport of bulk material HOFFMEIER Elevator
Elevator for vertical transport of bulk material HOFFMEIER E
AA = 18 m, bucket dimension 325 x 250 mm, shaft dimensions 430 x 530 mm, driving drum diameter 600 mm, E-drive 18.5 KW, walking platform on top
 DE 4739270
29.09.2016 Bucket elevator  Elevator for bulk
Bucket elevator Elevator for bulk
Bucket elevator, full length approx. 15 m, 3 shaft segments, shaft dimension approx. (1.500 x 1.060), mm, bucket approx. (820 x 270) mm, drum width 950 mm, production capacity -100 th, built in 2001, less used
 DE 4739268
29.09.2016  BUT Vibration feeder
BUT Vibration feeder
Vibration feeder (800x6.000) mm, 2 Vibration motors with each 2 KW
offer is possible 
 DE 4739266
29.09.2016 Dewatering screening plant SCHENK
Dewatering screening plant SCHENK
Single deck dewatering screen, sieve size (2.000 x 5.000) mm, horizontal screening (dewatering), E-drive 15 kW
offer is possible 
 DE 4739202
29.09.2016 Fine sizes screening plant
Fine sizes screening plant
Size approx. (1.250 x 2.500) mm, 4 feathers, base frame with housing, including special screen meshs for approx.
offer is possible 
 DE 4693604
29.09.2016 screening plant  Single deck
screening plant Single deck
Size (1.400 x 4.500) mm, unbalance drive, ideal for the screening of fine to medium grain
 DE 4687546
29.09.2016 Compact mobile Jaw crushing plant BOEHRINGER Contimat
Compact mobile Jaw crushing plant BOEHRINGER Contimat
Jaw Crusher, inlet opening (630 x 500) mm, maximum feed size (500 x 400) mm, discharge gap (30-80) mm, end product size (050-0120) mm, Output -75 t h, CAT diesel of 3116 with 89 KW electric generator with 35 KVA, hopper 2,2 cbm, feeder (630 x 2.600) mm, discharge conveyor belt, about 4,400 hours, weight 18t, completely Workshop inspected, very good conditions
offer is possible 
 DE 4687536
02.03.2016 Concrete Slab Press OCEM OPA 1440
Concrete Slab Press OCEM OPA 1440
OCEM OPA 1440 rotary table press TransMatic with grinding machine from Schauer and Häberle. Good condition
29.09.2016 Roller crusher KRUPP
Roller crusher KRUPP
Diameter x width: approx. 1000 x 500 mm, inlet opening: approx. 550 x 450 mm, E-drive 2 x 18.5 kW and gear, on base frame
 DE 4179227
29.09.2016 Cone crusher CEDARAPIDS RC54II
Cone crusher CEDARAPIDS RC54II
Cone diameter: 1372 mm, crushing weight: approx. 20 t, feed size: approx. 15-175 mm, throughput: approx. 160-350 t h, end product: 20-51 mm, E-drive 2 x 132 kW E-motors, including steel skid frame
 DE 4179219
29.09.2016 Cone crusher SVEDALA H-51
Cone crusher SVEDALA H-51
Feeding size:-250 mm, inlet and outlet box, on semimobile steel-construction with extra swing-frame, e-motor 132 kW, platform, railings and ladder, complete turnkey-ready plant
 DE 4179215
29.09.2016 Impact crusher BOEHRINGER PM100
Impact crusher BOEHRINGER PM100
Primary impact crusher, opening: 1,080 x 1,000 mm, rotor diameter x width: 1,000 x 1060 mm, throughput:-150 t h, weight: approx. 11.5 t., with inlet box
 DE 4179116
29.09.2016 Jaw crusher KRUPP D12
Jaw crusher KRUPP D12
Double toggle jaw crusher, opening: 1200 x 900 mm, gap: approx. 120-220 mm, capacity: approx. 350 th, weight: 54 tons., one extra set of wear parts (jaws and cheek plates) available
 DE 4179106
29.09.2016 Jaw crusher ESCH RB1200/900
Jaw crusher ESCH RB1200/900
Double toggle jaw crusher, opening: 1200 x 900 mm
 DE 4179102
29.09.2016 Jaw crusher GHH 1250x1000
Jaw crusher GHH 1250x1000
Double toggle jaw crusher, opening: approx. 1,250 x 1,000 mm, heavy-duty type, weight: approx. 75 t.
 DE 4179085
29.09.2016 Jaw crusher WESERHUETTE 120/90
Jaw crusher WESERHUETTE 120/90
Double toggle crusher, opening: 1200 x 900 mm, gap: approx. 100-200 mm, weight: approx. 56 t., capacity: approx. 350 th
 DE 4179083
29.09.2016 Jaw crusher  C150-120
Jaw crusher C150-120
Type: Rock Hammer (WESERHUETTE priciple), double toggle jaw crusher, opening: 1,500 x 1,200 mm, gap: approx. 125-300 mm, throughput: approx. 600 th, weight: approx. 120 t., very heavy and durable type
 DE 4179079
22.11.2016 jaw crusher NORDBERG CT80
jaw crusher NORDBERG CT80
Manufacturer: Nordberg Type: CT80 Width: 800 x 530 mm Year of construction: 1997 Hours: approx. 6,000 h Type: Raupenmobil manufacturer: Nordberg type: CT 80 opening size: 800 x 530 mm year: 1997 hours: OSTEO. 6,000 h child: track mobile
 DE 4054007
22.11.2016 rod mill MEM SPC2000
rod mill MEM SPC2000
Manufacturer: MEM Type: SPC2000 Year of construction: 1996 Dimensions: 5.920 x 2.000 mm Engine: 132 kW Material: for fine material manufacturer: MEM type: SPC2000 year: 1996 size: 5.920 x 2.000 mm engine: 132 kW meterial: for fine material
 DE 4053957
22.11.2016 ball mill KRUPP 7500 x 2800 mm
ball mill KRUPP 7500 x 2800 mm
Manufacturer: Krupp Type: 7500 x 2800 mm E engine: 650 kW Chambers: 2 including: lubrication unit and gearbox manufacturer: Krupp type: 7500 x 2800 mm Electic engine: 650 kW cambers: 2 incl.: lube system and gear
 DE 4053876
Manufacturig of noise reduction walls SFH Mould tilting mach
Mould tilting machine for the production of noise reduction walls consisting of: - mould tilting machine - 2 moulds (1 x grit structure, 1 x hole structure) - 130 steel palettes - 2 cranes 1.5 to load-carrying capacity each for wet side and dry side - intermediate hopper for the buffering of a concrete mixture - device to handle the moulds to the wetside, to lock them and to lift them - cubing plant for ready noise reduction elements
 DE 3425643
Clay Block Factory MACHINES PLANTS AUSTRIA diverse
BRICK FACTORY, RED BRICK, CLAY BRICK PLANTS - second hand, used, We offer also DE montage and Montage. Also control renewing. Porenbetonwerk, Kalk Sandstein Werk, Dachziegelwerk, Ton Ziegelwerk, Aerated concrete plant, Lime sandstone factory, calcium silicate blocks, Roofing tile works, Clay brick plant, ERICH PETER MACHINES-PLANTS GMBH A-7083 Purbach Hofgartengasse 7 Phone: +43 664 3358378 Mail: office@machines-plants.at Web: www.machines-plants.at
 EU 3243198

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